Poilievre has Canadian Liberal Media in a tizzy

Pierre Poilievre has the liberal establishment in Canada running scared.  The Media in Canada were hopelessly left wing even before Justin Trudeau started paying them.  It is normal for Canadian media to attack politicians that fall right of Karl Marx but I have never seen this level of fear from them before.  There is a full court press against Poilievre and he is not even the leader of the party yet.  Obviously the media is determined to nip this in the bud before freedom returns to Canada.

One Poilievre policy that has struck a chord with Canadians is banning government officials from attending WEF meetings.  That would be a serious problem with the great reset so CTV sent a reporter to prove the great reset is just a conspiracy theory espoused by tin foil hatters.  This is no easy task since Klaus Schwab has already published a book on the great reset and our Prime Moron has already declared COVID a great opportunity to reset society.  But as always the truth never deters a Canadian journalist.  Daniel Otis completely debunks the conspiracy by interviewing people who are part of the conspiracy and allowing them to deny there is a conspiracy.

Canadian’s need not worry.  According to Daniel Otis and WEF Acolytes the WEF is the same as the rotary club.  People get together to socialize, network, and perform charitable work.  It is merely coincidental that Canadian public policies follow the WEF playbook line by line.  The balkanization of our society with unrestricted immigration and the destruction of our economy has nothing to do with the reset.  No maliciousness just incompetence.

Canadians who are not brain dead understand the Great reset is real and the COVID mandates are part of the reset plan.  This is very problematic for “journalists” working on Justin Trudeau’s re-election campaign.  The mandates are a source of frustration and are driving voters in to Poilievre’s camp.  Not a single journalist in Canada had a problem with any COVID mandates, even the ones that killed people, for 2 years but now they absolutely must go.  The narrative will take a 180 degree turn if Jean Charest wins the conservative leadership.  With a liberal stooge in charge of the official opposition the mandates will once again be essential for public safety.

And lastly if journalists can’t convince people that the WEF is harmless, or convince Justin Trudeau to stop pissing people off until after Charest can win, then Poilievre must be marginalized.  Don’t believe your lying eyes, all those people at a Poilievre rally does not mean he has support.  Catherine Lévesque has iron clad proof that it is all a mirage.  Catherine managed to find 2 people that are not sure they will vote for Poilievre.

Pierre Poilievre has not even won the party leadership and the national media is attacking on all fronts.  Everyday there seems to be a new story pleading with Conservatives to choose someone else.  I don’t know if Poilievre is the real deal but anyone that has mainstream media this afraid is alright in my books.


Boris the Ripper

In previous posts I have noted how, thanks to the vaccines, rare medical conditions are no longer rare.  This morning I found another one.  In the past 109 years there have only been 40 cases of decidual cast shedding documented.  In a 7.5 month period during 2021 there were 292; 127,000% more than normal.  Decidual cast shedding is when the entire wall of the uterus sheds.  It is painful but rarely deadly.  I doubt that women who have experienced this consider themselves lucky but they really should.  There are far worse side effects of the COVID jabs.

Data recently released in England shows that 178,000 Britons died within 60 days of getting jabbed.  That sounds like a lot but England is a big country and people do die every day, right?  So the question is how many people normally die in 60 days in England?  The plot below is from UK government data.  For the last 10 years deaths in England have been trending up so if we follow the trend we should expect 920 deaths per 100,000 people every year (0.92%).

The population of England is approximately 60 million so that is 552,000 deaths per year which equates to 91,000 deaths over 60 days.  The math tells me that in 2 months the COVID jabs killed 87,000 Britons.  It is definitive, Boris Johnson is the most prolific serial killer in English history.  Jack the Ripper killed only 5 women.  Compared to Boris he was a rank amateur.

A Lone Gunman who was not really Alone

Yesterday I discussed how politicians whip up useful idiots to build fake support for a fake issue.  This was certainly the case with COVID and it is also the case with gun control.  Placing restrictions on healthy people will have absolutely no effect on the transmission of a virus.  Placing restrictions on gun owners who do not commit crimes will likewise have absolutely no effect on crime.

