The only dangerous CO2 is generated by Politicians

A new paper has been published that re-affirms what scientists and historian have known for decades.  A warm earth is better for humans than a cold earth.  All of the bad stuff happens when the climate cools and it becomes difficult for humans to survive.

We document phases of instability and cooling from ~100 CE onward but more notably after ~130 CE. Pronounced cold phases between ~160 to 180 CE, ~245 to 275 CE, and after ~530 CE associate with pandemic disease, suggesting that climate stress interacted with social and biological variables.

So if a warm earth is better for humans than a cold earth why are we concerned that the earth is warming?  Shouldn’t we be happy that the earth is warming once again?  Yes of course we should be happy about the recent warming.  The only reason we are not is that we are told that it is somehow dangerous; which is poppycock.  If people were told the truth about climate change no one would be concerned.  But we are never told the truth are we?  In fact, a lot of money is spent to prevent us from hearing the truth.

In 2012, three wealthy men, Bloomberg, hedge fund manager Tom Steyer and former CEO of Goldman Sachs Hank Paulson chipped in $500,000 each to fund a project “making the climate threat feel real, immediate and potentially devastating to the business world”.

Pielke concludes that there is no hidden conspiracy – “all of this is taking place in plain sight”. The political advocacy was “absolute genius” – a well-funded effort to fundamentally change how climate science was reported in the media, and ultimately how political discussion and policy options are shaped.

One way to silence the truth is to amplify the lies.  We only hear the loud voices of the alarmists who practice political science rather than climate science.  They make so much noise it is near impossible to notice real scientists who know that climate change is natural and there is no evidence to suggest CO2 is a problem.  Temperature does not follow CO2, CO2 follows temperature.

According to Zharkova, in the overall context of the CO2 climate change narrative, it is important to understand that humans are actually bystanders in this process of change. “Whatever we do on Earth, we can’t change the orbit of the Sun and the big planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus,” she explains. “We can’t do anything about it.”

In fact, she points out, that it has also been scientifically shown that the increase in atmospheric CO2 does follow the increase in temperature, and not the other way round, but this is another point that the proponents of anthropogenic climate warming refuse to take into account. 

There is no climate emergency and therefore no reason to restrict energy use.  Restricting energy use is just as bad for humans as a cold planet.  This has never been about saving the planet.  It has always been about making you poor and subservient to the self-appointed elite.

People need to wake up.  15 minute cities are a precursor to 15 minute prisons and climate lock downs.  Do you want to live the rest of your life in an open air prison while the “elite” live in mansions and take exotic vacations?  That is where this is going.  You will own nothing.  They will own everything.  And, only one of those groups will be happy.