Will this new Study be the Final nail in the COVID Vaccine Coffin?

4 months ago I posted a video by Dr. Ryan Cole.


Dr. Cole was one of the first people to raise the issue of immune suppression by mRNA vaccines.  He was doing blood work that showed vaccinated people had lower than normal killer T cell and N antibody levels.  Dr.  Cole did not know how the vaccines were causing this but it was clear that the vaccines were causing it.  Now 4 months later there is a paper in preprint from researchers who say that have discovered the mechanism that is causing this.


This article by Dr. Joseph Mercola is so full of medical jargon that it is hard to read but his summary is fairly straight forward.

The COVID jab causes alpha interferon suppression, which weakens your immune system. Indeed, regulators in the European Union are now warning that repeat COVID shots can weaken overall immunity.

The reason for the suppression is that the jabs “confuse” your immune system.  If they had used a viral RNA sequence in the jabs your body would recognize it as part of a virus and get rid of it before it could re-program your cells to produce the spike protein.  To avoid this they disguised the messenger RNA to look like human RNA.  Your immune system does not know what to do with it.  A toxin (the spike protein) is pouring in to your system but your body can’t find any infected cells.

In other words the only way the Jabs can be effective against COVID is if they suppress your overall immunity.  You are protected from COVID but more susceptible to everything else.  Dr. Cole warned about this months ago.  He said he was already seeing an increase in secondary infections and cancers in vaccinated patients.

This is precisely the problem with the jabs that no one is talking about.  If you turn on your TV you only need to wait mere minutes before some talking head will explain that you must be vaccinated.  Even Though it is rapidly changing there are still a disproportionate number of unvaccinated people in the ICU.  This is always used as the only metric to evaluate the vaccine.  It minimizes, although does not eliminate, the chance of a serious COVID infection.

The problem is that this is the wrong metric to use for a disease as mild as COVID, and yes in the grand scheme of things COVID is a mild disease.  COVID is far less deadly than some of the secondary infections and Cancers that can be caused by the Jabs.  What good is a cure for the common cold if it causes cancer in a small percentage of the people who use the cure?

Yesterday I watched a horribly stupid/dishonest reporter on CTV interview Jason Kenney.  The purpose of the interview was to shame Jason Kenney in to a complete lockdown and a vaccine mandate.  The talking air head thought he had a mike drop moment when he pointed out that 70% of the COVID patients in Alberta Hospitals were unvaccinated.  He thought that was an undisputable argument for forced vaccinations.  After all you can’t overwhelm your hospital with 70% unvaccinated people now can you?

The level of dishonesty displayed by this “journalist” was staggering.  First at the time of the interview unvaccinated ICU was 53.3% not 70%.  That percentage has been slowly dropping for almost 3 months as more and more vaccinated people are showing up in the ICU.  His exaggeration of the numbers was not the biggest part of the lie however.  The largest part of the lie was his omission of the total number of people in the ICU.  There are only 57 unvaccinated people in the ICU with COVID.  The CTV airhead wants to force vaccinate Albertans because 57 unvaccinated people in a province of 4.5 million are in the ICU with COVID.

We have been using this same stupid metric to judge vaccine success since the beginning of the vaccine programs.  Remember in Pfizer’s own trial more people died in the vaccine group that the placebo group.  The mRNA vaccines are like lockdowns, for every COVID death they prevent, they cause more than 1 death from some other cause.  Their benefit to public health is negative.

No one knows how long this period of suppressed immunity will last.  With regular boosters it could be permanent.  Jabbed people may be permanently more susceptible to cancer.  If you were already genetically pre-disposed to cancer this could be a death sentence.  I ran in to a friend 2 days ago who recounted the story of a person he knows.  A few weeks after the second jab they were diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.  Death came a few weeks later.  This is just anecdotal evidence but it is anecdotal evidence that cannot be ignored now that the mechanism is understood.

I am not surprised by what these researchers have found.  As I said we have known for months that this was happening we just did not know why.  Now we know why.  What does surprise me is that this research was not done before we jabbed billions of people.  This is precisely why you do not use a vaccine after only 2 months of testing.  You also don’t let the companies that stand to profit from the vaccine control the testing.  Especially a company like Pfizer who has paid billions in fines for fraudulent research.

