The Freedom Convoy could use a politician who understands Freedom

The media is going to ridiculous extents to try and discredit the Freedom convoy.  Now they are trying to say that Putin is behind the protest.


This woman does not know how ridiculous she sounds.  The name of the protest is the FREEDOM Convoy.  The only thing the protesters want is for the government to respect our constitution and return rights that were stolen.  According to the “journalist” Vladimir Putin is now financing and supporting freedom, rule of law, and human rights.  If I believe this “journalist” then the only politician in the world who supports democracy is Vladimir Putin.

While the media is desperately trying to demonize people who want their rights respected “conservative” Politicians are pretending to have been against the COVID restrictions all along.  Here is Leslyn Lewis.


Leslyn Lewis made a bid for the leadership of the conservative party.  She ultimately lost to Erin O’Toole who has turned out to be entirely useless as a leader.  I did not agree with everything Leslyn Lewis said but she was the only one in that race that I could have supported if I was a party member.  In that quick interview she almost gets it right but still hints the mandates are ok if they serve public health.  Even she does not get it.  Our government should never be able to suspend our rights and the right to bodily autonomy is the most fundamental of all rights.

If these “conservative” politicians really want to show support for this protest and human rights there is something simple yet powerful that they can do.  Not all of the trucks in the convoy have made it in to the center of the capital.  The Ontario Provincial police have illegally prevented thousands of trucks from entering the Capital.  These fake “conservative” politicians who want to attach themselves to this protest could start raising hell.  They should be on every media platform calling our Doug Ford and demanding the Truckers be allowed access to the parliament buildings.

The Parliament buildings are paid for from taxes taken from these truckers.  The People do not work for parliament, Parliament works for the people.  Unfortunately there does not seem to be a single politician in this country that understands that.

Fearful Canadian Politicians still don’t want to abandon COVID Tyranny.

The Freedom convoy has got some politicians running and hiding like our feckless Prime Minister who has been moved to an undisclosed safe location.  Other Politicians have seized on the convoy as an opportunity to preen in front of the cameras.  Here is Pierre Poilievre.


Pierre Poilievre effectively pushed back on a dishonest CBC reporter trying to discredit the protesters but Pierre I need to tell you it is too little too late.

I used to think favorably about Pierre.  He was the most effective federal opposition politician.  Every day he stood up in parliament and exposed the hypocrisy and incompetence of the Trudeau Liberals.  Then along came COVID and nothing changed.  It was business as usual.  Poilievre continued to lament the sorry state of Canada’s finances without ever once mentioning that the obvious solution was to drop COVID restrictions.

Poilievre like every other politician in Canada continued to push the fiction that eliminating individual rights was absolutely necessary, it just could have been managed better.  All he was promising was a more efficient form of Tyranny.  Even in this video Poilievre defends the trucker’s right to protest but he is still careful not to take a stand.  He did not say, and as far as I know has never said, that the COVID restrictions are wrong.

There is no doubt Poilievre is a skillful politician he is able to appear to support something without actually supporting it, just in case the winds change.  Canada is full of skillful politicians.  They are a dime a dozen and we do not need a single one of them.  So Pierre thanks for your spirited defense of the right to protest but your time is up.  Resign and go away; professional politicians like you got us in to this mess.  We can clean it up without you.

Pierre has been a big disappointment to me.  I had hoped he would be better but he is not the worst offender latching on to the freedom convoy to steal a little valor.  The worst offender has to be Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe.  Yesterday Scott Moe release this letter calling on the Federal government to drop the vaccine mandate for cross border truckers.

On the surface this is a great development but it is really just Scott Moe deflecting blame.  Scott Moe wants Trudeau to drop his federal Vaccine mandate while Saskatchewan still uses vaccine passports.  In his letter Scott Moe admits that the vaccines do not reduce transmission.  This he says is the reason for dropping the cross border trucking mandate.  Well Scott it is also a reason for you to drop your vaccine passports and you just admitted it in writing.

In the press conference Scott Moe did state that the vaccine passports would be phased out in the not too distant future.  That is not very definite, what does that mean?  Two weeks to flatten the curve is now approaching 2 years, is 2 years the not too distant future?  Why wait?  Scott Moe just admitted that there is no rational behind the Vaccine passports but he won’t get rid of them yet.  He wants to wait and see what happens.  If the Freedom Convoy loses steam and people go home, Saskatchewan will still have vaccine passports and worse for the foreseeable future.  Scott Moe is the same as every other Canadian Premier. He is a complete waste of flesh with no redeeming qualities as a human being.  Our country would be better off without him.

