The Whole Covid Narrative is a Tower of Lies.

In March of 2020 our governments began lying to us about COVID.  Some politicians were not intentionally lying.  They were just repeating lies they had been told.  Lies they simple were not smart enough to see through.  It is not hard to get a politician to believe a lie.  Intelligence is not a prerequisite for a successful career in politics.  Justin Trudeau is irrefutable proof of that.

Unfortunately it is not possible that all politicians have been duped.  The odds of finding that many people as stupid as Justin are just way too low.  Many of them must be aware of and are participating in the lies.  They have an agenda and deception is their path forward.  I wish this was not the case but the pattern and pervasiveness of the lies cannot be dismissed as coincidence.

The Lies have been non-stop.  The list below is the largest and most damaging of the lies.

  1. Everyone is at risk from COVID.


In March of 2020 we were told that the risk from Covid was so high that drastic, unprecedented actions were needed.  The justification of this hysterical overreaction was computer models.  We were immediately locked down because no one in government was smart enough to ask the obvious questions.  How did you simulate the behavior of a virus that we have only just discovered?  Why should we believe computer modelers like Neil Ferguson who has a track record of wild over exaggeration?


This lie was bolstered by standardizing on PCR tests.  A test that was chosen because it could reliably produce millions of false positives.  Even with the fraudulent PCR test boosting the case numbers, after the first season of COVID relatively few people had become ill.  Yet somehow this lie still persists.


  1. COVID is far more deadly than Influenzas.


The threat of millions of dead in every country produced the desired panic.  Worldwide an army of Karens insisted others be sacrificed for their protection.  People of lower socioeconomic status were chosen as tribute.  Frankly I am surprised Karen did not insist we throw them in volcanos.


The Government actively stoked Karen’s fear by deliberately inflating the numbers.  Deaths even remotely associated to COVID were classified as COVID deaths.  Governments were not happy just misclassifying deaths.  They actively manufactured deaths.  It is not an accident that all of the COVID restrictions are detrimental to overall public health.


This lie will soon collapse.  Even with Governments actively killing people deaths are simply not that high.  I have posted data multiple times showing deaths in most countries are not outside the bounds of normal.  If COVID was far more deadly than Influenzas we would be stacking bodies like cordwood and we are not.


  1. The SARS CoV 2 virus is a close contact virus.


This was the lie that made everything else possible.  A close contact virus is a virus that spreads through touch.  You must contact infected bodily fluids or surfaces to become infected yourself.  Close contact viruses are very easy to avoid; airborne viruses are not.  Ebola is a close contact virus.  Ebola outbreaks infect hundreds or even thousands.  Influenzas is an airborne virus.  Every year it infects millions.  Over 160 million people have now tested positive for COVID.  Does that sound like a close contact virus to you?


The implications of this lie are profound.  If the SARS CoV 2 virus was a close contact virus masks, social distancing, and lockdowns would have been very effective.  The whole thing really would have been over in 2 weeks.  All of the COVID restrictions targeted a close contact virus.  None of them worked because this is obviously not a close contact virus.


We had no reason to believe that anything we have done would make any difference.  Incredibly, we persisted even after it was obviously not working.  Einstein once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.  The whole world is truly insane.  Especially the Karens.


  1. There are no effective treatments for COVID. The Vaccine is the only answer.


Vitamin D, Asthma medication, and Ivermectin have all proven to be very effective for treating COVID.  In India right now Ivermectin is proving to be more effective than Vaccines.  COVID is one of the most treatable diseases in history.  Real scientists are continually finding more effective treatments.  This makes it hard to Claim that COVID is akin to the black plague.


Clearly, real science must not be allowed to contradict government narrative.  Doctors have been actively discouraged or even banned from using proven effective treatments.  Once again Governments actively worked to increase the body count while we waited on Vaccines.


  1. The Vaccines are safe.


Safe is a relative term.  Nothing is completely safe.  You can die from drinking too much water.  All vaccines carry some risk yet most of them are considered safe.  Compared to other vaccines the COVID vaccines are not safe.  They are already the deadliest Vaccines in History.  I also believe that in time we will discover that the vaccine deaths are being undercounted.  After Israel started their vaccination program an unusual number of seniors died.  I have no doubt the vaccine deaths in Canada are also undercounted.


