The Vaccine Mandates are Criminal

There are congressional hearings going on in the US right now about the effectiveness of vaccine mandates.  Various experts testified that as a general rule vaccine mandates should be avoided because they violate basic human rights and destroy public trust.

The researchers concluded “that mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policies have had damaging effects on public trust, vaccine confidence, political polarization, human rights, inequities and social wellbeing. We question the effectiveness and consequences of coercive vaccination policy in pandemic response and urge the public health community and policymakers to return to non-discriminatory, trust-based public health approaches.”

One expert, Dr. Kevin Bardosh, testified that mandates for college students caused more harm than good.  He cited his own paper published in March of this year as evidence.

Booster mandates in young adults are expected to cause a net harm: per COVID-19 hospitalisation prevented, we anticipate at least 18.5 serious adverse events from mRNA vaccines, including 1.5–4.6 booster-associated myopericarditis cases in males (typically requiring hospitalisation). 

I find it encouraging that, in the US at least, there is finally objective analysis of the futility of COVID vaccine mandates.  It is, however, disappoint that it took this long to get here.  There was never any justification for COVID vaccine mandates in the first place.

The only possible justification for a vaccine mandate is if the vaccine prevents infection and transmission.  Although we were told for more than a year that The COVID vaccines would do this everyone who said that knew they were lying.  To start the COVID jabs are not vaccines and the way they work they cannot produce immunity.  That is why, more than 2 years ago I wrote this.

  1. These treatments only serve to give your immune system a Boost. They help improve your odds of survival.  They really do not do anything more than Vitamin D and Ivermectin.  But there is one crucial difference.  There are no known side effects for Vitamin D and Ivermectin.

  2. The benefit from the treatment is temporary. Antibodies fade quickly without the T cells you have no lasting immunity.  That is what the yearly booster shots are for.  The booster shots are not for new variants as you have been led to believe.

  3. We cannot reach herd immunity through Vaccination. To reach herd immunity everyone must still be exposed to the virus and get infected.

We also did not need to wait for Dr. Bardosh’s paper to know that college vaccine mandates were immoral, even criminal.  Healthy young People have zero risk from COVID.  College vaccine mandates force students to take a medication that they do not need that has no public health benefit.  This would have been illogical if the vaccines had no side effects but the vaccines have potentially deadly side effects.  By June of 2021 there was enough evidence from Israel to know that these treatments would kill some of the students who were forced to take them.

Now data is coming out of Israel showing higher than normal deaths among young men.  The deaths start to occur after the second dose. 

Vaccine mandates caused thousands of deaths and millions of injuries without providing any public health benefit.  We have the benefit of hindsight now but we did not need it to make the right decision in 2021.  The authorities knew enough not to do this yet they did it anyway.  At a minimum this is assault causing bodily harm but I believe the proper charge is still conspiracy to commit murder.

There must be a reckoning

I watched this great presentation by Ivor Cummins yesterday.  The video is recent but I am not sure of the date.  Ivor goes through his COVID checklist so to speak.  There is nothing in the presentation that is new to anyone who visits this blog but what I found interesting is that in 35 minutes Ivor clearly makes a point without actually saying it.  The same point I have been making on this blog for more than 2 years.  There is no way this was an accident.  Even people who work for government cannot possibly be this stupid.

In the spring of 2020 almost every government in the western world threw out their existing pandemic management plans and proceeded to do absolutely everything wrong.  This was not a coincidence and it was not people acting irrationally out of fear.  Any objective analysis of the data clearly showed there was nothing to be fearful of.  The fear, like the “mistakes”, was deliberate.  The Pandemic response was not a cascade of errors by fearful and stupid people.  It was a carefully enacted plan by amoral people.

There are many people who still will not agree that the pandemic was faked.  After all many people did die but did they die from a virus?  No unfortunately a virus did not kill them; their own government did.

Dr. John’s claims are supported by a Care Quality Commission report that found 34% of NHS staff were pressured into placing “Do Not Resuscitate” orders on Covid patients with disabilities and learning difficulties. The policy led to people with disabilities and learning difficulties accounting for 3 in every 5 Covid deaths according to official ONS figures.

This testimony from an NHS staff member suggests that the public was being lied to regarding the official narrative of the NHS being overwhelmed during the pandemic.

I know People just want to move on from COVID but that would be a mistake.  The entire COVID pandemic response from lockdowns to mandatory vaccinations was a crime; the largest criminal conspiracy in history.  If these criminals are not punished they will not stop.  In fact they have not stopped.  Our political “leaders” are still discussing vaccine passports and yearly COVID vaccinations.

