This was never about a virus. It has always been about Freedom.

In Justin Trudeau’s Canada the irony is so thick you can cut it with a knife.  Canada is simultaneously spending billions to defend freedom in Ukraine and billions to destroy freedom in Canada.  Most Canadians have accepted their loos of freedom without complaint.  A few people have, however, stood up to Justin and have paid a high price for doing so.  One of those people is Tamara Lich.  Tamara was one of the organizers of the freedom convoy.  She spent several weeks in prison and is currently released on bail.

For her efforts the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has decided to honor Tamara with the George Jonas Freedom Award.  If Justin gets his way Tamara will receive this freedom award from the confines of her prison cell.  If by chance Justin has not taken her freedom by June 16th Tamara will receive the award at a ceremony in Toronto.  Even if Tamara remains free to accept this freedom award unvaccinated Canadians are not free to fly to Toronto to witness her receive a freedom award.

Like I said, so thick you can cut it with a knife.


Lockdowns suppress Immune Systems and Freedom but not Viruses

Lockdowns clearly did not work.  If you are still stupid enough to believe that they did please explain this plot to me.

South Dakota did absolutely nothing.  Governor Kristi Noem refused to lock down because lockdowns violate constitutionally guaranteed rights.  North Dakota did lock down.  After seeing this plot do you think the people of North Dakota are happy about being locked down?

The failure of lockdowns was completely predictable.  Lockdowns failed during the Spanish flu for the same reason they failed during COVID.  People who are not sick do not spread a virus.  Restricting their movements will not change anything.

Before the first lockdown was announced any sane rational person knew that they would only make things worse.  Lockdowns would have no effect on the virus but they would be highly damaging to humans.  The stress of isolation and unemployment have health impacts.  This phenomena has been studied to death in the past with the first known experiments happening more than 1000 years ago.  The bastards that imposed lockdowns knew damn well that lockdowns would harm people.

The science clearly says that the people harmed most by lockdowns are children.  Children’s brains and immune systems need to be challenged to develop properly.  Keeping them at home exposed to the same external stimulus stunts the growth of both systems.  We have already measured an incredible 22 point reduction in infant IQs and now we are starting to see the immune system retardation.  There is an outbreak of hepatitis affecting children in 14 countries.  Doctors are forced to admit that this strange outbreak could be the result of 2 years of lockdowns.  Lockdowns suppressed immune system development in children.  Good thing we followed up with the vaccine to completely eliminate children’s immune systems.

In March of 2020 the science was already clear.  Lockdowns have little effect on the virus but are devastating to public health.  Now after 2 years of stupidity we are see the problems yet people still want to deny the truth.  Watch the stunned look on faces when this young man simply states the bleeding obvious.

Not to worry though, once again the government has come to our rescue.  We have finally figured out why lockdowns did not work and it has nothing to do with science.  Lockdowns did not work because of the world’s organizational structure.  Watch as this moron explains how things would have been so much better if we just gave up national sovereignty to a group of unelected, bureaucratic, sociopaths.


The real problem is borders and elections; if we could just eliminate them no one would ever die in cold and flu season.  We have tried this in the past and it is true cold and flu season was a relatively small problem compared to deaths from sudden, impactful, lead poisoning.

So our health will improve if we just give control to a single tyrannical group and we are in luck; we already have qualified applicants.  Tedros and the WHO have already applied for the job.  I feel my immune system strengthen already.  If I get too healthy I might need to hold it back with multiple jabs of mRNA.

It is a brave new world.  I hope you like it.  After all you voted for it with your silence in March of 2020.


Political Careers require COVID to never end

This morning I want to start with this brief clip of Dr.  Ryan Cole discussing how mRNA suppresses immune systems.  I have discussed this before.  In order for the mRNA to have time to work your immune system must be temporarily suppressed.  This is a design feature of the Jabs.  The problem as Dr. Cole points out is that no one knows if the suppression is temporary.


With the passage of time it is looking more likely that the immune system suppression inherent to the Jabs could be permanent.  As Dr. Cole points out this will lead to chronic infections, heart disease and cancer.  It is not surprising then to see another study linking pericarditis and myocarditis to the jabs.  No sane society would continue to use these jabs.  There is already a mountain of evidence that they are harmful.  The longer this goes the worse the jabs look.  The protection they offered against COVID has disappeared but the side effects have not.  It really is unfortunate that we no longer live in a sane society.