Even though there have been more problems than other vaccines, can’t they still be considered safe?  After all the government says they are safe.  The truth is that there is no possible way the government can know these Vaccines are safe.  They are far too new.  The Covid Vaccines had no animal trials and only a limited 2 month human trial.  It can take years to realize the full impact of any new treatment.  Thalidomide was considered safe for 6 years before it was finally banned.  It is interesting to note that the FDA would not approve thalidomide for use in the US.  The FDA has also refused to approve the COVID vaccines.  They are approved for temporary emergency use.  The FDA would not stick their neck out for Thalidomide and they won’t do it for Bill Gates either.  That should tell you something.


I completely agree with the FDA.  It is way too soon and we are learning more about these treatments every day.  All of the COVID vaccines cause your body to produce the spike protein.  The spike protein on its own was thought to be safe.  Now they are discovering that it is a toxin that can damage organs.  Have a listen to this disturbing pod cast.


The entire COVID narrative has a foundation of lies.  These lies have already had deadly consequences.  Sooner or later the politicians and bureaucrats need to be held accountable for the damage their lies have done.  Don’t hold your breath for that to happen in Canada.  Canadians are far to accepting of tyranny.  If our government told us to line up at a slaughterhouse we would dutifully follow the last person in.  Even after we see them die.

When it comes to COVID the world definitely does not need more Canada.  The World needs rational people to stand up and say enough.  Enough of the Tyranny, enough of the lies.  It will not happen here but it is starting elsewhere.  It appears the Swiss have finally had enough.

Criminal Investigation opened against Swiss ‘National Covid-19 Science Task Force’ for committing Covid Fraud – Daily Expose

Maybe the Swiss can repopulate Canada after our governments exterminate all of us.

COVID, the First Pandemic with it’s own Public Relations Team.

A Friend sent me this video

Dr. Coleman points out the number of COVID deaths in the UK were no higher than normal seasonal influenzas deaths.  He speculates that other countries also experienced a similar situation.  Well I can confirm COVID deaths in Canada also look very much like Influenzas.  The Plot below is total deaths per capita by week for the last 10 years in Canada.  The numbers are available online from StasCan.

You can see that the baseline has been increasing over the entire period.  Deaths in Canada are going up each year because the average age in Canada is increasing.  People are getting older.  The easiest way to compare season to season is to flatten on this baseline.  When I do flatten on the baseline, COVID looks very normal.

The same pattern repeats every year.  Deaths fall in the summer and rise during the winter (influenzas season).  The summer seasons are very consistent.  Influenzas season can be quite variable.  The 2019/20 influenzas season started quite low and then in March COVID hit.  The COVID spike (circled in red) is no worse than 4 of the previous 10 influenza seasons (circled in blue).  The 2020/21 Influenza season (circled in green) was on the low side and comparable to 6 of the previous 10 influenzas seasons.

During the great COVID plague nothing unusual happened in Canada.  If the media had not run daily stories with running death counts, no one would have noticed.  If influenzas had the same PR team that COVID has we would have been frightened to death years ago.  As seasonal respiratory diseases go, COVID is not exceptional.  The hysterical over reaction from government is exceptional, and deadly.

Canadian politicians imposed the same draconian lockdowns that were utilized in the UK.  As Dr. Coleman points out some COVID deaths were not caused by the virus or any other natural cause.  Some deaths were caused by government.   This is not over yet.  Both Canada and the UK can expect elevated deaths due to government COVID misadventure for several years.  Lockdowns are the gift that keeps on giving.  Ultimately our governments, armed with stupidity and indifference, will kill more people than any virus could.

Mask Madness

Our Southern Neighbor has dropped mask mandates almost everywhere.  Even most of the democrat states no longer forces veils on their citizens.

