This started with an email discussion group.  A number of likeminded individuals started to send each other data they found about Covid.  Of course the data that was circulated did not support the official narrative.  It turns out it is hard to be honest and present data that did support the government narrative on Covid.  That was never a problem for the media.  Lying about Covid, lying in general, came very naturally to them.  If the media was not so predisposed to lying the discussion group would have never started in the first place.

Our discussion group sometimes discussed opinion but it was always opinion based on fact.  These were not “alternative facts” or “adjusted data”; those forms of deception are the purview of the anthropogenic global warming and covid 19 Pandemic crowds.  Our group stuck to data that was usually available on government web sites.  All we did was try to put the data in perspective and try to use it to draw logical and useful conclusions.  That it turns out is very dangerous.

Our group grew slowly but was still quite small only 55 members and still it was enough to attract the attention of the thought police.  I started the discussion group on my company email for the simple reason that I was able to build a distribution list from my contacts.  Eventually the thought police determined that even 55 people looking critically at the largest, deadliest, most expensive fraud in history could not be tolerated.  This new world order can tolerate tens even hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by government stupidity but it cannot tolerate even 55 people circling too closely to the truth.

Google decided I needed to be censored.  Emails that came from my company’s server started to get flagged as spam.  The company I work for is small and full of good people.  The company I work for does not need this scrutiny.  I ended the email discussion group and wound up here today.  So let’s get restarted.  Let’s shine the light of truth on this fake pandemic and the government rot that caused it.



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