Deeply sorry for the largest crime in history

There has been a significant increase in Cancer and medical experts are desperately trying to find a reason that does not involve the COVID vax.  The latest study has found that people with early onset cancer are older biologically than they are chronologically.

They estimated each person’s biological age using nine biomarkers in the blood — then compared that to their chronological age.

Those with a higher biological age had a 42% increased risk of early-onset lung cancer, were 22% more prone to early-onset gastrointestinal cancer, and had a 36% higher risk for early-onset uterine cancer.

So what is causing this premature ageing?  The researchers did not speculate but I am sure if they did it would have absolutely nothing to do with the jabs.  It is just some tragic cosmic coincidence that this only started happening after people took multiple injections of a poorly tested product.

COVID was a giant government lie.  The lie started with the intentional release of the virus and culminated with the jabs.  The playbook used by governments was ripped right out of Mao’s little red book.


The government pitted neighbor against neighbor to keep us busy while they stole from and even killed us.  It worked brilliantly.  To this day there are people so brainwashed that they insist dissenters were the problem and not the governments who orchestrated and participated in the largest crime in history.  I am tempted to say that our inaction has allowed murderers like Anthony Fauci walk among us but that would not be true.  COVID criminals like Fauci do not walk among us.  They live in gated communities behind private security.  They believe they are untouchable and why wouldn’t they?  No one has been punished.  The only justice we have received is Pfizer apologizing for breaking the law.


So that’s it then.  Pfizer is deeply sorry for telling you there products were something that they were not.  Justice has been served, let’s move on.  Or let’s not.  They have stolen trillions and killed millions.  Somehow an apology does not seem to be enough.  Are we really going to let them get away with this?

Time is running out for the climate grifters

When Al Gore first started the climate grift in 1988 I did not give it much thought.  Even after governments started to adopt climate policies I still wasn’t concerned because the climate policies were all window dressing.  It was typical government crap where they pretended to do something without actually doing anything.  I admit now I should have been more concerned even then.  Once a crack appears for the lunatic left they will keep tearing at it until there is a gaping hole for their stupidity to pour through.

By the late 90s Climate Change was beginning to dominate the political narrative and I decided to take a closer look.  What I found was that the scientists pushing it were engaged in fraud.  They were using data they knew to be heat contaminated and even adjusting it further upward to make the trend more alarming.  There was not even a trend if you treated the data properly.  The whole thing was one giant lie.  The science and the data did not say that we had a problem.

After I had convinced myself that the whole thing was a lie I tried to tell others, but it is true, a lie repeated often enough will be accepted as the truth.  No one would believe me because the government, media, and “experts” had been repeating the lie for more than a decade.  The lie was just too firmly implanted in people’s minds.  It looked as if this lie would never die.  Then two things happened that may have finally derailed the lie.  The government overplayed their hand with a fake pandemic and Elon Musk bought twitter.

COVID was one gigantic lie built from dozens of smaller lies.  At first the lies worked.  Fear is a powerful weapon and it is hard to prove a negative.  No one could say what would have happened without the ridiculous lockdowns.  It was the vaccine lies that finally derailed the COVID agenda.  No matter how many times the government repeated the safe and effective lie people could see that it was not true.  They took the jab and got COVID anyway and worse yet many were injured or even killed.  Many people learned the hard way that the jabs were neither safe nor effective.  They learned that “experts” will lie if there is something in it for them.

Musk purchasing twitter was also crucial.  Until that point the government had a stranglehold on the truth.  It was easy to suppress truth.  The truth was always out there but it was not easy to find.  I was able to find dissenting opinions on climate change but I had to look for them.  Dissenting scientists had the data and the science on their side but they had no platform.  Now they do; and now the truth is reaching more people.  The cold hard truth is that there is no evidence that CO2 emissions are warming the planet.