Unfortunately masks are still mandatory everywhere in Canada.  Masks have become so central to the Canadian COVID religion that they may never disappear.  Every Canadian Province has a reopen plan that in most cases does not mention masks.  Their intention could well be to never drop mask mandates.  The Provincial Tyrants Premiers simply love the outward show of submission.

Canadians, at least the ones in urban centers, have accepted masks without question.  Apparently none of them can read.  If they could they might have noticed all the studies that show masks don’t work.  Here is another one.

The conclusions are very simple.

Conclusions: Mask mandates and use are not associated with slower state-level COVID-19 spread

It still amuses me when academics discover that a piece of cloth does not form an impermeable barrier to viruses.  There is a reason why people who work with viruses don’t just pull a bandana over their face when the work.

When will Canadians wake up and burn their damn masks.

I Tip My Hat to the People Of Dawson Creek British Columbia

The Tyrant that runs British Columbia, a sociopath named John Horgan magnanimously decided that restaurants could open for in person dining again today.  What a prince.  I wonder what businesses he will decide to stop crushing tomorrow.

John Horgan wants praise for his repeated closures and openings of Restaurants.  John Horgan deserves a lot of things but praise is not one of them.  I have presented data in previous posts that Restaurants were not a significant source of infection.  This only stands to reason since sick people do not go out to eat.  Closing restaurants did not prevent infections.  It did prevent these hardworking women from earning a living.

As luck would have it I was travelling to Dawson Creek BC today (where this picture was taken).  As an Albertan it was a rare treat to eat in a restaurant.  Restaurants in BC were only told this morning that they could open.  Despite that this restaurant was able to muster a full staff.  That was fortunate because they were packed.  For 15 months now people have been told to be afraid.  Be afraid of the virus, be afraid of restaurants, and be afraid of your own shadow.  The good people of Dawson Creek were having none of it.

Rural Canada is good for the soul.  Cities in Canada are full of people educated to the point of stupidity.  Rural Canada is full of real people.  People who still have common sense and control of all their faculties.  Urban Canadians elect Doug Ford, John Horgan, Jason Kenney, and Justin Trudeau.  Rural Canada looks on and wonders if the cities have lost their f$%cking minds.  The answer is yes.  Yes we have.

Taiwan Proves that even when Lockdowns Work They Don’t Work

No country in the world distrusts communist China more than Taiwan.  In 1949 any Chinese citizen who feared communism fled to Taiwan.  On the island of Taiwan these refuges founded a prosperous country of 23 million people.  Officially Taiwan is not a country.  China still considers it part of China even though the Communists have never controlled it.  The feckless Eunuchs in the UN will not recognize Taiwan as a country for fear of angering China.  China runs the world right now and they are not shy about flexing their muscle.  A Chinese invasion of Taiwan is all but inevitable.  For good reason, no country in the world trusts communist China less than Taiwan.

When COVID first appeared in Wuhan China the communists initially downplayed the severity.  Taiwan was not buying it.  They immediately closed their borders.  This quick action at the border kept COVID cases very low in Taiwan for a very long time.  Other island nations that closed their borders also achieved low infection rates.  Their approach was heralded as a great success.  So much so that landlocked nations dreamed of emulating them.  In Canada this provincial moron continues to urge the Prime Moron to close the Borders.

Unfortunately Taiwan has just discovered you can run but you can’t hide.  Infections are now surging.

Closing borders is a very short term solution.  You cannot keep your borders sealed for ever.  As soon as you open your borders the virus will find millions of new potential hosts.  The Idea that you can hide from a virus is the most destructive idea in a century full of bad ideas.  Lockdowns and border closures are based on the ridiculous notion that if you hide from a virus long enough it will get lonely and will go away.  The people that advocate for lockdowns and border closures need to be lined up and kicked hard in the groin, repeatedly.

COVID Vaccines are Experimental Treatments and Must Be Voluntary

This is a very good video summary about the vaccines.


