Science, Scientists and Money

Two different Oncologists in two different countries have released interview videos with identical conclusions.  Messenger RNA vaccinations should be banned.



Dr. Dalgleish gave his findings to the government and they ignored it.  The people mandating and promoting these treatments were warned.  Every one of them knows the jabs are not safe yet nothing has been done.  The fact that we continue to use these products and are even discussing expansion in to other vaccines is proof of systematic murder.

Both of these men are retired, as is this neurosurgeon who wrote a long but excellent critique of the entire COVID fiasco.  He also could not help but notice that the government COVID response was nothing more than government sanctioned murder.

Throughout this “pandemic” we have been fed an unending series of lies, distortions and disinformation by the media, the public health officials, medical bureaucracies (CDC, FDA and WHO) and medical associations.

The national media told the public that the Pfizer vaccine had been approved and was no longer classed as experimental, a blatant lie. These deadly lies continue. It is time to stop this insanity and bring these people to justice.

There is a reason why most of the COVID critics are retired.  The same is true with scientists critical of climate alarmism.  These men and women no longer need to beg the government for research grants.

The sociopaths in government have coopted science for their own nefarious purposes.  Most scientific funding now comes from government.  No active scientist will put future funding at risk by contradicting the wishes of their paymasters.  Conclusions the government wants they get.  Or at least they get silence.

Empty headed virtue signalers like to boast that they are following the science but they are not.  They are following a scientist.  I have said that on this blog before but the statement is not mine.  I don’t know who said it first but it is true.  It is also incomplete.  The complete statement would be that people who follow the science really follow a scientist, who follows the government agenda.

Scientists and doctors have been silent about COVID because they would rather not face financial ruin.  The government demands their silence.  That is hardly surprising since most murderers don’t openly boast about all the people they have killed.

For some it may never be over

When the pandemic hype started it was obvious the government was lying.  To try and discern the truth I started to watch the numbers rather than listen to the media repeat obvious lies.  It soon became apparent that even the numbers were a lie, at least the official COVID numbers.  So unable to trust either the government or the statistics they were manipulating, I moved on to the one thing they can’t fake which is the total number of people dying.  Or, more specifically, the number of people dying over and above what should be considered normal, excess deaths.

The excess death numbers told a very different story than the story governments were telling.  Many countries sailed through the first season of the great COVID plague with very few excess deaths.  Remarkably the excess deaths they did see were proportional to the stupidity of their regulations rather than the number of infections. Whether by design or sheer stupidity it was apparent to anyone who looked that the government was producing “COVID” deaths.

Lockdowns and restrictions that keep people apart are a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If you keep it up for long enough people will die.  Then the government can say “I told you so” and use those deaths as an excuse to continue with the lockdowns.

I continued to track excess deaths throughout the plandemic so it was not hard to see we had a problem with the COVID jabs.  As each age group was jabbed, deaths started to increase and excess deaths remained elevated for long after people had been jabbed.  It was obvious to me at least that the Jabs would continue killing for years because some of the injuries they produced were permanent.

Intuitively I believe if people stop taking boosters things could get better, at least they will stop getting worse.  Unfortunately, while things could improve, I think the COVID Jabs will continue to kill people long after we stop taking them.  Some of the vaccine injuries are permanent and will ultimately shorten lives.

I am both proud and saddened by how many of my predictions have been correct.  I wish I had been wrong more often.  Multiples times I stated the jabs would continue to kill long after people stopped taking them and I was correct.  While excess deaths have come down, they have not disappeared completely.  Potential deadly conditions are being discovered even now 3 years later.


Very few politicians want to acknowledge what the jabs are done because it is not over yet and most of them are up to their elbows in blood.


It is not over.  The jabs are not done killing and the guilty are yet unpunished.  The combination of lockdowns, enforced medical neglect, and the jabs have produced more than 20 million deaths.  That is equivalent to WW1.  This may never be over for the vaccine injured.  It won’t be over for the rest of us either if we don’t punish the people who caused this.  COVID was an enormous wealth transfer from ordinary people to the tyrants responsible for millions of deaths.  If they profit from murder and have no risk of punishment, why wouldn’t they do it again?  We can’t let them get away with this.

Not the Canada I grew up in

Justin Trudeau has aggressively pursued the destruction of Canada.

Canadians sat back and allowed this to happen.  For 9 years Canadians were oblivious to the decline of our once great nation while the rest of the world looked on in alarm,


and even amusement.