What the hell were we thinking?  Anything Pfizer does should always be examined with a healthy dose of skepticism.  Instead the FDA accepted incomplete and shoddy research with not even a cursory glance.  Canadian authorities did even less.  We have enough data now to know the COVID vaccines are simply not worth the risk.  They should have been banned months ago.

2 years ago COVID was nothing more than a bad seasonal flu.  It did not warrant bypassing established vaccine safety protocols.  Over the last 2 years, while we set aside all common sense, COVID mutated into the common cold.  The vaccines 1 year ago made no sense.  Vaccines now are downright moronic.

At most we should have seen a limited roll out to only high risk groups.  Then they should have been carefully monitored as per the conditions of the emergency Use authorization.  Instead we opted to maximize pharmaceutical profits and give them to everyone with absolutely no focus on adverse events.  We didn’t just not look, we intentionally turned our heads and looked away.  People have died and will continue to die from the lingering effects of myocarditis and immune suppression.  This is not just negligence, it is criminally negligent homicide.  It is way past time for people to go to prison over this.

Vindicating Voltaire

I have used this quote from Voltaire before.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

Voltaire said this in 1765.  In one simple sentence Voltaire described what we now know as mass formation psychosis.  257 years ago Voltaire recognized the existence and lethality of mass formation psychosis.

In the last few months our governments have been able to convince us to accept an enormous absurdity.  The majority now believe that unvaccinated people are an existential threat to mankind.  13 months ago no one was vaccinated and government wanted you to believe that no one was safe.  We must cower at home hiding behind a mask or we would all surely die from cold and flu season.  Today almost everyone is vaccinated yet still no one is safe.  Vaccinated people must cower at home and hide behind masks or they will surely die from exposure to unvaccinated people.

The longer this goes, the more absurd it gets.  As the number of unvaccinated people drops the danger each unvaccinated person poses somehow increases.  Not only do we now have a vaccine that only protects you if someone else takes it; the effectiveness goes down as more people take it.  Then somehow when the last person on earth is vaccinated the trend will be reversed.  Your vaccine will suddenly offer 100% protection the moment the last infant in Botswana is vaccinated.  Apparently Bill Gates has a vaccine effectiveness switch that he will only flip once everyone is vaccinated.

The vaccine narrative is one of the most absurd things I have heard in my lifetime.  Why would I take any medication if it only works when everyone takes it?  Unfortunately just as Voltaire warned the absurd belief has come with atrocious behavior.  Increasingly we are seeing medical professionals denying treatment to unvaccinated people and not just for COVID.  Here is a woman in the US denied a kidney transplant because of her vaccination status.


She was denied a transplant because it would weaken her immune system making her 20% more likely to die if she gets COVID post-transplant.  I am not a doctor but isn’t she 100% likely to die without the transplant?  Don’t doctors still need to take math classes?

At home in Canada a Nova Scotia woman had her appointment canceled for being an untouchable.


While an ophthalmologist has refused to treat 2 young sisters with rare eye diseases.


2 years ago the most sacred cow in Canada was universal health care.  Every Canadian must have access to exactly the same level of health care.  Nothing less and incredibly nothing more.  Now Canadian Doctors are denying health care to unvaccinated people with the support of 37% of Canadians.


The same poll found that 25% support jailing unvaccinated people.  Canadians are notoriously soft on crime.  We find any excuse to keep criminals out of prison but being unvaccinated is now an unforgivable crime.  So unforgivable that 2/3rds of Canadians want their unvaccinated neighbor held down and injected.

Canadians Have bought in to the absurdity that medications only work when someone else takes them.  That is why facts don’t matter.  These people are simply insane.  They do not live in the real world.  They exist in a fantasy world that they have constructed in their mind.  In their delusion there is a world without COVID.  The virus simply disappears when the last person gets vaccinated.

No matter how delusional people are, sooner or later reality always intrudes and when it does these people will learn some very uncomfortable things.  Things like;

It is obvious to the 1/3rd of Canadians who are not delusional that helping police forcibly inject neighbors will not stop COVID.  There is one thing, however, that these forced injections will do.  They will kill people and many of these people will be children.



Killing Children is the ultimate atrocity and is the inevitable result of accepting government driven absurdity.  Believing your atrocious actions are virtuous will not absolve your guilt.  A child killer is a child killer.  It does not matter that your weapon is a needle or that you wield it with self-righteousness.

Which side of the Stupidity Line is your country on?