COVID, Climate Change, and gun control are perfect political issues.  As long as you do something you can claim to be keeping people safe.  These fake issues are great for politicians because fake solutions to fake problems don’t take much thought or effort.  Real solutions to real problems are not easy.  They require a lot of effort and you can fail.  Political opponents will highlight your failure while proposing a fake solution to the very real problem.

Crime is a real problem but gun control is a fake solution.  Real solutions to crime are very difficult and solutions need to address problems caused by fake solutions already implemented and celebrated.  The Uvalde shooting is a great example of that.  It is hard to look at this shooting and not wonder how much influence COVID and Equity policies had on the shooter.

Equity has been a buzz word for several years now.  Critical race theory is at the core of the equity debate.  In a nut shell critical race theory teaches all white people are evil and nonwhites cannot succeed because the deck is simply stacked against them.  The Uvalde shooter would have been indoctrinated in critical race theory.  How much animosity would an unemployed 18 year old Hispanic have against society?

That brings us to COVID.  By all accounts the Uvalde shooter was a troubled young man.  What do you think 2 years of isolation and restrictions did to him?  Or what about the stress of unemployment?  COVID restrictions were used to destroy the economy so Donald Trump would lose the election.  Pre-COVID the American economy was booming.  If Anthony Fauci had not derailed the economy, Trump would be president and the Uvalde shooter would been at work not shooting up an elementary school.  Idle hands truly are the devils workshop.

The fake solutions popular with politicians have very real consequences.  But the consequences are not felt by the politicians so they don’t care.  Politicians will always default to solving manufactured problems because they are easy and can serve as a distraction.  Gun control is a great distraction.  Canada does not have a gun problem yet gun control is an issue in every election.  Any time the governing liberals find themselves in trouble they trot out gun control.

The situation is no different in the US.  Instead of discussing the detrimental effects of race baiting and COVID restrictions politicians want to keep the focus on gun control.  The Gun control argument will keep people from asking all the right questions.  If no one asks the right questions politicians will never be held accountable.  We are seeing that in spades with this shooting.  There is one question I would love to have answered right now but no one is asking it; where did an unemployed 18 year old get the money for all of is equipment?

I confess I did not think of this at first.  I do not own any guns so I don’t have a good feel for costs but this morning I came across a blogger with more gun knowledge than me.  He priced out the equipment found at the scene and found the shooter had $6,300 to $8,000 (US) of gear with him.  You can see the equipment list and price estimates below.


Two expensive firearms made by Daniel Defense ($2,000 each)

-an EOTech optic ($400-$700)

-1,657 rounds of .223 ammo ($800-1000 depending on how they were purchased)

-body armor ($500-1000)

-and over 60 magazines ($10-20 each)

for a total of approximately $6300 to $8,000?


This was all bought with a debit card.  How did an unemployed 18 year old from a poor family have $8,000 in his bank account?  Is this why his grandmother was killed?  Was his grandmother demanding to know where he got the money from?

I think it is obvious someone gave him this money.  So why would someone give a disturbed child (he was only days past his 18th birthday) $8000?  It looks to me that someone encouraged and financed him.  That makes this terrorism.  A disturbed young man with an axe to grind was chosen for a terrorist attack.  The person who pulled the trigger is dead but there is at least one more person out there responsible for this.  Will we get around to searching for this person or will we spend all of our time arguing over gun control?

At the front of every Parade you will find a Politician

The left in Canada is very threatened by Pierre Poilievre.  Since the left can’t defend their positions with logic or data when they feel threatened they lash out often through their friends in the media.  The liberal brain trust got together and decided to brand Poilievre as a Populist stoking the fears of a fringe minority with unacceptable views.

