Happy Canada Day

Monday is April Fools’ Day in Canada; a day the rest of the world now recognizes as Canada Day.  Seriously I don’t know why Canadians still go through the motions of pretending July 1st is Canada day.  We may as well own it and officially change Canada day to April 1st.

The celebration would be so easy to plan.  Trudeau could pick his favorite costume from the past year and then dance around stage before lecturing us on climate change.  Then as Trudeau boards his private jet surrounded by security, Canadians would line up to pay a tax and produce a vaccine passport before being allowed to leave.  You simply could not be any more Canadian than that.

Trudeau is a fool.  He presides over a cabinet full of fools.  But, that is not why the day should be renamed.  The day needs to be renamed because Canada is a country full of fools.  Canadians have elected Justin Trudeau 3 times despite the fact Trudeau does not care about the welfare of anyone who votes for him.

This is what’s irreversibly off with the Trudeau government. Justin Trudeau counts as friends many of the world’s elite. But he has no personal experience with the hard-working people who fund his government.

To say Justin does not care about Canadians is a gross understatement.  Justin hates Canadians.  In actions and in words he treats Canadians with contempt.  He has so much contempt for Canadians that he rubs it in our faces.  On Nouveau Canada Day Justin is going to give himself a raise for making life even more unaffordable for Canadians.

On April first, as the carbon tax increases again, Canadian Politicians will become the second highest paid politicians in the world.  So, Canadians will be paying top dollar to be governed poorly.  Canadians really have taken ownership of April 1st haven’t they?  Stop fighting it.  Let’s just rename the day and while we are at it why not change our tag line. The True North Strong and Free is now, thanks to Canadian voters, as big a joke as Nouveau Canada day.  A much more appropriate slogan would be “Canada, pay more for less”.

Canadians should be ashamed of what they have let Justin Trudeau do to the country.  Most are not however; most Canadians are far too foolish to feel shame.  We may as well make it official on Monday.