Again I Hope for Truth in 2024

For the last 3 New Years I have hoped for truth in the New Year.  Eventually truth does come out but each year I have been disappointed at how easy it has been for the government to continue to suppress the truth.  The only encouragement is that each year has been a little better than the last in terms of the volume of truth that has managed to leak.  Sadly though what should be a torrent is still a trickle.

Still there have been some bright spots largely thanks to a few brave individuals who do not owe their income to the government.  One such individual is Dennis Rancourt.  In this video he drops a few truth bombs about COVID and climate change.


In 10 minutes Dr. Rancourt makes several points that are more than just vaguely familiar.

There was no pandemic or emergency until the government started killing people and the whole thing was carefully planned.

The countries that used the lightest touch had the fewest deaths.  Most COVID deaths were not COVID deaths they were deaths due to government misadventure.

It appears the virus was released in multiple locations in the fall of 2019.  The virus was allowed to circulate without much fanfare.  This first release was necessary so that the virus would be easy to find when the plans were put in motion.  The second release came in February in Wuhan.  The virus was already circulating but the second release was necessary to provide a plausible origin story.

And, excess deaths are easily correlated to the vaccines and the boosters.

It is very interesting that Alberta is now seeing an odd spike in COVID cases since the start of vaccinations.  I call the spike odd because we are well in to spring so COVID cases should be dropping just as we saw last year.  Instead COVID cases are increasing.  Could it be that the vaccines are responsible for the surging cases?


Correlation is not causation so from this data you cannot say that the boosters are causing the increase in deaths.  It is however very suspicious that this seasonal virus now seems to follow vaccine programs rather that Mother Nature. 

I hope that in 2024 the truth will continue to be exposed and at some point I hope people start to get angry.  Dr. Rancourt is correct when he states that the government assaulted the citizens.  This cannot stand.  If they are not punished they will do it again.  Everyone’s New Year’s resolution should be to prosecute the pandemic planners.  Punish the murderers or wait to be a victim.  I don’t know about you but in 2024 I would rather see the former.

The most deadly virus is Government.

Lipid Nano particles have the ability to go anywhere in the body including crossing the blood brain barrier.  This means that where spike proteins get produced can be different in everyone.  So everyone can have a different reaction to the jab; different results and different potential injuries.  That is how the jabs produce over 2000 different side effects and why governments have been able to deny vaccine injuries for so long.  When the injuries are so different it is hard to believe they all have the same cause.

Fortunately people are starting to make the connections and now nearly 1 in every 4 Americans recognize that someone they know was killed by the jab.

A full 25 percent of Republicans said they knew someone personally who died from side effects of the COVID-19 jab.

Meanwhile, an almost equal 24 percent of Democrats and unaffiliated voters said they personally knew someone who died from side effects of the injections.

This slow public awakening is making it more difficult for government to deny jab injuries but that does not mean they have not stopped trying.  They know exactly what they have done and they know it is not over.  Their latest desperate attempt to avoid murder charges is to convince people that all future heart attacks will be caused by a new SARS COV-2 variant.

Research into the new strain known as JN.1, could cause “global healthcare risk” related to COVID-19, stating that it could start a “heart failure pandemic.”

The scientists are very worried because the ACE2 receptors in the heart can bind to the spike proteins.

Japan’s top research institute Riken has now issued a warning in the new report, which states that the ACE2 receptors, which the coronavirus clings to within human cells, are ‘very common’ in the heart.

I am not a medical researcher but knowing spike proteins bind to ACE2 receptors in heart muscle tells me jabs that promote unending spike protein production might not have been a good idea after all.

I have discussed this before.  Myocarditis and pericarditis are serious conditions that increase your chance of a future heart attack.  Just because your heart attack happens years after your jab does not mean the jab did not cause it.  The jabs are ticking time bombs.  We better start figuring out how to help the jab injured.  We could start by not blaming a new variant for damage the government has already done.

Trudeau can’t hide economic failure any longer

We get told a lot of lies mostly by the media and government.  The problem with lies however is that sooner or later the truth will intrude.  That is happening now in Canada.  For years the media lied to us about how great the country was doing with Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister.  That was never true.   Canada is a mess and that can’t be hid any longer.  People struggling to make ends meet won’t believe the lies any longer.

