It wasn’t Stupidity, it was a crime

When the lockdowns were first announced I knew it was stupid but I was not immediately alarmed.  I thought that it was just stupid people doing stupid things out of fear.  Even with my already low opinion of government, I was confident that in a short time cooler heads would prevail.  My confidence was statistically based.  The only way entire governments could continue to believe standing 6 feet apart would stymy an airborne virus is if everyone involved was as stupid as Justin Trudeau.  But, as we all know now the lockdowns persisted and only started to lift when the trucks arrived in Ottawa.

So was I wrong?  Is everyone in every western government as stupid as Justin Trudeau?  I still don’t think so.  Trudeau is an uncommon moron.  It is a statistical improbability that all government employees sink to his level.  There had to be people in government that knew what they were doing was wrong.  Now thanks to a freedom of information request in Germany I can confirm that to be true.  German bureaucrats warned that lockdowns would do more harm than good but the politicians went ahead anyway.

Germany’s public health agency said that lockdowns can cause more harm than good in documents released after a long legal battle…

Documents released after various information requests are slowly verifying what I have been saying since 2020.  This was never about a virus.  It was always about personal political and financial gain.  A relatively small number of individuals victimized earth’s entire population for their own personal advancement.  COVID, starting from the intentional release of the virus and extending through to the end point of the vaccines, was a crime.  So far the largest crime in history has gone unpunished.  Are you happy with that status quo?