The Covid Year in Review, God I Hope I am Wrong About What That Means for 2021

2020 comes to a close in a few hours.  Last year if you had told me that in 2020 people would willingly give up all of their rights, I would not have believed you.  To think we did this in return for protection from a virus that posed little to no risk is even more bizarre.  2020 took germ warfare to another level.  The virus did not have to be deadly as long as the panic was.

For the last day of 2020 we have good news and bad.  The peak of the infection in Alberta did pass as I predicted on Dec 3rd.  See the plots below.

We have seen the tail end of the epidemic that was not finished before summer arrived.  My prediction now is that we will see more of an endemic behavior.  We will still see infections until the second or third week in January and then they will fall off as winter begins to ebb.  Jurisdictions that saw their peaks sooner than us are already seeing this.  See South Dakota below.

So the good news is that nothing unusual is happening and we don’t really have a problem with a virus.  The Bad news is that we have never had a problem with the virus just an enormous problem with government.  You can argue that Alberta is finally starting to see excess deaths but those deaths are more easily attributed to government than they are to the virus.

Covid 19 was nothing more than a bad Flu that western governments turned deadly through a combination of incompetence, stupidity, cowardice, and at times pure evil.  The entire western world was subject to Tyranny that had no effect on viral transmission.  When this started I attributed it to fear and incompetence.  With time the simple incompetence explanation became very hard to defend.

Destructive knee jerk reactions occurred in the early days when ignorance and panic dominated.  Within a few weeks we had data that showed the virus was only a problem for the old and infirm.  It also was not spreading anything like the models predicted.  In a world where politicians worked in our best interest the response to the virus should have changed dramatically.  It should have become far more focused.  Yet that did not happen.

For me to continue to believe that this was simple incompetence I have to believe that all governments in the world were all as vapid and stupid as Justin Trudeau.  My life experience has led me to have a very jaded opinion of government.  Eventually, even I had to admit they could not all being as useless as Justin.  If it was not Trudeau level incompetence what was it then?  Quite obviously what is happening has nothing to do with a virus.

Very early on an ideological divide was apparent.  The further left the politics the more stringent and destructive the covid response was.  Politics in Canada are entirely left wing.  Politicians go by different names to disguise their intentions but they span from communism “lite” to all government all the time.  The resulting response in Canada was consistently draconian and designed for maximum economic destruction.

In the US were there still exists a diversity of political opinion the response varied from state to state.  Democrat politicians were willing to sacrifice their residents in order to eliminate Trump.  The timing of Covid was very fortuitous.  Democrat politicians could destroy the one thing Trump wanted for re-election, the strong US economy.

Democrats rode their Covid 19 horse hard.  The “pandemic” was an excuse to spread misery that the media blamed on Trump.  Trump was criticized for acting too soon, then acting too late.  Ultimately he was blamed for not having the power of god and simply stopping the spread of a virus.  Covid was also a great excuse to keep the democrat’s senile, corrupt, unlikable candidate out of the public eye.

The US election is over.  The Trump juggernaut was defeated by votes that literally came out of the ether.  Yesterday it was revealed that in Pennsylvania somehow 6.7 million voters cast 6.9 million votes.  At this point you have to be either willfully blind or dishonest to say Joe Biden won the election.  The documented fraud is so large no court wants to touch the case; the fraud is literally too big to fail.  That has not stopped private citizens from investigating.  The more they look the more Chinese finger prints they find.

Two days ago I discussed how the Chinese manufactured this crisis as a Trojan horse to spread communism.  One of the pillars of their plan was the corruption of the US political system.  The Chinese found it easy to get politicians to advance china’s interests for financial incentive.  The Chinese Communists and the Democrats (redundant I know) had a burning desire to remove Donald Trump from Office.  Unfortunately they were not the only ones opposed to Trump’s taxpayer first populism.  If you have the time watch this interview.

Catherine Austin Fitts – Planet Lockdown – Full Interview (

I can’t believe everything she says, but this woman understands government.  She worked in the Bush administration.  The point that resonates with me is about the theft of wealth.  Billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg are constantly lobbying governments for tax exemptions like opportunity zones.  These tax breaks are only available to the super rich.  When a billionaire avoid taxes the government does not curb their voracious appetite.  The tax burden just falls on the middle class.  Billionaires are essentially syphoning money out of our bank accounts with the help of government.  Government’s deficit spending has also stolen the wealth of future generations.  Trillions of dollars of wealth have been transferred from ordinary people to the rich and powerful.