Governments are struggling to keep the climate lie alive because people no longer trust experts and have access to real untampered information.  Skepticism is on the rise and it has emboldened some politicians to speak out.


Even the normally gullible and complacent Canadians are beginning to question the narrative.  All it took was for life to become unaffordable.


Trudeau’s goal was to make life expensive and he has succeeded.  Life for Canadians has become so difficult that Canadians are now questioning if saving the planet is more important than feeding their families.  The growing consensus is that it is not.

A majority of Ontarians rank the cost of living as a more pressing concern higher than protecting the environment

You have really lost control of the narrative when you can’t even fool Canadians anymore.  It took more than 3 decades but it looks as if finally the climate grift is ending.  This is good news for everyone except politicians and fake climate experts.

Different evil agendas, same end point

The COVID vax was not a mistake.  Everyone involved knew they were dangerous but the people in charge had an agenda that did not include public safety.


Politicians created the COVID panic largely for ideological reasons.  It was an election year in the US and a fake pandemic was the best way to derail the reelection hopes of Donald Trump.  Woke left wing governments in other western countries were desperate to get rid of Trump because the great reset was not possible with Trump.  Of course it also helped that faking an emergency would also produce multiple opportunities for theft.  They could all get rich getting rid of Trump.

The evil and corrupt political leadership in these countries found a willing partner in the Pharmaceutical giants.  Their agenda was different but synergistic to the Anti Trump political agenda.  To Pfizer Et al. a fake pandemic was an opportunity to profit from a dangerous technology that up until 2020 looked to be a complete right off.  Without a fake emergency they would never have been allowed to sell mRNA injections which had already racked up millions of dollars in development costs.

Big Pharma was also looking more long term than the politicians.  Their secondary objective was to dramatically lower development time and cost of all future products.  Why do safety testing when the authorities showed they were willing to hide damaging data?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released previously hidden reports of facial paralysis and other adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination.

The 780,000 reports were received shortly after the COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out and show that people experienced a wide range of post-vaccination problems, including heart inflammation, miscarriages, and seizures.

If we don’t push back we will be facing a future where every cold and flu season we are vaccinated with a product that was developed only days before.  People need to wake up and thankfully some have.  The Finnish government is being sued over the vaccine mandates.


We need much, much more of this.  The COVID jabs were the end point of the largest crime in history.  We cannot allow this to be the denouement.  This story needs to end with the guilty being punished.

Corrupt Politicians are Cheaper than Armies

History is full of megalomaniacs would tried to conquer the world.  All of those men had one thing in common.  They all failed.  Their armies always got stopped and eventually the empire they built fell.  It is not possible to control the world militarily.  Armies are far too expensive and visual.  Every conquered person knows who the enemy is.  The mighty US military could not even control Afghanistan for more than a generation.

A new empire is rising but this empire has chosen a different path.  Why spend money on armies when you only need to purchase a handful of corrupt politicians?  China has found they get what they want by installing puppets.  One of their early targets was Canada.  Canadians are only just learning now that China has been interfering with Canadian politics for years and as Lorrie Goldstein points out what we have learned so far is likely just the tip of the iceberg.

That is, does anyone seriously believe that hostile foreign states such as China confine their efforts at foreign interference to the federal level of government and only during federal elections?

For legal reasons Goldstein has to be polite.  He wonders if other politicians have accepted “help” from China.  My mind drifts a little more towards asking what kind of “help” did they receive.  Does anyone seriously believe that the Chinese help does not also include purchasing politicians?

Justin Trudeau is a Chinese asset.  Since becoming Prime Minister his net worth has ballooned.  There is no legitimate explanation for his wealth.  The Chinese own him and the only people who don’t seem to know it are Canadians.  Our allies certainly know it.  Increasingly Canada is excluded from sensitive meetings because no one wants to discuss defense capabilities when President Xi is in the room by proxy.

Canada has once again found itself on the outside looking in after some of its closest allies — the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia — announced the next phase of their new AUKUS security pact this week.

