Rude Awakenings on the Road to Communism

Some NDP volunteers in Alberta have made the shocking discovery that communists are not nice people.  This public spat is not a great concern for NDP leader Rachel Notley, however.  A hard core communist like Rachel understands one very important thing about her followers.  Rachel knows the most useful thing about useful idiots is the idiot part.  Rachel issued a completely insincere apology that will bring them all back in to the fold.

The problem with Canada is that to some extent we are all now useful idiots.  When we vote for communists like Rachael we are shocked to find out we get communism.  When we vote for People who we believe are not communists, like Jason Kenney, we are shocked to find out we get communism.  In Canada all roads lead to communism.

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  1. Derek
    Derek says:

    That’s why PPC is the only choice. The Cons are all about serving the current establishment. Nothing will change with a Conservative Government. Yes, they are better than the illiberal Liberals or the evil NDP, but that is not a high bar.

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