The only way to move on from COVID is to start putting people in prison; not the people who organized protests but the people who planned the pandemic.  Criminals don’t stop being criminals just because we choose to ignore them.  If they go unpunished their next crime will be even bigger than this.

Broken beyond repair

Canadian’s are taught that our judicial system is designed to protect the public.  Like much of what is taught in Canadian Public schools this is a lie.  The judicial system in Canada serves only one purpose.  It protects the government.  That is exactly why we are still prosecuting people for violating COVID rules even though the evidence is overwhelming that none of these rules worked.

One high profile COVID rule breaker is Randy Hillier a former member of the Ontario Provincial Parliament.  Hillier was charged multiple times for violating various inane COVID restrictions and his case is finally in court.  Hillier’s defense is very simple; an emergency should not negate all rights.

“Emergencies don’t just become Charter-free territory,” Henna Parmar, one of Hillier’s lawyers, told Ontario Superior Court Judge John Callaghan.

The Ontario government rebuts that statement by pointing out that the charter of rights allows them to violate rights.

Ontario concedes that Hillier’s freedom of assembly was violated, but claims it was done in a manner that can be justified under the Charter.

Don’t’ hold your breath waiting for a Canadian news agency to point out the obvious.  If rights can be denied in a manner that can be justified by the charter of rights then you do not have a charter of rights.

With that statement the Ontario government proved Hillier’s case.  They did violate his rights but according to the government they had to because the hospitals were full.

While these laws were in effect from April 7 to June 7, 2021, hospitalizations were at their highest ever, and the health-care system was nearing capacity and “compromising care for all patients,” according to the province’s Science Table. Case numbers were running away all across the province, and less than three per cent of people were vaccinated, Cookson said.

In Canada most provincial governments like Ontario exercise a complete monopoly on health care.  They are 100% in control of hospital capacity.  So this is a completely circular argument.  If the government can deny rights based on hospital capacity then they can suspend rights indefinitely by closing hospitals.  Any judge that would accept this argument is a lunatic that has no business in a court room.  But this is Canada, a country where most judges are appointed based on political ideology not jurisprudence; so I don’t like Hillier’s chances.

One of Hillier’s many COVID offences was attending a protest.  Not just any protest mind you; just the wrong kind of protest.  Hillier would have been free to attend any of the BLM protests which were allowed during the ban on outdoor gatherings.  He was just not allowed to attend a COVID policy protest.  The Ontario Government does not plan to supply evidence of what makes BLM protests safe and COVID protests dangerous.  They do, however, plan to enter fairy tales in to evidence.

Hassan argued Ontario did not have evidence that small outdoor gatherings were a particular risk, and relied too heavily on the superspreader case of a large motorcycle rally in North Dakota that also had indoor activities.

The rally that they are referring to is the Sturgis motor cycle rally which occurred in South not North Dakota (details do tend to be highly irrelevant to Canadian media).  South Dakota had no COVID restrictions only voluntary guidelines which the rally organizers chose to ignore.  The rally was immediately branded as a super spreader event by mainstream media.  When the media act in unison they are lying, and the Sturgis reporting was not an exception to that rule.  The media ridiculously over reported the impact of the rally based on computer modelling.

The real numbers are now available.  The models were only high by 57,451%.  You read that correctly.  The standard of accuracy for academic and media publication is now +/- 60,000%.

This is completely in line with their hysterical reporting on the effectiveness of all COVID restrictions which South Dakota proves had absolutely no effect.

Isn’t it amazing how justice works in Canada?  The government gets media to support their case by printing lies.  Then the media articles are entered in to evidence to support the government position.  Imaginary, often contradictory, evidence is all it takes to subjugate an entire country with the full support of the justice system.  Canada is broken beyond repair.

So far property confiscation is right on schedule

On July 15th I cautioned that Justin Trudeau was intentionally creating a homelessness crisis by dumping migrants on to city streets.  I believe that his is the first step towards eliminating private property.  As winter approaches Canadians will at first be pressured and then mandated to opening their homes.

Some people will voluntarily open their homes.  The media will then dutifully report what an enriching experience it has been while downplaying reports of any “guests” who are more demanding than grateful.  Trudeau will continue to pour people on to the streets and they media will start printing stories about how not enough people are stepping up to “do the right thing”.  Lists will be compiled of people with spare rooms and they will be publicly shamed.  Taxes or fines will be introduced for anyone selfishly hoarding their private property.  Fines will be introduced until no one but the elite living in empty mansions can afford not to give up control of their property.