Justin Trudeau is an incompetent fool who should never have been allowed to run the country.  Trudeau’s incompetence could have been hidden by a competent supporting cast but Trudeau went out of his way to pick a cabinet that was just as stupid as he is.  Together this group of ideological nitwits has done irreparable harm to Canada and at no time did their self-professed virtuosity benefit Canadians.

To the left, diversity and inclusion trump competence.  They believe that their obvious moral superiority will magically provide for everyone.  In the words of the ultra-virtuous Justin Trudeau “the budget will balance itself”.

I wrote that in June when I pointed out that Canada’s GDP per capital has fallen ever since the day Trudeau took office.  For a while Trudeau was able to hide this failure by ramping up immigration and government spending.  The spending artificially inflated the GDP because for some bizarre reason economists count government spending when calculating GDP.  In the short term government spending can cover for failures but sooner or later people question where the money went.

The fiscally conservative Canadian Taxpayers Federation is one of the most dedicated monitors of rising federal spending. In comments to the National Post, federal director Franco Terrazzano summed up the state of federal finances thusly: “They’re essentially spending more money on everything forever.”

The same can be said about immigration.  Increasing the population does increase the size of the economy but not necessarily the GDP per capita.  That is the situation Canada is in.  GDP is growing but GDP per capita is falling.  The size of the pie is not increasing as fast as the number of people who want a piece of it.

By playing down per capita data, the Trudeau government is hiding Canada’s economic anemia behind an immigration boom

Once you adjust for population growth, it’s clear that our standards of living are actually declining at an unprecedented rate, which the federal government seems happy to ignore. This problem will almost certainly continue until the public starts to understand the economy in per-capita terms and demands more accurate economic indicators from its political leaders.

Immigration is a sacred cow in Canada.  Canadians are conditioned to believe that immigration is always a good thing.  But that is not true; immigration can be good or bad.  It depends on how you do it, and Canada does it poorly.  We cannot hide it any more immigration is harming our economy.

“I think you’d be hard-pressed to find any economist in Canada that doesn’t believe that the exceptionally high population growth rates we’re experiencing now have contributed to that decline in GDP per capita that we’re seeing,” Skuterud said.

“Some people are going to win, they’re going to benefit from increased immigration, while others are going to lose and so there are important changes in welfare within the population. And I feel like we’re not talking enough about that,” he said.

The dirty secret is that immigration is always win/lose situation.  If we take only the skilled workers and entrepreneurs we win and their home countries lose.  If we take only low skill workers then the home countries win and we lose because the newcomers will never pay more in taxes than they take from the system.

Canada used to emphasize skilled workers and entrepreneurs but successful people can’t be counted on to vote liberal.  The old system was thrown out in favor of family re-unification and diversity.  The new system admits more takers and fewer makers.  The takers can be counted on to do 2 things.  Vote liberal and make Canadians poor.

Immigration should be an economic decision not a partisan political decision.  Canada needs to go back to the old system that prioritized economic growth.  Countries are not charities.  Canada has no obligation to take people who make the rest of us poor just because they are likely to vote liberal.

Will Vax madness continue into 2024?

People started dying immediately after the COVID jabs were rolled out.  At first the deaths were attributed to COVID and with great chutzpah the government classified every victim as unvaccinated.  Shockingly people believed it.  The public accepted without reservation that people who had been unaffected by COVID for a year suddenly died of COVID right after receiving an experimental injection.

The COVID explanation was abandoned after people started dying from heart attacks and strokes.  The government blamed missing doctors’ appointments and climate change.  This time however not everyone accepted those explanations.  Even for people who normally don’t pay attention it was hard to believe that a fit 30 year old would have a heart attack from skipping a doctor’s appointment.  Especially since fit 30 year olds don’t tend to make doctors’ appointments in the first place.

Something was wrong and a few researchers not in the governments pocket started to take a closer look at the jabs.  These researchers easily correlated the jabs to heart attacks and even identified several mechanisms by which the jabs were causing them.  It has been proven now beyond doubt that the Jabs cause deadly heart attacks and strokes yet we still use them.

While some researchers were proving the jabs caused heart damage and strokes others were warning that immune suppression and contamination posed a cancer risk.  These people were initially dismissed as tin foil hatters, but evidence is mounting that validates their warnings.  Cancer is up; aggressive rapid (turbo) cancers are way up and researchers can now correlate them to the jabs.  This video is Jessica Rose discussing how as time goes on it is becoming more certain that the Jabs do cause cancer.