Freedom Convoy 2022

I found out yesterday that a friend of a friend is travelling with the freedom convoy.  I contacted her yesterday and she is willing to send pictures and information from the convoy and rally.  I hope to have everything on my site soon.  Stay tuned.

Canadian Truckers Patron saints of Freedom

Canadian governing politicians are running scared.  The government of Nova Scotia has made it illegal to stand beside a highway and cheer for truckers.

The Convoy coming from the east left Nova Scotia days ago.  The government is obviously worried that this protest will build and more truckers will make their way to Ottawa.  The official narrative is that the Trucker protest is a fringe movement so the last thing they want to do is have pictures and video of crowds cheering them on.

This “fringe” movement has governments scrambling to control the narrative.  I have heard from people in the protest that the Ontario provincial police are harassing protesters as they cross the border and Doug Ford has turned of traffic webcams to keep people in the dark.

When the people fear the government, there’s tyranny. When the government fears the people, there’s liberty. — Thomas Jefferson



It really does appear that Canadian Politicians are afraid.  This is the most promising development in my lifetime.  Canadians are very docile people.  Two generations of public school indoctrination has turned us in to cattle.  I have watched in dismay my whole life as our government grew and our liberties shrank.  I know a few people who were similarly dismayed but the vast majority could not see a problem until now.  The government has finally overstepped and we just might resuscitate freedom in Canada.

It is not surprising that we find ourselves here today.  Our public schools have done a very good job at indoctrinating Canadians while Klaus Schwab played puppet master.  This video is from Alex Jones.  I know Alex Jones can be off putting to some but you don’t need to listen to him.  Start the video at the 5:10 mark and listen to Klaus Schwab himself boast the Justin Trudeau and more than half his cabinet are Schwab acolytes.

The erosion of freedom in Canada has been going on for a long time.  The first Trudeau communist (Pierre) started the ball rolling by passing a charter of rights that defined rights as privileges that the government can remove at their discretion.  Now Canadians have foolishly allowed the second Trudeau communist (Justin) to hold the reins of power and stock the highest positions in our government with people who believe that you should own nothing.

Canadian truckers are fighting to turn the clocks back and restore our rights and freedoms.  If they are successful I have only one thing to ask of Canadians.  This time don’t give your rights away for hollow government promises.  Don’t give them away for anything.

The CBC wants Canadian’s to know that Big Brother is watching

The Canadian legacy media has done their level best to ignore the truckers’ protest but the protest has grown too large and garnered too much international attention to ignore it any longer.  First Laura Ingraham interviewed Theo Flurry and now Tucker Carlson has interviewed one of the organizers.


Ignoring the protest has not worked so the legacy media has been forced to change gears.  The tactic now is to discredit and marginalize them.  The CBC jumped to the task this morning.

The CBC finds it somehow sinister that people are donating to the truck convoy under aliases.  They can find no legitimate reason for doing so.  The CBC is the largest news organization in Canada and they receive 1.5 billion dollars in taxpayer funding every year despite the fact that very few Canadians watch the CBC.

You would think with their gigantic staff and budget the CBC could find at least one reason for donors to be using aliases.  Could it simply be that donors were worried a government funded entity, like the CBC, would comb through the donor lists looking to dox donors?  A police state like Canada does not just use the police.  Sometimes the government sends the CBC in to do their dirty work.

The CBC was also perplexed by the number of times Justin Trudeau and Theresa Tam seem to have donated to the truck convoy.  1.5 Billion Per year and their army of “investigative journalists” can’t even find Irony when they stare it in the face.

The worst thing in the CBC’s eyes however was that many of the donations came from outside the country.  They think this is iron clad proof that the protest is artificial and therefore not legitimate.  Congratulations to the CBC, this fund has only been around for 4 days and they have gotten to the bottom of a great scandal.  International donors are corrupting Canadian politics by helping to raise a fund equivalent to $100 for every truck in the protest.  The CBC is very concerned about $100 of foreign financing, after all everyone knows that money is way more powerful when it comes from foreign donors.  How else can you explain how $100,000 in Russian financed Facebook adds Trumped (pun intended) the $1,200,000,000 Hillary Clinton spent on her campaign.