The Jabs will continue because politicians allowed the script writers to place them between a rock and a hard place.  The script writers are not as stupid as the politicians.  To the script writers the jabs were never about public health.  Only a moron could not have predicted what we are seeing, so obviously the Jabs are producing the results expected by the script writers.

Politicians on the other hand are morons.  They have been cornered by the script writers.  If politicians stop the Jabs for safety reasons the public will lynch them.  How many parents do you think will be happy to find out their child was forced to take a treatment the government knows to be dangerous?  The politicians are forced to pretend the jabs are “safe and effective” or admit they have murdered thousands.

Some country’s are trying to back-peddle by slowing down vaccinations others like Canada are doubling down.


The media campaign demonizing unvaccinated people in Canada is relentless.  Canadian politicians understand the public will eventually need someone to blame.  Scapegoating unvaccinated is far preferable to taking responsibility for their criminal behavior.

Make no mistake the behavior of politicians all over the world has been criminal.  It does not matter that the script writers put them up to it; politicians are still the ones who pulled the triggers.  That is precisely why we see such draconian efforts to suppress information.  Governments are now invoking cabinet confidentiality to bury their misdeeds.  In Germany the data justifying lockdowns are now state secrets and in Canada trampling seniors with horses is a matter of national security.

Of course Politicians know that they can not play this game forever.  Eventually the few honest judges in the system will force them to release this information.  Something the Wicked Witch of the West just found out.  Not to worry though they are already working on ass covering plan B.  Releasing damaging information won’t be a problem if it is illegal for anyone to see it.  In Britain now it is illegal to publish legal information if it is potentially harmful.  The only people ever harmed by information are the people in power so this law is very convenient for them indeed.



Well that did not take Long

Two days ago a posted an article by an incredibly dishonest government supported “journalist” named Andrea Woo.  Ms. Woo used her national soap box at the Globe and Mail to disseminate dangerous vaccine disinformation.  The article heralded a new study “proving” unvaccinated people posed a disproportionately high risk to vaccinated people.

The study is painfully, obviously, false.  I know that because the proof came from computer modelling which makes this junk science since computer models are not science.  My analysis did not go any further than that simply because I am sick to death of computer models being held up as science.  Canadians are paying $2 per liter of gas now because climate models “prove” that plant food is destroying the planet.  These models also cannot history match actual recorded data; they are not science and they are not engineering either.

I might not have taken the time to look at the details but Byram Bridle did, and guess what, a detailed analysis of their model shows that it is junk science.  I did not need to read the paper to know that it was junk science just as I did not need to research the author to know that he was being paid to say that everyone on earth needs to be vaccinated multiple time until they die.


David Fisman has served on advisory boards related to influenza and SARS-CoV-2 vaccines for Seqirus, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Sanofi-Pasteur Vaccines.

This paper should be retracted and the Globe and Mail should issue an apology with a follow up article correcting their mistakes.  I won’t hold my breath waiting for either to happen.  In 2022 dishonest academics and journalists are the norm not the exception.

Unfortunately for Canadians this fraudulent study is just the first salvo in a campaign of lies leading to forced vaccinations.  The second attack was the Theresa Tam interview and today we have this from the Edmonton journal.  The journal is trying to marginalize vaccine hesitant people by framing them as irrational.  They must be because they believe in vaccine myths.  Below is the list of “myths” from the article.

Let’s take a minute and examine each one of these statements that the Edmonton Journal has branded as a myth.

  1. Researchers rushed the development of the COVID vaccine, so its effectiveness and safety cannot be trusted.

The normal protocols were set aside and the vaccines were developed much more quickly than normal.  Pfizer’s own test data was contaminated by unblinding the participants and not following up on more than 80% of the suspected cases.  The fact that more people died in the vaccine group than the placebo group and that some in the vaccine group developed permanent serious disabilities should concern everyone.

  1. The side effects of the vaccine are dangerous.

Yes I would say that sudden death is a serious side effect.

  1. If I’ve already had COVID I don’t need a vaccine.

Every vaccine mimics the virus in some way, even the mRNA vaccines do this.  If you cannot get immunity from an actual virus then you cannot get immunity from something that mimics the virus.  If this statement is true than taking the vaccine is pointless.

