History does more than just Rhyme

The average person is reluctant to compare our current leaders to Nazis but as Pam Popper pointed out at the start of the Plandemic the parallels are undeniable.


Western governments used COVID as an excuse to slowly erode freedom just as the Nazis slow walked their citizens towards the final solution.  To accomplish the destruction of western society governments ripped pages right out of Mein Kampf and inundated their populations with propaganda.

Have you ever wondered why the COVID rules never made any sense?  You can take you mask off in a restaurant when seated but the minute you stand a mask is necessary.  It is safe to go to Walmart but not smaller stores that were forced to close.  Uninfected people must be quarantined to prevent them from spreading a virus that they do not have.  This was all very deliberate nonsense.  The purpose was to disconnect us from reality.


We allowed government to manipulate us because we failed to learn from history.  History told us clearly what was happening and we refused to listen.  The COVID rules were never about COVID they were obviously only about control.  We lost rights that took centuries to achieve due to our ignorance and unfortunately it ain’t over yet.  Our historical ignorance is leading us down the path to war.

World War 3 is about to be triggered by the same thing that started World War 1.  Before the start of World War 1 there were 2 opposing alliances right on each other’s borders.  England, France, and Russia on one side with Germany, Austria, and Italy on the other.  These alliances were all it took to inflame a regional conflict between Serbia and Austria in to a war that encompassed most of Europe.  For some bizarre reason our ruling elite have pushed us in to the same situation more than 100 years later.

After the fall of the Soviet union NATO expanded their alliance right to Russia’s borders forcing Russia in to an alliance with China and possibly India.  Now the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is expanding in the South Pacific and actively encroaching on the borders of those 2 nations.

Here we go again.  We have 2 armed camps on each other’s borders and a regional conflict in the Ukraine.  The script writers know history and know exactly what they are doing.  They are pushing the world towards war.  It is the ignorance of the general public that has allowed this to happen, just as it was ignorance that allowed the script writers to steal our rights.  History continues to repeat because so few people know history.  More people will die due to our ignorance.

Wishful thinking as a Guiding Principle is Childish Thinking

When the vaccines were rolled out in December of 2020 we were told that the vaccines would end the pandemic which would have been great news if it was true.  No one asked the obvious question, how is a technology that has failed 100% of the time in the lab going to magically work by giving it to everyone?  Not only did Coronavirus vaccines have a perfect record of failure in animal trials they also had a perfect record of causing injuries to the lab animals.

The obvious conclusion was that COVID vaccines would not stop the pandemic and would cause serious problems.  Instead of accepting reality Governments adopted a policy of wishful thinking.  In the worlds of Dr. Debra Birx, “I think it was hoped that the vaccine would work in that way.”  Government had no reason to believe the vaccines would work yet they rolled them out “hoping” that they would.

Billions of people were coerced in to accepting a treatment that had only hope and wishful thinking supporting it.  Not surprisingly the vaccines did not work.  No country with aggressive vaccination programs saw COVID cases decline; quite the opposite in fact.  COVID cases exploded to previously unseen levels in all of these countries; something documented in the animal trials.

Also consistent with the animal trials vaccine injuries have been rampant.  No vaccine in history has produced as many deaths and injuries as the COVID vaccines.  Almost weekly the news about the vaccines gets worse.  A comprehensive list of Vaccine problems can be seen on Sharyl Attkisson’s website.  A quick perusal of that list shows that by June of 2021 serious vaccine problems were being documented.  The programs should have been halted at this point but they were not.

Apparently hope is stronger than logic and reality.  We continue to jab adults even though we know that the vaccines will not stop the pandemic and many vaccinated people will succumb to injuries including death.  What we have done to date is insane but not as insane as what we are about to do.  We are about to jab toddlers with a treatment that has been a complete failure in adults.

After the complete, and completely predictable, vaccine failure in adults a child trail should not even have been allowed.  A completely unnecessary and immoral trial was done anyway.  The trail failed to show any efficacy yet the Jabs were still approved for emergency use.  Once again we are pursuing a policy of wishful thinking.  There is no way this does not end tragically.  Stupidity doesn’t just burn, it kills.



“How a society treats its most vulnerable is always the measure of its humanity.”

I can’t find a reason to celebrate Canada Day

Governments are sparing no expense and overlooking no details in preparation for Canada day.  Ottawa has been turn in to an armed camp and political prisoners are being rounded up in Alberta.  Tamara Lich was just arrested in Medicine Hat, how the hell did we come to this?  How did it become a criminal offence in Alberta to criticize government?

