COVID is curable, Canada is not

I have said this many times.  There is something seriously wrong with Canada and Canadians.  A country that could elect Justin Trudeau once is misguided.  A country that elects him 3 times is incurably stupid.

When Justin first entered politics I recognized immediately that he was a narcissistic, unintelligent, willfully ignorant, petulant child.  I knew it would be difficult to clean up the mess left in his wake but I thought the damage would be limited by his dominant trait.  Justin is incredibly lazy, he is the world’s most famous slacker.  A man who coasted through life on his name, inherited wealth, and looks without accomplishing anything other than allegedly impregnating a 17 year old student.

Unfortunately I was wrong to hope anything could limit the damage.  Justin might be lazy but the people around him are not.  They are more than willingly to run with any moronic idea that Justin spouts while taking a break from gaming.  Much to my dismay I have also found that my description of Justin was not quite complete.  Justin definitely is a narcissistic, unintelligent, willfully ignorant, petulant child.  He is also evil and corrupt which renders his childish antics deadly.

Thankfully I am not the only Canadian who has noticed that Justin is not fit to lead.  I came across this article yesterday.

In this article Diane Bederman gives the most concise description Of Justin Trudeau I have seen anywhere outside of this blog.

“Here is Justin Trudeau, a sanctimonious self-serving, self-righteous, inept, unethical, immoral and corrupt man, who can now add evil to the list”.

She nailed it.

Justin is undeniably evil and he is not done destroying our country.  Today the vaccine mandate for cross border tuckers goes in to effect.  85% of our trade goes to the US and 70% of that 85% is carried by trucks.  The effects of this will be felt within days.  Canadians don’t produce the products you see on store shelves.  Canada exports mostly raw materials to the US.  Factories in the US turn those raw materials in to consumer products that get shipped back to Canada.  This means store shelves will start emptying quickly and prices will rise sharply on basic goods.

This is such ridiculously destructive policy that it left at least one journalist scratching his head.


Anthony Furey knows how destructive this will be yet he still can’t or won’t see the truth.  The truth is that this rule is just a continuation of the same plan.  None of the COVID rules have been about public health.  COVID 2 years ago was nothing more than a bad seasonal flu, now it is the common cold.  There was no need to do anything.  Business closures and enforced unemployment had nothing to do with the SARS COV 2 virus.  Their only purpose was to spread hardship and funnel people in to accepting vaccine passports.

With Vaccine passports the government can control the movement and behavior of Canadians but that was never the end goal.  Complete control of the citizens was just a necessary condition for invoking the great reset.  Governments are now poised to take the last few steps because people have lost the power to oppose them.  Anyone who steps out of line can have their life ruined by simply cancelling their vaccination status.

The great reset is just communism by another name.  It only works when the government controls everything including the economy.  The next step is supply chain disruption and that is where we find ourselves now.  When people present their vaccine passport to enter a store only to find empty shelves panic will ensue.  People will demand that the government get involved and the government will be only too happy to oblige.

We are losing freedom and our country because we are afraid of the common cold.  That is shockingly stupid; that is Canada.  Canadians continue to enable the petulant child at a time when the COVID narrative is collapsing everywhere else.  Like I said there is something wrong with Canadians.


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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Thanks Richard,
    One of your most densely packed blogs. The narrative is indeed collapsing in many places. I find it fascinating to hear our words coming out of these tyrants mouths. Words that we have been saying for 18 months. Words that would get one cancelled until a few days ago. In fact are still not allowed on Twitter or Fascistbook. How is it that Engineers with no medical training can come to the truth 22 months before the world’s “Experts”? It is not possible for them to be that unintelligent.

    When the store shelves start emptying, maybe even Canadians will wake up and realize this is NOT about a virus. Or maybe I’m just incurably naive.

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