My blog post can now safely be filed under the category of I told you so.  The same day I posted the statement above, this article came out.  It seems the Massachusetts government has beaten Trudeau to the punch.  The state is asking residents to “temporarily” host migrants.

Massachusetts officials are seeking residents willing to host newly arrived families in need of shelter. Hosts are asked to provide a room or apartment for a few days, until longer-term accommodations can be arranged.

Even my prediction that it would start as an appeal to citizens to do the right thing was spot on.

“While the state is trying to figure out exactly what to do and [how] to open up more shelters, I think we — as citizens, as members of our community — we also need to play a role,”

I have a question for you.  How temporary do you think this will be?  Keep in mind that this request comes from the people that stretched 2 weeks to flatten the curve into more than 104 weeks.  I can all but guarantee this program will not be temporary.  Why would it be?  Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau are creating a problem for state and provincial governments.  As soon as citizens open their homes the problem gets downloaded on to the home owners.  Why would the state and provincial governments do anything at that point?  As far as they would be concerned the problem is dealt with.

Anyone who opens their home will find out the hard way that government is not your friend; quite the opposite in fact.  Once you have taken in migrants you will never get rid of them.  They certainly won’t leave when they are getting free accommodation and just because the accommodation is free, don’t think they will not have tenants’ rights.  Judges will surely side with the migrants and rule that they have a right to stay.  Accepting migrants in to your home will not be a temporary commitment; it will be a permanent lifelong obligation to support someone the government foisted upon you.

Technically you will still own your house but you will no longer control what happens with it.  Your only way out will be to sell the house but how will you do that when it comes with a tenant that does not pay rent?  Effectively all the equity is gone.  The free market value of the house will be zero.  You will in fact own nothing and Klaus Schwab will be very happy indeed.


The ignorance is intentional

Canadian Officials have admitted that COVID vaccine injuries are under-reported.  Then in almost the same breath they state that the COVID jabs are safe.  How could they possibly know that?  They just admitted they do not really know how many people have been injured by the jab therefor they do not know anything about the safety of these treatments.  Canadian governments are still forcing certain groups to take a treatment with an unknown safety profile.

It has been 2.5 years how can the safety profile of these treatments still be unknown?  Willful ignorance, that’s how.  It is not difficult to get a better estimate of vaccine events.  You just need to comb emergency room visits that correlate to vaccine events.  The Epoch time did that and this is what they found.

The Epoch Times analyzed data collected by CANVAS that was released in an article published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases in March. It shows that for 1,173,748 COVID-19 vaccine doses administered and surveyed, there were 3,276 reported “serious health events” requiring an emergency department visit or hospitalization.

This represents one serious health event for every 358 doses, or 0.28 percent of all doses surveyed for the study.

0.28 % does not sound bad but it is 25 times higher than the official Canadian government number of 0.011%.

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) says as of May 26, 2023, it has received reports of 55,145 adverse events following immunization out of 98,194,601 COVID-19 vaccine doses administered (0.056 percent of all doses administered).

Out of those, 10,906 were deemed serious (0.011 percent of all doses administered). One report counts for one person, who could have reported multiple adverse events. Adverse event reports can be filed by doctors, nurses, or pharmacists.

Keep in mind that this number is also a gross underestimation.  It is based on emergency room visits only and many vaccine injuries never see the emergency room.  People who die suddenly or visit their GP after feeling poorly are not accounted for in this analysis.

This is a constant theme with COVID isn’t it?  Government tells a lie that is easily proven with their own statistics.  The problem is no one in government or legacy media bothers to look.  That task is left up to independent media and private bloggers who have been shouting from rooftops for months without notice.  But all that is changing; the public is starting to notice.

All this is happening after mass vaccinations with a novel biotechnology drug. How long are we going to go on without acknowledging the elephant in the room or more especially tabulating how many among those dying are vaccinated or unvaccinated?

The Irony is that the jabs have been killing people for 2.5 years but the public is only noticing now as the excess deaths are starting to return to normal.  The plot below is from Euromomo that shows excess deaths lower than the previous 2 years and flattening out in the summer as it should.