Alberta used to be a bastion of freedom inside the dysfunctional nation of Canada.  Albertans used to laugh at what went on outside their borders.  People from other provinces flocked to Alberta for the economic advantages resulting from all that freedom.  Now Alberta is just as bad as any other province.

Albertans were too busy making money and enjoying life to notice that politicians were taking it all away.  We should have paid a lot more attention to the reprehensible people we were electing.  A series of incompetent (Stelmach), corrupt (Redford), and pure evil (Notley and Kenney) premiers destroyed Canada’s Shangri La.  Now we arrest preachers and political dissidents.  I don’t know whether to be disgusted or disappointed.


Low German Births should be a Wake Up Call

I have posted data several times indicating the COVID jabs have the potential to cause fertility issues.  The lipid Nano particles had a habit of accumulating in the ovaries and testes.  Many vaccinated women are experiencing abnormal menstrual cycles and sometime complete uterine shedding.  This should have been cause for alarm but the government and all the useful idiots just brushed it off.  The official narrative is vaccines are perfectly safe even for pregnant women.  Chalk this one up as another government lie.

This is data out of Germany showing births in Q1 2022 compared to the average for the 3 previous years.

To understand the actual impact we must consider 2 things.  Births in Germany have been increasing by 2700 births per quarter since 2019, and for northern countries Q1 births are always less than the yearly average.  In 2020 Q1 births in Germany were 4.4% lower than the yearly average.  So if I adjust the expected yearly average up and ratio Q1 down by 4.4% this is what I get.

Q1 births in Germany are down by 9.5%.  These are not just warning signs any more.  This is concrete data that we have a problem and people better start paying attention.  Young people lucky enough to avoid Sudden Vaccine Death Syndrome are no longer producing as many babies.

Bill Gates Senior was on the board of Planned Parenthood.  He obviously believed people were having too many babies.  Moderna investor Bill Gates Junior is on tape saying a vaccine is a great way to control population.  It looks like the long held Gates family goal of depopulation is coming to fruition.   If we keep Jabbing people there will soon be no one left to jab.  This is not about a virus or public health.

Sudden Vaccine Death Syndrome is coming to a Toddler near you

The FDA approved COVID vaccines when both the Moderna and Pfizer data showed mRNA vaccines cause at least one death for every COVID death they prevent.  In terms of lives saved the vaccines were then neutral.  In terms of years of life preserved they were highly net negative.  COVID kills ill seniors while the vaccines kill healthy young people.  Remember this was data from an abbreviated 2 month trial.  Since the roll out of the vaccines and the advent of “SADS” it is apparent that the vaccines continue to kill young people for much longer than 2 months.  If the original trials had been run for more than 2 months far more people in the vaccine group would have died than in the placebo group.

So the FDA approved a vaccine that causes more deaths than it prevents, this was all done to reduce the load on hospitals.  Since people dying of Sudden Vaccine Death Syndrome (SVDS) rarely make it to the hospital you could argue that hospital loads were decreased albeit at a horrible cost to society.  Unfortunately even that is not the case.  Based on Pfizer and Moderna’s own data the COVID jabs produced 3 hospitalizations due to non-lethal vaccine injuries for every COVID hospitalization prevented.

The Jabs were approved for Adults even though they increase hospitalizations and deaths and now we want to give them to toddlers.  Are we nuts?  We should not expect the data for children is any better and guess what, it isn’t.  Data submitted by Pfizer and Moderna shows that in children the jabs increased both infections and hospitalizations.  Thankfully no toddlers have yet died of SVDS but it is only a matter of time.

Even if the data were better vaccinating children is asinine.  Every medical procedure carries risk.  Why would you ask any child to incur risk to protect them from a disease that does not affect them?  Are we going to start vaccinating toddlers for shingles?  There is no public health benefit to a vaccine that does not prevent infection of transmission.  There is certainly no public health benefit to a vaccine that increases infections and hospitalizations.  This is not about a virus or public health and more people are starting to notice.


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We are spectators to Mass Murder

A picture truly is worth a thousand words and this picture says volumes.  Is there any way to sum up the situation we find ourselves in better than this?

