Deal with the small fish later

Bill Maher delivered what is being described as a scathing monolog about the COVID response; but is it really?


It seems to me that Maher is still caring water for the COVID criminals.  Maher is trying to convince his audience that the COVID response was just stupidity born from arrogance and that it still would have been way worse with Trump in the White House.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  The people who planned this crime were not stupid.  They knew exactly what they were doing.  The only thing stupid about the response is that we let them get away with it.

We need to stop making excuses for the criminals.  Not a single thing that happened was a well-intentioned mistake.  It was all carefully designed with 2 objectives in mind; get rid of Trump with phony mail in ballots and make money from the COVID jabs.  It worked perfectly.  Trump was dispatched and fortunes were made in the largest wealth transfer in history.  The sociopaths that planned this got exactly what they wanted at the cost of millions of lives.

We can’t change the past but we can stop whitewashing it.  If we don’t our future is certain.  This will happen again.  Success breeds imitation and COVID was wildly successful.  If we want to change our future we need to take that success away.  We must prosecute the criminals and confiscate their ill-gotten gains.  There are signs that this finally could be happening.  5 Italian doctors are under investigation over a vaccine death and Finland has commissioned an inquiry to determine if the jabs really were safe and effective.


This is a great start but I could save the investigators a lot of time.  The Jabs did not work and were not safe.  Any doctor that administered a COVID jab is at a minimum guilty of medical malpractice.  These people do need to be punished but that is not where our efforts should be right now.  Doctors are a small cog in the COVID machine.  The big wheels are politicians and big pharma.  This could not have happened without their collusion.  Over 20 million people died unnecessarily from their greed.  It is way past time for them to answer for this horrendous crime.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    I take offense at Maher’s statement that nobody knew what was going on or what to do but that “some people guessed better than others”.

    I did not guess. I repeat, I DID NOT GUESS. Nor did you guess, Richard.

    We used the government data publicly available at the time to come to the conclusion by the end of March 2020 that Covid was not any more dangerous than a normal flu. And it was known by May 2020 that vitamin D deficiency made one 10x more likely to have a serious problem. By summer it was known that Ivermectin was very effective at treating Covid. And researchers have known for literally generations that lockdowns and masks don’t work and make things worse. Bill Maher and the “experts” obviously relied on guessing. I did not. We were not just lucky. We used logic and rational analysis and quickly came to the correct answer. It was not rocket science.

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