Covid killed Fewer People This Summer Than Deena Hinshaw and Jason Kenney

I updated the Alberta deaths 2 days ago after the latest data release.  The data is 8 weeks behind so I only have data up to the end of October.  This is what the up dated plot looks like.

You can see that since July we have been consistently above average and the last week in October is above the normal upper limit.  The data is very jumpy alternating between low and high weeks.  I think when they underreport one week they over report the next week.  Instead of trying to smooth the data I looked at the entire period from July 4th to October 31st and calculated deaths exceeding the average.  Here is what I got.

In a 4 month period almost 400 Albertans more than normal have died.  Proof we are in the middle of a Pandemic right?  Well not exactly; the official Covid death total over that period is 175.  We are seeing more deaths than normal and it is not Covid.

When the government Tyranny began in March many people were warning of this.  The panic, stress, and unemployment from the restrictions will result in deaths.  This has been studied to death and is very predictable.  All of the restrictions imposed to “protect” us are not good for our overall health.  A death from an infectious respiratory disease like Covid 19 happens quite quickly.  Deaths from government stupidity are a slow moving train.  They do not manifest quickly but once you start it is very hard to stop the train.  We should expect to see elevated deaths due to the restrictions for quite some time now.

The deaths from the covid restrictions will ultimately far outnumber the deaths due to Covid.  To make things worse there is absolutely no evidence the restrictions have saved a single life.  This has been all pain for absolutely no gain.  For those of you keeping score at home here is how it breaks down.

Jason Kenney and Deena Hinshaw are the clear winners in the macabre competition they are having with a virus.  They are even spotting the virus points by classifying everything possible as a covid death and still the virus proves to be less lethal than government.  Nothing in history has killed more people than government and we are seeing that on display now.

Are you happy you are paying the salaries of these 2 despots?  Where do you think the bulk of their income comes from; Albertan taxpayers or communist China?  They are serving someone and it sure as hell is not us.