An Open Letter to Jason Kenney

Last week responding to political pressure due to protests Jason Kenney loosened restrictions.  He tried to placate people by giving no definite time line for removing all restrictions and even alluded that restrictions may need to be re-imposed at a later date.  Basically all he did was the temporarily reduce illegal restrictions hoping it would be enough to send the protesters home.  Thankfully that did not happen.


Jason Kenney clearly does not get it.  Albertans are done with empty promises of regaining our rights at some future date in return for our complete compliance today.  Jason Kenney needs to go and he needs to go now.  It might be a little presumptuous of me but I have taken the liberty of composing an open letter to Jason Kenney on behalf of all freedom loving Albertans.


Dear Jason,


How much?  What will it cost to put this COVID tyranny behind us?

For nearly 2 years we have struggled to understand why you have destroyed our province over cold and flu season.  None of it makes sense.  Nothing you have done has benefited the people of Alberta and it certainly has not helped your political fortunes.  You are now unelectable in this province and you have destroyed the party you helped found only 3 years ago.  So why did you do any of this?

People tend to do things for love or money.  If love, then for whom?  Certainly not love for the people of Alberta that you are harming. Maybe Justin Trudeau? We know Justin Trudeau wants to destroy the country and you have followed him like a puppy at every juncture.  It is embarrassingly apparent that you are his number one Fan Boy.  You have dutifully aided Justin in dismantling our economy and dividing our community with fear. Your evident love for Justin eclipses even your predecessor’s love for him and that is really saying something.

Now I don’t mean to be cruel Jason, but I don’t think Justin feels the same way about you.  Deep down you must know this so we doubt your unrequited love for Justin Trudeau is driving your actions. And in any event, Love is unlikely to make anyone destroy an entire province.

So, if it is not Love then it is Money.  Who is paying?  Most likely it is the unending parade of pharmaceutical lobbyists moving through your office.  But no matter. We are OK with that; greed we can work with.

So back to the original question.  How much?


Add up everything you have been promised by all the Pharmaceutical companies and give us that number.  The citizens of this province will gladly double it or even triple it, to make you stop destroying our province and just go away.  We have only these few conditions:

  1. You must disclose the names of every company and lobbyist that has promised you money.
  2. Also, you must disclose the names of any other government officials accepting bribes.
  3. You must resign, pack up, and leave the province for good within 2 days of receiving the first payment.  We do not care where you go, just don’t come back.
  4. The balance of the money will be transferred to you once we have confirmed the information you have given us.


This offer is time sensitive.  It is valid only until we find another way to remove you from our lives permanently.

The People of Alberta realize that you are a dim bulb and may not completely understand our offer.  We have taken inspiration from Dr. Seuss to re-phrase our offer below in a way that you will surely understand.


The Time has come. The Time is now.

Just Go.  I don’t care how.

You can go by foot. You can go by cow.

You can go on skates. You can go on skis.

Just take the cash and go now please!


The People of Alberta.

If this was about a Virus Government would be using Vitamin D, not automatic Weapons

I have posted multiple times about the benefits of vitamin D when it comes to preventing and treating COVID.  Yesterday I found yet another paper detailing how incredibly beneficial Vitamin D is.

Here are the conclusions



Among hospitalized COVID-19 patients, pre-infection deficiency of vitamin D was associated with increased disease severity and mortality.


The researchers found that people who are vitamin D deficient are 14 times more likely to have severe COVID than people with normal vitamin D levels.  Of course none of this is really new, it is just more confirmation of something we have known for a very long time.  Here is my post from February of LAST YEAR with conclusive evidence of the effectiveness of Vitamin D.

Fatty fish is a good source of Vitamin D.  In July of last year I showed there is a good correlation between Fish consumption and COVID deaths per capita.

In fact Norway and Japan who, due to diet, have some of the highest average vitamin D levels in the world did not have a problem with COVID UNTIL AFTER THEY STARTED VACCINATING.  The vaccines seem to counteract all the positive effects of vitamin D.

