Undeniably Evil, Possibly Stupid

In April 2020, my brother said, with his usual eloquence “It is like they “f$%King planned this”.  At the time I could not believe it.  My opinion was that this was just stupid people reacting stupidly out of panic.  I thought when the panic wore off, they would find a way to gracefully back out and save face.  That did not happen.

Not everyone succumbed to panic in the first season.  Countries and states such as Finland, Norway, Sweden, South Dakota, and Florida did very little.  Belarus did next to nothing.  None of those countries or states overwhelmed their hospitals.  Some had deaths higher than average some were far lower than average.  The Data showed clearly doing little had the same results as a full lockdown.  Nothing changed the path of the virus.

The world had several data points disproving the lockdown hypothesis last summer.  Any “leader” who continued with lockdowns had to be willfully ignorant.  Incredibly, almost every western nation continued with their lock down policies.  This has gone way past the point of simple stupidity.  There is no way these people can be that stupid.  Trudeau level stupidity is quite rare.

Lockdowns obviously cause far more harm than good.  Any country still using them has ulterior motives.  No country is more dedicated to lockdowns than Canada.  There is no end to the level of tyranny being imposed in the name of safety.  In Alberta, the evil troll is trying to legally enshrine his right to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants.


The evil Troll is trying to usher in a police state.  For all practical purposes we may already be there.  Our Courts just issued a secret warrant based on secret evidence.  This must have been for a dangerous terrorist or multinational criminal right?  No, it was for a Pastor whose crimes were feeding the homeless and evicting trespassers.


As I have discussed before terrorists are quite welcome in Canada.  The police do not waste their time on terrorists.  They are far too busy investigating people who do not agree with the government.  Jason keeps the police very busy indeed.  He goes out of his way to increase the number of people who disagree with Government.  Yesterday he was up to his old tricks.

‘Necessary step:’ Alberta bringing in tighter restrictions in COVID-19 hot spots (yahoo.com)

In the name of safety Jason has closed indoor fitness facilities, again.  He has also instructed the police to be more diligent about arresting people for the crime of eating outdoors.  Apparently fit health people with proper vitamin D levels have been the problem all along.  If we can just force people into isolation and obesity COVID will just take care of itself.

The most incredible thing about what happened yesterday is not the new restrictions.  After all a Tyrant is going to be a Tyrant.  We have come to expect nothing else of Jason Kenney.  The incredible thing is that Jason said this.

“The notion that there’s a direct linear relationship between restrictions and viral spread is not the experience of this pandemic,” said Kenney.

Let me translate that for you.  The evil Troll just admitted that the restrictions do not work, and he has known this for a long time.  From that Statement it is abundantly clear that the people enforcing the lockdowns know that it has no affect on the spread of the Virus.  Not a single government financed “journalist” had the balls to ask the obvious questions.  If you know lockdowns do not work, why do you keep doing them?  What other purpose do they serve?

The people in charge of this country may or may not be stupid.  They are however, undeniably evil.

The Adults Who let this Happen Deserve it, The Children do not

Once more Sweden is leading the way.  Sweden will no longer use the PCR test.  This is a quote from the press release.

“These tests cannot be used to determine whether someone is contagious or not. Virus RNA can often be detected weeks/months after infection, does not mean that someone is still contagious.”

This is exactly what Kary Mullis said about using the PCR technique as a diagnostic test.  He said this decades ago when the NIH started to use PCR to diagnose AIDS.  It is bizarre that up until now no one would listen to the man who invented the process in the first place.

So, Sweden has finally decided to read the instruction on the PCR box that clearly states it should not be used as a diagnostic test.  Unfortunately for Albertans, Dominatrix Deena can not be bothered to read the instructions.  Alberta, like the rest of the Country is still using the PCR test.  The erroneous numbers from that test are still being used to keep us locked down.

How faulty are PCR tests?  Well, according to PCR testing cases are soaring in Alberta.

So are hospitalizations.

Yet somehow people are not dying.

The people who are testing positive now in Alberta are obviously not sick.  If they were, we would be stacking bodies by now.  But, what about all the people in the hospital right now?  If no one is getting sick why are the hospitals filling up?  The truth is hospitals are always full.  So are ICUs.  My bet is that all these people went to the hospital for other reasons and tested positive for COVID after they arrived.  They were probably surprised to find out they also had COVID.

