The hidden costs of political stupidity

When people are surveyed about climate change the majority agree on 2 things.  Climate change is a problem and someone else should have to pay to fix it.  Every survey shows that people are willing to spend very little of their own money on climate change.  The government knows this, that is why they lie about how much money they are taking.

In “What are Climate Policies Costing Canada?” Lyman notes that a global survey published in Nature in February 2024 found that people would be willing to spend 1% of their income on climate initiatives.  Canadians are already spending more than that. 

However, he writes, “The total federal and provincial expenditures on climate measures over the period 2020 to 2030 as listed by the Carbon Policy Tracker are $476 billion or $11,900 per resident of Canada. This equates to roughly $28,000 per household (i.e. an average of $2,800 per household per year).

The carbon tax is a good example of this.  Canadians can see how much carbon tax they pay on heating fuel and gasoline.  This number is far higher than anyone is willing to pay so the government lies to them.  The Trudeau liberals tell people they get back more than they pay.  See, you are being paid to save the planet.  Isn’t that wonderful?  You need to be very stupid to believe this but fortunately for Canadian Politicians, Canadians in general are not that bright.

Where Giroux has run afoul of the Liberals and their supporters – resulting in numerous attempts to discredit him ever since he first reported his findings in March 2022 – is that he has also estimated that when one factors in the negative impact of the carton tax on the economy, 60% of households currently pay more in carbon taxes than they receive in rebates.

Canadians are finally starting to realize the government is lying to them about the carbon tax.  Not only do you pay more than you get back, but it also pushes up the cost of everything including groceries.

“The poll is clear: the vast majority of Canadians want the government to get farmers relief from the carbon tax,” said Gage Haubrich, CTF Prairie Director.

“Canadians know that keeping costs down for farmers helps lower costs at the grocery store for all of us.”

Currently, the federal carbon tax exempts gasoline and diesel used on farms. However, natural gas and propane, which farmers rely on to dry grain and heat barns, are still subject to the tax.

The green lunacy is making people poor.  The impacts of the carbon tax and government spending is not the complete cost.  Shutting down coal fired stations and replacing them with more expensive and less reliable green energy pushes up the cost of everything including home heating fuel.  The 200 federal and provincial climate change departments also do not run for free.  Canadians pay tax to support these useless bureaucrats and businesses incur costs complying with the ridiculous regulations imposed by the various agencies.

Climate change is big business.  An army of bureaucrats and crony capitalists make money from the scam.  All that money comes from your pockets.  This lie is producing poverty and will not change the climate in any measurable way.  Does that sound like a good way to spend your money?

No one would choose to pay for any of this, that is why you are never given a choice.  Canadians better wake up because we blew past the 1% anyone is willing to pay before the question was even asked.  Climate change will happen no matter how much we spend.  So why don’t we spend zero?

There is no cost to climate change.  At least not one that we can affect.  There is a huge cost to government stupidity.  Pour a little of the usual government corruption over that and the cost becomes unbearable.