Canada has become a joke on the world stage and a dystopic nightmare for Canadians at home.  Everyone is suffering but the largest impact is on the youngest Canadians who will be grappling with this mess for decades.  The biggest challenge for young Canadians is that the people who caused this mess are still in office and still supported by academia and the media.  This University Professor writing for the Sun acknowledges that Trudeaus heavy handed meddling has made food unaffordable.

Despite years of expansive government spending under the Trudeau administration, food affordability continues to trend in the wrong direction.

But he does not want Canadians to worry because the solution to problems caused by socialism is to transition to full blown communism.

There is a dire need for policy interventions that tackle the root causes of this inequality. A reexamination of the guaranteed minimum income concept could ensure that incomes keep pace with the rising cost of living.

Because of course problems caused by too much government are obviously best solved by the application of more government.  As soon as everyone is on the government payroll things will be fine.  The professor did however decline to explain where the money would come from.  Also absent from the article are ideas for the location of the mass graves communism always produces.  I guess these small details are beneath the lofty thinking of Canadian academics.

Justin Trudeau is an idiot.  He is also evil.  Everything he has done since taking office has been bad for the country and its citizens but his worst policy by far has been unrestricted immigration.  The rapid expansion of the population has fueled inflation and created a serious housing shortage.  This has made home ownership impossible for the average citizen which is fueling anger.  The anger is so palpable that other politicians are being forced to pretend that they care.


Justin is, as per usual, unfazed by the suffering of average Canadians.  His policies have caused nothing but problems.  A normal politician would try to offer a change of direction to assuage the voters but not Justin.  His new budget just promises more of the same.  A lot more of the same.

But Budget 2024 offers little to chart a different course from the Liberal legacy of stunting the potential of young Canadians.

2018-2022 represents the highest levels of federal program spending per person in Canadian history. How is it fair to saddle millennials and future generations with the overwhelming consequences of crippling debt?

The theme of his tax and spend budget that looks exactly like the last tax and spend budget is generational fairness.  Apparently, the taxation and reckless spending of the last budget did not produce any generational fairness, but this one will.  Trudeau is going to help young people by doing more of the things that made life unaffordable for them in the first place.

Trudeau is having a little trouble selling his generational fairness budget, however.  Even the normally compliant CBC acknowledges things are tough for young people but wonders how more debt helps future generations.

“Their success is Canada’s success in the future, sure, but also right now. But the economy isn’t rewarding them the way it used to reward their parents and grandparents.

Some economists have suggested that the budget’s new spending will do more harm than good to the young by saddling them with even more debt.

It is tough for Justin when the communists at CBC don’t support some of his communist interventions, but it is not all bad for Justin.  The CBC still thinks stealing from seniors is a great idea.

But generational fairness is not an issue that pits the “one-percenters” against the 99 per cent, said Boadway, and any government serious about fixing the problem may need to go after some of the wealth locked up in real estate. 

The CBC agrees with Justin that raising taxes on people who already own homes will solve the housing crisis.  See, it is not an imbalance of supply and demand, it is just an issue of some people not paying enough taxes.  We don’t need more houses to solve the housing crisis, we just need more taxes.

I did not take political science in university, so I confess I don’t understand how this works.  Taxing people into poverty seems like a very poor way to make life more affordable or to build houses.  Isn’t this aggressive income re-distribution what caused this problem in the first place?

What the Liberals are actually doing is robbing the increasingly sclerotic Peters to pay for the increasingly frustrated Pauls. In the war between boomers and the millennials and Gen-Zers, the Trudeau government would like the youth of this great country to know it is firmly on their side. That’s right kids, the arsonists who have helped to torch your futures are now trying to play the fire brigade

Like every good communist Trudeau firmly believes that the only reason life is tough for Paul is that Peter has too much.  Things will be much more equitable once Peter also has nothing. Trudeau seems determined to use his remaining time in office to make sure Peter and Paul are equally poor.  Not included in the equation however is Justin or any of his friends.  The money Peter pays won’t go to Paul, it will find its usual home in the bank accounts of the political elite.

You will own nothing.  They will own everything, and they will be deliriously happy: you, not so much. But at least your neighbor will be just as poor as you are no matter what age they are.  Perfect generational fairness.

Canada has changed and not in a good way.  This country is not what it once was.  I would like to say that no one voted for this but that would be a lie.  Justin Trudeau has been elected 3 times meaning many Canadians voted for this.  They voted for equal application of poverty.  I don’t get why they would do that, but I really wish they would stop.