The PCR test is being used to Gas light us.  Governments are desperate to convince us that we still have a problem.  They want to keep this demented little game going until we cannot go back to normal.  To keep this Charade going they need to control information.  The German government has revived the Stasi to do just that.

People are starting to push back as the government exerts more muscle.  It is David against Goliath and it is too soon to say which side will prevail.  If the people prevail there is a silver lining to this madness that I was reminded of last night.

Last night I was speaking to a friend and his son.  His son in a polite young man in Grade 7.  He likes school and has not been allowed to attend for weeks now.  He was looking forward to going back on Monday.  During the conversation, he discovered that the grade 7+ lockdown has been extended.  His reaction was immediate and intense.  He blurted out “they are never going to let me go back to school”.  He is 13 and painfully aware that the government does not have his best interests at heart.

For 4 decades governments have been using the public schools to indoctrinate young minds.  They are taught to accept that Government must control every aspect of their lives.  Governments are pure and ethical.  Free will and Free enterprise are not.  Adults steeped in that indoctrination are still sleep walking through this phony crisis.  It is too late for those people, if they are not awake now, they never will be.  There just might be hope for this generation.  I know at least one 13-year-old who understands the true nature of government.

Protecting Hospitals Instead of People

For 14 months we have given up our rights.  We were told it was necessary.  Our health care system needed to be protected.  Isn’t this backwards?  Why are we protecting the health care system?  Shouldn’t our health care system be designed to protect us?  Before I answer my own question please take the time to watch this.


Dr. McCullough covers a lot of ground.  Most of which I have discussed before.  He does make 3 very powerful points that have not been given much discussion anywhere.

  1. Treating people before they sick enough to require hospitalization greatly reduces chance of death. This is not surprising.  I would think this applies to every possible malady.
  2. A combination of cheap readily available drugs has proven to be very effective at treating COVID out patients.
  3. There has been active suppression of information about successful treatment protocols.

Of the thousands of papers written about COVID only 2 papers have been written about early outpatient treatment.  Dr. McCullough was involved with both papers.  There is so little information on early intervention that Dr. McCullough produced a YouTube video to disseminate information.  YouTube took the video down as soon as they became aware of it.

This morning there was an Article in the National Post about internet censorship.  The writer was upset that China had censored an award winning film director.  I don’t remember reading the article complaining about the censorship of Dr. McCullough.  I guess it is foolish of me to think that he is as important as a director who makes films no one sees anyway.

Now back to my original question.  Why do we protect our health care system rather than having it protect us?  The answer to that is obvious.  There is no sense having a health care system that is incapable of protecting us.  The most absurd thing is not that we need to protect the system, but that the only way to protect the system is not to use it.

Why on earth would we financially support a system that cannot protect us, which we are not allowed to use?  As Dr. McCullough points out the best way to keep people from using the hospital is to treat them early.  That is not what we are doing.  When someone tests positive we tell them to go home and isolate for 14 days.  By then they have either recovered or shown up in the emergency room.  When we let people get that sick, overcrowding and death is hard to avoid.

Public Health bureaucracies are supposed to develop policies to help the largest number of people.  That should have included disseminating early treatment information and ensuring access to effective drugs.  Instead our public health officials have been actively suppressing treatment information.  Our own health minister called studies on vitamin d effectiveness fake news.

Public health officials prevented doctors from treating ill people and discouraged people from seeking treatment.  Instead of helping the greatest number of people they have harmed the greatest number of people.  They have maximized the number of deaths.

This is mystifying until you admit the goal was always too maximize deaths.  Politicians sign the paychecks of public health officials and politicians find COVID deaths to be quite convenient.  Without COVID deaths Politicians would have no excuse to remove our rights, enrich their friends, and destroy small business.  COVID is the ticket to the great reset.  Treating patients and saving lives would get in the way of that.

COVID to Communism in the Blink of an Eye

There is enough evidence now that Locking people down produced no better results than time worn, common-sense, measures.  So why are we still locked down?  The simple answer is COVID lockdowns have nothing to do with a virus.  They are only about control.

32 years after the fall of communism, it is back.  This time there was no revolution.  No execution of any royal families.  This time the take over was slower and more complete.  Totalitarian ideologues have slowly taken over governments all over the world.  Some like Alberta’s evil Troll Jason Kenney disguised themselves as ardent capitalists.