Communist China, Democrats, and Billionaires all played their part to eliminate Donald Trump.  China provided the money, democrats provided an army of useful idiots at the polling stations, and the billionaires suppressed information.  The media did such a fine job of cultivating Trump hatred that many people in the world are willing to overlook the fraud to get rid of the man the media told them to hate.

It does not matter if you hate Donald Trump.  This stopped being about Trump the minute we turned a blind eye to election fraud.  People just don’t get it.  If you allow this fraud to stand it will only get worse.  The media are talking about who the republican candidate in 2024 will be.  If Joe Biden is inaugurated on January 20th there will be no election in 2024.  What would be the sense?  The election outcome would be a foregone conclusion.  The US will have effectively become a one party state.

2024 won’t be about which party cheats the most because only one party is able to cheat.  Conservatives don’t aspire to careers in Government.  Government bureaucracies are full of left wing lunatics because those are the only people who apply.  The Democrats were able to cheat on an industrial scale because they control the levers of government.  All of the useful idiots that double counted ballots, manipulated voting machines, and covered up evidence were loyal democrat foot soldiers.

The Democrats think they have regained power.  The billionaires see a return to highly profitable crony capitalism. Useful idiots get to feel morally superior for vanquishing the evil orange dragon.  To accomplish this they forged an alliance with Communist China.  If their coup succeeds it will be their own demise.  The big dog in this evil alliance is China and they are the only one playing the long game.  Do you really think China financed this coup to relinquish control to Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi?  To China they were all useful idiots.  The first rule of communist revolutions is when the revolution is over the useful idiots are no longer useful.  They tend to disappear quickly.

The world is on the precipice of Chinese communist domination.  Wealth and prosperity will be a thing of the past.  When you look back and wonder who caused this, just go look in the mirror.  We let this happen by letting government change rules to combat a cold and flu season.  We allowed ourselves to be transfixed by an imaginary crisis while they stole our liberties and covered up malfeasance.

I am praying for a miraculous awakening in 2021.  If we don’t soon pull our heads out of our asses it will be too late.

Sorry for the length of the rant but 2020 was just that kind of year.


Covid killed Fewer People This Summer Than Deena Hinshaw and Jason Kenney

I updated the Alberta deaths 2 days ago after the latest data release.  The data is 8 weeks behind so I only have data up to the end of October.  This is what the up dated plot looks like.

You can see that since July we have been consistently above average and the last week in October is above the normal upper limit.  The data is very jumpy alternating between low and high weeks.  I think when they underreport one week they over report the next week.  Instead of trying to smooth the data I looked at the entire period from July 4th to October 31st and calculated deaths exceeding the average.  Here is what I got.

In a 4 month period almost 400 Albertans more than normal have died.  Proof we are in the middle of a Pandemic right?  Well not exactly; the official Covid death total over that period is 175.  We are seeing more deaths than normal and it is not Covid.

When the government Tyranny began in March many people were warning of this.  The panic, stress, and unemployment from the restrictions will result in deaths.  This has been studied to death and is very predictable.  All of the restrictions imposed to “protect” us are not good for our overall health.  A death from an infectious respiratory disease like Covid 19 happens quite quickly.  Deaths from government stupidity are a slow moving train.  They do not manifest quickly but once you start it is very hard to stop the train.  We should expect to see elevated deaths due to the restrictions for quite some time now.

The deaths from the covid restrictions will ultimately far outnumber the deaths due to Covid.  To make things worse there is absolutely no evidence the restrictions have saved a single life.  This has been all pain for absolutely no gain.  For those of you keeping score at home here is how it breaks down.

Jason Kenney and Deena Hinshaw are the clear winners in the macabre competition they are having with a virus.  They are even spotting the virus points by classifying everything possible as a covid death and still the virus proves to be less lethal than government.  Nothing in history has killed more people than government and we are seeing that on display now.

Are you happy you are paying the salaries of these 2 despots?  Where do you think the bulk of their income comes from; Albertan taxpayers or communist China?  They are serving someone and it sure as hell is not us.

Covid Was Not the Only Thing Communist China Exported

I apologize for the length.  Stick with it I promise to get to an important point.

Communist Chinese are everywhere they have infiltrated every western government and economy and barely anyone is talking about it.  The goal of every communist dictatorship was to spread communism throughout the globe.  The Soviet Union tried this for decades by supplying weapons to communist guerillas.  Initially this was a successful tactic and a few Latin American countries were flipped.  When the Soviet Union collapsed so did all of their client states except Cuba.

While the USSR was involved in a prolonged cold war with the US, China was largely silent.  This led a lot of academic deep thinkers to proclaim that Chinese communism was somehow different and that the Chinese were not interested in exporting communism around the globe.  That was a strange position to take since China was not shy about supporting communist revolutions where they could in Korea and Vietnam.