The Video does not cover any ground I have not discussed before.  The government has not been honest with you.  This is the Truth about the COVID Vaccines

  1. They are not Vaccines. Vaccines provide long lasting complete immunity by introducing a small amount of the virus and allowing your body to deal with it.  The COVID treatments are an experimental treatment that give you a head start if you do get infected.
  2. This is still experimental. mRNA has never been used to vaccinate humans before.
  3. They do not prevent infection. The only immunity the Vaccine provides is immunity from prosecution for the manufacturers.
  4. Because you can still get infected you can still spread the virus.
  5. The benefit from the treatment is temporary. You will have to get regular booster shots if you want to maintain the protection it provides.  Eventually, you will get infected and develop natural immunity.  If you had no symptoms you would not be aware that you are now immune.  This leads to continuing yearly boosters that you no longer need.  Repeatedly treating immune patients is the pharmaceutical companies’ collective wet dream.

Anyone who takes these treatments is agreeing to be part of an experiment.  This is the largest human trial in history.  This should be voluntary.  Any compulsion of coercion by Government is immoral.  Unfortunately, Canadian Premiers are all tying resumption of rights with vaccination levels.  That tells you what kind of person is in Government in Canada.  They are all sociopaths with no understanding of ethics or morals.

Canada is Discussing COVID Passports While Israel is Eliminating them

This is great news the first country in the world to use vaccination passports is already eliminating them.

The article credits the vaccines but as I posted on February 27th, infections were dropping rapidly before vaccination began.

The drop in infections in Israel was likely natural Herd immunity and not the Vaccines.  Of course, their government will never admit to that.  Taking credit for saving the country is always more fun than admitting you cannot command nature.  Today that does not matter for Israelis.  Freedom is being restored.

When I saw this article my spirits were lifted.  Then I sat down and came back to Canadian reality.  Every time we have seen cracks form and freedom pour through it is not in Canada.  In fact, positive international news it is almost always followed by more restrictions in Canada.  When will Canadians wake up and smell the fraud?

The fascists are concerned people are waking up.  It is a shame they don’t have to worry about Canadians.

Vaccine Passports are Coming, Cleverly Disguised as Smart Phone Apps.

A friend made me aware of this new law in Oregon.

There are many governments now discussing removing mask mandates for vaccinated individuals.  We will no doubt see much more of this.  Since this seems to be our future let’s just do a little logic exercise to determine the intent of this law.

Unfortunately our logic exercise cannot be done unless we accept 2 very illogical positions.

  1. A piece of cloth with weave opening no smaller than 20 microns will magically not allow a 0.1 micron virus to pass through it.
  2. Treatments that do not provoke a T cell response will provide full and lasting immunity.

Of course both statements are demonstrably false but governments build policies based on these core beliefs.  People in Government have the right to be wrong.  It is a right they exercise regularly.

OK now that we have set the ground rules that both masks and vaccines provide perfect protection from infection let’s begin our exercise.

If I am unvaccinated and I choose to enter a building without a mask I cannot pose a risk to Vaccinated or masked people.  No matter how sick I am, virus that I shed cannot permeate their protective barriers.  The only person I endanger is some other, unvaccinated, unmasked person.  That person also poses a danger to me if I am not infected.  The unmasked, unvaccinated, person is the only one at risk in this scenario.  By choosing to go unmasked this person has implied that they are willing to accept this risk.

This law can’t possibly be about public safety since the “public” is not at risk.  Only individuals who make a specific choice are exposed to any risk.  So this law is either the government regulating acceptable individual risk or it has nothing to do with safety.

The government already regulates acceptable individual risk.  Most jurisdictions have seat belt, hardhat, and safety boot laws.  These laws are all designed to protect people in hazardous situations.  This law indicates that the government believes the risk of being indoors is unacceptable.  It is so high you need to be prevented from making the conscious choice of coming in out of the rain.

It is possible that our governments are stupid enough to believe they are saving us from certain death with a law like this.  After all, there is very little evidence of intelligent life in government.  Despite that I think this was has 2 alternate purposes.

  1. Coerce people in to taking the Vaccine.

I expect that there will be a concerted effort to make life uncomfortable for those who do not want to be vaccinated.  The government desperately want to vaccinate everyone but they don’t like the optics of forcing it at gunpoint.  They will do it if they must but their first choice is always deniability.