In a post jab world it is perfectly normal for a young super fit athlete to faint and take a nap at the bottom of the pool.  Incredibly a supposedly conservative news outlet like the Daily Caller reports this near tragedy as if it is a normal occurrence.  The previous day the same publication carried the story of a 26 year old football player dying suddenly.  This also was treated as a perfectly normal.  Unfortunately it has become so “normal” that on the same day a competing “conservative” outlet gave the same nonchalant coverage of an NBA first rounder “dying suddenly”.

There is nothing normal about what is going on right now.  We know what and who is causing this.  How much longer are we going to sit back and just watch?


The steady March to Extinction

The only person in North America trying to hold any of the corrupt chief medical officers accountable is Senator Rand Paul.  Rand Paul is an MD and his favorite whipping boy is the lying weasel Anthony Fauci.  Here is Rand Paul grilling Fauci again about vaccinating children under 5.


What Rand Paul is grilling the high priest of COVID about is the concept of immune-bridging.  The Pharmaceutical companies, and the evil bastards writing the scripts, are desperately trying to justify jabbing every child on earth.  This is not an easy task since Children are largely unaffected by COVID.  It does not matter how large your test groups are, it is unlikely that anyone in either the vaccine or placebo groups will die or require hospitalization.  How do you prove your vaccine reduces severe illness, the new bizarrely low standard for vaccines, when there is no severe illness in the first place?

The fact that there is no severe child illness to address should be proof the jabs are not needed for children, but where is the profit in that?  Fortunately for Bill Gates and the other Moderna shareholders, proof of efficacy is no longer a criteria for vaccine approval.  Now all you need to show is even a slight antibody increase.  By this standard unlimited boosters will now be approved since you will see a response with every shot.  You will also see a lot of vaccine injuries and COVID.

Increased COVID infections in children is one tangible conclusion that you can draw from Moderna’s data.  The only children to get infected more than once were vaccinated.  The boosters were especially effective at producing re-infections.

Jabbing children will keep the virus circulating among children.  It will also no doubt produce all of the injuries we see in adults.  There is absolutely no way a sane society would subject children to these jabs but in some way it is a moot point.  We won’t be jabbing children for very long since we will quickly run out of children to jab.  Young adults are also not at risk from COVID but governments coerced almost all of them to be jabbed.  Now it seems they are finding it difficult to produce any more children.


The evidence used to justify jabbing adults was very poor and we see serious problems manifesting from the jabs.  The evidence for Jabbing children is even worse than that.  It is so weak that it is non-existent; something Ron DeSantis lays out in a way no Canadian politician would ever dare to do.


At this point anyone defending these jabs is definitely part of the problem and nothing more than a useful idiot.  Our biggest problem right now is the sheer number of useful idiots and their prevalence in news rooms.  Too bad more people were not willing to call them out as James Delingpole does here.


The Origins of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome are not a Mystery

In the Pre-Jab world rare things were, you know, rare.  It used to be quite unusual for perfectly healthy young people to drop dead, now it is a daily occurrence.  There are so many young people dying unexpectedly right now that life insurance payouts tripled in 2021.  To date no government has moved to address this Pandemic of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.  Frankly I am surprised that we have not already been locked down while doctors grapple with this rather baffling problem.

OK let’s cut the shit.  You must be an Idiot to be confused by what is causing SADS.



It would not be unreasonable to describe me as a cynic.  When the COVID farce started I was under no illusions about the intelligence or morality of either politicians or journalists.  They did exactly what I expected them to do.  They lied to further a narrative that benefitted them personally.  A leopard can’t change its spots.  Politicians and journalists will not wake up one morning and be honest.

Even with my inherent cynicism I still held out hope that we could be saved by people I had more respect for; police and Doctors.  For some bizarre reason I still believed that police would protect the public and doctors would protect patients.  My illusions about the police were shattered when the first preachers were arrested.  The police in Canada are nothing more than armed enforcers for the government.  My respect for Doctors were similarly shattered by this farce.

Not only did I naively believe that doctors would protect patients, I actually believed that you must be smart to be a doctor.  That belief was shattered by repeated exposure to Drs. Bonnie Henry, Theresa Tam, and Deena Hinshaw.  Lavish praise from the media could not hide that these women are morons who do not understand science.  Thankfully I am here to help these doctors grapple with their twin nemesis of science and logic.  Below is my guaranteed 2 step plan for eliminating SADS.


  1. Stop jabbing
  2. Imprison everyone involved


Step 2 might not be palatable to the three stooges of Canadian medicine.  Thankfully it won’t dawn on them until after they are arrested.