We certainly live in interesting times.  There are fault lines opening all over the world because of COVID.  Some countries like Britain, the Czech Republic, and Japan are turning away from the vaccines.  They are joining countries like India who never placed much faith in the vaccines opting instead for proven therapeutics like Ivermectin.  Meanwhile other countries are doubling down on stupid.  Austria and Australia have both voted for mandatory vaccination.  The plot shows COVID deaths for vaccine loving Austria and science loving India.

India is clearly outperforming Austria.  Japan also used Ivemectin to control the outbreak that was caused by the vaccines.  Iveremectin has reduced infections and deaths everywhere it has been used.  The vaccines have not.  The better option is obviously Ivermectin so why are countries like Austria not mandating Ivermectin?

Of course, by now we know the answer to that question.  This has never been about trying to save lives.  If it was you would not be shunning a treatment that works in favor of one that increased the number of deaths in the clinical trials.  The vaccines produce the deaths, which produce the fear, which makes the great reset possible.

Canada has yet to declare which side of the stupidity line they want but the signals are clear.  We are headed to mandatory vaccinations.  Quebec is now fining unvaccinated people.  On top of that “vaccinated” in Quebec now means 3 doses.


The rest of Canada has not yet added fines to their list of vaccine coercion techniques but not a single one of them have moved away from vaccine passport either.  They are simply waiting to see if the vaccine fines in Quebec result in any political injuries.  You can bet that if Quebecers knuckle under, we will see fines in every province.

While the other premiers are waiting on the results out of Quebec, the gas lighting of Canadians continues. A friend sent me this a few days ago.

Living for the moment: Study points to cognitive differences in people who are vaccine hesitant | National Post

The national media and a few left wing academics have teamed up to convince unvaccinated Canadians that they just are not thinking straight.  They are trying to shame people in to vaccinating by pointing out that refusing the vaccine is a result of short term thinking.  Here is a quote from the article.

“There is a slight, but reliable, tendency for vaccine-hesitant people to be a little more sensitive to near-term rewards,” Hall said in summarizing the findings.

The “slight” tendency to short term thinking is touted as undeniable proof that unvaccinated are selfishly pursuing short term gratification.  There is so much stupid packed in to this one statement you don’t even need to read the rest of the article to know the study is crap.  What is the short term gratification in not being allowed in to restaurants and bars?  People pursuing short term gratification were the first ones to line up for the jabs so that they did not need to cancel their vacations.

Read that statement again.  Another way of saying that unvaccinated have a slight tendency to be short term thinkers is to say that unvaccinated are almost evenly split between short and long term thinkers.  Frankly I am not surprised by this.  Most unvaccinated that I know are evenly split in their concerns.  Some are focused on the near term side effects while others are more worried about possible long term health problems.

That is not to say that there are no differences in brain function between vaccinated and unvaccinated.  For starters whether they think short or long term unvaccinated people do think.  This is in stark contrast to vaccinated people who simply obey.  Obeying requires almost no thinking at all.  It certainly does not require the careful consideration of risk and reward that unvaccinated people have done.

Governments know that they cannot convince unvaccinated people to take the jab using data and logic since data and logic do not in any way support vaccination.  Instead the government relies on social pressure.  Social pressure that comes from all angles, even children.  The Quebec government and media have sunk to a new low using Children as propaganda tools.


Using jabbed Children as propaganda tools is almost as disgusting as jabbing them in the first place.  This is child abuse broadcast on a major network.  Sooner or later the most compliant population on earth will wake up and smell the tyranny.  When that happens, as this Aussie points out, it will not be pretty.



Canadian Politicians fear the growing lack of Fear.

Just yesterday I posted about how significant parts of the world are moving towards freedom while Canada continues to rush headfirst in to Tyranny.  Thankfully I am not the only Canadian who has noticed.  Here is Spenser Fernando’s latest column.


Franklin Roosevelt once famously said all we need to fear is fear itself.   This applies to citizens but does not apply to modern governments.  As Spenser points out, what Canadian government needs to fear is the absence of fear.  Fear provokes a fight or flight response.  You are ready for action not deep contemplation.  When you are afraid you simply cannot think straight.  That makes fear the most powerful tool in the government toolbox.  If they can keep us afraid, controlling us is a piece of cake.  They can get us to accept any ridiculous restriction in the name of safety.  Politicians promise safety while really stoking fear.

