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The solution now is to burn it all down

A friend of mine wanted to start a company in a horribly over regulated industry.  He asked me for help and I agreed even though I have grown very tired of the government stupidity I would need to deal with.  The business is started and we have recently acquired some assets which places us inside […]

A speed bump on the way to total tyranny

Ordinary citizens were given a brief reprieve from tyranny this week when the World Health Organization failed to ratify the pandemic preparedness agreement.  This agreement really had nothing to do with pandemics.  It was just a smoke screen to take control from national governments and hand it to unelected globalists. Dutch MEP Rob Roos (European […]

Don’t be fooled by the advertising

Just yesterday I posted about how suddenly X wants me to see posts from rabid COVIDiots.  Many of the posts extoll the benefits of COVID Jabs.  They now prevent everything, just not COVID.  There is a concerted effort to re-popularize a treatment people used to line up for that now no one in their right […]

Cui Bono?

Things are getting so bad in Canada that even the normally willfully blind media is beginning to notice. Canadians are currently experiencing one of the worst and longest declines in their standard of living in decades, according to a new report by the Fraser Institute. So what is wrong with Canada?  Why is a country […]

Bad science pays, obviously bad science does not

Governments specialize in Stupid.  If you want to make a situation worse just get government involved.  Just look what happened with COVID.  The virus was circulating for months without producing a substantial number of deaths and then along came government.  What would have been an ordinary cold and flu season suddenly became a deadly pandemic. […]

We still won’t admit what happened

It has taken 4 years but at least some of the legacy media has finally admitted that there was nothing natural about COVID.  The virus was engineered and so was the response.  All of the people claiming to follow the science had no knowledge of or regard for science. The nation’s top public health official […]

You can fix anything except Canada

I came across this video a few days ago.  It is a political commentary on Australian TV about the discontinuation of the AstraZeneca jabs.  (sorry you must follow the link for some reason it won’t embed) https://twitter.com/i/status/1790372897996882298 https://x.com/kacdnp91/status/1790372897996882298 I agree 100%.  People do have the right to be angry.  They were lied to.  They took […]