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Why Canada can’t have nice things

A study has published showing Canadians continue to get poorer. Another study confirms this. The standard of living of Canadians is in constant decline. The situation is even worse than before the pandemic. The standard of living in Canada has been declining since the election of Justin Trudeau.  Trudeau is an idiot who has no idea what […]

Just say no to government

While the world is focused on the incredible stupidity coming out of COP28 the media is quietly changing the Ukraine war narrative.  NATO is finally acknowledging that they are losing their proxy war with Russia. Amid growing concerns about Ukraine’s ability to continue the fight against the much larger Russian military and failures to recapture […]

Pouring cold water on the Cult of Climate Change

Climate change is very popular with Champaign socialists because it is a great excuse to jet off to luxury locations and plot how to spend other people’s money.  This year they chose Dubai as the location for their meeting.  That is how completely disconnected from reality these lunatics are.  All of the luxury hotels in […]

Truth does not need to be suppressed when people don’t want it

Just yesterday I linked an incredible video from New Zealand about COVID vaccine deaths.  Today those New Zealand whistle blowers are facing the ire of the government.  Their homes have been raided by police as the start of a government intimidation program.   EMERGENCY CALL from New Zealand. My post from 2 days ago showing […]

Profiteers denying the undeniable

An amazing video has been released in New Zealand.  The data base administrator responsible for recording COVID vaccine payments decided to cross reference the ID of jabbed people, the batch that was used, and death records.  Once again we find that not all batches were the same.  Some batches were incredibly dangerous.  One batch has […]

COVID jabs put everyone at risk

Last week I took a short flight for work.  I have taken dozens of both short and long flights for work over the decades and have never given it much thought.  I have never been a nervous flier but I must admit lately doubt is creeping in.  It is not that I am getting cautious […]

The whole damn thing was done for profit

For more than a year now more and more damning evidence of COVID vaccine harms have been documented.  Several prominent people have also come forward to demand that the mRNA COVID vaccination be banned.  Unfortunately none of these people have the authority to implement a ban.  The people with the authority largely are still making […]

Globalism benefits only the elite

Moderna recently shut down their mRNA Epstein-Barr vaccine trails. The pharmaceutical company was conducting clinical trials for its new Epstein-Barr virus vaccine for children. The vaccine, which launched in early 2022, uses the same mRNA technology as used in Moderna’s Covid shots. One of the workers said the trial was halted due to an issue […]

An unblemished track record of being wrong

Only days ago I discussed how Canadians will never get a return on tax money that was invested in to EVs and EV car batteries.  The government placed bets with your money on the wrong horse.  This is something that Canadian Governments have done many times before with the exact same disastrous results. In the […]