It is the Freedom part of the Freedom Convoy that upsets Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau has finally reappeared in parliament and as expected he took the opportunity to call the truckers more names.  Justin will not back down, he is digging in his heels but so are Canadians.  Protests are popping up all over the country.  First Albertans blocked the Coutts border crossing and now Canada’s busiest crossing in Windsor has been blocked.


Even in the most fanatically left wing city not named Ottawa people are protesting.

Justin hopes to use the media to turn Canadians against the truckers and Canadian media is only too happy to oblige.  They have published dozens of stories alleging misbehavior by the protesters without providing any proof or even bothering to interview any protesters.  Incredibly if you want to understand the trucker’s perspective you must turn to the international media.

You will be struck by the gulf between what Canadian media report and what international media report.  It is like they are not even covering the same story.

This started as a protest about vaccine mandates and then morphed into a call for freedom from massive government overreach.  The Truckers and their supporters are calling for an end to all restrictions and a return to normal.  Trudeau is hardening his position because he never wants to go back to normal.  He has done all of this for a reason and it was not to save us from a virus.

For those of you who still stubbornly believe that this is about a virus take a hard look at that list.  Most of the things on that list have nothing to do with a virus.  If any of this worked the pandemic would have been over long ago.  Now ask yourself this simple question.  If the goal was really to usher in totalitarianism what would Trudeau have done differently?

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    I love watching these parades of thousands of fellow Canadians honking, cheering, waving, smiling, and singing in support of freedom. It sends shivers up my spine and brings a tear to my eye. It warms my heart. It has so often has felt like Canada was done. Kaput. But this is a groundswell, a true grassroots movement. And the polls show that it crosses all political affiliations. Now that we all see that we are not alone, there can be no “new normal”. The MSM has been unable to stop the enthusiasm for freedom. We shall reclaim what was stolen from us.

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