We don’t even need to turn the lights out; renewable energy will do that for us

I have written many times about Canada’s decline.  It may seem repetitive but Canadians need to wake up.  Canada is headed for a very bad place and has been for a very long time.  We have had a succession of poor prime ministers more concerned about personal or party advancement than Canadian advancement.  Even Stephen Harper signed agreements that were not in Canada’s best interests.

The erasure of the Canadian dream is not a distant observation; it’s a reality I’ve seen unfold across generations, from my parents to my children.

No one person is responsible for the mess that we now find ourselves in but one man has done far more damage than everyone else.  That man is Justin Trudeau.  How this simpleton became the leader of a G8 country without obvious signs of election fraud is a mystery.  But he did become leader and now all Canadians are paying a heavy price for our own collective stupidity.  Canada’s economy is in a shambles.  Our GDP per capita is falling and money is fleeing the country.

In fact, Canada has been a net exporter of capital in this way since the mid-1990s. 

That balance has been growing more negative over the years. Even during the Harper years of 2010-15, though our resource sector was strong, our FDI balance was negative US$7.4 billion, meaning we were a net capital exporter. But during the Trudeau years of 2016-2022, FDI inflows fell 15 per cent while outflows rose 16 per cent. The negative FDI balance was -US$23.9 billion per year, three times higher than in Harper’s final five years.

Canada has been a bad place to invest for a long time and it got much worse under Trudeau.  It is small wonder investors don’t want to invest in a country that is trying to make telling the truth about energy a punishable crime.

Those who speak in favor of fossil fuels, or criticize plans to eliminate them, will face massive fines and possible prison time.

The economic damage done to Canada is bad but in any other country it could be reversible.  I fear that is not the case in Canada because Trudeau was not just content with destroying our economy.  He has actively been destroying the very fabric of the nation.  He has been dismantling Canada brick by brick with one senseless law after another.

If we are clear-eyed and look about us without preconceptions, we see a country embracing its own demise, one bill, enactment, levy, and piece of legislation after another.

In a similar vein, Niagara Independent journalist Chris George in his provocative pdf book “The Troubled State of the Nation,” asserts: “On Trudeau’s watch, Canada has been systematically deconstructed. Whether it is Canada’s fiscal and economic conditions, international position, justice system, or the authority of Parliament, on multiple fronts the Liberals continue to advance their post-national vision as if they were picking and unravelling the threads of a twined rope

This is hardly surprising given that Trudeau does not believe in Canada and does not even like Canadians.  He made his disdain for both clear on the election trail.  Trudeau expressed his dislike of “old stock European Canadians” a demographic that makes up more than 60% of the country.  Anyone who dislikes most of the people in a country obviously does not like that country and Trudeau as much as said so.  He called Canada a post national state.  He never explained what that was but it obviously means he does not consider Canada to be a nation state, just the ward of some global authority.

Trudeau told everyone he does not like Canada or Canadians and people voted for him anyway.  Canadians either don’t pay attention or are incredibly stupid.  We stood by and allowed him to turn a proud important country into nothing but a memory.

the term “Canada,” thanks to Justin Trudeau’s shabby and reprobate government, has become nothing more than a placeholder, a kadigan pastiche of what was once a real country, or as Chris George says, “a country with a glorious history.” And as he might have added, a post-national entity with a miserable future.

I can’t say it any better than that.  Canadians sat idly and watched as one man erased our country and our children’s future.  Every person who voted for that idiot Trudeau ought to hang their head in shame.