The Chinese were not spreading communism as actively as the soviets because they were smart.  They knew they were not in a position to do so and they did not have to as long as the soviets were willing to carry the water and face down the US.  The Chinese sat on the sidelines watched and learned.

The Soviets were never able to spread communism globally because all they had were weapons.  Marx taught that people would willingly rise up and throw out capitalism all they needed was the means to do so.  The Soviets supplied the means, the weapons, and it did not work.  Capitalism was more powerful than bullets.

The Chinese saw this and realized that you can’t defeat capitalism with traditional weapons.  China needed a new weapon that the soviets did not possess, economic might.  The soviets were a great military power supported by a weak economy.  Ronald Reagan saw this and destroyed them by simply pushing them in to an arms race that the soviets could not afford.  I was a young man when Reagan did this and the consensus was that it was recklessly dangerous.  None of the deep thinkers saw the beauty in the simplicity.  You could defeat the Soviet Union without firing a shot.  If their economy collapses the military goes with it.

Initially China used soviet style communism, state ownership of business.  They got the same results as the Soviets, grinding poverty.  When the Soviet Union Collapsed China knew they had to change before the US set their sights on them.  The Chinese pivoted to Nazis style socialism.  The government would allow private ownership of business that they would control by picking who owned the business and what they were allowed to produce.  This Nazis model of government regulated private ownership was far more effective than direct government ownership.

I know this is when everyone sits up and declares the Nazis were hard right not socialist.  After all hundreds of thousands of text books say so.  That is why right wingers are all so dangerous because they are Nazis, right?  I am willing to let you continue with the fiction that Nazis were right wing as long as you can explain to me 3 things.

  1. How a party named the National Socialist German Workers Party is not Socialist.
  2. If China is now using the Nazis economic model does that mean the Chinese are now hard right?
  3. If China suddenly flipped from Hard left to Hard right why did no one notice that the world’s largest communist dictatorship disappeared?

When this pivot took place in China all the deep thinkers once again got it wrong.  They said that this was a clear sign that China was moving away from communism and that we should support their efforts by doing business with them.  The pointy headed academics encouraged us to buy the rope from China that they intended to hang us with.

It took decades for the Chinese to build up their economic might and now they are using it to undermine democracy everywhere.  China has strategically sprinkled money around the globe to buy influence.  Don’t believe me, then why did Canada secretly train Chinese troops?

Canadian soldiers no longer training Chinese troops, defence minister says – National |

Why did Canada turn over an abandoned military base in Penhold to China?


This is just to train commercial pilot’s right?   After all that is what the Chinese citizen told the reporter.  You can’t get more truthful than that can you?  If this was so innocent why has it been going on for 3 years and Canadians did not know about it?  Why was there no press conference touting how the government was supporting a Canadian contractor to provide commercial pilot training to Chinese pilots?  Do you really think there are any Canadian’s involved in this?

Justin Trudeau wants us to believe that it is somehow more efficient for China to send their students and flight instructors to Canada to train rather than training them in China.  Why don’t we just pack up the entire university of Alberta and the 30,000 students to a foreign country if it is so efficient?  Economically there is no advantage for China to do this.  There are however great military advantages.  Learning to fly and maintain aircraft in cold temperatures is probably very helpful.  Flying around Canada with no oversite taking pictures of Canadian infrastructure is extremely helpful and definitely something you cannot do in China.

Justin is very fond of communist china.  He said so on the campaign trail and Canadians were too stupid to understand how dangerous that makes him.  But is blind allegiance to communism enough?  The Soviets found out the hard way that it is not.  How much Chinese money do you think has found its way in to the Trudeau foundation and family bank accounts?

Money is how the Chinese are poised to destroy capitalism from within.  Canada is small potatoes; that is probably why the Chinese nickname for their Canadian servant is “little potato”.  The real prize is the US.  If the US falls the world belongs to China.

The Chinese have been very busy in the US.  For the most part the media has turned a blind eye to it, largely because China is such a big customer for them.  There have been times however that the Chinese get caught doing things that are just too hard to ignore, like these stories out of the US.

1,000+ Chinese Researchers Have Left U.S. amid Tech Theft Crackdown (

Feinstein was ‘mortified’ by FBI allegation that staffer was spy for China: report | Fox News

Inside the U.S.-China Espionage War – The Atlantic

The most egregious one of late is Eric Swalwell a member of the US defense intelligence committee.  Eric had a yearlong affair with a Chinese agent named Fang Fang.  If this was an Austin powers movie you know her name would be Bang Bang.  Austin would have slept with her but he would have been smart enough to know she was a Chinese agent.  Unfortunately for Americans Eric is not nearly as smart as Austin Powers: take a minute and let that sink in.