  1. Concoct a reason for people to carry vaccination records.

People will quickly tire of carrying paper vaccination record everywhere.  They will demand something more convenient.  What is more convenient than a smart phone app?  There is only 1 thing the government likes more than an app that can track your every movement.  That is an app that you demanded and voluntarily downloaded on your phone.  An app that you would not dare leave the house without or you will be denied access everywhere.

I think we should take a closer look at both of these explanations.  Why is the government so desperate to vaccinate everyone?  In one word, Money.  A career in politics can be very lucrative when you give wealthy people indirect access to the public purse.  They show their gratitude by redirecting some of that tax money to you even after your political career is over.  Government lockdown policies did a fabulous job of transferring wealth to the wealthy.

The only problem with lockdowns is that they can’t go on forever.  If you completely destroy an economy there is no wealth to transfer to those who do not need it.  The Lockdown golden goose is over cooked.  Governments need a new wealth transfer mechanism.  Vaccines are perfect.  Especially one that requires indefinite yearly boosters.

The Government now has an excuse to take billions from ordinary taxpayers and give it to their wealthy benefactors, ever single year.  How long do you think it will be before we find out you will need multiple booster shots every year?

So far this wealth transfer program is working just as well as the lockdowns.  The world now has 9 new billionaires.  All senior executives in pharmaceutical companies.

The only thing that can upset this perfect wealth transfer situation is free will.  If people stop taking their regular boosters the gravy train comes to a screech halt.  It is a good thing we will all download an app on our phone to prevent that.  The app also has some other very handy side benefits.  The government will now know where you are at all times.  If you attend a rally protesting any of this, the government will know.  They will also know when you go home so that they can dispatch police to arrest you at their leisure.

The ability to Track peoples every movement is the ultimate in power and control.  When an individual does this it is called stalking.  Governments call it public safety.  Can there be any doubt the new world order has arrived?  It just happened 37 years later than Orwell predicted.

In India Ivermectin Trumps the Vaccine

A few weeks ago we were inundated with stories of a terrible COVID outbreak in India.  The numbers certainly sounded scary.  India saw almost 400,000 new cases in a single day.  There were just a few things the Media neglected to tell you about India.

  1. India is the most populous nation on earth. 1.4 billion People live in India.  400,000 new cases a day is a very big deal everywhere but India.  On India’s worst day 0.028% of the population got infected.  On Canada’s worst day 0.023% of the population got infected.
  2. Overall infection and death rates in India remain very low. On a per capita basis India has ½ as many infections and 1/3 the deaths as Canada.  Keep in mind that Canada has one of the lowest infection and death rates in the western world.
  3. India’s infections did not start to spike until after Vaccinations began.

And the most important thing the media has neglected to tell you about India is

  1. The Surge in Corona Virus infections is already over. Infections peaked 13 days ago that is why you don’t hear any stories about India anymore.

So what happened in India?  Was the surge caused by vaccinations?  Why did it end so suddenly?  Let’s start with the first question.  India is vaccinating large numbers of people every day but as we have seen a large number is still a drop in the bucket for India.  Less than 10% of Indians have been vaccinated so in this case the vaccines are an unlikely culprit.

If it was not the vaccines then what was it?  Ivermectin, or more precisely, the lack of it.  Doctors in India were routinely prescribing for Ivermectin at the first sign of symptoms.  You can see this worked very well during the start of the season.  Then Indian doctors came under pressure to stop using it.  After that cases exploded.  I read a testimonial from an Indian doctor weeks ago stating this.  Because I could not verify if it was real, I did not post about it before.  I am inclined to believe it now for one simple reason, which also happens to be the answer to my second question.  It was mass distribution of Ivermectin that stopped the infection.  See below.

So how can I be sure that it was Ivermectin and not the vaccines or some other factor that caused this drop?  Well, not every state in India was smart enough to ignore the WHO.  The WHO has vigorously worked to maximize COVID deaths.  They had previously warned about the use of Ivermectin and had pressured Indian doctors to stop using it.  The WHO was not about to sit on their hands and let India resume doing something that worked.  They immediately issued this warning.