Doctors who have been brave enough to save patients during this entirely man-made crisis have long known the benefits of vitamin D.  There is a group of doctors in the US offering free COVID care through the website  These doctors follow the McCullough protocol.  The only thing they add is high doses of vitamin C and D.  They claim to have a 99.99% survival rate as long as treatment is started early.  You can find an article about their protocol here.

Dr. Zelenko in Israel is another proponent of treating COVID with vitamins.  You can find his complete treatment protocol here.

Dr. Zelenko views patients under 45 with no comorbidities as low risk and this is his complete treatment protocol for low risk patients.


Low risk patients

  • Supportive care with fluids, fever control, and rest
  • Elemental Zinc 50mg 1 time a day for 7 days
  • Vitamin C 1000mg 1 time a day for 7 days
  • Vitamin D3 5000iu 1 time a day for 7 days


For low risk patients all he uses is high doses of vitamins with fluids.  That is how deadly COVID is for young healthy people.  You survive it with vitamins, fluids, Tylenol, and rest.  Good thing we shut the world down right?

There is a titanic struggle in our country right now between people who want to exercise common sense and our governments who believe that COVID can only be handled by stubbornly repeating all the things that have not worked for the last 2 years.

In the last 2 weeks there has been a dangerous escalation from the federal and Ontario governments.  They are threatening violence against anyone who would rather use vitamin D than surrender their rights

There are reports this morning that police are unloading heavy weapons at the Windsor border crossing.  So are government is threatening to kill protesters.  They think this is necessary to save the country from a virus that can be treated with vitamin D and rest.  To our government the best solution to this rather mild virus is to withhold medical information and treatment until everyone is vaccinated.  That would not be ethical even if the vaccines did not result in sudden death.

Now that the government is pointing automatic weapons on its citizens can we finally admit that this is not about a virus?

Hold the Line against Government and their Thought Police

Omar Kadhr is unfortunately a Canadian citizen.  He is also a convicted murderer and Islamic terrorist.  Omar Kahdr is free to move around the country without any police scrutiny.  Not only that but Justin Trudeau gave him 10.5 million dollars to ensure that he can go anywhere and support any Jihadist that he wants.  Non Canadians might find it odd that we would pay terrorists and that Canadian police can’t find the time to watch them.  They need to remember that this is not the old Canada.  This is the Justin Trudeau Canada where the police can’t watch known terrorists because they are too busy watching Facebook.


That helpful police officer was part of Ontario’s new thought police division.  She is keeping Canadians safe by reminding them that they should not be a member of a fringe majority with unacceptable beliefs.  Killing people in the name of religion is an acceptable belief in Canada; freedom is not.

Politicians are desperate to stop the freedom protests because they are ideologically opposed to Freedom and the Protest are working.  Alberta and Saskatchewan did not reduce any restrictions until after the Freedom Convoy arrived in Ottawa and the Coutts border crossing was blockaded.  Yesterday the main border crossing in Manitoba was blocked and today the Manitoba government announced a plan to remove restrictions.  Now we have this leaked phone call from Doug Ford.


Politicians are running scared everywhere in the country.  They all hope to get the protesters to disperse with a promise of eliminating restriction at some undetermined later date.  Sorry but we have been to that movie before and we know how it ends.  We never reach the conditions for removing restrictions because the conditions continue to change with the changing political science.  Restrictions need to end today not sometime in the future.  This is the letter I wrote yesterday to my MLA explaining just that.


Mr. Guthrie


The UCP plan for removing restrictions is wholly unsatisfactory.  All restrictions must be removed immediately.  The only science behind the restrictions is political science.  There is absolutely no evidence the restrictions have done anything except make the problem worse.  Please do not drag out the old tired argument about hospital capacity.  2 years ago we identified the problem of hospital capacity and yet we have done nothing to increase it.  Hospital capacity is completely within your government’s control.  If capacity was the root of the problem why have you done nothing about it?