Eric Swalwell was obviously removed from the defense intelligence committee right?  I mean why would you leave an important position to someone who had displayed such poor judgement?  Sadly Eric is still on the committee enjoying all the perks of his senior position.  The media is not ignoring this they are actively providing cover for him and there aren’t any politicians calling for his head.  Everyone wants this to fade away.  If they fire Eric that won’t happen, people will want an investigation.  There are too many politicians in the US compromised by China to rock that boat.

The Corruption of the US political system reaches the highest level.  Joe Biden and his family have done billions of dollars of business with China.  You do not do business with China without doing business with the Chinese communist party.  After all they chose which party insiders are allowed to own businesses.  Joe Biden even shared an office for 3 years with a Chinese national.

If all of that was not bad enough, Creepy Joe’s connections to China may not have ended there.  2 weeks before the presidential election $400,000,000 found its way in to the Dominion Bank account.  Dominion provided thousands of vote counting machines that are at the center of the controversy now in the US.  They are Canadian company with Venezuelan roots that keep their computer servers in Spain and Germany.  Dominion is a very odd choice if you are worried about foreign election interference, but they were strangely popular in democrat states.

I don’t want to sound like the Sham Wow guy but wait there is more!  During the presidential campaign $300,000,000 of unknown origin just appeared in the Biden campaign fund.  The Democrats spent 2 years and $40,000,000 to find out Russia had taken out $200,000 in face book ads that somehow made the difference in the 2016 election.  Fast forward to 2020 and no one is even slightly curious about 3,500 times as much money going to one candidate and the guys who counted the votes.  The Chinese are way better at this than the Russians ever were.

Obviously the Chinese have spent a great deal of time and effort to get to this point but what does this have to do with Covid?  The US presidential election was very important to the Chinese.  It would be a huge understatement to say that the Chinese hate Donald Trump.  The Chinese cannot accomplish their end goal as long as Trump is in office.  All of the chess pieces were in place, all the Chinese needed was an opportunity.  The Chinese were not about to count on chance.  All they needed to get things rolling was release a virus along with the instructions on how to handle it.

It might be hard to believe but that was right from the horse’s mouth.  China released a virus and played up how deadly it was by releasing videos of people dropping dead in the street.  Then China instituted a sharp lockdown followed by data showing how effective it was at eliminating the virus.  Useful Idiots like Neil Ferguson ate it up.  We have a crisis and a way to handle it wrapped up with a nice bow from China.  All it took to keep this fire growing was stupidity and corruption.  There is no shortage of either of those in the halls of power in the west.  The media and the Politicians that China purchased over the years jumped right to the task of destroying us from within.

I admit I have been slow to accept this.  My brother has been telling me since March that there was a plan.  I dismissed it as simple incompetence but incompetence would not have gotten us to where we are right now.  When you put the pieces together, and I mean all the pieces going back to the collapse of the iron curtain it all makes sense.

This might seem a little tin foil hattish but consider this.  That evil little troll Jason Kenney and all the other Canadian premiers have instituted rules to handle a virus that have nothing to do with a virus.  They are choosing who is allowed to operate a business and what they are allowed to sell.  Doesn’t that sound eerily familiar and more than a little ominous?  This is not about a virus.

Covid has Made the Ministry of Truth a Reality

Several different friends sent me this.

The WHO has redefined herd immunity.  Now herd immunity is only possible with a vaccine.  Seriously this is right out of the novel 1984.  George Orwell hit the nail right on the head he just predicted it would happen 36 years sooner than it did.

To be fair to Orwell his timing was not out by the full 36 years.  Redefining words has been popular with the left for a long time now.  It has been a slow creep so defining the start is not easy.  It is very easy to say that with covid it is now on full display and it is working.

Over Christmas someone told me the reason we only have 1% of normal influenzas because of our covid restrictions.  He was at a loss to explain how the covid restrictions could eliminate influenzas but not covid.  The same for covid deaths.  He was convinced that covid was far deadlier than influenzas because the official government body count for covid was higher than a normal influenza season.  When I showed him that the spike in all-cause mortality was lower during covid than 4 of the last 10 flu seasons he told me you can’t look at total deaths.  You can only look at the total that has been approved by the government.  You are not allowed to believe your own eyes if it does not match the official government position.