So why didn’t the public notice the problems before when more people were actually dying?  The answer to that is not how many are dying but who is dying.  The high excess deaths in 2021 and 2022 were driven by excess deaths among seniors.  No one notices when a senior dies because most people who die normally are seniors.  Excess deaths among seniors are finally returning to normal but sadly that is not the case for young people.  Excess deaths for young people are higher now than they have been since the start of vaccinations.

The problem is hard to ignore because many of the deaths and injuries of younger people have been on camera or involved high profile public figures.  The latest victim happens to be the son of Lebron James.  It is sad that so many people had to be injured before the public could acknowledge that the government lied.  The question now is what do we do about it?  What do you do about a government saturated with liars who are not just indifferent to death and suffering but actually cause it?

Children belong at the Children’s table

Children have a difficult time distinguishing reality from fantasy.  They tend to blend both in to a magical interpretation of the world around them.  This behavior in a child can be very can be delightful and endearing.  The same behavior in an adult is typically seen as a mental illness and can be dangerous even deadly.  That is exactly what we see right now in the Ukraine.  The childish thinking of western politicians is getting Ukrainians killed in great numbers.

One month ago I discussed that Ukraine’s long awaited summer offensive collapsed quickly.  Now even western media is reporting the same. Ukrainian men are dying in a futile attempt to dislodge well-fortified Russian troops.  This offensive was doomed from the start because it was based on the wishful thinking of western politicians who cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality.

BRUSSELS—When Ukraine launched its big counteroffensive this spring, Western military officials knew Kyiv didn’t have all the training or weapons—from shells to warplanes—that it needed to dislodge Russian forces. But they hoped Ukrainian courage and resourcefulness would carry the day.

In the childish minds of western politicians Russia is weak and Russians hate Putin so much that his position is tenuous.  If Ukrainians kill one more Russian soldier the Russian military and public will turn on Putin and arrest him.  They believe Russians hate Putin because they hate Putin and they are unable to understand that the world does not work the way they wish it worked.  In their fantasy world Ukrainian troops do not need weapons, training, or numbers.  They will triumph solely on the virtuosity bestowed on them by ultra-virtuous western leaders.  It is the classic childhood tale of good defeating evil despite all odds.

For the sake of the Ukrainian people it is time to grow up.  Yes it is unfair that Russia invaded but who ever said that the world was fair?  Adults know that fair or not you must acknowledge reality.  The reality is that Ukraine cannot beat Russia.  Trying to dislodge Russia now will just get more Ukrainians killed over an area that does not even want to be part of the Ukraine.

The area that Russia occupies now for centuries had always been part of Russia.  It only became part of the Ukraine under the Soviet Union.  In fact there was never even a country named Ukraine until the Soviet Union.  Ukrainians were like the Kurds, they were always a distinct ethnic group but the never had their own country.  They finally got their own country but the eastern portion was full of Russians who have now twice voted to leave the Ukraine.  How is the Ukraine war about defending democracy when it is really about denying eastern Ukraine the fundamental democratic right of self-determination?

The smart move would have been to avoid this war altogether but that ship has sailed.  Now the smart thing is to let eastern Ukraine have what they voted for, independence.  Negotiate a peace with Russia that allows ethnic Ukrainians in these areas to choose to stay or leave with safety guarantees for those who choose to stay.  That would be the smart thing to do but when was the last time you saw a western politician do anything smart?  They always double down on stupid and that is where we are headed with the Ukraine.

As the likelihood of any large-scale breakthrough by the Ukrainians this year dims, it raises the unsettling prospect for Washington and its allies of a longer war—one that would require a huge new infusion of sophisticated armaments and more training to give Kyiv a chance at victory.

This is exactly the same strategy that we have used unsuccessfully for 18 months and the only idea these morons can come up with is to keep doing it.  Grow up it is over.  Enough Ukrainians have died already and the west is out of ammunition anyway.  If there was a single fully formed adult involved in western government we would have acknowledged this long ago.  Instead the perpetual children in charge will opt for a larger war that they cannot not win.  The west cannot win a war against Russia because China will not allow it.  Large conflicts are won by the side that can produce the most weapons and China can produce a staggering number of weapons.

The data compiled by the Office of Naval Intelligence says that a growing gap in fleet sizes is being helped by China’s shipbuilders being more than 200 times more capable of producing surface warships and submarines. This underscores longstanding concerns about the U.S. Navy’s ability to challenge Chinese fleets, as well as sustain its forces afloat, in any future high-end conflict.

