Even Elvis death conspiracies are more believable than government

Over the last 4 years governments killed 10s of millions of people under the guise of public safety.  That already horrific total keeps getting revised upward.

Denis said he was coming out with some new data that covered more countries as well as southern hemisphere countries and his numbers were going to also approach approximately 35 million.

Normally there is no silver lining to mass murder but in this case there could be a lasting future positive impact.  People have finally realized that they should not trust organizations that are willing to kill millions.  Trust in government is falling and it is making things difficult for the criminals even in normally compliant places like Canada.

In Canada the Trudeau liberals want to steal more money.  The first step is to get access to more money by raising taxes.  The latest proposed tax hike is an increase in capital gains tax.  The liberals thought that this would be a slam dunk.  I mean in Trudeau’s Canada why you would not want to destroy people who have more than you.

“Do you want to be in a country where those at the very top live lives of luxury but must do so in gated communities behind ever higher fences using private health care and airplanes because the public sphere is so degraded and the wrath of the vast majority of their less privileged compatriots burns so hot?”

To their surprise the liberals have found that the usual ploy of blaming a mythical group of rich people who “don’t pay their fair share” is not working.  This time Canadians are not buying it.  No matter how hard they sell, Canadians are just not buying a new tax increase.  Finally Canadians are fed up.  Not only are Canadians not buying that higher taxes somehow makes us more prosperous, they have stopped believing the biggest liar in Canadian history about anything.

More Canadians believe Elvis is still alive than the ability of the country to reach net-zero targets under the Paris Accord.

I once thought it was impossible to wake up Canadians and truthfully I am not sure they really have woken.  This could all be erased with another handout of “free” stuff that really was just stolen from their neighbor by the government.  But cracks in Canada are significant because it means more intelligent countries could be much further in their climb out of the dumb ages.  We certainly saw that this week with the EU elections when the lunatic left suffered their first set back in years.

Things look very different today. As the results of last week’s European elections show, support for Green parties has dropped off a cliff. There were exceptions, such as in Denmark, where the Greens polled well. But overall, their vote fell sharply across the EU.

It only took worldwide tyranny and mass murder but people are waking up.  With a little luck people will reach this guy’s level of consciousness.  It can’t come soon enough.  The murderers don’t just need to go.  They need to pay.  It is time for some righteous anger.