There is no evidence that the SARS COV 2 virus adheres to government regulations.  This is an airborne virus and quite frankly it was idiotic to think that social distancing, masks, and closing selected businesses would have had any effect on it.  It was also idiotic to believe that a vaccine technology that has failed 100% of the time in the lab would end the outbreak.  Coercing people to accept a medical treatment that they do not need and violating our charter rights is clearly illegal.  There will be trials.  You should be concerned about whether you will be a defendant. 


Jason Kenney needs to be removed from office immediately.  You can take this email as my vote of non-confidence in the UCP government.  If you send the RCMP to remove protesters from the Coutts protest you can expect more people to show up.  The quickest way to end the protests is for your government to cease their criminal conduct and return rule of law to this province. 


Contrary to the legacy media we have not lost rule of law because of the protesters, we lost rule of law when your government weaponized cold and flu season and declared an emergency where none existed.  The death numbers are clear, 2 years ago COVID was nothing other than a bad flu now it has mutated in to a bad cold.  At no time did we have an emergency.  When a hospital system designed with no excess capacity gets over whelmed it is not an emergency it is just gross mismanagement.  It is only a matter of time for more Albertans to understand this.  Get on the right side of history.


I encourage every Canadian to write, phone, or show up in person to let your elected representative that this time we will not be placated.  We will not accepted empty promises again.  The restrictions go or they do.  Hold the line do not back down or accept that we have made our point and we should go home.


The Freedom Convoy is fighting for your Children’s Future, get off the sidelines and into the Game

Yesterday a judge in Ontario stopped Give send go from distributing my money that I freely donated to the Freedom Convoy truckers.

There is no possible legal or moral justification for this.  No judge in Canada prevented donations to Black Lives Matter.  An organization that fomented riots that claimed dozens of lives, including black lives, and resulted in arson that destroyed government buildings in several cities.  The total cost of the Riots is in the billions.  Worse yet, the organizers of BLM have stolen $60,000,000 of the donations.

In contrast to the BLM riots the freedom convoy has not participated in any vandalism or violence.  Quite the contrary.  They have organized block captains that are responsible for keeping sidewalks shoveled and free of garbage.  The city of Ottawa is claiming that the protest is costing the city nearly $1,000,000 per day due to extra policing.  What on earth is all the policing for?  Street crime is down 90% since the truckers arrived.  Are the police performing regular safety inspections on the bouncy castles?

This court decision was driven by politics.  This judge is nothing more than a political activist.  Courts are supposed to be apolitical but in Canada, sadly, they are not.  When Historians look back on this period there will be 2 main points of discussion.  How deep the political rot and corruption is in Canada and how incredibly gullible Canadian citizens are.

COVID has exposed that the corruption in Canada is not exclusive to the Liberal party.  It reaches in to almost every level of government and government bureaucracy.  The following entities have all stepped forward at various times during the last 2 years to flaunt the rules of law and common decency.

  • The Federal Government including every opposition party. The conservatives have finally rediscovered rule of law but that will go away as soon as the freedom convoy does.
  • Every provincial government in the country who used fake emergency declarations to oppress their own people
  • Opposition parties in every province who did nothing but cheer tyranny from the sidelines.
  • Municipal governments that could not resist piling one with their own ridiculous, unscientific, mandates.
  • The federal and provincial courts who have consistently ruled that our rights are trumped by an emergency declaration, even if no emergency actually exists.
  • Every media outlet in the country with the exception of a few small independent organizations. The legacy media has been nothing other than the propaganda wing of government.  They have disseminated outright lies in support of tyrannical agendas.
  • Every single health authority in the country that have so badly mismanaged hospitals that one of the most expensive systems in the world cannot handle cold and flu season. Then in an effort to cover their incompetence, prevented people from using hospitals.
  • The Calgary police department who attacked people for playing hockey and harassed Christians.
  • Edmonton city Police who staged dramatic arrests of Christian dissidents for the evening news.
  • Ontario provincial police who tried to prevent protesters from travelling to Ottawa.
  • The Ottawa city police who stole private property and harassed people protesting vaccine mandates. Mandates that Ottawa city police are exempt from; the ultimate in hypocrisy.

