A Lone Gunman who was not really Alone

Yesterday I discussed how politicians whip up useful idiots to build fake support for a fake issue.  This was certainly the case with COVID and it is also the case with gun control.  Placing restrictions on healthy people will have absolutely no effect on the transmission of a virus.  Placing restrictions on gun owners who do not commit crimes will likewise have absolutely no effect on crime.

COVID, Climate Change, and gun control are perfect political issues.  As long as you do something you can claim to be keeping people safe.  These fake issues are great for politicians because fake solutions to fake problems don’t take much thought or effort.  Real solutions to real problems are not easy.  They require a lot of effort and you can fail.  Political opponents will highlight your failure while proposing a fake solution to the very real problem.

Crime is a real problem but gun control is a fake solution.  Real solutions to crime are very difficult and solutions need to address problems caused by fake solutions already implemented and celebrated.  The Uvalde shooting is a great example of that.  It is hard to look at this shooting and not wonder how much influence COVID and Equity policies had on the shooter.

Equity has been a buzz word for several years now.  Critical race theory is at the core of the equity debate.  In a nut shell critical race theory teaches all white people are evil and nonwhites cannot succeed because the deck is simply stacked against them.  The Uvalde shooter would have been indoctrinated in critical race theory.  How much animosity would an unemployed 18 year old Hispanic have against society?

That brings us to COVID.  By all accounts the Uvalde shooter was a troubled young man.  What do you think 2 years of isolation and restrictions did to him?  Or what about the stress of unemployment?  COVID restrictions were used to destroy the economy so Donald Trump would lose the election.  Pre-COVID the American economy was booming.  If Anthony Fauci had not derailed the economy, Trump would be president and the Uvalde shooter would been at work not shooting up an elementary school.  Idle hands truly are the devils workshop.

The fake solutions popular with politicians have very real consequences.  But the consequences are not felt by the politicians so they don’t care.  Politicians will always default to solving manufactured problems because they are easy and can serve as a distraction.  Gun control is a great distraction.  Canada does not have a gun problem yet gun control is an issue in every election.  Any time the governing liberals find themselves in trouble they trot out gun control.

The situation is no different in the US.  Instead of discussing the detrimental effects of race baiting and COVID restrictions politicians want to keep the focus on gun control.  The Gun control argument will keep people from asking all the right questions.  If no one asks the right questions politicians will never be held accountable.  We are seeing that in spades with this shooting.  There is one question I would love to have answered right now but no one is asking it; where did an unemployed 18 year old get the money for all of is equipment?

I confess I did not think of this at first.  I do not own any guns so I don’t have a good feel for costs but this morning I came across a blogger with more gun knowledge than me.  He priced out the equipment found at the scene and found the shooter had $6,300 to $8,000 (US) of gear with him.  You can see the equipment list and price estimates below.


Two expensive firearms made by Daniel Defense ($2,000 each)

-an EOTech optic ($400-$700)

-1,657 rounds of .223 ammo ($800-1000 depending on how they were purchased)

-body armor ($500-1000)

-and over 60 magazines ($10-20 each)

for a total of approximately $6300 to $8,000?


This was all bought with a debit card.  How did an unemployed 18 year old from a poor family have $8,000 in his bank account?  Is this why his grandmother was killed?  Was his grandmother demanding to know where he got the money from?

I think it is obvious someone gave him this money.  So why would someone give a disturbed child (he was only days past his 18th birthday) $8000?  It looks to me that someone encouraged and financed him.  That makes this terrorism.  A disturbed young man with an axe to grind was chosen for a terrorist attack.  The person who pulled the trigger is dead but there is at least one more person out there responsible for this.  Will we get around to searching for this person or will we spend all of our time arguing over gun control?

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    You hit the nail on the head! Controlling or restricting people who are NOT causing a problem does not protect anyone from those that ARE causing a problem. Not for Covid. Not with guns. Not with anything.

    • Erica
      Erica says:

      Exactly right. Not sure if you have seen video of parents at the Uvalde school being cuffed by police. Basically the police were restraining desperate parents who wanted to go into the school, while the police did nothing to help the kids and focused on policing PARENTS and setting up a perimeter around the school, essentially protecting/helping the shooter and making the tragedy worse. This article explains the crisis well and has the accompanying video


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