Trudeau was an easy target for china.  He is exactly what they look for in a western politician; stupid and corrupt.

“The CCP (Chinese Communist Party’s) assessment is that the Liberal Party leadership is astoundingly naive, remarkably uninformed and reliably unprincipled,” he said.

When it comes to controlling western politicians the Chinese know that stupidity helps but corruption is the key.  Corruption feeds on itself.  By purchasing Trudeau for a few million China has access to billions in Canadian tax revenue that they can use to purchase other politicians further down the food chain.  China is effectively purchasing Canadian Politicians with money stolen from Canadian taxpayers.

Canada’s finances are a mess.  This is on purpose.  The chaos is used to hide theft.  The Trudeau liberals publish fraudulent reports and budgets to hide all the ways they are misdirecting funds.

The inescapable conclusion is that the numbers in any budget document presented by this government cannot be believed and the credibility of the venerable Department of Finance is in tatters.

When you spend billions no one notices when millions go missing and Ottawa is a city where millions go missing every day.  Missing is not really the right word, however.  Trudeau knows where the money went.  There is a paper trail.  The money goes to the people China needs to help their sparkle sock puppet control the country.

The Trudeau government is paying up to $84 million to a company that employs Chief of Staff Katie Telford’s husband as a senior executive to administer its COVID-19 emergency commercial rent assistance program for small businesses.

By purchasing Trudeau China has been able to corrupt the entire government of Canada.  Canadians might not want to believe this but it is true.  Ottawa is a den of corruption.  Everyone is in on the theft.  That is how Ottawa, a city that produces absolutely nothing, has become the richest city in Canada.

Ottawa-Gatineau already had the highest median income of any Canadian metropolitan area before the pandemic, and the city widened its lead as COVID-19 restrictions clawed back earnings elsewhere, a new study suggests.

China effectively controls 40 million people and a G8 country simply by purchasing a handful of politicians and letting their greed do the rest.  And, don’t kid yourself, China is not happy just controlling Canada.  They are running the same play book in every other western nation.  That is why the media is full of stories of tax money vanishing.

Gavin Newsom’s California put billions of tax dollars into a cannon, aimed it in the general direction of homeless “expert” NGOs, lit the fuse, and walked away. The BOOM came when someone started asking questions about where the $24 billion went. That day of reckoning is finally here. And we learn that Gavin Newsom and his Democrat super-majority in this one-party state have no idea where it went or whether it did any good whatsoever.

The media cooperates by claiming no one knows where the money went.  That is not true.  China knows where it went.  Obedient pets like Gavin Newsom used it to purchase the loyalty of people they need.  Every western government is corrupt.  The further left the more corrupt.  That is just how China likes it.  Who needs an army when you have people like Trudeau and Newsom?  For the cost of one smart missile you can destroy entire countries.

Ivory Tower Tyranny

If you go to a climate protest and mingle with the climate alarmists you will find the crowd is not very diverse.  Everyone at the protest will fall in one of only 2 groups.

  1. Affluent, college educated people who live in large urban areas.


  1. The children of affluent, college educated people who live in large urban areas.

The people in these groups have a unique perspective on life because to put it simply they are clueless.  Their nonsensical degrees have taught them nothing about how anything really works.  They don’t understand the first thing about how energy is produced or used.  The people who do know how things work tend to live in rural areas that the urban elite look down their noses at.

We’ve also noticed that city dwellers have a tendency to use stereotypes as a crutch to disguise the fact that they know very little about how different people live their lives.

The urban elite are so clueless about anything outside of their bubble that even when they “study” the great unwashed in rural areas they still can’t come to the proper conclusions.  2 ivory tower academics in the US tried to explain why rural voters are not concerned with the boutique issues that top the list of concerns for the urban elite.  All they could come up with is that everyone outside the liberal bubble is just a terrible person.

