Jason Kenney is the Worst Mistake Albertans have ever made.

I was only partially right.  Yesterday the Evil Troll did introduce new restrictions.  Just not the ones I was expecting.  I was expecting Jason to follow the political herd and impose travel restrictions and curfews.  Instead, Jason just closed every damn thing in the province not owned by a billionaire.  I guess the logic was when everything is closed you do not need travel restrictions and curfews.  There is no reason to be out at any hour.

Even Outdoor activities were banned.  Ask yourself this, how much data do you think Jason had showing outdoor activities spread COVID 19?  I can guarantee you that he had no data to support banning outdoor activity.

Last July over 470,000 people attended the Sturgis bike rally in South Dakota.  At the time we were told everyone in America would probably die due to Governor Noem’s negligence.  The evidence of her homicidal intent was a ridiculous study based on computer modelling.  The “model” predicted 266,000 cases from this massive outdoor event.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally: Study says event led to increased coronavirus cases – The Washington Post

The real numbers are now available.  The models were only high by 57,451%.  You read that correctly.  The standard of accuracy for academic and media publication is now +/- 60,000%.

Study: 2020 Sturgis Rally tied to more than 400 COVID cases, 1 death (argusleader.com)

If this massive event with no masks or social distancing did not result in an outbreak, why did we cancel stampede?  Why can’t restaurants serve people on patios?  Banning outdoor activities will not change anything because no one gets infected outside.

If Jason and his dominatrix were this careless about outdoor activities how good do you think their data is for everything else?  The Demonic duo of Jason and Deena are either incompetent morons or abjectly evil.  Either way neither should hold the positions they have now.  It is way past time for Albertans to demand wholesale change.

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