The arrogance of progressives

Each morning, I read the news from various internet sources.  Some mornings I come across articles that just trigger me.  This morning is just such a morning.  It was another article about Canada’s housing crisis.  I have posted about this before but what triggered me was not more useless posturing over an easy problem to solve but the arrogance of the man tasked with solving it.

Despite that the Canadian Federal government does not build houses and has very little to do with issuing housing permits Canada has a housing minister.  His name is Sean Fraser.  Trudeau thinks he is the man to solve the problem that Trudeau is largely to blame for himself.  Sean Fraser is also supremely confident in his ability to solve the problem.  So much so that he got very annoyed when reporters asked questions about his plans.

“If your goal is to throw up obstacles every way, feel free.”

“Have a field day. I want to solve the housing crisis. My goal is actually based on what I think it would take to solve it.”

Apparently, Sean is far too busy building houses to answer questions about his plan.  That might lead you to ask just how many houses Sean has already built.  Well, the answer of course is zero.  Sean has built no houses for one simple reason.  Sean knows nothing about building houses.  In fact, Sean doesn’t know anything about anything.

Sean Fraser took a degree in Kinesiology.  He then went on to finish a law degree.  After graduating Sean worked for three years as an associate lawyer before entering politics.  That is, it.  A man with 3 years of work experience is now tasked with building 3.9 million homes by 2031.  For those of you keeping score at home that is more than one home every minute for the next 6 years and Sean has not started yet.

Canada has never been able to build 1 home per minute.  This would be an impossible task for even an experienced builder to accomplish.  There is no way an inexperienced lawyer, a profession that normally slows things down and makes things expensive, will every do this.  But this is one more thing that Sean does not know.  He thinks he can do it because his progressive ideology makes him superior to all others.

This is the core of progressivism, or liberalism if you will, the belief in your own inherent superiority.  Progressives believe that things are only the way they are because no one as smart as them has ever come before.  Sean believes Canada can’t build houses fast enough just because he was never involved before.  Now that he is here houses will magically appear if he doesn’t waste any time answering any questions.

“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts and the stupid ones are full of confidence.”

Charles Bukowski

I hope young people are not holding their breath waiting for Sean to build them a house.


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