Right now Canadian governments are fearful that not enough Canadians are still afraid.  They know that if the fear subsides people will begin to think.  There is no way to think about what government has done without concluding almost every Canadian politician needs to be in prison.  The COVID house of cards is collapsing around the world and that is bad news for Canadian politicians.

Britain goes one way Canada goes another

Boris Johnson has now stood in front of parliament and pledged that Vaccine passports, masks, and working from home will end on Jan 27th.

This is very encouraging but it would have been much more encouraging if he announced everything was done immediately.  Why wait a week?  What is going to change before now and then?  It is almost as if Boris is hoping something will happen over the next 7 days that will allow him to back out.

Europe is going in 2 different opposite directions.  Britain and the Czech Republic are going to end vaccine mandates and passports while Austria is set to fine unvaccinated people.  This is not that surprising.  Britain is the birthplace of freedom while Austria gave birth to one of the biggest tyrants in history.  This will soon play out all over the world.  Countries will choose between freedom and tyranny.  In Canada the politicians have chosen tyranny.

Quebec is set to charge an additional health care fee for unvaccinated people and not a single premier has spoken out against it.  A couple Premiers have made statements that they will not impose a vaccine mandate.  Big deal; Quebec doesn’t officially have a vaccine mandate either.  You can remain unvaccinated if you are willing to pay.  Quebec is simply punishing people who don’t agree with government.  No Canadian politician has a problem with that, they just won’t say it out loud.

Canada is destined to join the tyrannical half of the world because Canadian Adults won’t stand up and say no.  Maybe the kids can save us, although I don’t know why they would want to.




Boris Johnson’s Bad Behavior could be the path out of Tyranny

Yesterday a friend of mine sent me a video that supposedly was a phone conversation between a UK woman and her doctor.  The woman was doing a phone consult over a vaccine injury she had suffered.  She did not know if she should get her next dose.  Incredibly the doctor advised her not to take any more vaccines because new information is out and the vaccines would soon be banned.  This was my response to him yesterday.


I think there are 3 possibilities

  1. The call is fake
  2. The call is real and the UK is about to pull the vaccines
  3. The call is real and the doctor assumes the vaccines will be pulled because she cannot fathom that the government will continue in light of the new information.

 Of the 3 the last one is most likely.  The vaccines will not be pulled.  The information will be suppressed and doctors will be threatened.


Today my assessment would be different.  Now I think the call is definitely real and that the vaccines are about to be pulled.  I have one very strong reason to believe that the call was real.  The video has already been pulled from twitter.  Twitter only targets accurate information.  If the call was fake it would still be on their site.

But the call could be real and the nonsense could continue so why do I now believe that the vaccines will be pulled?  Well this morning I found this article.


The Rumor in the UK is that all COVID restrictions will end in 10 days.  Again the media reaction to this rumor is what leads me to believe that it is true.  The Journalist took the time to find “experts” to panic over the prospect of freedom.  The Paper would not have done this unless they were concerned.  In fact if they thought they could ignore it they would not have even printed the article.

The obvious question is why now?  COVID has been over in the UK for almost a year and yet the restrictions are still in place.

The answer, of course, is politics.  COVID has never been a public health emergency it has always been pure tyrannical politics.  The only reason anything is going to change is because Boris is still in political hot water over his lockdown violating booze fests at 10 Downing Street.

This is not a new problem.  It first surfaced before Christmas when other European countries were openly musing about vaccine mandates.  Boris made statements indicating Britain would not invoke mandates and suddenly parties that had been going on for months became front page news.  At the time it seemed to work.  Boris started to sing from the approved COVID songbook.  Suddenly even though vaccine mandates violate British common law they might happen anyway.

Boris thought the problem was solved but he was wrong.  The COVID hoaxers were pacified but his own government was not.  Dissenting members of his own party are threatening to bring down the government.  Boris is being forced to flip flop again to hold on to his cushy job.  Lockdowns could be ending not because they are a destructive failure but because it is politically expedient for Boris to end them.

This next 2 weeks could be pivotal.  Britain is an important country; the 5th largest economy in the world and a nuclear power.  If Britain drops the COVID insanity it will be difficult for media elsewhere to ignore them.  Sweden is small and easy to ignore, Britain is not.