There is no way we can defeat Russia or any other country china chooses to support.  All they need is soldiers and china will supply the rest.  How do you think we will win a war where Russia has unlimited ammunition when we start without any?  The west is doomed as long as simple minded children like Trudeau, Biden, and Macron remain in charge.

The Green energy transition is not the transition we need

Climate change policies are not about saving the planet.  They are about destroying your children’s future.  People who understand science know this but the public has been convinced that the planet must be saved in order to save their children’s future.  A great deal of effort was expended by media and politicians to convince you of this lie.  You were told that the green transition would save the planet and provide good jobs.  All we needed were a few windmills and solar panels to replace 85% of the worlds energy supply.  Really it is so simple it makes you wonder why we did not do it before.

Of course we did not do it before because it is incredibly stupid and our parents and grandparents were not stupid.  It took a great deal of effort to dumb our society down to the point where we would believe hottest ever declarations from fraudulent data.

However, Dr. Watts’ research has revealed that more than 90% of NOAA thermometers are in inappropriate places.

96% are in parking lots, on buildings, against brick walls, or in other artificial environments.

The bricks, asphalt, and other human construction materials used in these environments artificially trap heat, leading to a “warming bias” in the collected data.

Propagandists disguised as scientists feed data that they know is wrong in to simulators that are programmed to say that heat kills.  A great deal of time and money has been spent to ignoring that the simulators have absolutely no connection with reality.  The world is not “overheating”.

Thermometers placed in natural settings register lower average temperatures.

And, cold temperatures kill 10 times as many people as hot temperatures.

Björn Lomborg‘s version shows us exactly how important heat deaths are. It’s no small thing. The news outlets are filled with heatwave porn trying to scare people about normal weather, while politicians try to justify spending billions to “cool” the world. These graphs hide the crime — increasing the cost of energy will kill far more than mythical cooling could ever save.

This is symbolic of the state of Science today: distorted by government funding until the point of it disappears.


People believe this nonsense because government pays unethical scientists to lie and public education is no longer about education.  It is about accepting facts the government presents as unassailable truth.  Public schools have been the primary tool in the dumbing down of our society.  They have been so successful in their mandate that the tyrants no longer feel the need to lie about what they are doing.  They now are open about the fact that green energy cannot replace hydrocarbons and we just need to suck it up and understand we must accept less.

The Los Angeles Times published an op/ed Friday in which it perhaps unintentionally poses the central proposition of the mythical energy transition: “whether our expectations should evolve in the name of preventing climate catastrophe.”

I have a radical idea for the seriously dumbed down masses to consider.  Instead of accepting a green energy transition that cannot possibly supply the energy we need; why don’t we just do a government transition?  Why don’t we run off the morons currently in charge, tear the whole system down, and start over?  Your children would thank you for it.

The COVID slow reveal

Slowly and without fanfare the media is revealing that every COVID conspiracy was true.  Long COVID has nothing to do with COVID it is just one of the more common COVID vax injuries; a list that now includes multiple sclerosis MS.


MS is a particularly nasty disease that can result in Permanent brain and nerve damage.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a potentially disabling disease of the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system).

In MS, the immune system attacks the protective sheath (myelin) that covers nerve fibers and causes communication problems between your brain and the rest of your body.

It really was not that hard for the vax pushers to keep this quiet for as long as they did.  Most of the people who took multiple boosters started with a considerable degree of brain damage.  It must have been hard to differentiate the injury from normal left wing liberal behavior.

The media is even grudgingly admitting that we never had a pandemic in the first place.  Many of the people who died of COVID never really died of COVID.  Some of them didn’t even have COVID.

After years of smearing such claims as “conspiracy theories,” the left-wing New York Times has admitted that the “official” data on deaths caused by Covid was over counted by at least 30 percent.

Citing data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the NY Times states that a third of “Covid deaths” were actually caused by “something else.”

The newspaper admits that large numbers of people who died while testing positive for the virus had Covid listed as the cause of the death even though it didn’t kill them.

Many of the deaths, however, were found to be listed as caused by Covid even if the person hadn’t been tested for the virus.

The statistics were skewed to force acceptance of an unnecessary, ineffective treatment that causes serious long term health problems.  But even these skewed statistics still over stated the problem and cover a massive crime.  90% of the remaining 70% did not die of COVID either.  They died of government enforced medical neglect.  They were murdered by government.

Someday when we finally wake up we will recognize that the COVID pandemic was entirely manufactured by government.  Millions of people were killed so that thousands of people could get rich.  Hopefully, when that day comes, the COVID profiteers will discover they cannot take their wealth where they are going.

