The Dumb ages will end in economic collapse

In the last week I have seen 3 articles about how immigrants are abandoning Canada at a time when Canada is rapidly expanding immigration.  The articles from the Canadian propaganda industry are meant to make Canadians feel ashamed that they are not doing more for immigrants but the reasons immigrants give for leaving Canada are not specific to immigrants.

Sagar struggled to find work in his field. He eventually got an administrative job at Statistics Canada, but he felt frustrated at not being able to use his training and education.

“I never would’ve thought I would have to struggle in my life professionally or financially,” he says.

New immigrants find housing too expensive and job opportunities too few.  In short they have the same financial struggles as every other Canadian.  Canada is no longer a good destination for immigrants because the Trudeau liberals have destroyed the Canadian economy with climate taxes and woke ideology.  Canada is failing because Justin Trudeau is so remarkably incompetent.

Under Stephen Harper Canada’s GDP per capita grew to match that of the United States.  Under Justin Trudeau GDP per capita has fallen at a time where American GDP per capita continues to rise.  The difference between the two men is not as philosophical as you might think.  Although branded hard right by the hard left Canadian Media Stephen harper is no such thing.  At best Harper can be considered center left.  If you don’t believe me go read his autobiography and judge him by his own worlds.  Harper actually states that small government is impossible.  Does that sound hard right to you?

The difference between Harper and Trudeau is competence.  Harper was competent; that is what made him look hard right.  Competence is so rare on the left no one could believe Harper was not right wing.  Competence is rare on the left because it is not valued by the left.  To the left, diversity and inclusion trump competence.  They believe that their obvious moral superiority will magically provide for everyone.  In the words of the ultra-virtuous Justin Trudeau “the budget will balance itself”.

But in the real world budgets do not balance themselves and organizations do not run without competent people.  Canada’s decade of promoting incompetence and demonizing competence is destined for catastrophe.  It is only a matter of time for the entire farce to collapse.

What happens with the competent retire, burn out or opt out? It’s a question few bother to ask because the base assumption is that there is an essentially limitless pool of competent people who can be tapped or trained to replace those who retire, burn out or opt out, i.e. quit in favor of a lifestyle that doesn’t require much in the way of income or stress.

When it comes to stupid ideas Canada is always well ahead of the curve but abandoning competence is not a uniquely Canadian phenomena.  Our Neighbors to the South are currently suffering through the most incompetent administration in their history as well.  The Biden administration is so incompetent that the media is forced to redefine success to cover for him.

On paper, the Biden administration has racked up some impressive achievements: more than 6 million new jobs were created, a single-year record. Unemployment dropped from 6.2% to 3.9%, another single-year first.

Biden has the first majority non-white Cabinet in history and presides over the most diverse administration in history. He passed a massive COVID-19 relief bill and an expansive infrastructure package many previous presidents tried and failed to achieve.

Now allowing people to go back to work after preventing them from working is a success.  As is hiring based on race and spending unprecedented amount of money.

The dumb ages will end with collapsed economies and poverty.  We have no one to blame but the voters.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Ayn Rand warned against this ideology in “Atlas Shrugged” about 70 years ago. It was a warning, but was used as a roadmap by our governments.

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