Populist is a go to smear for the left.  It is an attempt to link a politician to Donald Trump which makes it a very economical smear.  The media has already spent billions disparaging Donald Trump.  Why let all that energy and money go to waste?  Just because Trump is gone doesn’t mean you can’t attach others to him and recycle all the expensive lies.  I am shocked Canada does not have their own Steele dossier linking Pierre with Russian hookers.

So what is a populist politician and what makes them so dangerous?  A populist is simply an opportunist.  He sees a parade, jumps in front of it, then pretends to be the parade marshal.  There is really not much difference between a populist and other politicians.  They all jump in front of parades and pretend to lead it.  The difference is in the parade.  The parade the populist jumps in front of is real while more traditional politicians manufacture their parades.

The parade that Trump led was of people concerned that Washington no longer had their best interests in mind.  Poilievre’s Parade is full of people who think Ottawa is disconnected and authoritarian.  Both of those parades would have existed without either men.  They were organic, full of real people with real concerns.  The parades traditional politicians lead are fake.  Friendly media whip up useful idiots over imaginary issues.

Real parades are large, peaceful, and have large numbers of supporters silently watching.  Fake parades tend to be loud, lawless, and have few supporters who are not already in the parade.  Often real parades are caused by the fake ones.  The people who pay the bills finally get tired of the mess left behind by fake parades.

Real people sometimes get swept up by the fake parades but their enthusiasm wanes when they discovered how incredibly fraudulent it is.  That is why fake parades cannot be sustained without an overwhelming media propaganda program.  That is how you can tell the parade is fake.  If the media spends a lot of time on it, it is fake.  If the media ignores it, it is real.

COVID was an enormously fake parade that the media reported on incessantly.  The Prime Minister and all the premiers can be found at the front of that parade.  The Parade Poilievre pretends to lead is full of people tired of government mandates and angry about losing their rights for 2 years.  How many news stories have you read about the systematic destruction of human rights it Canada?  Real parades get no publicity or media prodding yet happen anyway.

There is another fake parade happening south of our border right now.  Left wing politicians are firing up another gun control parade.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying the Uvalde shooting was fake.  It was very real and very tragic.  What is fake is the idea that more gun rules would have prevented it.  I make these comments as a person who owns no guns.  I do not value guns, I do value data and logic.  Data and logic do not support the case for gun control.

It is true that the US has more guns and gun crime than other western countries.  On the surface it would indicate a correlation but the devil is in the details.  Almost all of the gun crime in the US happens in areas that have very strict gun rules.  If gun control worked places like Chicago would have no gun crime yet Chicago has 10 shootings every day.  That is a lot of shooting for a place where it is almost impossible to own a gun.  Lori Lightfoot claims the problem is that other places don’t have strong enough gun laws.  That is true but if guns cause crime then why don’t those places have more crime?  The correlation is backwards.  If you were following the science you would investigate how increased restrictions cause crime.

I have no doubt that Uvalde will result in new rules but why do you think new rules will work when no one used the old rules?  When this happened I told my wife we will find out this young man had a long history with the police.  I could not know this for certain but it has become a very predictable pattern with the last few young shooters.  The shooter has well known violent tendencies that no one did anything about.  Every time he got in trouble he was let off with a slap on the wrist because all the social workers disguised as judges and police did not want to ruin his life.  Instead they waited until he ruined other lives and then blamed the gun.

The gun is blameless.  It is an inanimate object incapable of harming anyone.  The blame lies on the young shooters and the authorities that facilitated their crimes.  If these young men were charged for even one of their crimes, they would have failed background checks and could not legally purchase firearms.  This would have made things more difficult but not impossible.  I have never tried to purchase an illegal gun but I can’t see how it would be difficult.  The world is awash with guns.  There are over 100 million AK 47s and that is just one type of firearm.  The US could ban firearms completely and criminals would still have guns because of the porous southern border.

