Don’t worry be happy?

There is a new survey that shows Canadians and Americans are growing increasingly unhappy.

“What’s happened in Canada and the United States is that over the past few years, those under 30 have become much less happy than they were 10 or a dozen years ago,”

In Canada the RCMP are worried that unhappiness from a stolen future could drive people to violence.

A secret RCMP report is warning the federal government that Canada may descend into civil unrest once citizens realize the hopelessness of their economic situation.

That statement was a rare moment of truth from a Canadian Federal organization.  The root of the problem is Economic but the public was never supposed to hear that.  The official position of Canadian governments and academia is that people are unhappy because they just don’t try hard enough to be happy.

‘The good news is everybody out there is much more generous than you think they are,” Helliwell said. “So act as though you believe that. Act as though the stranger you meet in the street isn’t a stranger, but simply a friend you haven’t met yet. Smile at them. Talk to them. Make connections. And that’s the first step along the route to a happier community.”

If you want to be happy all you need to do is smile and choose a path of blissful willful blindness.  Canadians should just ignore that government has now grown so large they assign people to programs that don’t even exist just to keep them busy.

In a response to an order paper question filed by Sen. Don Plett in September, Public Safety Canada revealed that $41,904,556 has been spent so far on the government’s “firearms buyback program,” and that 60 department employees are working on the project. 

And, while you are ignoring 42 million wasted on a non-existent program please don’t dare think about what that money could have been used for.  For instance why would we get bothered by police abandoning us to car thieves?

With car thefts at an all-time high in Toronto, some people are resorting to installing retractable bollards in their driveways — vertical posts to physically prevent their vehicles from being stolen.

We just need to smile and trust in the government’s plan.  They liberals have a solid 2 step plan to tackle car theft that won’t require any of the money they gave to their friends who own shell companies.  Step one is to get a bunch of people who live in gated communities together for a meeting.

Police are calling on the federal government to create a “national action plan” to combat auto theft as it becomes increasingly violent, raising concerns at the Annual Auto Theft Summit in Peel Region.

Admittedly this part of the plan is not without some cost but it certainly won’t exceed the 42 million on a nonexistent gun buyback program.  We can probably fly all the participants to a luxury resort to compose this national action plan for no more than 30 million.  Why sweat the small stuff?  That money is not worth worrying about because It is the second part of the plan that is most impactful.  The government plans to curtail car theft by making cars too expensive to own and electricity too scarce to charge them anyway.

“Requiring all new vehicle sales in Canada to be electric in just 11 years means the provinces need to substantially increase their power generation capabilities, and adding the equivalent of 10 new mega-dams or 13 new gas plants in such a short timeline isn’t realistic or feasible,” said G. Cornelis van Kooten, a Fraser Institute senior fellow and author of “Failure to Charge: A Critical Look at Canada’s EV Policy.”

You see, problem solved.  No need for expensive bollards.  You can’t steal a car that doesn’t exist or can’t move.  Car owners should be deliriously happy about that.  The key to Canadian happiness then is quite easy.  Ignore the government waste, government theft, and government policy that make car ownership unaffordable.  In short all you must do to be happy is ignore absolutely everything government does and says.  For instance don’t let yourself be upset when our deputy prime Minister lets you know your house is not an investment it is for Canadians to use.


And, above all else, ignore how gleeful she is while letting you know she intends to destroy your home equity.  Bliss through willful blindness.  You will own nothing and be happy; just as long as you don’t think about how you got there and who now owns everything you used to own.