Turning Canada around requires knowledge Canadians do not possess

Canada’s economy is in a downwards spiral.  Things are so bad even the compliant Canadian media can no long ignore the problem

 “The persistent slump in both business investment and exports is symptomatic of structural shortcomings in Canada’s economy. These include low rates of business formation, regulatory uncertainty, barriers to investment (especially in the resources sector), restrictions on internal trade, faltering confidence of foreign investors in Canada, and low levels of productivity and innovation.

Regulatory uncertainty, investment restrictions, and trade restrictions are all caused by government.  Lorrie Goldstein might be too cowardly to say it but I am not; the problem with the Canadian economy is that Canada has too much government.  Not to worry though because our finance minister has a plan that involves even more government.

Freeland assured Canadians the government would address the issue by “investing in people … the green transition and … innovation and productivity.”

This by the way is our finance minister explaining that her number one priority for the Canadian economy is sending money to a corrupt country that Canada does virtually no trade with.


I think I need to adjust my previous statement.  The problem with Canada’s economy is that Canada has too much government and all of it is corrupt and incompetent.

Trudeau has finally made things so bad that even normally clueless Canadian’s are starting to notice that for the first time in our history the future looks very bad indeed.

A new survey conducted by TD Bank Group shows that nearly 60 per cent of Canadian parents are concerned about their children’s financial future, primarily due to the impact of inflation and the prevailing economic uncertainties in the country.

The next generation of Canadians face declining a declining standard of living but CTV and the pollsters want you to know there is a solution; financial literacy.

According to the survey published on Wednesday, an overwhelming majority of surveyed parents (89 per cent) believe that their confidence in their children’s financial future would improve if their kids gained better financial knowledge before their teenage years.

Of course this is just the media and polling companies carry water for Justin Trudeau.  The poll was designed to absolve Justin of his guilt.  It was not Justin who stole your child’s future.  You are the Thief.  Your child’s future is at risk because you failed to teach them about finances.

So according to the CTV and the pollsters the solution to problems caused by the financial illiteracy of the Trudeau liberals is to improve the financial literacy of everyone else.  In a way I agree with them.  Improved financial literacy could get us out of this but only if it is used to inform voting choices.  That is probably why government public schools don’t teach finance or economics beyond explaining how wonderful socialism is.

The enduring legacy of Justin Trudeau

Pierre Poilievre has one thing going for him and one thing only; he is not Justin Trudeau.  Not being Trudeau is enough to fuel his popularity even though he supports many of the insanely destructive policies Trudeau does.  Here he is sounding very Trudeauish refusing to acknowledge that reducing immigration could help solve Canada’s housing crisis.


The housing crisis in Canada is a 4 alarm fire.  We are dumping migrants on to city streets with winter only 3 months away.  Poilievre’s solution is to continue pouring gasoline on the fire while he figures out how to build more fire engines.  There is no doubt that eliminating the ridiculous restrictions, which make it difficult to build anything in Canada, is the right long term solution.  But, even if those restrictions disappeared overnight we would still have a problem.  It is simply not realistic to think that we can suddenly start building 4 times as many houses every year.

No matter how stupid a regulation is businesses will adapt because they must.  The construction industry has already adapted to a system that limits the number of houses they can build.  Lifting those restrictions will not suddenly cause more houses to be built.  Supply chains and work forces must be expanded to accommodate the increased activity.

The assumption is that the new migrants will be the workforce but that is a dangerous assumption.  Construction requires skilled tradesmen.  If the migrants are not already tradesmen when they arrive in Canada it will take 4 years to train them; if they can be trained at all.  The last number I saw was that 70% of new Canadians entered Canada under the family re-unification program.  That means they were not chosen because of their skills or education.  They got in simply because they were related to someone else who was already here.  That might be compassionate but it is an incredibly stupid economic policy.  If migrants arrive without a grade 12 equivalent they will never become the tradesmen Canada needs.

Under Trudeau Canada admits more than 4 times as many immigrants and refugees each year than what we did previously.  Poilievre intends to do the same but he at least acknowledges that we will need to build 6 million homes by 2030.  He does not acknowledge, however, that building this many homes is an impossible dream.  If he does not know this he is stupid; if he does know it then he is gas lighting Canadians and he is a liar.  Poilievre is riding a wave of popularity simply because Canadians don’t believe he is as stupid or as dishonest as Justin Trudeau.  Justin set the bar pretty low in Canada, didn’t he?