None of this is an Accident

In March of 2020 when the lockdowns were announced I dismissed it as stupid people, doing stupid things, out of fear.  The data at the time did not indicate that we had an emergency unless you think a bad flu year is somehow an emergency.  One thing that was clear from the data was that this virus, like almost all respiratory viruses, was airborne.  There is simply no way that it could have spread so quickly if it wasn’t.  That meant all of the ridiculous restrictions had no hope of making any difference.

I did think that 2 weeks to flatten the curve would be real, not because the curve would actually flatten but because people would figure out how incredibly stupid everything was.  I severely overestimated the public’s ability to shake off fear and think straight.  Still after witnessing the damage from one lockdown I continued to hope sanity would prevail.  Sanity did not return thanks to the relentless propaganda campaign from government.  It was at that point I finally admitted to myself that this was all intentional and it had nothing to do with science or a virus.

I guess I should not have been surprised, the government has, after all, been running the same play book for years.  The only difference was that the emergency was climate change.  It is sad but normal for ill seniors to die during cold and flu season, it is also normal for climate to change.  There has not been a time in the history of the earth when climate has not changed.  The changes have at times been large, rapid, and have had little to do with atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

It is true that CO2 is a greenhouse gas.  It is also true that it is not a very potent greenhouse gas and it does not take much CO2 to absorb all of the available energy.  At 300 ppm CO2 already absorbs about 80% of the limited energy that it can absorb.  Adding more CO2 doesn’t add much warming because there is not much warming left to do.  You could cool the earth by dropping below 300 ppm but since plants stop growing at about 250 ppm that would be ill advised.  Global starvation is a helluva lot larger problem than warm weather.

Currently the earth is a little over 400 ppm CO2.  Plants grow optimally at over 1000 ppm.  Many greenhouses artificially increase CO2 to over 3000 ppm.  Currently we are only 150 ppm away from global starvation and more than 1000 ppm away from optimal plant growth.  I know what direction I want to move that needle and I am willing to put up with slightly warmer weather to get there.

The reality of CO2 induced climate change is that we cannot move CO2 concentrations down enough to make a difference without starving and the benefits from increased plant growth far outweigh the problems of warm weather.  Just as there was no science to support restricting healthy people during a pandemic there is no science to support restricting CO2.  That might trigger the climate cultists but that is the science.  The only place where disastrous global warming is occurring is in the computer models that have been wrong for more than 40 years.

Why isn’t 40 years of failure enough reason for us to walk away from disastrous climate change policies?  We persist in these failed policies for the same reason we lockdown repeatedly when all the evidence says that lockdowns don’t work.  This is not simple stupidity and as Neil Oliver brilliantly points out it is not an accident either.


The great reset is about the elites owning everything and you owning nothing.  The stumbling block is that the average person already owns things and has money in the bank.  People with resources do not need government; they certainly don’t need a government as large as Klaus Schwab envisions.  Logically the great reset can’t happen until they drain your bank account.

Taxation and inflation are great ways to drain your bank account.  Taxation is a double whammy because it is theft that causes inflation.  Western Governments have been using climate change and COVID as excuses to destroy the economy.  Excessive regulation restricts the supply chain making goods artificially scarce, taxation makes them expensive, and government deficit spending reduces the value of money.  It is the perfect storm to make everyone poor.

This is a deliberate program to make you dependent on government.  Once you have nothing left you will have no choice but to turn to government.  They will return a small amount of what they stole from you in return for your indentured servitude.  We are moving back to slavery and a caste system.  Are you going to continue to sit on the sidelines and watch?  This is not about science.  It is not about public health.  There is not a single thing happening right now that is for your benefit.  It is time to stop it.  All of it.

The time has come to tell the politicians and their script writers to fuck off and leave us alone.  You can do it now or wait for this winter when you can’t afford to heat your home or feed your family.  Your choice.

Rude Awakenings on the Road to Communism

Some NDP volunteers in Alberta have made the shocking discovery that communists are not nice people.  This public spat is not a great concern for NDP leader Rachel Notley, however.  A hard core communist like Rachel understands one very important thing about her followers.  Rachel knows the most useful thing about useful idiots is the idiot part.  Rachel issued a completely insincere apology that will bring them all back in to the fold.

The problem with Canada is that to some extent we are all now useful idiots.  When we vote for communists like Rachael we are shocked to find out we get communism.  When we vote for People who we believe are not communists, like Jason Kenney, we are shocked to find out we get communism.  In Canada all roads lead to communism.