This was an intelligent, university educated person who is old enough to know better.  That’s what makes this government double speak so pernicious; it works, even when it shouldn’t.

Redefining herd immunity and influenzas deaths as covid deaths is not the only double speak the government is using.  Here are some great covid double speak from the Canadian department of Truth.

  1. We are all in this together. Except no one from the government has missed a paycheck or had their lives destroyed.  This is right out of Orwell’s animal farm.  “All animals are equal.  But some animals are more equal than others”.
  2. If you object to forfeiting your rights so that someone else can benefit you are a criminal.
  3. If you demand that others forfeit their rights for your benefit you are a good citizen.
  4. We can’t use hydroxychloroquine or invermectin because they have not been studied enough. We must use lockdowns because they have not been studied at all.
  5. Any death after a positive covid test is a covid death even if the person was a gunshot victim.
  6. Exploding infections after lockdowns or masks have been enforced is proof that we need more lockdowns and masks.
  7. Before we get a vaccine masks and suspension of rights are necessary. We need a vaccine to get back to normal.  After we get a vaccine normal will be masks, and suspension of rights.

This is not about a virus.  It never has been.  Wake the fuck up.


An Open Letter to Jason Kenney

Today I sent this letter to Jason Kenney and the UCP.  I just wanted to thanks Jason for magnanimously allowing me to have 2 people in my home.


Mr. Kenney,

Yesterday you announced new rules governing who I am allowed to have in my home.  I want to thank you for taking time to remind us that Albertans no longer have property rights. This must have been very important to you.  After all you took time away from trampling, freedom of religion, association, and movement, just to remind us how much money we wasted paying for a home that apparently belongs to you.

I fully agree that the best way to handle a viral outbreak is by eliminating rights and employment.  My support for this is so unwavering that I am willing to ignore that the outbreak peaked on Dec 3rd a full week before you trampled on more rights.  In fact I am also willing to ignore that nothing you have done since March has any effect on the virus whatsoever.

Just as an aside, don’t you find it really strange that our current situation looks exactly like the outbreaks in jurisdictions that did absolutely nothing?  They must be really lucky.  How were they are able to get the virus to behave without any Tyranny?  That is a mystery that we will never solve I guess.

I do have one question for you though.  I confess I struggle a little to understand how Alberta Health services is stretched so thin caring for 150 sick people.  AHS has over 100,000 employees.  Surely some of them have “caring for the sick” in their job descriptions.

While we are on the topic of AHS, I guess I have a few more questions.  We are told we must do everything possible to prevent the hospital from being overwhelmed.  Why is the only solution to not allow people to use the hospital?  Why can’t we increase the ICU capacity?  Isn’t that what they would do in a capitalist society?  Isn’t this a simple matter of supply responding to demand?  Or, did I miss the vote in the legislature when we decided that Alberta would complete their slide in to socialism?  Is that why you own my house now?

I like to think I can always find a bright side and certainly I can see how this is good for you.  You no longer have to pretend; you are completely out of the closet.  After all the trampling of rights no one will mistake you for a libertarian, or even a conservative, ever again.  Doesn’t that feel liberating?  There are other benefits as well.  After everything you have done no one will even expect you to be competent either.  You have got it made, you don’t have to pretend to be someone you are not and you don’t have to worry about doing a good job.

Frankly I am in awe over what you have already accomplished.  In the last 9 months you have done 2 things that I never thought possible.  You have destroyed individual rights and brought Alberta in line with the rest of the lunatic left in Canada.  You have also proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Rachael Notley was not the worst Premier in our history.  Wow, impressive.

Evil or Stupid, Doug Ford is Clearly #1

The news has been full of stories lately about the surging Covid Cases in Ontario.  Ontario Premier Doug Ford has seen enough and yesterday he announced additional restrictions effective boxing day.  The plot below shows what everyone is concerned about.

That does look alarming but curiously deaths are not really following the cases.  You can see the deaths below.

Deaths have increased but there were far more deaths in May from far fewer cases.  So what is going on?  If you did not immediately guess testing then you must be new to my blog.  Ontario does not have a surge in cases they have a surge in testing.  See below.

Ontario has dramatically increased their testing at a time when other provinces have not.  The dashed line is % positivity which is a great indicator of when the outbreak really peaked.  % positivity has been dropping since November 12th.  Doug Ford Announced new restrictions 39 days after the outbreak had already peaked.  Once again I have to ask the same question about Doug Ford as I have asked about countless Canadian politicians.  Is Doug Ford really that stupid or is he that evil?  With Doug Ford and Chrystia Freeland I instinctively go to the “that stupid” explanation but does it really matter?  Stupid or evil it seems to all end up in tyranny.