As for the gullibility of Canadians, seriously it has been 2 years, how come so few have bothered to do their own research or even stopped to think for 10 seconds.  Is 10 seconds every 2 years too much a commitment to make?  Seriously it only takes seconds of critical thought to understand that none of this should have ever happened.  Just consider these simple questions.

  • If the curve really could be flattened in 2 weeks why are we in the same situation 2 years later?
  • If lockdowns and masks work, why haven’t they? Why did infections soar even while we were locked down and masked?
  • How can the vaccines be stopping the spread when every vaccine program is always followed by rapidly rising infections?
  • If the government is telling the truth why do they work so diligently to suppress information?
  • Why are government bureaucrats, who have never treated a patient, telling doctors how they must treat patients?

Canadians need to wake up and we need to clean house.  They need to realize that they are not free and compliance will not bring freedom back.  Every vaccinated person who opposes the freedom convoy needs to understand that from the government perspective no one in this country is fully vaccinated.  No one will ever be fully vaccinated.  There will always be another booster and another requirement.  You are not free if you have no autonomy over your body or your own personal decisions.  Just listen to this trucker who makes more sense than any elected official or bureaucrat in the country.


You may not realize it yet but the only thing we are in together is tyranny.  The freedom convoy’s fight is your fight.  If you want your children and grandchildren to grow up in a police state keep sitting on the sidelines.  If not get off your ass and get involved.

Vaccinated Canadians should be angry, just not with the Unvaccinated

I have a friend whose father is waiting on a hip replacement.  Welcome to universal socialized healthcare, where waiting lists get longer as lives get shorter.  After waiting months, his father who is also a friend of mine, was finally supposed to get his surgery yesterday.  That didn’t happen.  I want to let my friend describe what did happen in his own words.


“So by the way, father was supposed to have surgery yesterday. Got admitted, everything going smoothly. Then they tell us….wait for it…. there isn’t an available nurse to care for him overnight. Unbelievable. Nothing wrong with the surgeon, no nurse available. Too many needed for the Rona. He was quite disappointed. Rescheduled to March 31. At least the weather is getting nicer for February he can go for little walks”  


There is no way that the hospital did not know they were short of nurses when they checked him in for his surgery.  This was all theatre done intentionally to stoke hatred against unvaccinated people.  The Jason Kenney/Deena Hinshaw narrative is that unvaccinated people are plugging the hospitals causing shortages.  This has nothing to do with firing 1650 health care workers over vaccine mandates that were dropped yesterday.  Or even the ridiculous isolation rules that vaccinated nurses must follow when they test positive while being asymptomatic.  Asymptomatic is of course the new buzz word to describe people who are neither sick nor contagious.

It is possible that despite all the mismanagement that the hospitals really are overwhelmed with unvaccinated COVID patients.  So what is really happening in Alberta hospitals?  There are 65 unvaccinated people in the ICU with COVID as of Tuesday.  Our staffing crisis was caused by .0014% of the population requiring medical attention.

Canada has one of the most expensive health care systems in the world.  We are number 11 in spending per capita.

Our Premier, Jason Kenney, likes to brag that Alberta has the best funded system in Canada.  So Alberta spends more that the average in a system that is already one of the most expensive in the world.  By all accounts our system is lavishly funded yet it has been brought to its knees by 65 people?  We fired more unvaccinated nurses than that.  Did it even occur to anyone in Alberta Health services that before they start cancelling surgery they should recall the nurses that they fired?

The rot and incompetence in our health care system and government in general is the problem, not a seasonal virus.  People need to stop blaming unvaccinated for the failures of our government.  We need to start asking where all of the money went.

Canadian Police Officers have a choice to make

There are two rumors circulating.  One is that the government will seize children and remove them from the Freedom Convoy, the other is that police are ready to step in and attack the protesters.

Separately both of these things are very disturbing.  Is the government position now that if you do not agree with them they will kidnap your children or arrest you?  Together these 2 rumors are ominous.  It looks to me that the government wants to get the children out of the way before unleashing extreme violence on the adult protesters.  Tear gassing children never looks good even on the CBC.

