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Montana Judge legalizes Human Sacrifice

I will admit that the title of this post is the result of extrapolation.  The judge did not issue a direct ruling about human sacrifice but what he did do paves the way to it.  Allow me to explain. What this Judge did do was rule that Vaccine mandates superseded individual rights.  Before I discuss […]

To find Problems first you need to Look

In 2020 governments in unison told us there was a mysterious new disease sweeping the globe and overfilling hospitals.  The problem with the narrative was that hospitals were not overrun.  The internet was full of videos from citizen journalists showing empty hospitals.  To keep the lie alive, governments started to drag people off the street […]

An Unending Tale of Government Deceit

The entire COVID narrative is a web of lies.  I have pointed this out many times.  The whole point of this blog was to present truth about COVID.  Though it might seem repetitive I can’t help but reexamine some of the most persistent lies.   Masks Masks do not work because they cannot work.  The […]

My Hierarchy of forgiveness

The topic of forgiveness has come up in the media again.  This time it was Joe Rogan.   From the guy that got more BS about it than anyone… Discussed On:The Joe Rogan ExperienceEpisode 1919 – Bret Weinstein Listen Here: https://t.co/fY7XC6KDXs See all of the episode references:https://t.co/0uPvHJye8Z pic.twitter.com/mx9syhfZ43 — The Joe Rogan Experience Companion (@TheJRECompanion) […]

The Myth of full recovery

My friends and I were having quite an email discussion about Damar Hamlin this morning.  As you might imagine the people I choose to associate with have a very difficult time sugar coating the truth.  The discussion was blunt and interesting enough that I have reproduced some of this below.  Here is what one friend […]

The truth will out, Sometimes on live TV

Is it just me or do you also feel the flood gates starting to open?  Finally in 2023 people are noticing that a lot of people died in 2021 and 2022 after the COVID vaccines arrived.  The vaccines were supposed to fix everything and prevent anyone from dying.  Sadly that did not happen.  There are […]

Let the Round Up Begin

Governments all over the western world have financed relentless add campaigns to convince people to submit to the gods of Pfizer and Moderna.  It really is unprecedented that Government has chosen to become the marketing departments for these organizations.  Obviously there is money changing hands.  Why else would government go all in on a product […]

The Year of the Lawsuit

This is an incredibly promising start to 2023.  On New Year’s Day the Wall Street Journal published an opinion column about COVID vaccine boosters.  The columnist, Allysia Finley, is worried that the boosters don’t seem to work and could be causing Variants.  She even wonders why the “experts” are not exploring other treatment options. The […]

In 2023 let Truth rather than Government be your Guide

January 2020 started with stories of a viral outbreak in china that was causing people to drop dead in the streets.  This triggered a debate about just how racist it would be to place restrictions on Chinese travelers.  Now 3 years later we have stories about a viral outbreak in China causing people to drop […]

What is the proper punishment for Child Killers?

The Public Health Agency of Canada has hired a contractor to do a deep dive on unvaccinated.  The contractor has been given vaccination records to identify and target unvaccinated Canadians.  Like much of what our government does this is illegal.   It is against the law in Canada to disclose private health information but our current […]