When Jason Kenney arrived, he was sold as a free market capitalist completely opposed to the old school communist Rachel Notley.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Jason and Rachel are not just peas from the same pod.  They are twins separated at birth and raised on separate communist communes.

Rachel, Jason, Justin, and a host of others are globalists.  That is a new name for communist.  They firmly believe that government should be all encompassing.  They also believe ordinary citizens should have no say in government.  To them, Government is far to important to be polluted by the opinions of the great unwashed.  Citizens are merely taxpayers.  They exist only to feed and obey government.

Globalists are in charge all over the western world.  COVID was their opportunity to drop the mask and finish solidifying their position.  So far it has gone incredibly well for the globalists.  All it took was a little well cultivated, irrational fear.  We should be fearful of government.  Instead, we are fearful of a run of the mill respiratory virus.

The globalists do not yet have complete control.  In some places they are getting pushback from citizens, the police, and the courts.  So far, the pushback in Canada has been quite mild.  Demonstrations in most cities have been quite small and there is no way our left-wing courts will stand up for individual rights.  They never have before, they are not about to start now.  That just leaves the police.

Thankfully, the police in Ontario would not enforce Doug Ford’s travel ban.  Now the RCMP have announced that they will not enforce John Horgan’s ban in BC.  The police union released this statement.


This is a good start but a partial victory at best.  The police are still enforcing many other ridiculous restrictions.  Unfortunately, there is still not much opposition to the communist takeover of Canada.  Most Canadians are quite comfortable with complete government control.  Chinese troops training on Canadian soil is unlikely to be a one off.  At what point do we stop calling it Canadian soil?

The situation in Europe is quite different.  Demonstrations in Europe are large and getting larger.


The courts in Europe have also stepped in to help.  In a recent case a German judge allowed evidence on the harm and effectiveness of masks.  After considering both sides he ruled that masks cannot be imposed in schools.  It is hardly a surprise that the evidence did not support masks as an effective measure, after all we have known that since 1920.

It is quite surprising that a judge even allowed this in his court.  This is a positive turn of events for the German people.  If the courts start doing their jobs all the government has left is the police.  Of course, the German government understands this.  They know their position is perilous.  They need to bring the courts back in line.  Police were dispatched quickly to harass the offending judge.


Western civilization is on a precipice.  Some governments are finding their transition to communism is no longer smooth.  The next few months will determine if we live in free societies or prisons.  Sadly, that ship has already sailed in Canada.  We can’t blame a virus, only ourselves.

It is Time for Canadians to Grow Up

Right from the start of this whole fiasco governments and media went out of their way to convince people that COVID was a serious threat to everyone.  Like everything else they have said in the last 14 months, that simply was not true.  COVID is a serious problem for elderly people in poor health.  This is not that surprising because everything is potentially lethal to elderly people in poor health.

Despite what the government said the data clearly shows that if you were not both elderly and infirm your risk is low.  Still the government managed to convince young people with health conditions that their risk was also high.  I have a friend with Diabetes that was concerned about his increased risk.  The problem was he was not sure just how much higher his risk was.  This was by design.  The government was using half-truths to keep people scared.

It is true that if you are young and managing a long-term condition your risk is higher but only marginally so.  I found this interesting article where they detail the risk for each age group with and without comorbidities.


The whole article is summed up nicely from this table I copied from it.

If you are under 60 managing a health condition does not make much difference.  You have way bigger problems than COVID.  If you are a male octogenarian a pre-existing condition makes a big difference.  We also need to keep in mind that his is your chance of surviving after you get covid.  There appears to be very high natural immunity to COVID and most people will never get it anyway.

I have been saying this for months now.  If you are under 70 and in good health COVID is not much of a risk.  I am certain that masked covidiots would look at this list and disagree.  They would be quick to point out that there is risk in every age group.  To them I say, grow up.

This really needs to be repeated, it is way past time to simply grow up.   Life is a low-risk activity not a no risk activity.  Who the hell ever told you that someone else must sacrifice to minimize your risk of ordinary life?

The Woman in this video uses some colorful language to point out precisely that.


Unfortunately, the biggest babies on earth are Canadian.  There was a time when Canadians were tough and independent.  Our ancestors built a country out of some of the most rugged wilderness on earth.  Somewhere along the line that all changed.  Canadians are now selfish, irrational, perpetual children.  Thankfully, I am not the only one who has come to that conclusion.