Pandemics will never be as dangerous as Government

COVID killed relatively few.  Governments killed millions.  I have stated that on this blog many times.  My conviction that the government was deadly, and the virus was not, is based on the balance of the evidence.  Wastewater samples have shown that the SARS COV-2 virus was already in North America as early as September of 2019, yet no one was dying.  People did not start dying in great numbers until the government stepped in, induced panic, and enforced medical protocols.

The virus is relatively benign, sadly our governments are not.  I have been highlighting that on this blog as far back as 2020. What was obvious to me in 2020 was controversial to others, but now that thinking has gone mainstream.  People are waking up to the realization that governments purposely killed their own citizens.  Their weapons were, lockdowns, ventilators, remdesivir, vaccines, and in the UK midazolam.


To fuel the panic needed to cover all the theft, governments needed dead bodies.  They produced them by the millions and blamed most of them on a virus no one had even noticed for 5 months.  The government blamed all their murders on COVID even though anyone who cared to look knew that to be a lie. Frankly you had to be willfully blind to not notice what was happening.


The COVID pandemic protocols killed millions of seniors.  The vaccines killed millions of young people.  Some of them were so young they had yet to draw their first breath.


Dr. Campbell believes we need investigations and I agree but that is only the start.  We need prosecutions.  This was mass murder on a scale that was unimaginable before 2019.  Governments have always been dangerous to human health but the COVID killing spree is unprecedented even for government.

These mass murders still wield power in government.  How much longer will we let that stand?

It is only a mystery to those who want it to be a mystery

Another paper has been published showing vaccine ingredients can cause cancer.


The cancer causing agents are the chemicals in the mRNA vaccines that suppress immunity.  Immune suppression is baked in to the design of mRNA treatments.  They do not work properly without immune suppression.  The mRNA needs time to work which would not happen if your immune system was strong.  Your body would identify the RNA as foreign and attack it.  So in order to protect you from COVID a treatment was used that makes you susceptible to everything else including cancer.

Cancer rates are rising.  Rates only began rising after nearly everyone was injected with an experimental treatment.  Still vaccine advocates want you to understand that it is just some terrible coincidence. Truthfully it could be just a coincidence but when multiple papers have identified multiple mechanisms by which this could happen, we should pay attention.

There is of course an easy way to either confirm or eliminate the COVID vaccine as the culprit.  We only need ask one simple question.  Are cancer rates in unvaccinated people also rising?  I think everyone knows the answer to that question and that is exactly why the vax advocates won’t ask it.

Never believe government on matters of morality

I have written before about how the government’s obvious lies about the COVID vaccines caused me to uncover information about other vaccines.  I learned that all vaccines are not created equal and the case for vaccines has been greatly exaggerated.  Vaccines may have had little to do with eradicating diseases.  I was thinking about all of this when I found this video about a mumps outbreak.


For this woman the takeaway from her experience was “don’t judge”.  She was doing the right thing but it just did not work.  My takeaway was a little different.  My first thought was that yes we should not judge but we really should question.  We should question whether the MMR vaccine even works and more importantly we should question who gets to tell us what “the right thing” is.

Everyone who got the mumps had been vaccinated.  Some were even boosted.  In her particular case tests indicated she was immune to the mumps UNTIL SHE TOOK THE VACCINE.  Either the test was wrong or the vaccine actually destroyed the immunity she had.  The MMR vaccine is on the list of early childhood vaccinations and it might not even work.  It might actually make thing worse.

That brings me to my second more important takeaway.  How can taking a vaccine that may not even work be considered doing the right thing?  How do we define the right thing?  I think if you ask the average person they would not be able to answer that question.  At best you would likely be told that everybody knows what the right thing is.  Everybody knows vaccines protect us therefore taking them is the right thing to do.

But how do we know this?  Ultimately we “know” this because the government told us so.  Government run public schools teach us that vaccines are essential so we believe vaccines are essential.  Sadly this might not be true but few people are brave enough to do the research to find out.

This is not a post about vaccines.  It is about the folly of letting politicians define right and wrong.  We have let the most amoral group of people on the planet define morality.  That is incredibly stupid.  This goes way beyond vaccines.  We pay carbon taxes because the government tells us carbon taxes are right and using energy is wrong.  Now the cash strapped and corrupt Canadian government is telling us that it is wrong for the constitution to limit how they spend our money.