I am happy that the CBC has discovered an interest in how international money has corrupted Canadian domestic politics.  Maybe now they will investigate the millions in international funding the anti-oil groups have been receiving yearly for decades.  Or better yet maybe they can investigate the 100s of millions that the Trudeau foundation has been accepting from international donors.  Maybe they could even explain why international donations to the Trudeau foundation ramped up so dramatically immediately after Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister.

I don’t think I will hold my breath waiting for the CBC to investigate the obvious corruption swirling around the green movement or the Trudeau family.  The CBC has way more interest in the $10 a Saskatchewan farmer may have donated to the truck convoy that the $10,000,000 a foreign government lobbyist may have donated to the Trudeau foundation.  I will however save some of my tax money by saving the CBC some time.  To the army of CBC reporters assigned to comb through the freedom convoy go fund me page, please listen carefully.  Yes that is my name on the list, I am a Canadian citizen and I did donate that money.  I had intended it to be a one-time donation but now that I know you are watching I have an overwhelming urge to donate again.


A Defining Moment in History

Wow, as I was publishing my last post about how the truck Convoy has frightened Justin Trudeau a friend sent me this.

Justin truly is worried.  So worried he is using COVID as a reason to hide from the protesters arriving in Ottawa today.  He is throwing our de facto prime minister, Chrystia Freeland, to the wolves.

Justin Trudeau is undeniably a moron.  To avoid a protest centered on vaccine mandates our vaccinated and boosted Prime Moron is pretending to have COVID.  Doesn’t this just prove the truckers point?  Vaccines and boosters make no difference.  If they did how the hell did Justin get COVID?

2020 to 2022 is destined to be remembered as the most stupid period in Human history.  When describing this period every history book will use a picture of Justin Trudeau.

In Praise of Truckers

There is a massive Truck Convoy arriving in Ottawa today.  I have not said much about it because I was not sure it would make any difference.  We have seen leaders elsewhere in the world ignore massive protests and continue destroying democracy.  The only place anything has changed is Britain and that is only because Boris Johnson is in trouble personally.  It had nothing to do with any protests.

That is what makes it so easy for politicians to ignore protests.  Protests do not inconvenience their own lives.  Successful politicians are largely sociopaths.  They have no empathy for others.  The only suffering that matters to them is their own suffering.  Our Prime Minister is undoubtedly a sociopath.  He has little to fear from a blockade of Ottawa.  He has access to a fleet of government jets that insures his own pantry will never go empty.

For those reasons I thought the truck convoy was noble but doomed to ultimately fail.  I don’t believe that anymore.  The convoy has touched a nerve with Canadians and Politicians are reacting nervously.  First we have the Prime Moron trying to dismiss a protest involving more than 500,000 people as a fringe movement.


I especially like the part where he awkwardly explains that disagreeing with the government is unacceptable and that Canadians understand that eliminating our rights is the best way of ensuring our rights.  I am sure that makes perfect sense to anyone who was stupid enough to vote for this moron in the first place.

The prime Moron is nervous enough to dispatch his media dogs to marginalize the protest.  Here is the National Post jumping to his aid.

According to the obedient Canadian media you have no right to be upset about our government’s unlawful behavior.  Well that settles it then the truckers should just pack up and go home.  Better yet they should roll up their sleeves take the jab and be good little boys and girls just like “journalists”.

The Prime Moron is nervous because the court Eunuchs are getting uppity.  Two western Premiers have seized on the convoy as a way of deflecting blame from their own tyrannical behavior.  Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has come out urging Justin Trudeau to use common sense.

My only question is how will Jason Kenney recognize common sense?  He has none of it himself.  I doubt he knows what it is.  I am sure if he was confronted with common sense it would be confusing and disorienting for him.

Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe has also jumped on the deflection bandwagon.  Here he is very clearly explaining why the trucker mandate is unnecessary.


The Problem for Scott Moe is that everything he says about the trucker mandate also applies to every one of his government’s COVID rules.  Unvaccinated nurses were also heroes that worked through the pandemic; how many of them did he fire?