Are we going to grow up and push back?  Or are we going to continue to let the government punish us?

Ontario’s Deaths Were Below Normal This Winter, Why is Doug Ford Closing the Border?

2 days after his tearful apology the bloated Tyrant of Ontario is up to his old tricks.  He tweeted this yesterday.

The only thing this waste of human flesh has learned is that it is better if the federal government does the dirty work for him.

So am I being too hard on this Jenny Craig drop out?  Does Ontario really have a problem on their hands?  Ontario’s cases are skyrocketing but like Alberta and BC their deaths are not.

Ontario has far more cases now than the last peak in December but they have far fewer deaths.  The Official COVID deaths have been spiking lately so it is tempting to say that Ontario is on the verge of a catastrophe.  There is one problem.  The uptick in Deaths are coming way too late.  In December Deaths followed cases by 14 days.  That is similar to Alberta and BC.  See the time shifted plot below.

In this late season wave deaths did not rise for 28 days after the cases.  For these deaths to be covid deaths I would have to believe there is a mysterious variant in Ontario that kills people 2 weeks after they recover.

COVID cases and deaths are easy numbers for the government to fabricate.  Total deaths are not.  The plot below is from StatsCan.  According to StatsCan this winter was heavier than normal for Ontario.

StatsCan shows Ontario was riding slightly above the normal upper limit.  Unfortunately StatsCan has already shown that they are willing to lie to support the government narrative.  I am not willing to take StatsCan at their word.  They seem to produce low expected death numbers to make the actual deaths look scary.

I took the last 10 years of data for Ontario to produce this.

When I flatten this curve to account for Ontario’s growing and aging population I get this.

Notice how the Covid spike in the spring was no larger than the regular Influenzas spike in the 17/18 season.  Also notice that the 2020/2021 winter (the red oval) is the lowest cold and flus season in the last 10 years.

When I take this plot then and produce a yearly average with highs and lows I get this.

My plot is similar but not the same as StatsCan.  After a significant COVID spike last spring Ontario has just come through a lighter than normal winter.  They were on the low side of normal for the last 2 months of 2020 and have not seen an excess death since June.

Keep in mind that some of the excess deaths in the spring were caused by Doug Ford himself.  Doug Ford did such a good job of spreading panic that care home workers were too afraid to show up for work.


They had to call the military in to help.  Many of the deaths in Ontario were due to neglect not COVID.

The only person on this planet that has been worse than Doug Ford is Andrew Cuomo in New York.  Why on earth is anyone still listening to Doug Ford?

When Politicians Emote for the Camera

Yesterday Doug Ford stood in front of cameras to choke back some Crocodile tears.

So Doug Ford is sorry and admits he got it wrong.  Does that mean all the restrictions in Ontario have been lifted?  Was there a joyful mask burning ceremony that the media simply forgot to cover?  Of course not.  The only thing that upsets Doug ford is that he was not able to ramp up the tyranny as much as he wanted.

Doug Ford is a sociopath only concerned with how things affect him personally.  The tears were just theatre.  Doug is only upset because people will not obey.  He may also deeply regret forgoing his 4th egg Mcmuffin.  I don’t know how he found the strength to emote for so many consecutive minutes while suffering such acute malnutrition.

This useless piece of human excrement only pulled back because he was forced to.  Every police force in Ontario issued statements that they would not comply with the travel check points.  Without the police Doug Ford is powerless.  When the police finally say no this whole farce ends.

I have a large extended family living in Doug’s little fiefdom.  I confess I am not that close to them with one exception, my father’s younger brother.  It is not correct to say that I am close to him either but I have a deep respect for the man.  Any time anything bad happened he was there for his older brother.  He would drop everything and make a 2000 mile journey if he thought his older brother needed him.

My Uncles wife of 6 decades just passed.  His children are now trying to navigate the myriad of stupid rules to figure out what they are “allowed” for a funeral.  My uncle was always there when anyone needed him.  Now one of the most useless men in the world is preventing anyone from being there for him.

They do not make men like my father or my uncle any more.  Doug ford is a perfect illustration of that sad fact.


The Calgary Sun, Acknowledging the Obvious

This was the front page of the Calgary Sun this morning.

The Intrepid journalists at the Sun have turned over enough stones to find a double mutant Variant.  I don’t mean to belittle their achievement but this isn’t really the explosive headline they think it is.  I mean, how could no one at the Sun not have noticed that Deena Hinshaw has been here all along?