  1. The COVID 19 vaccine can affect fertility.

The lipid Nano particles that carry mRNA into the cells have been shown to concentrate in the ovaries.  If the lipid Nano particles are in the ovaries where is the messenger RNA?  Also since the start of vaccinations miscarriages and still births have increased substantially.  Until these phenomena have been studied you cannot conclude that the vaccines do not affect fertility; the smart assumption is that they do.

  1. Getting the vaccine means I can stop wearing my mask and taking coronavirus precautions.

There is no evidence that any of the precautions work so you don’t need a vaccine to stop taking them.  Even if the precautions did work why they hell would you take a vaccine that did not reduce your risk and make the precautions unnecessary?

  1. The vaccine enters your cells and changes your DNA.

This has already been shown in the lab.  It is only a matter of time before we discover it in humans.

  1. The vaccines was developed with or contains controversial substances like aborted fetuses.

Some manufacturers have already admitted they do use fetal tissue and researchers are still trying to identify the proprietary ingredients.  Since we don’ know what these substances are we do not know that they are not controversial.  I do know it is not a good idea to inject them given the problems we have seen.

  1. Getting the vaccine gives you COVID.

I doubt this but it is clear that getting the vaccine ultimately makes you far more likely to get COVID.  Data from all over the world shows this.

  1. The vaccine contains a microchip that the government can use to track you.

I don’t know about this but I do know the QR code on your vaccine passport does allow the government to track you so what is the difference?


It turns out that not a single one of these statements are myths.  Most of them are absolutely true and the others are closer to truth than myth.  The only myth here is that you can find honest journalism at the Edmonton Journal.

You taxes finance COVID Theatre

Canada is about to change the definition of fully vaccinated to 3 doses.  You might ask how I could possibly know that.  Well it’s easy, I know this because I am already watching act 2 of some very carefully scripted COVID Theater.

Just yesterday I posted the latest junk science “proving” unvaccinated people pose a danger to vaccinated people; this was act one.  Today we have act two.


The conversation about mandatory boosters has just begun and the whole thing has been scripted.  Here is how the whole thing worked.

  • First the Trudeau government pays some academics to produce a computer program that exaggerates the risk unvaccinated pose to vaccinated people.
  • Then Andrea Woo, a “journalist” who works for the globe and Mail makes sure everyone is aware of the study. The globe and mail is a media organization that takes tax money in return for publishing propaganda, so in effect the article is a paid advertisement for the fraudulent study.
  • Today Teresa Tam, a government employee, fields a question from a “journalist” about the need for boosters. This allows Theresa to opine that boosters are necessary and suggest that the government should consider mandating booster shots.
  • The “journalist” who asked the question also works for a media company paid by the federal government. This means he asked the question he was told, to get the scripted response from Theresa Tam.

The net result is that gullible Canadians will believe that this whole discussion was organic and only happened because of the great threat of the virus.  In reality this whole thing was scripted.  Government employed academics bastardized science once again so that government financed media organization could give Theresa Tam, a government employee, a platform to spread nonsense.  Talk about an echo chamber, everyone involved in the 2 act play were government employees.

It is obvious where we are going, Canadians will be forced to take a booster now, a 4th shot next fall and a 5th before the end of the next flu season.  It is also obvious that the sheep will be led through this without bleating even the slightest protest.  I know this is wishful thinking but before the government holds me down and injects me it would be nice if they could answer at least one of these questions posed by Steve Kirsch.  If possible this is the one I would like them to answer.

If the vaccines are really safe and effective, why do the manufacturers need liability protection? 

In a perfect world I would to amend that question slightly.  It sure would be nice to ask that question this way.

  1. If the vaccines are safe, why do the manufacturers need liability protection?
  2. If the vaccines are effective, WHY THE HELL DO CANADIANS NEED A THIRD DOSE?


Andrea Woo, certified COVIDiot.

Andrea Woo and the Globe and mail are colluding with the Trudeau liberals to justify mandatory vaccination.  How do I know that?  Well if they were not why would they publicize obvious Junk science?  Researchers have used a model to determine that allowing unvaccinated to mingle among vaccinated increases the risk to vaccinated people.  You do not need to read the study to know that this is junk science.  It is junks science for one very simple reason that all Canadian’s need to understand.  Computer Models are not science.