US border patrol seize over 100,000 tons of illegal drugs every year and yet drugs are everywhere.  More than 1 million people illegal walk across the Mexican border every year.  If the US can’t keep out drugs and people why do they think they can keep out guns?  Clearly more gun control rules will only be followed by people who already follow the existing rules and were never a risk in the first place.

But let’s pretend for a moment that it is possible to concentrate all guns into the hands of the government.  The Totalitarian government in China has managed to remove guns from citizens and they do not have school shootings.  They do however frequently have mass killings in schools.  A gun is a tool.  It can be used to kill but it is not the only weapon available.  Killings are done by criminals not guns.  Even a rock can be used to kill.  We could ban trillions of rocks or we can deal with a handful of criminals.  That is the root of the problem in the US.  The authorities and politicians simply refuse to deal with criminals.  As long as they do that there will always be mass killings, with or without guns.

Gun control is just a convenient issue for the fake parade marshals.  New rules can always be legislated and they will be as ineffective as the old rules.  There will be another shooting and an opportunity for another parade, which will lead to more rules that also don’t work.  It is the perfect political merry go round.  Why solve a problem when you can exploit it forever?

The age of Imaginary Rights

In Canada we have a charter of rights.  The charter “guarantees” the fundamental rights of movement, association, and speech.  Unfortunately the last 2 years has shown that it does not matter what the charter says, none of those rights exist in Canada.  Not to worry though our charter rights have been replaced by more modern progressive rights.

During COVID we found that you have the right to force others to make you feel safe.  Even before COVID most Canadians would tell you that we have the right to health care.  That is because most Canadians are stupid and have no idea what a right is.  Health care is not a right, it is a privilege of living in a wealthy society.  When the wealth disappears the privilege will as well.  It is ironic then that the people who scream the loudest about the right to health care vote for politicians that destroy wealth.  Not their own of course, just society’s in general.

For those of you born in this age of imaginary rights I will make it simple for you to understand.  A right is something that can be taken away but does not need to be provided.  No one needs to provide you the ability to move around, associate with who you want, or say what you think.  Health care is not a right because someone else needs to provide it.  If it was a right no doctor or nurse can refuse health care to you.  People that must attend to your every whim are called slaves.  You cannot have a right that deprives someone else of their rights.

It really is unfortunate society did not understand this prior to COVID, it would have saved a lot of lives.  You have a right to wear a mask, you do not have the right to force someone else to wear a mask.  You have the right to not go to a restaurant but you do not have a right to close that restaurant.  It is not someone else’s responsibility to make you feel safe; that would make them your slave.

These modern rights are not really rights but that does not mean they are not useful.  Politicians use these new rights to infringe on your old ones.


Imaginary rights now trump actual rights.  According to this lunatic, freedom of speech must be eliminated to protect the right to avoid internet violence and the right to child dignity.  Before I give up my right to free speech I have a couple of questions.  What the hell is internet violence?  Does the technology exist that allows someone to download themselves in to my home and beat the tar out of me?  If so how do I use it to download myself in front of Justin Trudeau or Jason Kenney?  Just asking for a friend.

And lastly, if child dignity is a right I am really confused.  How did it advance child dignity by forcing them to wear masks for 2 years?

Evolution has taken care of climate change

Shingles is dormant chicken pox.  The varicella zoster virus is tricky.  When your body fights off the disease the virus is not completely gone.  Some of it hides waiting for the right time to come back.  Then we call it shingles.  The excerpt below is from the CDC’s website.

Shingles is caused by varicella zoster virus (VZV), the same virus that causes chickenpox. After a person recovers from chickenpox, the virus stays dormant (inactive) in their body. The virus can reactivate later, causing shingles.

The CDC does not say what can reactivate the virus but I bet a vaccine that suppresses killer T cell activity would be a great way to cause a shingles outbreak.  Here is another fun fact about shingles.  It looks and acts exactly like monkey Pox.