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland says she thinks unhappy premiers will come around on measures in the federal budget that touch on provincial legislation, even as they push back.

Morally there is a right and a wrong but no one in government will ever choose right over wrong if it does not suit their agenda.  We cannot continue to allow government to set the agenda by defining right and wrong.  If we let that happen we will continue to do the wrong thing at every turn.

The only dangerous CO2 is generated by Politicians

A new paper has been published that re-affirms what scientists and historian have known for decades.  A warm earth is better for humans than a cold earth.  All of the bad stuff happens when the climate cools and it becomes difficult for humans to survive.

We document phases of instability and cooling from ~100 CE onward but more notably after ~130 CE. Pronounced cold phases between ~160 to 180 CE, ~245 to 275 CE, and after ~530 CE associate with pandemic disease, suggesting that climate stress interacted with social and biological variables.

So if a warm earth is better for humans than a cold earth why are we concerned that the earth is warming?  Shouldn’t we be happy that the earth is warming once again?  Yes of course we should be happy about the recent warming.  The only reason we are not is that we are told that it is somehow dangerous; which is poppycock.  If people were told the truth about climate change no one would be concerned.  But we are never told the truth are we?  In fact, a lot of money is spent to prevent us from hearing the truth.

In 2012, three wealthy men, Bloomberg, hedge fund manager Tom Steyer and former CEO of Goldman Sachs Hank Paulson chipped in $500,000 each to fund a project “making the climate threat feel real, immediate and potentially devastating to the business world”.

Pielke concludes that there is no hidden conspiracy – “all of this is taking place in plain sight”. The political advocacy was “absolute genius” – a well-funded effort to fundamentally change how climate science was reported in the media, and ultimately how political discussion and policy options are shaped.

One way to silence the truth is to amplify the lies.  We only hear the loud voices of the alarmists who practice political science rather than climate science.  They make so much noise it is near impossible to notice real scientists who know that climate change is natural and there is no evidence to suggest CO2 is a problem.  Temperature does not follow CO2, CO2 follows temperature.

According to Zharkova, in the overall context of the CO2 climate change narrative, it is important to understand that humans are actually bystanders in this process of change. “Whatever we do on Earth, we can’t change the orbit of the Sun and the big planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus,” she explains. “We can’t do anything about it.”

In fact, she points out, that it has also been scientifically shown that the increase in atmospheric CO2 does follow the increase in temperature, and not the other way round, but this is another point that the proponents of anthropogenic climate warming refuse to take into account. 

There is no climate emergency and therefore no reason to restrict energy use.  Restricting energy use is just as bad for humans as a cold planet.  This has never been about saving the planet.  It has always been about making you poor and subservient to the self-appointed elite.

People need to wake up.  15 minute cities are a precursor to 15 minute prisons and climate lock downs.  Do you want to live the rest of your life in an open air prison while the “elite” live in mansions and take exotic vacations?  That is where this is going.  You will own nothing.  They will own everything.  And, only one of those groups will be happy.

Criminals make poor Prime Ministers

Justin Trudeau illegally invoked the Emergency Measures Act to punish political dissidents.  He got away with this for months until a court finally stated the obvious.  The act cannot be used to quell a peaceful protest.  But it was used for that very purpose so we now have an inquiry in to how that happened.

Inquiries are the Canadian equivalent of congressionally hearings in the US.  During Congressional hearings US politicians grandstand in front of cameras before ultimately doing nothing.  In Canada politicians only take part as witnesses.  This is to create the illusion that it is real and someone might actually be held accountable.  Of course just as in the US no one is ever held to account.  Both processes are theatre.

While nothing of substance happens, both processes do uncover interesting information.  The Canadian inquiry has uncovered that illegally invoking the act has so far cost Canadian taxpayers 73 million dollars.  Very few Canadians will take notice but they should.  Using the act was a crime but that is not where it ends.  It was a 73 million dollar crime used to cover up the even larger crime of a fake pandemic.

Equally dangerous is the corruption of science in order to advance political goals by marketing them as expressions of science. We saw this happen in real time during the Covid pandemic, when politicized mitigation measures like mask mandates, arbitrary “social distancing” diktats, and compelled lock-downs of schools, churches and businesses were imposed and enforced, and scientists who questioned those mandates were attacked, denigrated, and censored.

