The deification of Dr. Mengele

Dr.  Bonnie Henry is the Public Health officer for the province of British Columbia.  She is also a psychopath.  Dr. Henry was one of the worst COVID tyrants in a country with a lot of people vying for that title.  BC is one of the few places in Canada that still has vaccine mandates even though Dr. Henry is very aware of vaccine injuries.  Leaked emails show she was completely unconcerned with serious injuries that were reported immediately after the Jab programs started.

In no sane country would Dr. Henry be allowed to practice medicine or have a position of authority that allowed her to hire other COVID criminals like Deena Hinshaw.  But, Trudeau’s Canada is not a sane country.  Not only is Dr. Henry continuing to abusing British Columbians, some people in the media are trying to elevate her to sainthood.  A new documentary about her has been released with a laughable misleading title.

“Our Time to be Kind.”

I gagged upon hearing the news. 

There was nothing kind about what Dr. Henry did during COVID or what she continues to do now.  At the same time that Dr. Henry was locking people down, she was implementing BC’s new safe supply regulations.  She locked people in their homes and then supplied them with drugs.  I will give you 3 guesses what happened.  If you did not guess thousands of over dose deaths you are wrong.

Another 198 British Columbians died from toxic drugs in July, according to data released Tuesday by the B.C. Coroners Service, bringing the death toll in the first seven months of the year to 1,455.

The safe supply regulations according to Dr. Henry were going to save lives.  That did not happen.  Remarkably giving addicts free drugs did nothing to help them with their addictions.  Since the introduction of this program overdose deaths have steadily increased which according to Dr. Henry is a really good reason to expand the program to include other deadly drugs.

A new report from Dr. Bonnie Henry has called on the B.C. government to broaden the availability and types of drugs that can be prescribed under the province’s controversial safer-supply program.

Dr. Henry is responsible for thousands of deaths.  She has the same basic medical philosophy as Dr. Mengele.  In what bizarre universe is that worthy of praise?

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Giving drug adicts free unfettered access to drugs is on par with counseling mentally ill or poor people to choose medically assisted suicide and mandating experimental gene therapy for a man made virus. The government is full of psychopaths who’s goal is to reduce population. The only thing more shocking is that the majority of people vote for these psychopaths.

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