Doug Ford is not the only politician in Canada to impose restrictions after they are no longer needed.  In previous posts I have discussed how all 3 western provinces imposed additional restrictions also after passing their peak.  At the request of one of my partners in rant, I looked at Manitoba.  Guess what I found.  The plot below shows testing in Manitoba.

It is hard to pick the peak but Manitoba clearly past the peak in Late November.  Not to be left out Manitoba announced new restrictions for Dec 12th 18 days after the peak of the outbreak.  Every province from Ontario west has imposed unnecessary restrictions right before Christmas.  The eastern provinces may have also but I have not checked the data so I cannot say.

Since the premiers have blurred the line between ordinary stupidity and evil, I propose that we use a combined scale that treats those 2 attributes equally.  I am not sure if we call it stupidly evil or evil stupidity; I am open to suggestions.  While I don’t know what to call it I do know how to measure it.  I compared each premier by looking at how unnecessary their new restrictions were.  I counted how many days after the peak of the outbreak that new restrictions were imposed.  Here is what I found.

The clear winner is Doug Ford.  The clear losers are the people of Ontario.

It really is too bad that Ontario, the seat of our federal government, is not really in the middle of a deadly pandemic.  I have said many times, there is nothing wrong with Canada that the elimination of a few thousand politicians and senior bureaucrats would not solve.

A Covid State of Mind

This video is making the rounds.  It is both funny and sad at the same time.  Have a look.

Most people are choosing to laugh at this woman.  I have to admit I found it funny as well.  The more I thought about it the less funny and sadder it became.  This poor woman believes that covid is more dangerous to her health than inhaling fecal matter.  She is young, presumably healthy and out for a walk on a bright sunny day.  Under those circumstances she is the very definition of low risk.  So why does she feel that threatened?

The media and politicians have told her to be afraid so she is afraid.  So afraid she is not thinking rationally.  She is barely thinking at all.  Fear causes a flight or fight response.  Neither of those conditions help you solve advanced calculous.

This woman is so afraid she cannot process the information around her.  Do you see anyone in the video falling over and dying of covid in the street?  Do you think she even knows anyone who has had covid?  Why is she afraid of a virus that likely has not even impacted her life?

People confuse the impact the government is having on their life with the impact the virus is having on their life.  Covid 19 did not close a single bar, restaurant, or any other business.  Government did that.  The government wants you to believe that they had no choice because they need you to be scared.  As long as you are scared you are not thinking.  Unapproved thoughts are the greatest danger to government.

If people stopped panicking even for a moment they could ask themselves “how is this a pandemic when I don’t know anyone who has had a problem with it”?  We are over 9 months in now and I don’t know anyone who has had it.  I now know a few people who know someone who has had it.  So my knowledge of this civilization ending pandemic is all second hand.  None of the cases I am aware of were serious.  They ranged from no symptoms to mild cold like symptoms.

That is another good question to ask yourself the moment you stop panicking.  How can a disease that has killed some people do absolutely nothing to others?  Are they even the same disease?  That may seem like an odd question but if you think about it, it is the only question we should be asking right now.

How do we know all of these people have the same disease?  We test them, that’s how we know.  Unfortunately we are using a test that seems to have been designed to identify many different things as Covid.  As we discussed previously, the evidence indicates we are identifying 99% of all influenzas as Covid.  What else are we identifying as Covid?  Many people report symptoms of the common cold.  According to WebMD 20% of all colds are caused by coronaviruses.

Our testing protocols ensure that this “pandemic” will never end.  As long as we test we will find Covid 19 because it does not even have to be present to find it.  If the Pandemic never ends the panic never ends.  Panic and the irrational thinking it spawns are very useful to government.  If too many people suddenly start thinking rationally professional politicians like Jason Kenney and Justin Trudeau will have their careers cut short.  We can’t have that now can we?


This is What Happens When You Hire the Wrong People

You may have seen this video already.  Hockey night in Canada has been a Canadian institution for 91 years and it is now against the law to play hockey in Canada.  Did anyone think they would live to see this?

There is so much to discuss with this video starting with why this ever happened in the first place.  We could discuss again that none of the lockdown measures have worked or are backed by science; but there are more important things to discuss.  The police showed up because a Karen called to report an illegal gathering.  The world has entirely too many Karens, both male and female.  This Karen called because rules were being broken.  Does this Karen call the police every time someone speeds, jaywalks, or litters?  Maybe, but I doubt it.  Karen called because he/she is convinced these healthy active young people are threatening his/her health.