In 255 pages, the authors chart the racism, homophobia, xenophobia, violent predilections, and vulnerability to authoritarianism that they claim make white rural voters a unique “threat to American democracy.”

Of course they came to these sweeping conclusions without ever leaving their university offices which has led some people to question the validity of the research.

It has also kindled an academic controversy. In the weeks since its publication, a trio of reviews by political scientists have accused Schaller and Waldman of committing what amounts to academic malpractice,

The urban elite are convinced of their own moral superiority.  To them the people who don’t care about climate change or other such woke causes are beneath them.  They are indifferent to the plight of others and they go out of their way to demonstrate it.

It was like a case study in indifference. There was privileged Gen Zer Greta Thunberg and other Euro eco-brats smiling and flicking peace signs as they called on the Dutch government to stop subsidising fossil-fuel companies. Meanwhile, the Dutch people, very few of whom are the offspring of opera singers with the ear of the world media, are suffering one of the largest spikes in energy prices in all of Europe. Their bills are through the roof.

The problem for ordinary people is not that the urban elite are clueless.  The problem is that governments and courts are full of these over educated under skilled idiots who are divorced from reality.  They hold all the power and they use it to force ever increasing levels of stupidity on a very weary public.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has delivered a landmark judgement, effectively ruling that governments have a duty to protect people from climate change.

Thank goodness a court has finally recognized my right to be safe from climate change.  The government has a duty to protect me from climate change.  I sure hope that means the government must shovel the snow out of my driveway every time the climate changes and starts snowing.  Seriously how do you become a judge and be so clueless that you think that governments have the same power to control the climate that god has?

For decades the lives of ordinary people have been made worse by these ivory tower idiots but there is reason for hope.  COVID pulled back the curtain.  The public found out that the decision makers really are as stupid as they appear to be.  They have lost all trust and people are more willing to question their decisions.  People no longer believe the climate narrative and it is only a matter of time before they discover they have been lied to.

When the public finally understands how they have been duped by climate alarm, there will be plenty that conservative politicians can do to rescue Canada from one of the greatest mass delusions ever. Meanwhile, grassroots conservatives must insist their leaders stop promoting climate alarmism through careless language and misguided policy recommendations.

Climate skepticism cannot come a moment too soon.  We need to stop letting the least capable people in our societies dictate climate policy or any policy for that matter.  The urban elite have never had anything to offer.  They should have never been given control over things they do not understand.

The prince of fools is a liar

Just yesterday I posted about how Trudeau’s lies about climate change are finally starting to be challenged.  In that post I stated that Trudeau lies about everything.  If you were not paying attention you might think that statement was a little hyperbolic but sadly it is not.  Justin Trudeau does lie about everything.  The man is simply incapable of telling the truth.

She says she’s mad at herself now for having once thought Trudeau is an “honest and good person, when, in truth, he would so casually lie to the public and then think he could get away with it.”

Last month I posted about how Trudeau continually lies about Canada’s pandemic performance.  It is true that Canada did outperform other countries in the spring of 2020 but that is only because COVID hit Canada so late in March that the first season of COVID was over before it really even started.  From the 2020/21 winter on Canada’s performance was not better than any other country.  We did the same stupid things and got the same horrible result.

So Trudeau lies about climate change and he lied about COVID.  Yesterday in a rare moment of actual journalism the Sun exposed another Trudeau lie.  Canada is not outperforming other nations when it comes to inflation.  Trudeau is just once again lying about what is really going on.

As months pass, Statistics Canada’s reports suggest that food inflation is easing, and prices are gradually stabilizing. However, many consumers are not experiencing this stabilization firsthand. This perceptual discrepancy has raised questions about the accuracy of Statistics Canada’s data on food prices.