Not to worry though, there is absolutely no way that the monkey pox outbreak is really just another vaccine injury.  I know that because government and their media partners tell me there is no such thing as a vaccine injury.  Died suddenly is a well-established cause of death for young healthy people.  The only people who believe in vaccine injuries are conspiracy theorists.  You know, a fringe minority with unacceptable beliefs.

In other news the World Economic Forum is meeting right now in Davos Switzerland.  The WEF is always very concerned about climate change.  So concerned that they think your life needs to be very uncomfortable to prevent it.

The WEF need not worry about anthropogenic greenhouse gas warming.  The anthropogenic part is taking care of itself.  Humans have now evolved to be so gullible and stupid that we are well on our way to extinction.

Where is the Accountability?

Another day another athlete drops deadTwo in fact.  How much longer can we keep denying that we have a problem?  Two more people have died either because they were foolish enough to trust government or they had no choice but to comply.  Who will stand trial for these deaths?

What we are witnessing is criminal.  Western governments have been killing their citizens in large numbers.  First they used lockdown stress and medical malpractice, now they are using vaccines.  I have been calling for criminal prosecution for more than a year and my voice has finally been joined by others.

If we let them get away with this the dead get no justice and evil bastards like Trudeau, Biden, Macron, and Johnson will just do it again.  Someone needs to go to prison.  In fact a lot of people need to go to prison.  Unfortunately David Martin’s May 22nd deadline has come and gone without any action that I am aware of.  This won’t be over until we stop arresting preachers and start arresting politicians.

Thanks to Government Herd Immunity is no longer Possible

In his last comment Tyrel linked the video at the end of this post.  It is an interview with Geert Vanden Bossche and I admit I have not watched the whole thing.  I watched for about 40 minutes and then tuned out because I found it repetitive.  Geert was finding different ways to explain the same very simple but important point; what we are seeing right now with Omicron is not normal and we should be concerned.

Currently COVID infections are high but COVID hospitalizations and deaths are quite low.  Vaccine advocates say this is proof the vaccines are working.  According to them the key to our success is to jab babies as they are born and then every few months for the rest of their lives.  So are they correct?  As long as we keep people from Dying haven’t we won?  Yes we have won a battle but as Geert explains we are well on our way to losing the war.

In order to understand how we are losing the war we need to understand the difference between a normal viral outbreak and what we are seeing now.  Normally when a new virus jumps to humans not everyone gets infected.  Healthy people with high innate (nonspecific) immunity don’t get infected.  The virus can only circulate among those with compromised or weak immune systems.  The virus will move quickly through this subset of the population until it has nowhere to go.  Infections and transmission will fall as herd immunity is established.

The SARS COV 2 virus is not natural.  It was conceived in a lab and deliberately released for political/financial purposes.  Despite the unnatural origins it is still a virus and behaves like a virus.  There was a high level of innate immunity to this man-made virus in the general population.  Lab work and the real life example of the Diamond Princess indicated that about 80% of people would never get infected.  The virus really did not have many places to go and had we not vaccinated herd immunity would already have been reached.

We are still dealing with COVID because of the vaccines.  I will use the following plots of infections and deaths in Italy to illustrate that point.  The plots are all the same only with more time added to each successive plot.  Unfortunately the way the website works the y scale changes as the x scale (time) changes so it can be a little confusing.

The first plot shows the initial surge in the spring of 2020.  Deaths follow infections with about a 2 week lag and infections fall as summer arrives.

This was completely normal and at this point 0.4% of the population had been infected.  The first surge of the virus was cut short by summer so the virus did not have time to spread through the approximate 20% of the population that was susceptible.  It was highly predictable that the virus would reappear in the next season.  Herd immunity had not yet been reached.  This is what the next season looked like.

There were far more infections in the second season but only about the same number of deaths because the most vulnerable had already died.  The plot ends mid-December and the infections were already falling rapidly.  Approximately 3% of the population had been infected.  Add that to the 80% who never would have been infected and Italy was well on their way to herd immunity.  Infections would have continued to fall had governments not blundered in with vaccines starting mid-December.  The next plot shows the effect of the vaccines.