How stupid do you have to be to think that what is going on a hundred meters from you, while you are safely in your home, is a threat to your health?  The media has convinced this mentally challenged justice warrior that if more than the regulated number of people gather, the covid virus will form a giant covid tornado that will lay waste to the surrounding neighborhood.  Beauty is only skin deep but stupid is to the bone.

I hate the whole idea of doxing people but this shit has got to stop.  Neighbors reporting neighbors for not complying with the government gives oxygen to tyranny.  If anyone knows the name on this Karen’s birth certificate, please publish it.  Two can play at this game.  If Karen can punish people for unauthorized hockey we can punish Karen for aiding the destruction of civil society.

Now we move on to the police.  None of these 3 officers should be cops.  Despite being belligerent it appears that his friends had convinced him to leave.  As he tries to leave he is informed he is under arrest.  Why not allow him to leave?  Don’t police have the discretion to de-escalate a situation?  It appears that the two women were just upset that he challenged their authority.  He was not arrested because he broke the rules he was arrested because he challenged their authority.  What about the third male cop?  He could not step in when he saw his colleagues losing their composure?  None of these officers have the right mental or emotional aptitude to be a cop.

What follows is almost comical.  The two women struggle to control a man on skates who is resisting but not fighting.  What if these women had to confront someone not on skates who really wanted to harm them?  If that had happened we would be reading a story this morning about two slain police officers.  These two women are not physically capable of police work.  Your tax money is going to pay for people who are not mentally of physically capable of the job.

This video completely encapsulates why we are in the mess that we are in.  The general public is so ill informed and unintelligent that they think cooperating with tyranny is righteous.  The tyranny emanates from an army of incompetent politicians and government employees.  Trudeau, Nenshi, Kenney, Horgan, Moe, Hinshaw, Tam; the list of people incapable of earning their salary is endless. We are paying top tier wages for bottom tier employees.  Remember they are our employees, so how did they become our jailers?

This stops when enough people do what this young man did; push back.  If anyone finds a go fund me page to pay for his defense please broadcast it.  I know I will contribute.  To any business person tired of being shut down please open and let me know.  I will line up to be your customer.  When the three “peace officers” from this video arrive I will also contribute to your defense.  The politicians will not stop this because then they will have to admit they crushed people for no reason.  This only stops when we stop it.


This is Not About Science or a Virus

Two days ago Tyrel added a comment to my December 17th post.  It was a short comment that only said “real science”.  Despite the brevity of the comment it was thought provoking.  Tyrel is correct our governments have unwittingly conducted a very well designed experiment.

In any experiment you need a control group.  The control group you do nothing to, or give a placebo.  They are the base line that you judge the other groups by.  In this case the control group was South Dakota, where the citizens had no restrictions placed on them.  The other groups are subject to some sort of condition or disturbance that does not exist in the control group.  In this case it was lockdowns, business closures and mask mandates.

The point of this experiment is to see if any of these conditions have an effect on how the virus works its way through the population.  Setting up the experiment is easier than judging success.  You could use case counts if you could control the demographics, population density, and testing protocols.  In this case that is not possible.  The only way you can judge the effects of the disturbances is to look for an inflection in the curve that does not exist in the control group.  As we saw, no such inflection exists for Alberta, British Columbia, or Saskatchewan.

So the experiment was a failure right?  No, there is no such thing as a failure in science.  You just proved that closing businesses, locking down, and forcing masks on people do not work.  You also proved it does not matter when these measures are applied they have no effect.  Eliminating things that have no effect is also part of science.  It is too bad our politicians are too stupid to interpret their own experiment.

On the surface this looks like good science even though our health bureaucrats failed to draw the right conclusions.  Unfortunately this was not good science for one crucial reason.  IT IS UNETHICAL TO EXPERIMENT ON HUMANS WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT.  Do you remember anyone asking you if you wanted to take part in this experiment?  Politicians look at polls that say more than 50% are in favor of lockdowns and take that as consent.  That is not consent.  Anyone who was not in favor of lockdowns should not have been forced to participate.

Forcing people to take part in experiments against their will was a hallmark of Nazis Germany.  The Nazis justified this by experimenting only on people they judged to be undesirable; Jews, Gypsies, and homosexuals.  Our governments chose to experiment on all of us against our will.  Once you understand that our governments view all of us as undesirable the Covid rules suddenly make perfect sense.  This is not about a virus.