For example, the February 2024 list of selected food products released by Statistics Canada last week shows significant differences compared to the prices observed in grocery stores. That list is always released a few weeks after the CPI. When comparing our list of prices with Statistics Canada’s data, we found that the Mean Absolute Error (MAE) between the two lists is 5.59. This means that, on average, prices reported by Statistics Canada deviate from the actual observed values by 5.59 percentage points.

The official government statistics on inflation have been completely fabricated by a man and a government that is incapable of telling the truth.  Even when you consider how incredibly gullible Canadians are it is difficult to understand why he has gotten away with this for as long as he has.  Since 2015 Canadians have not been told the truth once by our federal government.  It hasn’t even happened by accident.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. 

Canadian’s have elected the biggest liar in history 3 times.  What comes after “Shame on me”?

Trudeaus house of lies is crumbling and taking the climate narrative with it

There is a tax revolt slowly brewing in Canada.  The spark that ignited it was the latest increase in the Carbon tax.  Trudeaus first response was to pay a group of economists to conclude that the Carbon tax helped more than it hurt.  This lie was so obvious that no one believed the liberal house pet academics that told it.

The next step in the playbook when your fake experts strike out is to send in the fake journalists.  That is how Canadians go this article explaining that even if the academics lied for a paycheck, it does not matter.  Canadians are demanding action on climate change and the carbon tax is still the best thing to do.


Despite the misleading information noted in the letter regarding the carbon tax’s impact on our climate and its effect on our cost of living – specifically referencing the Bank of Canada’s erroneous calculations – the group certainly has the right to express its viewpoint.


There’s a growing demand for a definitive, measurable basis that proves the policy’s efficiency in curbing emissions without stunting economic growth.

The Trudeau liberals are just lurching from one lie to another.  Canadians are not demanding that emissions be curbed.  After 9 years of Justin Trudeau Canadians are concerned about feeding their families and don’t give a damn about emissions.  Most have already figured out that net zero will only make their lives even more difficult.


And, with each passing day more and more Canadians have come to realize the whole climate narrative is rubbish.


The Trudeau liberals are losing ground because they have failed to realize that this is no longer about carbon tax.  This has morphed into a pushback on all the liberal lunacy.

You almost have to give Justin Trudeau credit for accomplishing the impossible: That’s now twice in his calamitous and divisive tenure that he’s inspired often servile Canadians to come together, en masse, in protest of far-left policies of self-sabotage that only exist for the benefit of a vanishing few.

It’s why this Great Canadian Tax Revolt, still in its infancy, but growing each day, is of the utmost importance.

Canadians are not just questioning the carbon tax.  They are questioning why they pay taxes when they receive nothing in return.  Canadians want to know why we must pay private contractors to perform services that should have been covered by our taxes.

A group of 100 homeowners in North York hired a private security firm to patrol their neighborhood seven days a week.

Life in Trudeau’s Canada has been made unaffordable due to high taxes and poor government spending priorities.  Canadians are not demanding action on climate change.  They are demanding to know where the money went.  Why do we pay for police that provide no policing?

Trudeau can beat the climate drums as loudly as he wants but Canadians are no longer listening.  They have figured out that our silver spoon elitist prime minister has priorities that do not consider the needs of Canadians.  Even worse for Trudeau is that Canadians have finally realized that he lies.  Everything the man says is a lie.  Every policy is based on lies.  The climate narrative is crumbling because Trudeau’s house of lies is crumbling.

Dare to dream

I came across this video claiming the Italian health minister is under investigation for murder because he knew the COVID jabs were dangerous and concealed the information from the public.  I don’t know if this is true.  The only indication that I could find that it is true is that fact checkers have already declared it to be false.


Frankly I doubt this can be true.  I do not doubt that the health minister knew the jabs were dangerous because they all knew the jabs were dangerous.  What I doubt is that he will ever be investigated or punished.

All these officials are complicit in mass murder.  We do need investigations but not just into whether they concealed information.  I want to also know why they concealed information.  I have said from the very beginning none of this makes any sense if these public officials were not somehow profiting from their participation in the greatest crime in history.  There simply is no benign explanation for violating people’s rights to force them to take an experimental medication that they did not need.