Cases stopped falling and even increased as more people were vaccinated.  Deaths eventually fell but cases remained much higher than they should have for off season.  By the start of the 3rd season 9.5% of Italians had been infected.  The virus should have had nowhere to go but instead cases exploded as can be seen in the last plot.

28% of Italians have now been infected and infections are continuing on in to the summer.  In the absence of the jabs this would not have been possible and COVID would have been over long ago.  The 28% number is not 100% correct though.  Also due to the Jabs, we are now seeing people get infected multiple times.  It is not possible to know how many infections are repeat infections.

Anthony Fauci wants you to believe that the Jabs are working because people are getting infected but not seriously.  In the interview Geert explains how the jabs are doing this.  It has to do the non-neutralizing antibodies preventing serious infections in the lower respiratory tract.  On the surface this appears to be a good thing but this is where we are losing the war.

The non-neutralizing antibodies may be preventing serious illness but they are actually facilitating mild illness in the upper respiratory track.  That is why we see boosted people are more likely to be infected.  The sheer number of infections still results in deaths.  Look at the last plot again.  It is summer, deaths should be almost zero and yet they are not.

The higher off season deaths are certainly a problem but the larger problem is that the vaccines are preventing us from reaching herd immunity.  Had Government not blundered in 80% of us would never have been infected.  Vaccinating everyone has changed that.  Every vaccinated person is not just susceptible to infection they are prone to multiple infections.  The virus will never run out of hosts.

A virus that continues to infect and transmit is a virus that continues to mutate.  By giving the virus and endless chances to mutate we have guaranteed one of those mutations will be more deadly.  It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when and we have government to thank.

Below is Geert with a more technical explanation for those so inclined.


Monkey Pox is COVID by another Name

Governments in Canada are very worried about the most recent COVID development; People just are not afraid of COVID anymore.  The Stanley cup playoffs are on and people are congregating in large crowds parting like it is 2019.  These large crowds are extremely dangerous for government and not because hospitals will be overrun with COVID patients.

The problem with COVID as a strategy for the great Reset is that it relies on fear to divide us.  If the fear disappears things go south for the government.  If people are no longer afraid to gather in large groups they may actually talk to each other.  Many of those conversations will be about the game scores but some of them will be about the terrible things government have done.  Some might even be about how government is driving the inflation that makes the chicken wings at intermission so damned expensive.

Fear is a powerful weapon but it is difficult to sustain it even among sheep.  People who would not dare to be in public last year without a visor, mask, and vaccine are walking around right now without even an appointment for a booster.  This growing lack of fear is an existential threat to government.  Something must to be done to re-instill fear before too many Canadians realize that Justin Trudeau truly is a moron that no one should listen to.

Enter the CBC, stalwart defenders of government tyranny.  The CBC is warning Canadians that we must be afraid of monkey pox.  The CBC wants you to know the threat is real because;


Canada’s ‘entire population is susceptible,’ says top official


The problem is way larger than you think.  We know that because;


As soon as places started looking for it, they found it


There is no word whether “looking for it” involved a PCR test, but of course it involved a PCR test.  So everyone is vulnerable and it is way more common than you think.  There is no need to worry though because the government has a plan.


Rasmussen says there are numerous ways monkeypox outbreaks can be contained through classic epidemiological measures such as contact tracing, isolating people who were infected and quarantining those who may have been exposed. 

Failing that, “we do have a vaccine,” 


Is it just me or does this article look vaguely familiar to you as well?  I know the need to stoke fear was urgent but for 1.4 billion a year I expected the CBC to do more with my tax dollars.  The only thing Adam Miller did was pull out an old COVID article and replace the word COVID with Monkey Pox.  The great Plague was COVID now it is Monkey Pox so hide in your house and don’t speak to anyone while the government finishes the destruction of democracy.