Meanwhile, pharmaceutical barons and federal agency mediocrities got rich. The cost of these policies was more deaths than the virus caused, and long-term damage to children’s education and social development. And nobody has been held to account.

The pandemic was manufactured.  There was no emergency.  Every single politician involved including Trudeau knew the whole thing was a giant lie to facilitate theft.  That is why Trudeau chose to spend money and use violence to quell the most peaceful protest in our history.

Indeed, the only acts of violence caught on video were carried out against the protesters after the Trudeau government directed police to end the protest. One such video showed an elderly women being trampled by a police horse.  

The Freedom Convoy brought actual experts with them to Ottawa.  All they wanted was a meeting with the government so that their experts could debate the government experts.  One simple meeting would have ended the protest without violence.  But that debate would also have ended the COVID scamdemic.  There was no way the government could justify what they had done and the freedom Convoy experts would have shredded the government’s experts.  Trudeau’s crimes would have been exposed.  Instead Trudeau committed a second crime to cover his first crime and forced taxpayers to pay for the cover-up.

Canada has had unethical and even criminal Prime Ministers before but none of them took it to the extremes that Justin Trudeau has.   Don’t let him get away with it.  He should be in prison.

Murderers belong in prison

For some strange reason many people still won’t believe that the government lied about the vax.  This jab idiot repeats all the lies about the jab saving millions of lives only to get politely schooled by Peter McCullough on vaccine safety.


The jabs did not save a single person from dying of COVID.  The case fatality ratio did not change.  You can play games claiming all the deaths were among the unvaccinated but you can’t make that math go around.  If the vaccinated were getting sick but not dying then the case fatality ratio would have plummeted but it did not.  No one was saved by the COVID jabs

It would have been nice if I could say that the Jabs were just a failure but they were much worse than that.  Millions were injured and even killed by the jabs.  They were not safe and everyone knew it.  The Edmonton Police Service chose to force it on their officers even though they knew the jabs were not safe.

A damning report on the Edmonton Police Service’s (EPS) COVID-19 response alleges leadership knew vaccines caused “serious” injury, then mandated them for officers and civilian employees, anyway.

Pfizer also knew their product was not safe but instead of spending money on product safety they chose to spend money on marketing.


The jabs are not safe.  Everyone in authority knew they were not safe.  The jabs were however quite profitable.  That is the root of the Jab narrative.  It is a story of greed.  Your safety was less important than their profits.  The only thing that stood between the sociopaths and your money was an emergency authorization which they got by manufacturing an emergency.


From the first day of the lockdowns COVID was nothing more than murder for profit.  It is shameful that not a single one of these murderers has faced justice.  There is no proper ending to COVID that does not include imprisoning all the co-conspirators.  That means locking up thousands of politicians, bureaucrats, and big pharma executives.

Venezuela with Snow

Every day in Justin Trudeau’s Canada there is a new stain on the legacy of what was once a promising country.  Yesterday was no exception.  The show trial of 3 of the Coutts 4 ended with mischief convictions.

The three had been charged for their roles in a blockade that tied up cross-border traffic between Canada and the United States at Coutts for two weeks in early 2022 in protest of COVID-19 rules and restrictions.

In true soviet fashion the National post is rewriting history in support of the regime.  The men were not charged with mischief, they were charged with conspiracy to commit murder.  That serious charge was used to hold all three for 2 years without bail.  The charge was bogus so when it was time for court it was dropped and the lesser charge of Mischief was used.  The courts then convicted them of the lesser charge even though there was no evidence the men did anything other than participate in a protest that they had no hand in organizing.

 “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime”

That was said by Lavrentiy Beria, Head of the secret police under Joseph Stalin but yesterday it could have been uttered by any Canadian politician, Judge, lawyer, or member to the royal Canadian Mounted police (RCMP).  These men did not spend 2 years in prison because they had committed some heinous crime.  They were convicted to send a message to Canadian citizens; “speak out against the government and this will happen to you”.

Canada is now officially a country that holds political prisoners and conducts show trials.  It is also a country where the government decides if you can even have your own money.


Trudeau’s Canada is such a dystopian shit hole that the only way out is to die.


Justin Trudeau did this to Canada but in a perverse way he is not to blame.  The voters are to blame.  Canadians voted for this and thus far have sat by mutely while Trudeau uses Canada’s version of the gestapo, the RCMP, to persecute political opponents.  This is why you cannot fix Canada.  The country is just too full of Canadians.