One southern state in India (Tamil Nadu) made the mistake of following the WHO guidance.  They stopped using Ivermectin and started using the more expensive Remdesivir.  This decision had deadly consequences.  Cases and deaths continue to soar in Tamil Nadu while they are falling everywhere else.

Beware of Bureaucrats bearing health advice.  Especially those financed by China and the Gates Foundation.

With Ivermectin India was able to achieve a reduction in infections that no country has seen with Vaccines.  By now it should be apparent Ivermectin is a far better solution than Vaccines.  The following is a short list of how Ivermectin is superior to vaccines.

  1. Ivermectin is far cheaper than the vaccines.
  2. Availability.  Many countries like Canada could vaccinate quicker but they are constrained by supply.  There are no supply issues with Ivermectin largely because there are no active patents; anyone can make it.
  3. Ease of transportation and storage. The COVID vaccines must be refrigerated from -30 to -70 C.  Ivermectin can be stored and transported at ambient temperature.
  4. Ease of Application. To be vaccinated you must make an appointment to be injected by nurse.  Ivermectin is just a pill that can be taken at home without the aid of a medical professional.
  5. Side effects. There are no known side effects with Ivermectin.  Vaccine side effects range from mild, to amputation, to death.  In a previous post I showed how COVID Vaccines are the most deadly Vaccines in history.
  6. The ability to target the problem. Vaccines are administered to everyone.  Ivermectin is administered to the ill.

Vaccines are a sledge hammer while Ivermectin is a scalpel.  I have posted several times about the mounting evidence of natural immunity.  Most people being Vaccinated are already immune and do not need it.  We are wasting time and money treating these people.  They are also taking an unnecessary risk, however small it might be.

If we had chosen to focus our efforts on the ill we would have been far better off.  Imagine that; no lockdowns, no masks, no business bankruptcies and no unemployment.  All of that and ill people would have received the treatment that they needed rather than heart felt eulogies.



Controlling the Narrative

I have posted a few times about the curious link between vaccinations and increasing infections.  The most startling example is the Seychelles.  The Seychelles is a small island nation.  They have the most aggressive vaccination program in the world.  In 2 months they vaccinated over 60% of their population.

Before Vaccinations began the Seychelles had one of the lowest infection rates in the world.  This is common for island nations because their borders are easy to control.  After 2 seasons of COVID only 0.2% of their population had tested positive.  Since vaccinations have started infections have exploded.  9.9% of the population is now infected.  The Seychelles now have the 14th highest infection rate in the world.  This has all happened in 4 months.  No other country saw such a rapid rise in infection.

So the country that holds the record for fastest vaccination program also now holds the record for fastest rise in infections.  The Seychelles were the most extreme case but this has also happened in many other places in the world including Alberta.  This is from my previous post.

This link between vaccinations and infections is very problematic for politicians urging people to get vaccinated.  Officially the link does not exist.  The US claims less than 1% of new cases are in vaccinated people.  The UK has admitted that it is 7%.  This is too low to explain the surge in infections.  Yesterday I saw this article that might shed more light.

67% of the cases in this UK County had been previously vaccinated.  This is a tiny sample size and may not be representative but it fits the data better than the official story.

So which is true?  Are vaccinated people less than 7% of new cases or are they 67%?  In Science when the data does not fit the story, the story changes.  In politics when the data does not fit the story, the data changes.  Remember that next time a global warming advocate publishes adjusted data.

As I have shown above, in Alberta infections are following vaccinations.  This does not fit the story that the vaccines will prevent infections.  I guess that means the data has to change.  Recently in Alberta infections have been decreasing.

Unfortunately nothing has really changed.  This is just the result of the evil troll dramatically ramping down testing.

The Data did not fit the story so Jason Kenney changed the data.  The PCR test has been the primary tool for political data manipulation since the beginning.  When politicians want you to be afraid they ramp up testing.  When they want you to applaud their success they ramp down testing.  Are you tired of being played yet?