The longer this goes the worse the jab narrative becomes.  At this point the jabs have killed more people than the virus did; all without saving a single person from COVID.  How much more bad data do we need to see before we stop this?  Why on earth do people continue to trust politicians and bureaucrats who are obviously lying?  How many people do they need to kill before you see them for what they are?


Academics, bureaucrats, and politicians won’t solve this

Canada has a housing problem.  This problem has been building for a long time because for a very long time every level of Canadian government, municipal, provincial, and federal, have been passing laws that make it difficult to build anything in Canada.  Even if our current Prime Moron had not ramped up immigration we would eventually have had to deal with the cancerous fiefdoms we call government in Canada.

The problem came to a head much sooner than anyone expected because Canadians elected the least intelligent man in the country to run the government.  Justin Trudeau poured fuel on the simmering fire by ramping up immigration to ridiculous levels.

In 2014 — the last full year before the election of Justin Trudeau — Canada brought in 260,400 immigrants. And that was really high for the time. As Statistics Canada noted, it was “one of the highest levels in more than 100 years.” The figure easily ranked then-prime minister Stephen Harper as the most pro-immigration conservative leader on the entire planet.

A mere nine years later, 260,000 is a drop in the bucket. At current rates, that would account for just 52 days’ worth of immigration.

The housing crisis is not a difficult problem to understand.  It is simple supply and demand.  Demand was growing with population even before Fidel’s bastard took power.  Supply could not keep up with the growing demand because of the increasing supply of senseless government regulations.  Anyone outside of government who bothered to look could see this coming a mile away.  Why this was allowed to happen is what we really need to understand.

The problem was caused by government but the average Canadian is not blameless.  We allowed it to happen.  The average Canadian is simply apathetic and unintelligent.  We sat idly while each year governments made it more difficult to build anything.  At no time did we stop to think that a country that was already taking 250,000 immigrants per year should not prevent new construction.  Then when the problem became acute we accepted the most ridiculous explanations like blaming it on foreign investors.

Any impacts of the ban were short-lived, according to Brendon Ogmundson, the chief economist for the B.C. Real Estate Association. “The foreign buyer ban was more political than economic policy or housing policy,” he said.

Canadians accepted that a national housing crisis was caused by foreign investors owning 2% of the real estate in a couple of very select high price markets.  In typical Canadian fashion, when we discovered that Vancouver real estate investors were not the cause of housing shortages in Kitchener or Edmonton, we continued to blame the Vancouver investors.

“Canada’s ban was full of holes,” said Andy Yan, director of the City Program, a continuing education program focusing on urban planning and development at Simon Fraser University. “I would tell people it was more like cheesecloth than duct tape.”

According to that Vancouver academic the problem will either be solved by doing more of what never would have worked in the first place or for the government to own everything.

Singapore’s housing is 80 per cent public, compared to Canada’s, which sits closer to six per cent.

Really why can’t we do the same thing as Singapore a city state perched on a tropical island?  Why would the solution in a cold, sparsely populated, geographical varied, enormous country not be the same as the Singapore?  That, friends, brings us to the second reason this all happened.  Canadian politicians are not very smart and the only people they listen to are academics who are even less disconnected from reality than the politicians are.  This Calgary academic thinks the solution is to tear down the entire city center and start over.

“When I think about something really radical, an option has to be: do we tear down most of it and start again? To me, that has to be on the table as an extreme option.”

Due to completely different govern malfeasance and stupidity Calgary office vacancy rates are quite high.  University academics view this economic calamity as a great opportunity to do it all over.  There is only one problem with their vision.  Where is the money going to come from?

All the office towers in Calgary’s downtown core were built with private money.  Who is going to pay to tear them down and replace them with the envisioned idyllic neighborhoods?  Money is never a consideration for academics because they get their money from government.  All of their grand ideas start with the assumption that governments have an endless supply of money.  That is why politicians love to turn to academics for advice.  Their advice is always that the government must spend more money.

If government spending actually solved problems Canada would be the most problem free country in history.  In Canada money does not solve problems but it does create problems.  Canadian Governments have already spent a lot of money causing this problem.  This problem and many others will not be solved by money.  It will only be solved when Canadians finally pull their collective heads out of their collective buts and put a leash on government.

