1000 ways to lie

The best lies are half-truths.  Half-truths are comforting for people who don’t like to think.  They can hold on to the piece they know to be true and take everything else on blind faith.  Politicians and media understand the power of half-truths and it is normally their go to version when they lie.  But, that is what makes the lies about the COVID jabs so difficult.  How can you find a grain of truth about a treatment that increased the number of people who died?

COVID-19 cannot explain the increase in excess mortality after vaccinations began. For the second and third pandemic year a significant positive correlation between the increase of excess mortality and COVID-19 vaccinations is observed, a fact that strongly calls for further investigations on possible negative effects of COVID-19 vaccinations.

Every day the Jab narrative gets worse.  There is simply no good information that can be used as a foundation for lies.  The lies would need to stand on their own in the face of a tidal wave of contradicting evidence.  You would need to be a lot smarter than the average politician or journalist to get away with a lie that large.  Unfortunately the media has been in the business of lies for a very long time giving them other, albeit more crude, techniques for times such as this.

“nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle.”

Thomas Jefferson to John Norvell, June 11, 1807

Hundreds of years of lying experience tell the media when the lie is too large ignoring the truth is the only remaining option.  An Australian network broadcast a panel discussion of the COVID jabs.  They presented the discussion as free and open but what they really did was edit out anything detrimental about the jabs.  Their version of the truth contains no actual truth.

Professor Booy said the people who have had Covid and have not been vaccinated “get more severe disease and they’re more likely to get long Covid”, which prompted audience accusations of “liar”, “bullshit” and “snake oil salesman”.

The media lies.  This is ground I have covered before but it is worth repeating.  The media cannot be trusted.  They have an agenda.  With the media it is always about manufacturing or supporting an agenda.  It is never about the pursuit of truth.  When the media reports something then the question is not “are they lying”?  Of course they are lying.  The question should always be “why this lie”?

Why would the media continue to lie for 3.5 years about a treatment that has no discernable benefit but a very real and documented downside?  Millions of people have died from this Jab.  Why is it so important for the media to cover that up?  Is there so much money to be made off fake vaccines that they will not risk their future income?

The COVID jabs and the Whole COVID campaign has been mass murder.  I am not sure that mass murder was the intent.  I think it was profiteering by people who did not care if someone else died.  That makes it contract killing.  Some day we will admit this to ourselves.  When that happens, what will we do with the people who caused it?  I am not just talking about the people who built and released the virus.  I mean everyone; including the journalists who cooperated.

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