Continuing to cover up the crime

The American heart association wants you to know that 6 in 10 Americans will eventually suffer from heart disease.

At least six in ten older Americans may suffer from heart disease in the coming 30 years, according to the American Heart Association (AHA).

They also want to know that it is entirely your fault.  Americans just are not taking care of themselves.

He also noted that in the past ten years there has been a surge of cardiovascular risk factors including uncontrolled high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. Those things raise a person’s risk for heart disease and stroke.

Americans on average do not lead very healthy lifestyles but it is the same unhealthy lifestyle they led previously as heart disease was dropping.  So what changed?  Well I think every sane person knows the answer to that question.  What the American heart Association is really trying to say is that the impact of the COVID jabs is far higher than we realize.

Vaccine injuries are far more prevalent than the government wants you to know.  The people responsible for the Jab are trying to get out in front of this by conditioning your to believe something else is to blame.  The latest trend it to blame it on long COVID.  You don’t have to be on social media for very long to find multiple posts just like this one.

Blaming long COVID serves a dual purpose.  It explains all the unhealthy people and gives a reason to fear COVID again.  I have seen multiple posts now from people claiming that long COVID proves COVID is far more dangerous than we previously believed so we need to go back to masks and take more boosters.  Only in the dumb ages would the solution to a problem be to do all of the things again that caused the problem in the first place.

I doubt that blaming long COVID will work for the same reason the safe and effective narrative collapsed.  Too many people have personal experience that refutes the long COVID argument.  The unvaccinated people I know are in perfect health; even the ones who have had COVID.  The vaccinated people I know are not.

To be clear I do know vaccinated people who have not had a problem but I also known a number of vaccinated people who have suffered an unusual number of coincidences.  Many of the coincidences have been serious and required hospitalization.  My unvaccinated friends in contrast have suffered no coincidences that required hospitalization.

I doubt my personal experience is all that different from others.  If I see this others see this.  People know this has nothing to do with lifestyle or long COVID.  This is the COVID jabs and the government knows it.  That is why they are working so hard to convince you that it is not the Jabs.  They know what they have done.  This was a crime; the largest crime in history.  Don’t let them get away with murder and assault causing bodily harm.