To be clear I don’t expect the vaccines to be banned.  They cannot admit to a mistake that has taken so many lives.  I expect that the vaccine passports will be dropped.  Vaccines will still be available but the coercion will be gone.  That is still enough to unravel this farce.  The point of the last 2 years has been the vaccine passport.  If Boris is forced to drop them the game is over.  Who could have guessed that Boris’s drunken antics would be what would save us from COVID?

Media outside Canada are distancing themselves from the COVID Narrative.

Pushback against COVID Tyranny is slowly building.  Shops and Restaurants are supposed to be closed in the Netherlands but business owners have had enough and did not comply.


Remarkably it looks like the police have chosen to stand down.  As of yet there are no videos of police charging restaurant patrons with batons.

The media has also noticed the change in winds.  Some are still firmly in the government camp like this paper in Utah that is calling for the National Guard to imprison unvaccinated.


But others like the Washington times are now willing to listen to opposing opinions.


Two newspapers in Europe have gone even further than that.  They have apologized for allowing the government to use them for propaganda purposes.


The change in media coverage is welcome.  It is just too bad that reporters had to start collapsing on air for the rest to start asking questions that should have been asked 2 years ago.


In Canada, of course, the media response has been more tepid.  Justin Trudeau owns the major media outlets.  He forks over 100s of millions in tax dollars as bailouts in return for their compliance.  That is why they still dutifully spin everything to support the government narrative.  After several massive protest the Quebec government is dropping the curfew but according to the media it is not because of the protests.  It is because of how successful the curfews have been.


The Quebec media still accepts everything the government “experts” say at face value and broadcast it as fact.  Here is a quote from the article.

“Experts tell us that the new cases have peaked,” Quebec Premier Francois Legault announced during a Thursday press conference on the reopening of schools, joined by Health Minister Christian Dube, Interim Public Health Director Dr. Luc Boileau, and Education Minister Jean-Francois Roberge. 

“This means the measures we have put in place have worked.”

Let me explain this for the less intelligent members of the Quebec media.  This does not mean that the curfew worked.  All this means is that omicron is very transmissible therefore it has a very sharp infection curve.  Omicron is a fire that burns very bright for a very short time.  We see this even in places that had no curfew.  Omicron is moving through the population so quickly it will soon be over everywhere.

While the legacy media is still in Justin’s pocket the independent media in Canada never was.  Some of them are coming around to the truth that this was never about a virus.


All politicians in Canada are deliberately causing damage and blaming unvaccinated.  This is tyranny 101.  Create a crisis as an excuse to step in and to assume more control.  To keep the public blind to your real intent you need to focus their anger on an identifiable minority.  For the German Nazis that was Jews; for Canadian Nazis it is the unvaccinated.

Most of the world is turning away from tyranny.  Canadians are still comfortable with it.  That is unfortunate but I am still encouraged that some parts of the world are waking up and shaking this off.  At least I will have options for countries to claim asylum in.  When Canadians start to claim refugee status due to government persecution, do you think the Legacy media will cover it?

COVID is curable, Canada is not

I have said this many times.  There is something seriously wrong with Canada and Canadians.  A country that could elect Justin Trudeau once is misguided.  A country that elects him 3 times is incurably stupid.

When Justin first entered politics I recognized immediately that he was a narcissistic, unintelligent, willfully ignorant, petulant child.  I knew it would be difficult to clean up the mess left in his wake but I thought the damage would be limited by his dominant trait.  Justin is incredibly lazy, he is the world’s most famous slacker.  A man who coasted through life on his name, inherited wealth, and looks without accomplishing anything other than allegedly impregnating a 17 year old student.

Unfortunately I was wrong to hope anything could limit the damage.  Justin might be lazy but the people around him are not.  They are more than willingly to run with any moronic idea that Justin spouts while taking a break from gaming.  Much to my dismay I have also found that my description of Justin was not quite complete.  Justin definitely is a narcissistic, unintelligent, willfully ignorant, petulant child.  He is also evil and corrupt which renders his childish antics deadly.

Thankfully I am not the only Canadian who has noticed that Justin is not fit to lead.  I came across this article yesterday.


In this article Diane Bederman gives the most concise description Of Justin Trudeau I have seen anywhere outside of this blog.

“Here is Justin Trudeau, a sanctimonious self-serving, self-righteous, inept, unethical, immoral and corrupt man, who can now add evil to the list”.

She nailed it.

