Criminals make poor Prime Ministers

Justin Trudeau illegally invoked the Emergency Measures Act to punish political dissidents.  He got away with this for months until a court finally stated the obvious.  The act cannot be used to quell a peaceful protest.  But it was used for that very purpose so we now have an inquiry in to how that happened.

Inquiries are the Canadian equivalent of congressionally hearings in the US.  During Congressional hearings US politicians grandstand in front of cameras before ultimately doing nothing.  In Canada politicians only take part as witnesses.  This is to create the illusion that it is real and someone might actually be held accountable.  Of course just as in the US no one is ever held to account.  Both processes are theatre.

While nothing of substance happens, both processes do uncover interesting information.  The Canadian inquiry has uncovered that illegally invoking the act has so far cost Canadian taxpayers 73 million dollars.  Very few Canadians will take notice but they should.  Using the act was a crime but that is not where it ends.  It was a 73 million dollar crime used to cover up the even larger crime of a fake pandemic.

Equally dangerous is the corruption of science in order to advance political goals by marketing them as expressions of science. We saw this happen in real time during the Covid pandemic, when politicized mitigation measures like mask mandates, arbitrary “social distancing” diktats, and compelled lock-downs of schools, churches and businesses were imposed and enforced, and scientists who questioned those mandates were attacked, denigrated, and censored.

Meanwhile, pharmaceutical barons and federal agency mediocrities got rich. The cost of these policies was more deaths than the virus caused, and long-term damage to children’s education and social development. And nobody has been held to account.

The pandemic was manufactured.  There was no emergency.  Every single politician involved including Trudeau knew the whole thing was a giant lie to facilitate theft.  That is why Trudeau chose to spend money and use violence to quell the most peaceful protest in our history.

Indeed, the only acts of violence caught on video were carried out against the protesters after the Trudeau government directed police to end the protest. One such video showed an elderly women being trampled by a police horse.  

The Freedom Convoy brought actual experts with them to Ottawa.  All they wanted was a meeting with the government so that their experts could debate the government experts.  One simple meeting would have ended the protest without violence.  But that debate would also have ended the COVID scamdemic.  There was no way the government could justify what they had done and the freedom Convoy experts would have shredded the government’s experts.  Trudeau’s crimes would have been exposed.  Instead Trudeau committed a second crime to cover his first crime and forced taxpayers to pay for the cover-up.

Canada has had unethical and even criminal Prime Ministers before but none of them took it to the extremes that Justin Trudeau has.   Don’t let him get away with it.  He should be in prison.