I have no doubt that Justin Trudeau wants to use violence.  He is a cornered animal.  Yesterday the first crack in his ranks opened when Quebec MP Joel Lightbound issued a statement condemning his own government and now this morning another Quebec MP has broken ranks.

The hits for Justin Trudeau just keep coming

Not only is his own party in open revolt someone is apparently giving testosterone supplements to the conservative party.  Justin is getting slammed and mocked every day in parliament and it is conservative women leading the onslaught against Canada’s most famous Soy boy.


Justin always feigns moral superiority but even with the help of the media it just is not working.  All Justin has left is brute force and Canadians can expect him to use it.  Justin would never take the chance of confronting actual Canadians himself so he will send the police.  As I have been saying for months the police hold the keys to either freedom or continued Tyranny.  Any police officer who is ordered to charge the protesters with batons swinging should listen to the sage words of these 2 former officers.



Canadian Police officers need to choose.  Do you want your children to grow up in a totalitarian state with no rights or do you want your children to enjoy freedom?  Your paycheck is not worth sentencing your children to life in prison.

Jason Kenney won’t let go of Control and can’t tell the Truth.

Yesterday evening Jason Kenney held a press conference.  At just after 5PM Jason stepped up to the microphone and did the only thing he knows how to do; he lied.  He lied about the effectiveness of the restrictions and the need to carry on with some restrictions for an indefinite time.  There is absolutely no evidence that the SARS COV-2 virus adheres to government restrictions.  The science is clear the restrictions take more lives than they save.  There was never any reason for any of these restrictions in the first place so there is certainly no reason for continuing with some.

Jason also lied about the state of the pandemic.  He said that restrictions can be lifted now because cases are falling.  Cases are not falling, the only thing falling is testing.  We are now testing at levels previously only seen during the summer.  We are still in the peak of the winter season and Jason is ramping down testing to give the false impression of falling cases.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not advocating for more testing.  We should never have been testing at all.  The only reason you test someone is to determine what treatment should be used.  Since our government did not allow doctors to treat COVID patients what was the purpose of the test?  Testing has always been manipulated to generate fear.  Normally Jason ramps up testing to ramp up fear.  For 4 weeks now he has ramped testing down.  The only reason Jason Kenney has ramped down testing is that he is in trouble politically and needs to find a graceful exit.

Jason Kenney is 2 months away from a leadership review and the Freedom protest at the Coutts border crossing is building by the day.  He desperately wants to placate the protesters and have them go away before the leadership review.  Jason would love to go to the leadership review as the leader who slayed the COVID dragon.

It is too little too late.  I doubt Jason Kenney will survive the leadership review.  The UCP would be fools to go into the next election with him as leader.  The only person that Albertans hate more than Jason Kenney is Justin Trudeau.  When that is the only comparison that comes out in your leader’s favor it is time for a new leader.

It is the Freedom part of the Freedom Convoy that upsets Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau has finally reappeared in parliament and as expected he took the opportunity to call the truckers more names.  Justin will not back down, he is digging in his heels but so are Canadians.  Protests are popping up all over the country.  First Albertans blocked the Coutts border crossing and now Canada’s busiest crossing in Windsor has been blocked.


Even in the most fanatically left wing city not named Ottawa people are protesting.

Justin hopes to use the media to turn Canadians against the truckers and Canadian media is only too happy to oblige.  They have published dozens of stories alleging misbehavior by the protesters without providing any proof or even bothering to interview any protesters.  Incredibly if you want to understand the trucker’s perspective you must turn to the international media.

You will be struck by the gulf between what Canadian media report and what international media report.  It is like they are not even covering the same story.

This started as a protest about vaccine mandates and then morphed into a call for freedom from massive government overreach.  The Truckers and their supporters are calling for an end to all restrictions and a return to normal.  Trudeau is hardening his position because he never wants to go back to normal.  He has done all of this for a reason and it was not to save us from a virus.

For those of you who still stubbornly believe that this is about a virus take a hard look at that list.  Most of the things on that list have nothing to do with a virus.  If any of this worked the pandemic would have been over long ago.  Now ask yourself this simple question.  If the goal was really to usher in totalitarianism what would Trudeau have done differently?