They must have been paid to do this.  Why else would you participate in this crime?  The only proper end to this sad chapter in human history is criminal and financial investigations.  Is that report real?  Is this the beginning of the end to COVID tyranny?  Will the people who profited from murder finally be brought to justice?  I doubt it but a guy can dream, can’t he?

Our governments are evil because we are stupid

People are at their breaking points.  Many are posting emotional videos on social media describing their struggle to live in a world where life is becoming more and more unaffordable.  This video struck a chord with me because my children are about the same age as this young man and face the same challenges.


It is hard for young people to be optimistic about their future when every cent they make goes either to taxes or necessities.  We now live in a time when people are cutting back on food just to afford shelter.

Based on Canada’s Food Price Report 2024, an individual’s monthly expenditure for a healthy diet should be $339. Again, the current average monthly spending is $248. Until July 2021, Canadians were spending more on average than the desired budget to support a healthy diet. Since then, it has clearly been a challenge.

This is not the country I grew up in.  When I was my children’s age, I was optimistic about the future.  If you worked hard and were smart you could improve your lot in life.  Those days are over.  Now if you work hard all you can look forward to is more hard work.  So how did this happen?  How did we go from a country of opportunity to a country of wage slavery?  Well, the short answer is politicians, the more complete answer is stupidity.

My children’s future was stolen by politicians.  The politicians got away with the theft because the average voter is too stupid to know who is stealing from them.


That woman is not young, but she has the cognitive ability of a child.  How on earth could she believe the religious right sets the world price for oil or gasoline taxes?  The cost of living has nothing to do with the religious right.  The only religious group that has had any hand in this calamity is the Climate cult and their role was only as useful idiots.  If you want to know who to blame look to the politicians and the people who voted for them.

We collectively voted our way into this mess.  Theoretically we could vote our way out but that would mean everyone registered to vote would need to get way smarter before the next elections.  But that is not going to happen, and the politicians know it.  At one time politicians worried people were smart and they were forced to tell well crafted lies.  COVID showed them we are not smart.  Now they don’t even try to tell plausible lies.  They tell ridiculous lies because they know most people will not notice.  Here is the Prime Moron of Canada telling Canadians millions of people came into the country accidentally as temporary residents.

Canada traditionally admitted about 250 thousand immigrants per year.  Trudeau lied and said it was 400 thousand.  Then he lied again and told Canadians he does not know how so many temporary residents got into the country.  Trudeau told 2 ridiculous lies that many people will unfortunately believe.  There will be millions of adults who still vote for him believing that house prices will go down as soon as we stop accidentally allowing millions of people into the country.

I feel sorry for young people.  We caused this problem and I see no evidence that we are smart enough to fix it.  I don’t even see any evidence that we are smart enough to stop making it worse.

They won’t apologize because it wasn’t a mistake

5.7 billion People were given an unnecessary and poorly tested gene therapy.  The result was 10s of millions dying and even more being injured.  While governments continue to deny the connection every sane person on the planet knows this to be true.  The glaring truth of what happened prompted Tucker Carlson to ask why no one has apologized.


I suspect Tucker knows exactly why doctors have not apologized.  The COVID jabs were not a mistake that accidentally injured people.  The entire COVID narrative up to and including the jabs was a malicious lie and everyone involved knew it was a lie.


Doctors chose to participate in a lie. They did this for financial reasons.  They got paid to participate and would be punished if they did not.  Doctors chose their own financial security over the safety of their patients.  An apology would be an admission that for the right price they will do the wrong thing.  Who would see a doctor that placed so little value on patient’s lives?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for anyone to apologize for participating in the largest crime in history.  It is way past time for apologies anyway.  Now is the time for vengeance.  I am sure we get a lot of tearful apologizes once people start going to prison.