Computer models are engineering.  Engineering is the application of proven, repeatable science.  You cannot prove anything in science with a model.  That puts the cart before the horse.  The science must be well established before you can build the model.  Any model that cannot match existing or known conditions is not worth the electricity it takes to run the computer, and this model obviously does not match known conditions.

There is no way to get their result unless the model inputs assume that unvaccinated people are more likely to get infected and transmit the virus.  In effect the model starts with the assumption that the vaccines work.  Unfortunately there is very little data to support that assumption.  If the vaccines worked then why are vaccinated Britons 3 times more likely to die?  Or why are 3 jabbed in Ontario twice as likely to get infected and 3 jabbed Albertans increasing in hospitalizations while unvaccinated are falling?

The computer model is showing that unvaccinated are dangerous to the vaccinated because that is what it was designed to do.  The Trudeau government paid these dishonest academics to build a case for mandatory vaccination so they did.  The Globe and mail is a dishonest organization that takes tax money from the Trudeau government in return for publishing government propaganda.  Once again academia and media are doing exactly what Justin pays them to do.

That fact that something this false can get published in a national publication is a sad comment on the state of intellectual discourse in Canada.  Our public school system has been exceptionally successful cranking out people incapable of critical thought.  Seriously how can any rational person believe that a “safe and effective” vaccine can’t protect you if even a single person does not take it?  If the vaccines work then unvaccinated people are no danger to vaccinated people.  If vaccinated people are still at risk then the vaccines obviously don’t work.  It does not get any simpler than that.

This fake study is ominous.  As a friend pointed out this morning, it will be used to justify some very nasty things.  Hold on to your hats next winter, this is not over.  The threat from the SARS COV 2 virus may have diminished but the larger threat of government is ever present.

Lockdowns are an effective tool for controlling People but not Viruses

There is now a published Canadian study concluding that Lockdowns don’t work.  They looked at the effect of lockdowns in the 5 largest Canadian provinces that accounted for 95% of all cases.  Here are their conclusions.

Overall, our analysis provides little evidence that banning public gatherings, closing schools and universities, placing stay-at-home orders, controlling travel, and restricting business hours had any obvious association with reducing the growth of SARS-CoV-2 cases in Canada—an observation that aligns with those of previous pandemics. 

Lockdowns had no measurable effect on transmission.  It is almost as if viruses have no regard for the authority of government.  It is obscene that we have gone through 2 years of lockdowns when they did not work and had no chance of working; something that we have known in Canada since 1918.

In Canada in 1918, one report noted, “Many small towns attempted to isolate themselves with complete quarantines, reminiscent of medieval attempts to stave off plague, in which no one was allowed to enter or leave town. No one was allowed to buy railway tickets to these towns and passengers were barred from disembarking at them. The Canadian Pacific Railway reported 40–45 towns closed in the province of Manitoba during the height of the epidemic; the Canadian Northern line bypassed 15 more. The Alberta Provincial Police guarded roadblocks on major highways in the Province of Alberta in an effort to keep influenza from reaching three prairie municipalities. These measures were nonetheless ‘lamentably inefficient in checking the spread of the disease.’ Quite simply, isolating individuals and families or quarantining entire communities did not work.”

It is long past time for us to admit that lockdowns were not imposed to control the spread of the virus since governments could not help but know that they did not work.  Even without the historical evidence common sense would tell you restricting the movement of healthy people will have no impact on transmission.  Lockdowns were imposed to make us poor and willing to accept increased government control over our lives, livelihoods, and bodies.

Governments are carefully following a well scripted plan and as this commenter points out they are willing to kill as many people as necessary to get what they want.


This is not and has never been about a virus.

Spring brings only a façade of Freedom

Spring has arrived and ended cold and flu season.  Once again it was spring and not masks, lockdowns, or vaccines that caused COVID cases to fall.  Political pressure in many jurisdictions caused politicians to drop restrictions during cold and flu season and guess what, dropping restrictions made absolutely no difference.  Our respite from government COVID tyranny has caused many to believe that COVID is over.  If you are one of those optimistic souls I have bad news for you.  While you might think this is over, as far as government is concerned this will never be over.

The WHO won’t be happy until everyone on earth has had 2 shots.


While the Ontario government is delirious over the thought of giving you 5.