Monkey Pox has been around for years and is not normally seen outside Africa.  We are supposed to worry because the virus may have mutated and that’s why it is no longer contained in Africa.  That is just so much more government bullshit.  Let’s use Occam’s razor again.  Occam says the simple explanation is probably the right explanation.  So if we are trying to explain why Monkey Pox has moved outside of Africa is it?

  1. The virus has suddenly mutated and despite still being a close contact virus has somehow travelled across oceans perhaps on the back of flying monkeys?


  1. That western governments have allowed unrestricted illegal immigration from African countries where monkey pox is more common. These illegal immigrants, unlike legal immigrants, are subject to no screening including health screening.

My money is on B.  Monkey Pox is now in the west because western politicians were too busy violating the rights of their own citizens to stop illegal immigration.  In fact the illegal immigration is by design.  There needs to be a balance.  Someone needs to be bestowed with the rights politician’s stripped from their citizens.

Politicians have intentionally allowed monkey pox and a host of other communicable viruses into western countries.  Apparently they believe this gives them more deniability than releasing them from labs in China.  The illegals carry these viruses everywhere the government sponsored planes and buses take them.  With Monkey Pox the illegals are getting some unexpected help moving the virus around.  Gay men have been unwittingly contracting Monkey Pox at gay pride events and flying home with it.

Monkey Pox is a disease we need to deal with.  We could as the CBC suggests, return to lockdowns and forced vaccination or we could do something far less invasive.  The disease could be stopped in Africa if we would enforce immigration laws and ask gay men to exercise more caution.  They could simply stop having unprotected sex with strangers at gay pride events.

Which option do you think the Trudeau government will choose?  If you don’t say lockdowns and forced vaccinations you just have not been paying attention.  At all, for more than 2 years.

The Helping Hand of Government

COVID was not a problem until government made it a problem.  Every ridiculously unscientific thing our governments did made things worse and increased the death toll.  Initially I asked the question are politicians evil or are they just that stupid?  Eventually I came to the conclusion that the answer is both.  The politicians are stupid and the script writers are evil.

Unfortunately the script writers are not just evil they are also tireless.  There is no problem that they will not goad mental midgets like Jacinda Ardern in to making worse.

We are now suffering through the worst inflation in decades.  It was caused by the government response to COVID.  Supply chains were disrupted at the same time that governments handed out trillions under various COVID relief programs.  The money did not come from some rainy day fund; governments printed it.  The global supply of currency was increased dramatically over the last 2 years.  Government restricted the production and distribution of goods while dramatically increasing money supply.  There is absolutely no way this would not result in rampant inflation but don’t worry Jacinda has a solution.  She is going to print and hand out more money.

Apparently the solution to inflation is to make it worse with more money.  This is very similar to the COVID strategy except with COVID we make it worse with more vaccines.  I have been saying for more than a year now that the vaccines do not just kill, they also prolong the epidemic.  The vaccines affect people in 2 ways that have now been proven by researchers.

  1. If you get vaccinated after already having COVID the vaccine destroys your natural immunity. The Red Cross discovered this more than 1 year ago.
  2. If you get infected after being vaccinated the vaccine prevents your body from mounting a full immune response.

This is why governments keep pushing vaccines and boosters even for previously infected people.  The vaccines increase your chance of getting infected again.  This is why we are seeing vaccinated and boosted people who have had COVID multiple times.

COVID will never end as long as we keep vaccinating and inflation will not end as long as we keep printing money.  The two problems are symbiotic.  As long as we have COVID the scriptwriters can keep morons like Ardern restricting goods and printing money.

In March of 2020 if we had not lost our mind and recognized that COVID was just a bad flu it would be over now.  That is what the Mennonites in La Crete and the Amish in Pennsylvania did.


We still have COVID because we did not stand up and say no to government.  Now we have the added bonus of inflation.  Our cowardice caused both calamities and we are still sitting on our asses letting the government make both problems worse.  When your grandchildren are on their 5th booster and don’t have enough to eat will you finally have the courage to admit that it was all your fault?