What we are up against

I mentioned previously that I joined Twitter/X after Elon Musk restored free speech on the platform.  I am still a Twitter neophyte but there are times I find it fascinating.  It gives me an idea about how people think (or don’t think for that matter) and what triggers them.  The COVID vaccines are a big trigger.  If you question the vax both sides will respond.  The pro-vax contingents will invariable pile on to call you an idiot.

I had just such an exchange yesterday that I want to reproduce for you here.  The final 51 word reply to me illustrates what an uphill battle we have trying to convince people they have been lied to.  I triggered @nancykat444 by stating there is no evidence that the jabs saved anyone.  Something I have detailed multiple times on this bog.  This was the post that triggered Nancykat.

Even if they drop all mandates the conversation is not over.  There is zero evidence that these things saved a single person from COVID while they harmed thousands.  People behind the mandates must go to prison.

Nancykat immediately accused me of being a lying ignoramus who does not, or presumable cannot, read.

Not remotely true.  The vax mitigated the illness for many who might have died if they had suffered a more severe infection.  This vax was mitigating, not eradicating.  Do a bit of reading.

I rarely respond back but in this case I did to explain that I do read and even think about what the numbers really mean.

The jabs did not prevent infection and did not change the infection fatality ratio. They did not improve your odds of surviving an infection they did not prevent.  I did read; I even did math.  Politicians and media lie, math doesn’t.

Nancykat was unimpressed and it is her (?) final response that I think perfectly encapsulate the convoluted thought process of the pro-vax side.

And why would they lie?  Problem is numbers can be massaged or misused. But facts can’t. And lies need a motive.  There is no motive. The vax saved my father in law.  91, frail.  He survived because he was protected against a worse case. Your tin hat crap is just that.

Nancykat dismissed my infection fatality ratio argument by stating that the numbers can be faked and the government would not lie.  Let’s stop and consider that for a minute.  The infection fatality ratio I refer to comes from dividing the number of deaths by the number of infections.  Both of those numbers come from government sources.  So what Nancykat said was that the government lied about the number COVID deaths and the number of COVID infections.  I tend to agree with her on that, but, to state that the government numbers are a lie and then go on to insist the government would not lie is more than a bit bizarre.  What kind of mental gymnastics must you do to believe both sides of completely contradictory statements?

Nancykat then believes she has delivered the coup de grâce with the now obligatory statement that she knows someone who absolutely would have died if not for the Jab.  How exactly do you prove a negative?  How do you prove what would have happened if her father in law had not been jabbed?  The only way you can possibly believe this is if every un-jabbed senior who got COVID died.  Nancy apparently does not know that prior to the vaccines more than 90% of seniors survived COVID.  But of course this ratio comes from government numbers which Nancykat believes are false because they come from a government that would not lie.

Merry Christmas everyone.  Please enjoy the holiday and rest up because it looks like you will need your energy in the New Year.  There are still a lot of Nancykats out there who still want the government to make your life miserable.

This was not just ordinary Government Stupidity

I have mixed feelings about Dr. David Martin.  He does a lot of tough talking about holding people accountable but I don’t see him or anyone else holding any of the COVID tyrants accountable.  I wish he would drop the tough talk and just do what he does best; unraveling the paper trail proving COVID was a giant conspiracy.


The government knew Remdesivir was toxic when they declared it the only acceptable treatment for COVID.  Remdesivir was used for hepatitis, Ebola, and HIV.  It failed every time and killed people who would not otherwise have died.  There was no reason to believe Remdesivir would work for COVID and every reason to believe it would kill people.  How come the only drug that doctors were allowed to use off label was one that we knew did not work and was extremely toxic?

The same is true for pseudo uridine.  The government knew it was harmful and that it was in the experimental COVID jabs.  Young healthy people who had no risk from COVID were forced to take an experimental injection that contained a known carcinogen.  Does that make any sense to anyone?

I have repeated this many times on my blog.  There is no way they could be this stupid.  Government had all the information they needed to know what they were doing was wrong.  There were no good reasons to use Remdesivir and many good reasons not to approve the jabs.