The Freedom Convoy has not caused an Emergency, they are trying to fix one

In my last post I stated that Ottawa had no emergency therefor there was no justification for the emergency declaration or the illegal activities of the Ottawa city police.  I am not in Ottawa right now so it might be easy for people to dismiss my claim that there is no emergency.  Thankfully you do not need to take my word for it.  A Friend just sent me this account written by an Ottawa resident who lives near parliament in the area that the truckers now occupy.  He took the time to do something the legacy media has refused to do.  He walked through the protest and spoke to the truckers.

A night with the untouchables – The Reformed Physicist (

I think his last statement sums up the situation in Ottawa perfectly.

“Last night I learned my new neighbors are not a monstrous faceless occupying mob. They are our moral conscience reminding us – with every blow of their horns – what we should have never forgotten: We are not a country that makes an untouchable class out of our citizens.”

Does that sound like the freedom convoy has caused an emergency to you?  We do have an emergency in Ottawa but it is an emergency that existed long before the freedom convoy arrived.  The complete lack of democracy in a city that is supposed to be the center of democracy in Canada is an emergency.  It is a bloody 4 alarm fire and the Freedom Convoy has arrived to extinguish it.  Please support these truckers any way you can.

Fake Emergency Declarations are the Root of the Problem

The mayor of Ottawa declared a state of emergency yesterday and the police moved in and stole private property.

We are in this mess because of these fake emergency declarations.  There is obviously no emergency in Ottawa just as there was never a COVID emergency anywhere in this country.  The incredible thing is that the various emergency measures acts in Canada do not require the government to prove there is an emergency before declaring an emergency.  No vote or debate is required.

It is understandable that in a real emergency you need to act quickly.  Waiting for a vote might not be a smart instead, but how long should you be able to drag it out without any actual proof?  In March of 2020 every Canadian Premier declared a state of emergency when no emergency existed.  They have dragged on this state of emergency for nearly 2 years and at no time have we had an actual emergency.

Can you spot the emergency?  When you adjust for our rising baseline (yes our world leading health care system produces more deaths each year) the last 2 years have been absolutely normal.  Of course our politicians will say the lack of an emergency was just the result of the emergency measures.  That is just another lie.  There is absolutely no evidence the restrictions saved a single life.  Quite the opposite in fact.  The data clearly shows that the number of deaths was increased by the restrictions.

I have shown this plot before.  I was able to find 24 countries with data for both excess deaths and lockdown severity.  When I group them by lockdown severity, with 8 countries in each group, I get a very clear correlation.  This is exactly what the recent John Hopkins study found.  Every COVID death prevented came at the cost of more than one lockdown death.  The stricter the restrictions, the higher the body count.

So even after politicians tried to create an emergency with their ridiculously irrational restrictions we never had an emergency yet somehow we are still in a state of emergency.  These fake emergency declarations allow politicians to break the law with impunity.  Ottawa does not have an emergency.  Crime is actually down since the truckers moved in.  The city is still able to function.  What Ottawa has is an inconvenience.  Specifically Ottawa politicians are inconvenienced or rather embarrassed.  The truckers expose their impotence.

We do not have rule of law if politicians can suspend rule of law any time they are inconvenienced or embarrassed.  The mayor of Ottawa declared a fake emergency and the Ottawa police broke the law on his behalf.  Confiscating fuel is theft.  Diesel is not a controlled substance.  Those officers stole private property and should be charged.

It is interesting that Police in Ottawa are allowed to confiscate diesel but they are not allowed to confiscate illegal, controlled, narcotics.  Ottawa has safe injection sites.  Addicts are allowed to carry illegal drugs in and out of safe injection sites without fear of police intervention.  The mayor of Ottawa welcomes junkies with open arms while harassing tax paying, law abiding, truckers.  I say let him have what he wants.  Truckers should refuse to deliver anything to the city of Ottawa.  The mayor can ask the junkies to deliver the freight instead.