None of this is an Accident

In March of 2020 when the lockdowns were announced I dismissed it as stupid people, doing stupid things, out of fear.  The data at the time did not indicate that we had an emergency unless you think a bad flu year is somehow an emergency.  One thing that was clear from the data was that this virus, like almost all respiratory viruses, was airborne.  There is simply no way that it could have spread so quickly if it wasn’t.  That meant all of the ridiculous restrictions had no hope of making any difference.

I did think that 2 weeks to flatten the curve would be real, not because the curve would actually flatten but because people would figure out how incredibly stupid everything was.  I severely overestimated the public’s ability to shake off fear and think straight.  Still after witnessing the damage from one lockdown I continued to hope sanity would prevail.  Sanity did not return thanks to the relentless propaganda campaign from government.  It was at that point I finally admitted to myself that this was all intentional and it had nothing to do with science or a virus.

I guess I should not have been surprised, the government has, after all, been running the same play book for years.  The only difference was that the emergency was climate change.  It is sad but normal for ill seniors to die during cold and flu season, it is also normal for climate to change.  There has not been a time in the history of the earth when climate has not changed.  The changes have at times been large, rapid, and have had little to do with atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

It is true that CO2 is a greenhouse gas.  It is also true that it is not a very potent greenhouse gas and it does not take much CO2 to absorb all of the available energy.  At 300 ppm CO2 already absorbs about 80% of the limited energy that it can absorb.  Adding more CO2 doesn’t add much warming because there is not much warming left to do.  You could cool the earth by dropping below 300 ppm but since plants stop growing at about 250 ppm that would be ill advised.  Global starvation is a helluva lot larger problem than warm weather.

Currently the earth is a little over 400 ppm CO2.  Plants grow optimally at over 1000 ppm.  Many greenhouses artificially increase CO2 to over 3000 ppm.  Currently we are only 150 ppm away from global starvation and more than 1000 ppm away from optimal plant growth.  I know what direction I want to move that needle and I am willing to put up with slightly warmer weather to get there.

The reality of CO2 induced climate change is that we cannot move CO2 concentrations down enough to make a difference without starving and the benefits from increased plant growth far outweigh the problems of warm weather.  Just as there was no science to support restricting healthy people during a pandemic there is no science to support restricting CO2.  That might trigger the climate cultists but that is the science.  The only place where disastrous global warming is occurring is in the computer models that have been wrong for more than 40 years.

Why isn’t 40 years of failure enough reason for us to walk away from disastrous climate change policies?  We persist in these failed policies for the same reason we lockdown repeatedly when all the evidence says that lockdowns don’t work.  This is not simple stupidity and as Neil Oliver brilliantly points out it is not an accident either.


The great reset is about the elites owning everything and you owning nothing.  The stumbling block is that the average person already owns things and has money in the bank.  People with resources do not need government; they certainly don’t need a government as large as Klaus Schwab envisions.  Logically the great reset can’t happen until they drain your bank account.

Taxation and inflation are great ways to drain your bank account.  Taxation is a double whammy because it is theft that causes inflation.  Western Governments have been using climate change and COVID as excuses to destroy the economy.  Excessive regulation restricts the supply chain making goods artificially scarce, taxation makes them expensive, and government deficit spending reduces the value of money.  It is the perfect storm to make everyone poor.

This is a deliberate program to make you dependent on government.  Once you have nothing left you will have no choice but to turn to government.  They will return a small amount of what they stole from you in return for your indentured servitude.  We are moving back to slavery and a caste system.  Are you going to continue to sit on the sidelines and watch?  This is not about science.  It is not about public health.  There is not a single thing happening right now that is for your benefit.  It is time to stop it.  All of it.

The time has come to tell the politicians and their script writers to fuck off and leave us alone.  You can do it now or wait for this winter when you can’t afford to heat your home or feed your family.  Your choice.