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Liberals are always right, just ask them

There is a definite disconnect in the world that I don’t think will ever be solved.  At this point in our history there is no way to reach consensus on anything because the left will concede no ground.  According to the left even when they are wrong they are still right so presented with the […]

COVID and Climate Tyranny go hand and hand

British politicians have passed legislation that criminalizes non-adherence to net zero policies. In fact, under this new legislation, those who fail to adhere to energy consumption regulations could face imprisonment for up to a year and fines of up to £15,000. However, there are very real concerns that these amendments could lead to the criminalisation […]

Words not said

I have done multiple posts on the fraudulent nature of main stream climate science.  Climate scientists fold, spindle, and mutilate data in ways that make politicians envious.  But their deceitful nature does not always come from torturing lies out of data.  Sometime what they don’t say is just as big a lie as what they […]

Quarantining healthy people was stupid and dishonest

In the spring of 2020 the western world in unison locked down.  The excuse we were given was that hospitals must be protected.  If we did not slow down the transmission of the virus hospitals would be overrun.  A few less trusting souls like me asked the obvious question.  How does quarantining healthy people have […]

Climate fraud whack a mole

Dr. Willie Soon just published his paper showing how data homogenization was hiding the true cause of warming.  In a previous post I linked a video of Dr. Soon discussing his yet to be released paper.  Dr. Soon clearly points out in his presentation that data homogenization produces a warming trend that cannot be explained by […]

It is impossible to overestimate the evil that government is capable of

Officially 7 million people have died from COVID.  This number like everything else from government is a lie.  We know that many of these people died with COVID rather than from COVID.  Many more died of something far more deadly than COVID; government. I was reminded of this again this morning when I found this […]

Justin wants to bring diversity to you

Justin Trudeau is in trouble politically.  He is losing ground to his main political rival, Pierre Poilievre.  Poilievre has been exploiting 2 of Trudeau’s manufactured crises with Great success; cost of living and the housing crisis.  Poilievre’s message is simple he will reduce cost of living by eliminating the carbon tax and get houses built […]

A cure worse than the disease

2 more studies of vaccine side effects were recently published.  Both studies are bad news for the vaccines and the vaccinated.  The first study tried to determine how long spike proteins are produced.  It turns out that the spike protein produced from vaccination is not identical to the spike protein on the virus.  This means […]

CTV throws a life preserver to Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau’s popularity is falling.  I would like to say that his popularity is in free fall but this is Canada and Canadians are just not that smart.  A politician as obviously unintelligent as Justin who praises Chinese communists would poll at less to 10% in any sane country.  In Canada however Justin always managed […]