She has been sanitizing her hands and spewing nonsense on camera for nearly 14 months now.  There must really be a chiasm between print and broadcast journalism for this to have happened.  Apparently print and broadcast journalist exclusive ride different short buses.

At least they are finally acknowledging how dangerous this evil woman is.

Canada, The New Face of Communism

Today is Earth day.  It is a Day we are supposed to reflect on our impact on the planet.  When is Civilization day?  We really should set aside a day to reflect on how politicians are destroying civilization.  I think Jason Kenney’s or Justin Trudeau’s birthday would be a logical day to choose.

My family just finished observing our first civilization day.  After careful reflection, my daughter said something incredible to me.  She is considering international work.  Her reason?  She just wanted to go somewhere that there was freedom.  I could not argue with her logic.  There are many places with more freedom than Canada.

10 years ago, when you thought of Freedom you thought of Canada, the US, or western Europe.  How times have changed.  The once Free western world is almost entirely under Tyranny right now.  Ireland just passed this new law.

If you are vaccinated, live in the right geographic area, and have a reasonable excuse, you can now meet with friends.  Can’t you just smell the freedom emanating from that law?  This is from a country that has seen almost no excess deaths from COVID.  Over the last 7 weeks Ireland has experienced far fewer than normal deaths.

In Canada, our petty Tyrants do not even bother passing new laws.  They now just rule by royal decree.  As I discussed yesterday, Canada had a completely normal Cold and Flu season.  Despite that, 4 provinces are now putting restrictions on movement.  The restrictions are very specific though.  They only apply to Canadian citizens.  International travelers and illegal immigrants are still welcome.  These days, in Canada, a Canadian passport is the equivalent of a yellow star.

Of course, we are told freedom is impossible because of all the cases.  Many Provinces like Alberta are seeing very high numbers of cases.

There is one pertinent detail the government no longer likes to talk about.  We have a lot of cases but almost no deaths.

Alberta had no excess deaths for the first 36 weeks of the lockdown.  COVID simply did not get established in Alberta before spring arrived.  In the second season of COVID, Alberta did see excess deaths but by the first week in February everything was back to normal.  Yet here we are still in lockdown.

By mid-February cases had and deaths had both fallen dramatically.  This was a real problem for the government.  People might get the crazy idea that it was over.  Right on cue our cases began to soar.  Until mid-February cases and deaths rose and fell together but that is no longer the case.  There are only 2 possible explanations.

  1. The new variants are not deadly.


  1. The cases are completely fictitious.

Governments are justifying lockdowns based on the case numbers.  Guess who controls the case numbers.  A group of the most dishonest people our country has ever produced tell us we are still in a pandemic.  We can not regain our freedom until the case numbers come down and they will never let the case numbers come down.

I grew up during the cold war.  The west always represented freedom and the east represented evil tyranny.  The situation is now completely reversed.  While Canadians are under the jack boot of rogue government this is what it looks like in the old Soviet Union.


We did not defeat communism during the cold war.  We just convinced it to leave the east and move to the west.  My children have some hard choices to make.

There is a Glimmer of Hope in Ontario

Since the Dawn of the first Trudeau Canada has been dysfunctional as a country.  Now it no longer seems to be a country at all.  Premiers in every province are using COVID as an excuse to establish isolated kingdoms in Canada.  Even as the impacts of the virus are decreasing, they are ramping up the fear rhetoric and consolidating control.

Up until now these demented megalomaniacs have been destroying the country with the full cooperation of the Bureaucracy.  The Prime Moron is even encouraging the premiers while they establish their kingdoms.  He truly is an idiot.  He does not seem to understand that you do not need a federal government once you know longer have a federation.

Finally, at least one part of the permanent bureaucracy has started to break ranks.  Police in Ontario are starting to stand down.


This is the most promising thing to happen in this country in the last 13 months.  The Tyrants cannot keep destroying the country without the cooperation of the police.  Every police force in this country needs to stand down.  Unfortunately, this has not happened yet.

The people of Ontario are witnessing a dramatic turnaround in their fortunes.  Not only are the police standing down but today they also got this good news.

Premier Doug Ford isolating after close staffer tests positive for COVID-19 – The Globe and Mail

With a little luck Dog Ford’s advanced obesity will turn him in to another COVID statistic.  The people of Ontario can only dream.