Justin is undeniably evil and he is not done destroying our country.  Today the vaccine mandate for cross border tuckers goes in to effect.  85% of our trade goes to the US and 70% of that 85% is carried by trucks.  The effects of this will be felt within days.  Canadians don’t produce the products you see on store shelves.  Canada exports mostly raw materials to the US.  Factories in the US turn those raw materials in to consumer products that get shipped back to Canada.  This means store shelves will start emptying quickly and prices will rise sharply on basic goods.

This is such ridiculously destructive policy that it left at least one journalist scratching his head.


Anthony Furey knows how destructive this will be yet he still can’t or won’t see the truth.  The truth is that this rule is just a continuation of the same plan.  None of the COVID rules have been about public health.  COVID 2 years ago was nothing more than a bad seasonal flu, now it is the common cold.  There was no need to do anything.  Business closures and enforced unemployment had nothing to do with the SARS COV 2 virus.  Their only purpose was to spread hardship and funnel people in to accepting vaccine passports.

With Vaccine passports the government can control the movement and behavior of Canadians but that was never the end goal.  Complete control of the citizens was just a necessary condition for invoking the great reset.  Governments are now poised to take the last few steps because people have lost the power to oppose them.  Anyone who steps out of line can have their life ruined by simply cancelling their vaccination status.

The great reset is just communism by another name.  It only works when the government controls everything including the economy.  The next step is supply chain disruption and that is where we find ourselves now.  When people present their vaccine passport to enter a store only to find empty shelves panic will ensue.  People will demand that the government get involved and the government will be only too happy to oblige.

We are losing freedom and our country because we are afraid of the common cold.  That is shockingly stupid; that is Canada.  Canadians continue to enable the petulant child at a time when the COVID narrative is collapsing everywhere else.  Like I said there is something wrong with Canadians.


There is no way to be safe with healthy Unvaccinated People on your Continent

The most famous, or infamous, athlete in the world right now is Novak Djokovic.  Novak is one of the top tennis players in the world but that is not what is fueling the sudden interest in all things Novak.  He is famous for refusing to take a medically unnecessary treatment that has already ended the lives and careers of hundreds of high performance athletes.  Novak has thrown gasoline on the media dumpster fire by insisting that people who are not sick should be allowed to work.

In 2022 that kind of thinking is dangerously radical.  Everybody knows that unvaccinated people who are not infected can still infect and kill every vaccinated person on earth; because that’s how vaccines work right?  If I get vaccinated it makes every unvaccinated person in my country incredibly dangerous.  Vaccine centers should have 2 lines one for people who want to be vaccinated and one for people who don’t.  The people who don’t want to be vaccinated will be euthanized or the vaccines will not work.  Apparently we are vaccinating to immunize against independent rational thinking.

Thankfully for Australians their government realizes what an enormous threat a healthy uninfected person can be to their population of regular intravenous drug users.  They have pledged to deport Novak at any cost.  There is simply no way the continent can be made safe until every fit, healthy, uninfected, unvaccinated person has been removed.

Frankly I am shocked at how callous Novak is about the safety of everyone on earth.  How does he not know that the more people who are vaccinated, the more dangerously infectious unvaccinated, uninfected people become?  I mean that is why we see the most COVID in the places that have used the most vaccines right?


Just imagine how incredibly dangerous the last unvaccinated person on earth will be.  That person might be the only person left alive after everyone else dies because of his selfish decision.

I am grateful that our politicians are protecting us from healthy people.  I would rather be treated in hospital by a vaccinated symptomatic COVID carrier than a healthy unvaccinated person.  Everyone knows that when a vaccinated person sneezes or coughs on you it accelerates your recovery.  That is why this hospital has asked this symptomatic nurse to return to work without being tested.



It’s just the sick taking care of the sick. #nurse #nursesoftiktok #icu #healthcare #cdc #covid19 #helpusall #MyPlayoffPicks #backtowork #positive

♬ original sound – April Lynn

Obviously you are far safer sharing a hospital room with this nurse than you are sharing the same continent with Novak.  I have found a plot that I think clearly demonstrates my point.  Obviously COVID has been with us for way longer than we think and the only way to get rid of it is to eliminate everyone who does not have it.

OMG every Canadian needs to watch this video.

I never thought I would hear truth pass the lips of a Canadian Politician.  Roman Barber just proved me wrong.


Roman Barber is truly a Canadian political Unicorn.