Before the vaccine programs began government knew the lipid nanoparticles could enter the lymph system.  This means the mRNA can go anywhere and enter any organ including the heart and brain.  The potential for severe side effects was limitless.  We were told the jabs were safe but in reality it would have been a miracle if they had not caused serious problems.  This did not concern a single Politician or Senior Bureaucrat.  There was simply too much money at stake to worry about the problems of peasants.

There can be no benign explanation for what governments have done for the last 4 years.  We are at war with our own governments and not enough people know it.


The Climate Cult will kill if we let them

When COP 28 was on dozens of young people were posting videos of them at the conference.  The gist of all the videos was always the world must do more.  We must eliminate the fossil fuels that transported these useful idiots to the expensive conference.

After viewing a number of these videos I wondered out loud to my wife “who is paying for this”?  These young people obviously do not have real jobs.  Their job is to attend these expensive conferences and post videos about how they are concerned for their future.  Clearly Environmental groups are footing the bill but where do they get their money?  Well from totalitarian governments that profit from the climate scam of course.

A climate-focused nonprofit with significant operations in Beijing has wired millions of dollars to fund climate initiatives and environmental groups in the U.S., according to tax filings first obtained by Fox News Digital.

China is praised at these meetings and by moronic leaders like Trudeau.  To them China is a leader because they fund environmental groups and build lots of green energy equipment.  The praise is misplaced because China does not use the windmills and solar panels they build, China uses Coal; more coal than the rest of the world combined and their consumption goes up every year.

The three largest coal producers in the world are China, India and Indonesia which account for a blockbuster 70% of global production. The IEA is convinced coal use will decline any day now, but China’s growth rate in coal use was 5% in 2023, and India’s was 8%. These are hardly signs of the plateau before the fall.

China builds windmills and solar panels to sell to their geopolitical enemies.  They make money disrupting the power grids of their enemies.  China must think the west is full of idiots and I must agree with them.  There is not a lot of evidence that western politicians, and the people how vote for them, are not mentally handicapped.  Thankfully though, there are signs that people in the west are finally engaging their brains and realizing what a dangerous scam the climate movement is.  Eliminating fossil fuels is the most expensive way to destroy your country.

Who is going to pay for this? This is simply not possible, unless people want to see the Canadian economy in ruins.

Without fossil fuels, life as we know it would not be possible. State-of-the-art lifesaving medical equipment comes from fossil fuels and critical minerals from mining. Critical infrastructure, vehicles, planes, trains, container ships, ferries, and the billions of household necessities we buy from Canadian Tire, Walmart, Amazon and Ikea come from fossil fuels and help us function in our everyday lives. Without these needs we simply do not prosper.

Remarkably that quote is from a Canadian news agency.  Justin Trudeau gives tax dollars to “accredited” media so that they will support his narrative.  Usually it is not a problem so the fact that the national post would dare to write this tells you how incredibly unwise eliminating fossil fuels is.

It seems that finally the climate lunatics have gone too far.  Even bought and paid for media won’t parrot their lies any longer.  The unspoken (until now) truth is that eliminating fossil fuels is the most dangerously stupid idea to ever come out of the climate cult.  Eliminating fossil fuels won’t just destroy economies and standard of living it will also result in mass starvation.

“4 billion people are dependent on fossil fertilizer for food,” Lomborg notes.

“Without, 4 billion will starve to death.

“It is time to call out the astoundingly destructive & misanthropic campaigners,” he declared.

After 30 years we are finally hearing the truth about the climate cult.  It is a death cult built around fraudulent science.  We should have laughed these lunatics out of the room 30 years ago when they claimed that rising CO2 concentrations would destroy the earth, something that never happened in the past when CO2 levels were much higher than they are now.  Climate alarmism is dangerous.  It is time to put an end to this stupidity before people die because of it.

I remember when the west was worth fighting for

NATO is losing their proxy war with Russia.  Most countries are quietly trying to ignore this humiliating defeat and distance themselves from the war.  Within most of those countries though there are still politicians pushing to expand the war by sending their own troop to the Ukraine.  There are 2 obvious problems with this strategy however.

  1. NATO has no weapons; their armories are empty. We have already sent everything we had to Ukraine.  The weapons that Ukraine did not sell on the black market have all been either used or destroyed by Russia.  The weapons that were sold on the black market to our enemies are now causing new tensions in the Middle East.  New wars that we also don’t have resources to deal with.
  2. NATO also has no soldiers. Every NATO country is finding it difficult to recruit new soldiers.

