The Politics of Massacres

Japan is a very interesting case.  Due to their diet the Japanese have a very high average vitamin D levels.  Vitamin D was identified as a dominant factor during COVID.  Prior to the jabs almost no one with a proper vitamin D level suffered from severe COVID.  That was certainly the case in Japan where they sailed through the first season of COVID with fewer excess deaths than normal.

Excess deaths In Japan started to trend up in February of 2021 which also coincided with Japan experiencing basically their first COVID deaths.

As you can see from the plot above COVID is over in Japan but the pandemic of excess deaths is not.  So what changed in February of 2021 that brought both COVID and other mysterious deaths to Japan?  I think everyone knows the answer to that.  Japan started using the COVID jabs in February of 2021.

Japan had absolutely no reason to use the Jabs but they did and the results have been horrific.  Or as this professor puts it, there has been a massacre.


Similar massacres have occurred in every country that mandated the jabs yet somehow jab mandates have not become a political issue anywhere.  A handful of politicians have spoken out forcefully but have failed to make it an issue.  People who might die 200 years from now due to climate change still dominate political discussions while people dying now get ignored.

The US is in an election year and the Jab mandates have not been discussed by anyone other than RFK.  The republican and democrat candidates have said nothing.  That is hardly surprising since both men are up to their eyeballs in the jabs and mandates.   Trump’s operation warp speed paved the way for the mandates that Biden enforced.  Both men have no desire to discuss the jabs but that which cannot continue won’t continue.  I doubt as Edward Dowd points out that they can continue to ignore the massacre.  It has affected far too many people to stay out of the election.


I Hope the Jabs finally become a political issue.  Trump has an out because he never forced anyone to take them although he has enthusiastically endorsed the jabs.  Biden’s out will be the same one he used in his stolen document case.  He is a doddering, senile, old fool who can’t even remember signing off on the mandates.


I would hate to be on either campaign team trying to spin this before November.   How do you defend a massacre?