The Whole Covid Narrative is a Tower of Lies.

In March of 2020 our governments began lying to us about COVID.  Some politicians were not intentionally lying.  They were just repeating lies they had been told.  Lies they simple were not smart enough to see through.  It is not hard to get a politician to believe a lie.  Intelligence is not a prerequisite for a successful career in politics.  Justin Trudeau is irrefutable proof of that.

Unfortunately it is not possible that all politicians have been duped.  The odds of finding that many people as stupid as Justin are just way too low.  Many of them must be aware of and are participating in the lies.  They have an agenda and deception is their path forward.  I wish this was not the case but the pattern and pervasiveness of the lies cannot be dismissed as coincidence.

The Lies have been non-stop.  The list below is the largest and most damaging of the lies.

  1. Everyone is at risk from COVID.


In March of 2020 we were told that the risk from Covid was so high that drastic, unprecedented actions were needed.  The justification of this hysterical overreaction was computer models.  We were immediately locked down because no one in government was smart enough to ask the obvious questions.  How did you simulate the behavior of a virus that we have only just discovered?  Why should we believe computer modelers like Neil Ferguson who has a track record of wild over exaggeration?


This lie was bolstered by standardizing on PCR tests.  A test that was chosen because it could reliably produce millions of false positives.  Even with the fraudulent PCR test boosting the case numbers, after the first season of COVID relatively few people had become ill.  Yet somehow this lie still persists.


  1. COVID is far more deadly than Influenzas.


The threat of millions of dead in every country produced the desired panic.  Worldwide an army of Karens insisted others be sacrificed for their protection.  People of lower socioeconomic status were chosen as tribute.  Frankly I am surprised Karen did not insist we throw them in volcanos.


The Government actively stoked Karen’s fear by deliberately inflating the numbers.  Deaths even remotely associated to COVID were classified as COVID deaths.  Governments were not happy just misclassifying deaths.  They actively manufactured deaths.  It is not an accident that all of the COVID restrictions are detrimental to overall public health.


This lie will soon collapse.  Even with Governments actively killing people deaths are simply not that high.  I have posted data multiple times showing deaths in most countries are not outside the bounds of normal.  If COVID was far more deadly than Influenzas we would be stacking bodies like cordwood and we are not.


  1. The SARS CoV 2 virus is a close contact virus.


This was the lie that made everything else possible.  A close contact virus is a virus that spreads through touch.  You must contact infected bodily fluids or surfaces to become infected yourself.  Close contact viruses are very easy to avoid; airborne viruses are not.  Ebola is a close contact virus.  Ebola outbreaks infect hundreds or even thousands.  Influenzas is an airborne virus.  Every year it infects millions.  Over 160 million people have now tested positive for COVID.  Does that sound like a close contact virus to you?


The implications of this lie are profound.  If the SARS CoV 2 virus was a close contact virus masks, social distancing, and lockdowns would have been very effective.  The whole thing really would have been over in 2 weeks.  All of the COVID restrictions targeted a close contact virus.  None of them worked because this is obviously not a close contact virus.


We had no reason to believe that anything we have done would make any difference.  Incredibly, we persisted even after it was obviously not working.  Einstein once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.  The whole world is truly insane.  Especially the Karens.


  1. There are no effective treatments for COVID. The Vaccine is the only answer.


Vitamin D, Asthma medication, and Ivermectin have all proven to be very effective for treating COVID.  In India right now Ivermectin is proving to be more effective than Vaccines.  COVID is one of the most treatable diseases in history.  Real scientists are continually finding more effective treatments.  This makes it hard to Claim that COVID is akin to the black plague.


Clearly, real science must not be allowed to contradict government narrative.  Doctors have been actively discouraged or even banned from using proven effective treatments.  Once again Governments actively worked to increase the body count while we waited on Vaccines.


  1. The Vaccines are safe.


Safe is a relative term.  Nothing is completely safe.  You can die from drinking too much water.  All vaccines carry some risk yet most of them are considered safe.  Compared to other vaccines the COVID vaccines are not safe.  They are already the deadliest Vaccines in History.  I also believe that in time we will discover that the vaccine deaths are being undercounted.  After Israel started their vaccination program an unusual number of seniors died.  I have no doubt the vaccine deaths in Canada are also undercounted.


Even though there have been more problems than other vaccines, can’t they still be considered safe?  After all the government says they are safe.  The truth is that there is no possible way the government can know these Vaccines are safe.  They are far too new.  The Covid Vaccines had no animal trials and only a limited 2 month human trial.  It can take years to realize the full impact of any new treatment.  Thalidomide was considered safe for 6 years before it was finally banned.  It is interesting to note that the FDA would not approve thalidomide for use in the US.  The FDA has also refused to approve the COVID vaccines.  They are approved for temporary emergency use.  The FDA would not stick their neck out for Thalidomide and they won’t do it for Bill Gates either.  That should tell you something.


I completely agree with the FDA.  It is way too soon and we are learning more about these treatments every day.  All of the COVID vaccines cause your body to produce the spike protein.  The spike protein on its own was thought to be safe.  Now they are discovering that it is a toxin that can damage organs.  Have a listen to this disturbing pod cast.


The entire COVID narrative has a foundation of lies.  These lies have already had deadly consequences.  Sooner or later the politicians and bureaucrats need to be held accountable for the damage their lies have done.  Don’t hold your breath for that to happen in Canada.  Canadians are far to accepting of tyranny.  If our government told us to line up at a slaughterhouse we would dutifully follow the last person in.  Even after we see them die.

When it comes to COVID the world definitely does not need more Canada.  The World needs rational people to stand up and say enough.  Enough of the Tyranny, enough of the lies.  It will not happen here but it is starting elsewhere.  It appears the Swiss have finally had enough.

Criminal Investigation opened against Swiss ‘National Covid-19 Science Task Force’ for committing Covid Fraud – Daily Expose

Maybe the Swiss can repopulate Canada after our governments exterminate all of us.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    The podcast on the safety of the gene therapy jabs is terrifying but generally in line with everything known about mRNA vaccine trials in animals. Think about this…..These chemicals are untested and not approved by the FDA. That means they are not deemed safe (at least yet). Think about all the US drug commercials you have heard on Television. They tell you drug xyz will help with some ailment that is inconvenient or uncomfortable. Then they spend 15 seconds at the end telling you all the hideous side effects including blindness, seizures, hemorrhaging, anaphylactic shock and death. And this is for medication that was APPROVED by the FDA! The Covid “vaccines” haven’t yet been deemed to be even that safe!

    For full disclosure – I am NOT an anti Vaxxer. As an adult, I have chosen to have shots for Hepatitis A&B, Yellow Fever, Tetanus, & Influenza. It’s about risk/reward. These vaccines are generally very safe (far far safer than the Covid Vaccines).
    However, they still have risk. I have had a very serious reaction to an Influenza vaccine that triggered Brachial plexus neuropathy which destroyed the nerves that activate the rotator cuff muscles in the shoulder. This is a known but moderately rare side effect of vaccines. It is also not remotely pleasant. So I can attest that even normal vaccines are not risk free.

    The point is that there is real risk when you put a chemical into your body whose purpose is to manipulate your immune system. Look at the real risk and the anticipated reward before going down the One-Way street of taking any vaccine or in the case of Covid, any “vaccine”.

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