It would be impossible to be more disingenuous than Jason Kenney and Scott Moe.  They own the supply chain crisis just as much as Justin Trudeau.  Their own ridiculous, unlawful, unnecessary COVID restrictions have been hampering the supply chain for nearly 2 years.  If they were really worried about the supply chain they would drop all provincial COVID restrictions.  These two terrible human beings are just seizing the opportunity to deflect blame from their own horrible decisions.  Still it is encouraging to see them kick the prime minister when he is down.

It is not the political opportunists like Scott Moe and Jason Kenney that fill me with hope.  I get my hope from political opportunists like Bob Benzen.

Bob Benzen and every other MP and MLA in the country have offered nothing other than stone silence for the last 2 years.  They sat on the sidelines and watched mutely as the Prime Minister and Premiers destroyed Canada.  Now many of them like Benzen are speaking out.  This did not happen until the Truck Convoy started to gather public support.  Bob Benzen and the other court eunuchs did not suddenly grow a pair.  The winds are changing and they can feel it.  They are desperately scrambling to get to the front of the parade so that they can claim to be leading it.

The problem for Canadian politicians is that Canadians already know the truckers are leading this parade.  This is the most hopeful thing that has happened in my country in my lifetime.  For nearly 6 decades I have watch Canadian Government grow like a cancer.  Who thought it would be truckers that cut the cancer out?

The only reason to take a COVID Vaccine is because your Government wants you to

If facts actually mattered the latest report out of Scotland should finally destroy the case for vaccination and boosters.  The vaccine narrative continues to change as facts on the ground contradict the government/media narrative.  First we were told that vaccines would prevent infections and stop transmission.  This was an odd claim because none of the vaccine manufacturers said this.  They all maintained that the vaccines would lead to less serious diseases.  By default that means vaccinated people would still get sick and transmit the virus and that is exactly what we have seen.

The vaccine narrative had to change so then we were told that the real reason that we must vaccinate is to protect hospitals from being overwhelmed.  The vaccine might not keep you from getting sick but it will keep you out of the hospital.  Once again our leaders are lying; are they even capable of the truth?  Here is the data from the latest Scottish report showing the hospitals are full of vaccinated and boosted people.

73% of all Patients in the hospital because of COVID are vaccinated 40% are even boosted.  Apparently the vaccines protect neither you nor the hospitals, so why are we using them?

Obviously you can’t keep this scam alive unless the narrative changes again.  The vaccine narrative might be the only thing that mutates more quickly than the virus.  I am sure now we will be told that boosters don’t keep you out of the hospital but they do keep you from dying.  The data still shows at least that much.

In Scotland Boosted people are far less likely to die than unvaccinated people.  The fly in the ointment is that double jabbed people are more likely to die than unvaccinated people.  It is hard to take your 3rd jab without taking the first 2.

The fact that boosted people are not dying right now is not a testament to the effectiveness of the boosters.  It is more a function of the temporary protection afforded from vaccines and boosters.  The initial 2 doses give 4 to 6 months protection.  The 3rd shot offers less than 3 months and when the protection wears off it disappears quickly.  Look what has happened in Alberta over the last 4 weeks.

Most new admissions to the ICU are fully vaccinated some even boosted.  The Government desperately wants you to be vaccinated and boosted.  Some people will be tempted by the numbers that show the boosters still prevent death.  These people need to realize that COVID is not the only way to die.  The temporary protection from the vaccines comes at a horrible cost.  For most people the risk of the vaccine is far higher than the risk of the virus.  Something that Dr. McCullough points out in his recent testimony.


Vaccines and Boosters make no sense for almost everyone.  Coercing people in to taking them is a criminal offense.  They do not keep you out of the hospital or keep you from dying.  They just keep you from dying of COVID and the risk of dying from COVID is not that high.  As this nurse points out she saw far more people die of government enforced medical neglect that she saw die from COVID.


The biggest killer as always is government.  Why the hell would your trust known murderers with your health?

A Pandemic of Bureaucracy

I found this video a couple of days ago.  It was very encouraging to see that even left wing lunatics are starting to understand the real root of the problem.


The only thing she got wrong was that the science has not changed that much in 2 years.  2 years ago the science was already clear that we should not have done any of this.  That’s what makes it so criminal.  The left is making excuses now for their previous inexcusable behavior.  That is OK with me.  I will still take the win.  Even normally dopy and docile Canadian Journalists are starting to see the light.  This column is by Licia Corbella.  I have previously bestowed the honor of COVIDiot of the week on Licia for her moronic coverage of this manufactured emergency, now even she is coming around.