5 shots in 16 months of a toxic brew that has already caused 10s of thousands of deaths and 100s of thousand heart attacks.  Is there anyone out there stupid enough to still believe that this is for your health and the common good?  Do you think this pilot is looking forward to his next shot?


What kind of vaccine needs to be taken every 3 months?  This is more accurately described as chemotherapy than vaccination with one very important distinction.  Chemotherapy stops when the cancer disappears.  The COVID jabs are the exact opposite.  Taking them causes the cancer to grow.  The only way to eliminate the cancer of government is to cut it out.  Something we should have done decades ago before Fidel Castro impregnated his friend’s wife.

This will not end until enough people get the courage to say no to government.  Sadly there is no evidence that will ever happen in Canada so Canadians should be prepared for lockdowns, masks, and vaccine mandates next fall.  The violence against Canadians will continue as long as Canadians are willing to accept it.  And I do mean violence.  Everything forced upon us is detrimental to our wellbeing; including masks.


We may as well have lined up to be punched in the face.  It would have been quicker and just as effective against COVID.


The “Choices” offered by Government only benefit Government.

The daily expose took the time to plot out data from the UK government’s latest COVID surveillance report.  The plot below is from the article. Currently your best chance of a long life in the UK is by being unvaccinated.

This is just one more source finding the same thing.  The COVID vaccines do provide some temporary protection against COVID but it comes at an unacceptable cost.  The Jabs increase your chance of dying from a host of other ailments.  The report breaks down results by age group and for people over 40 the Jabs did reduce overall mortality but only during the winter when COVID was a significant cause of death for people over 40.  Once the winter was over so was the vaccine honeymoon.  By the spring vaccinated people over 40 were dying much more frequently than unvaccinated.

The story for people under 40 is much worse.  Since COVID is not a significant cause of death for young people there is no honeymoon period.  From the first day of injection the Jabs increased a young person’s chance of death.  No one under 40 should have taken this vaccine.

The COVID vaccines story is even more tragic than these plots indicate.  Not everyone dies immediately from the Jabs.  Some people develop long term health issues that destroy and will ultimately shorten their lives.

The picture above is 29 year old Kyle Warner.  In the picture Kyle is obviously distraught; you would be too if the Jabs ruined your professional mountain biking Career.  Not only has Kyle lost his career he now must manage serious chronic heart disease and arthritis.  This is what Kyle had to say about the Jabs.

“I believe where there is risk, there needs to be choice.  Instead, people are being coerced into making a decision based on lack of information versus being convinced of a decision based on total information transparency.”

Now that vaccine injuries are too numerous to ignore politicians have shifted gears.  The script writers are instructing politicians to say that no one was forced to take the Jabs.  Government cannot be held responsible for injuries because people freely chose to be vaccinated.  Read Kyles statement again.  Does that sound like he thought he had a choice?

Kyle was forced to choose between his income and the vaccine.  He chose the vaccine and lost more than just his income.  Government is forcing the same choice on everyone.  You can obey government at the risk of your health, life, and career or you can refuse the Jab.  If you refuse the Jab you lose your rights and income.  This is not free choice and those evil bastards know it.

Do not let them get away with what they have done.

The COVID vaccines may have ended another lucrative sports career.

Of course everyone is careful not to blame the vaccine.  It is perfectly normal for a young fit person to develop serious blood clots, especially after taking a medication known to cause, you know, blood clots.

Rare medical conditions are no longer rare and it is getting very difficult to ignore.  Media and Government will not blame the vaccine for anything but they know it is only a matter of time before the public does.  That is why the narrative is changing.  Governments are re-writing history and claiming they did not force a needle in to your arm.


Now the narrative is that you took the vaccine voluntarily so it is your fault.  The Government of Australia apparently did not force anyone to be vaccinated.  All they did was offer a clear choice.  Australians could “voluntarily” take the vaccine or they could be imprisoned and impoverished.  See, nobody was forced to do anything.

Governments normally do despicable things but they rarely do them on such a grand scale.  When this started these tyrants were confident they would get away with this, now they are not so sure.  In time I hope more people will understand this clear message from Christine Anderson.



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Government is not now and never has been your friend but is both evil and unavoidable.  It is up to us to keep them in check and we did not.  From that perspective this really is our fault.