PCRT Testing, Blurring The Line Between Covid and Influenzas

When I am trying to piece together what is going on I look at a lot of things.  Some things make me curious but I just don’t know if they are rant worthy.  Sometimes though the pieces start to fall together. My wife said something to me this morning.  I hate to admit I don’t remember what it was, I will leave it to you to decide what that says about how long we have been married.  Anyway what she said caused something to click and I had a bit of an epiphany this morning.

I have been toying with the idea of discussing the almost total absence of influenzas this year.  I had up until this morning dismissed it as just another government lie.  But it is a lie that is being used to scare us.  We are constantly told by the media and by the government that the lack of infuenzas is ominous because if the ICUs are full of Covid patients then when influenzas finally hits we will be in serious trouble.  Again we are told to worry about some future event.  So what is happening now is not so bad but it is about to get way worse later.

So how do the influenzas numbers this year stack up against other years?  I took this off a Canadian government website this morning.  The numbers are accurate to Dec 12th.

To date this season, 47 influenza detections have been reported (Figure 2), which is significantly lower than the past six seasons where an average of 4,354 influenza

The government wants us to believe that we only have 1% of normal influenza.  The reason we are given is that all of the covid protocols are preventing the spread of infuenzas.  Odd then that The Covid protocols have failed to prevent the spread of Covid.  How can your mask stop the influenzas but not covid when the influenza virus is smaller than the Covid virus?  When you point this out the immediate answer is that covid is spreading because people are not following the rules.

You can’t have it both ways we can’t have eliminated influenzas by following the rules but spread covid by not following those same rules.  Influenzas have been with us probably since the dawn of time.  Influenzas normally kill 100s of thousands of people every year.  The virtual elimination of this persistent disease is nothing short of miraculous.  More miraculous than the 100s of thousands of votes that emerged from the ether in the middle of the night to make Joe Biden president.  So this kind of miracle is unprecedented outside the confines of a US election; why is no one curious about it?

How do we know that we have a lot of Covid and no influenzas?  The symptoms of influenza are identical to the symptoms of covid.  Again from government websites here are the symptoms of Covid

  • Fever
  • Aching muscles
  • Chills and sweats
  • Headache
  • Dry, persistent cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Tiredness and weakness
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Sore throat
  • Eye pain
  • Vomiting and diarrhea, but this is more common in children than adults

And here are the symptoms of influenzas

  • Fever or chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headache
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Even the often mentioned symptom of loss of smell and taste can be caused by influenzas.

So if the symptoms are the same how does the doctor tell which one you have?  He has to test you.  The $64 question is which test do you get first?  I think you know the answer to that.  If you test positive for covid you don’t get tested for Influenzas.  The next question is why everyone with influenza also has covid.  Here is the epiphany, they do not have covid they just test positive for covid.

To understand this I have to step back and discuss testing again.  A few days ago I pointed out that the problem with testing is that we do not look for the virus we look for a piece of the virus.  I wondered if the piece of the virus was unique to covid 19 or if it was common to other corona viruses.  Part of my epiphany was that I was thinking to narrowly.  My brother sent me this a few days ago.

The Scam Has Been Confirmed: PCR Does Not Detect SARS-CoV-2 (

The first half of the article covers old ground.  Confirmation that no one has produced a purified virus sample.  It is the second half of the article I found very interesting.  It turns out that not every country looks for the same piece of the virus and that none of the pieces that we are looking for are all that unique.  They can be found in other organisms.

When you think about it this is not that surprising.  I have read many articles about how the genome of many different animals is remarkably similar.  I read that chimpanzees and humans share 98% of their genetics.  That means you could take a small strand of Human DNA and find the exact same thing in a chimpanzee.  If you based your classification of what it means to be human on that small thread then after testing you would find all chimpanzees are human.  I can see the headline now; “Climate change has caused the extinction of Chimpanzees.  In related news Body waxing companies are now doing booming business.”

Take this one step further, if you look for a small enough piece you could probably find it in every living being.  Then the headline would say.  “Catastrophic global warming is now fact.  Every species on Earth except humans is now extinct.”  Later on in the paper you would see this headline “Human Overpopulation is set to destroy the earth.  Scientists made the alarming discovery that last week the population of the earth jumped from 7.8 billion to 400 billion gazillion.  Experts warn the earth cannot sustain this rampant population growth.”

So what if influenza viruses are close enough to the covid virus that they also have the same snippets of RNA?  As long as you test for covid first you would only test for influenza when you get a false negative from the covid test.  Is my theory correct?  I don’t know.  All I know is that it fits the data a lot better than the theory masks that don’t prevent covid are an impermeable barrier to influenzas.  Once again with this phony pandemic it comes down to the testing.  If we are not actually testing for the virus then all of this is not about a virus.