It took 2 years but we are finally discussing the real problem.  The sorry state of health care in Canada.  The same reason is given for everything.  Masks, lockdowns, and vaccines are critical to protect our health care system.  This is 100% Bat shit (or bat virus) crazy.  The point of a health care system is for it to protect us not the other way around.  Why do we pour billions every year in to a system that we cannot use when we need it?

A better question is why have we not done anything about the capacity issues in the last 2 years?  We have spent billions on utterly useless COVID mitigation measures even though every day we are told the problem is hospital capacity.  How did paying people to be unemployed increase our hospital capacity?  Or better yet, how does firing unvaccinated workers increase our hospital capacity?

There are 2 reasons that the capacity issue has not been addressed.  Licia points to the first one.  There is simply too much inertia in the system due to the incredible mass of our bloated health care Bureaucracy.  Why does Canada need 20 times per capita as many Health Care bureaucrats as Germany?  This problem of bloated bureaucracy permeates every aspect of Canadian Government.  Our governments are simply too large.  The real Canadian legacy is that Canadian taxpayers pay for Cadillacs and receive only a used Lada.  Too much of our taxes go to salaries of people who do nothing other than get in the way.

So reason one is just incompetence that is endemic to a bloated Bureaucracy.  Incompetence is painful but easy to fix.  We have not done it because of Reason two.  There has been no attempt to streamline and add system capacity because our government is getting the result that they desire.  Reason two is naked self-interest and unadulterated evil on the part of our leaders.

I have been saying this for months now.  Money must be changing hands.  Why else would they be doing this?  Most people do not want to believe that our politicians would intentionally hurt others for their own personal gain.  I don’t know why they cling to this belief after 2 years of tyranny.  These people are sociopaths.  They are not bothered that their pursuit of wealth has killed people.  They believe those people to be beneath them and as such are expendable.  Incredibly they are not even shy about saying that out loud.


The people behind this tyranny are firm in their belief that they are elite and therefore superior to us.  To them our sole purpose is to serve them.  If some of us die in that service then so be it.  It is time to remind all of these sociopaths that all men are created equal and that it will be hard to spend their new found fortune in prison.


Another trial proves Ivermectin to be the Superior Choice.

A large Ivermectin study involving 159,561 people has been completed in Brazil.  The study was not double blind so it will no doubt be ignored but it should not be.  In a double blind study volunteers are randomly placed in either the treatment group or the placebo group.  The participants don’t know what group they are in and the researchers don’t know either.  Both sides are blind hence the name.

The Brazilian study did not do this.  Participants were asked which group they wanted to be in.  77% chose to take Ivermectin daily while 23% agreed not to take Ivermectin.  Normally this would cast doubt on the results but in this case it just made the results that much more impressive.  The Group that chose to take Ivermectin was on average much older and in much poorer health.  So the study was comparing older unhealthy individuals taking Ivermectin to young healthy people not taking Iveremectin.  As I said the results are startlingly good for Ivermectin.

The Ivermectin group was 57% less likely to get sick and if you did get sick they were 69% less likely to die.  The combination of those 2 numbers show that regular use of Ivermectin reduces deaths by 87%.  This is better than any of the vaccines and remember this is comparing old unhealthy people to young healthy people.

You can find an article about the study here.

The best news of all is that there are no known side effects from regular Ivermectin use.  You can’t say that about the vaccines.  In fact with each passing day we are discovering that Vaccine injuries are far more wide spread than we are led to believe.  This morning I read a testimonial of 2 American high school coaches.  Both coaches wish remain anonymous so unfortunately there is no way to verify their account but I also have no reason to doubt them.

First I need to explain that sports, even high school sports are wildly popular in the US.  Coaches at every level carefully track and monitor their athletes’ progress.  That puts them in a unique position to comment on the vaccines.  The have very detailed documentation of how their athletes performed both before and after vaccination.  These 2 coaches have found that every single vaccinated athlete is underperforming compared to their pre-vaccination performances.  The difference is not small either.  Vaccinated boys are now being outperformed by unvaccinated girls, something that would have never happened pre-vaccination.

The data that these coaches presented shows that the vaccine has harmed every single athlete that took it.  Vaccine injuries are not rare.  They are the norm and not the exception.  We need to stop this madness and turn to Ivermectin sensible countries have done.