Recruitment is a long-term issue for the British military, with deteriorating pay and conditions, and even quality of life issues like a sustained loss of traditions in recent decades running down the factors that help bring in new troops and retain them.

Recruitment shortages are relatively new phenomena.  In the not too distant past it was not difficult for any western country to find patriotic volunteers.  Those days are over and the overgrown children running NATO countries are searching for answers.  Their dedicated search is, as per usual, ignoring the bloody obvious; Western Countries are no longer worth fighting for.

Why would anyone fight for a country like Canada where the only thing that concerns the government is the perception of corruption and not the actual corruption?

Canada faces “increased perceptions of corruption,” a new Department of Public Safety report says.

“Gaining and retaining public trust remains an ongoing challenge for institutions in Canada,” then-ethics commissioner Mario Dion wrote in his 2020 Annual Report to Parliament.

Destroying the perception of corruption is easy, just end the corruption.  And, while you are at it, why not re-institute rule of law that was destroyed to facilitate corruption?  Military recruiting might not be so difficult if we did not trample peaceful protesters with horses while we let violent protesters victimize whoever they want.

Pro-Hamas protests have been permitted to block traffic, close stores and frighten patrons and owners, and vandalize property. And now we have explicit death threats in front of inert useless cops. Which alienates decent citizens without winning over thugs wrecking kids’ visits to Santa.

The financial corruption that the Trudeau liberals are up to their necks in would never have been possible without judicial corruption.  For decades Canada has been appointing left wing activists as judges.  Activists who believe their job is to ignore law when it gets in the way of their social engineering.

As Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin once burbled, “My job is simply to listen to what the parties have to say, and to do my best to understand the position, the ramifications of deciding one way or the other, to think about what’s best for Canadian society on this particular problem that’s before us.”

Not about what the law says, or precedent, or those silly old individual rights. “What’s best for Canadian society on this particular problem.” Judges are social engineers, and police are sociologists with sidearms. Death to Jews.

Every institution in Canada is hopelessly corrupt and Canada is no different than all the other woke western countries.  They all suffer under bloated governments who abandoned the idea of serving the people long ago.  Western governments are full of people who serve themselves and have corrupted every institution during their quest for personal financial gain.

Changing the politicians will not change the outcome.  The roots are rotten.  We need to eliminate it all and start over fresh.  The courts, bureaucrats, and politicians it all has to go.  We need to start over with far less governments and rules that make it difficult for corruption to take root again.  Barring that we will never have anything worth fighting for.

There is money in sickness and we now have a lot of sick people

A health insurance company in Switzerland has released data showing a dramatic uptick in Swiss citizens receiving cancer treatments.  They are now paying for nearly twice as many cancer patients as they were in 2020 and 2019.  There was a step change in Cancer treatment payouts that started in 2021 and carried on in to 2022.  What could possibly have caused this?

As it turns out 2021 was a very bad year for public health in Switzerland.  It was not just Cancer that increased, heart attacks and strokes went through the roof.

In 2017, 33,339 people stated that they had had a heart attack, 27,584 for stroke and 116,603 for cancer.

In 2022, however, there were 170,000 cases of heart attack, 124,515 cases of stroke and 460,771 cases of cancer.

Is it just me or does all of this sound vaguely familiar?  Cancer, heart attacks, strokes are all up and the only people talking about it are the insurance companies.  Surely doctors are seeing this as well.  Why aren’t they talking about it?  Perhaps it is the difference in financial motivation.  Sick people cost health insurance companies money but sick people make doctors wealthy.

Doctors are making out like Bandits.  First they got money to vax everyone and now they are making money treating the vax injured.  Pfizer has also been very quick to capitalize on their crime.  First they bought a company that has drugs to treat myocarditis and then they bought a company that produces cancer medications.

Are you tired of this yet?  None of this was for your safety.  It was about making money by making you sick.  Most people have seen through this ruse and are no longer taking the toxic COVID boosters but it is already too late for some.  Millions have been injured and the medical establishment responsible for it is still making money off their victims.

It is not enough just to stop taking boosters.  People need to start going to prison.  Their assets need to be seized to pay for the medical treatments of their victims.