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How come conspiracy theories have better data than “proven” facts?

The left tells us climate change causes forest fires and the COVID vaccines are safe. Ordinary people are not supposed to question either statement.  The left wouldn’t lie now would they?  Because I am find the left somewhat less than trust worthy I decided to test their bold statements. Has climate change caused forest fires […]

Reality cannot be wished away

When my son was a teenager he said something to me that was incredibly smart about defining Liberal and Conservative.  People often struggle to define what it is to be liberal or conservative.  Liberals like to claim that liberals are caring while conservatives are ruthless and uncaring.  That is objectively not true.  It is easy […]

Economic destruction based on a lie

The new trend on Twitter is for Canadians to post videos trying to articulate their despair.  They all have good jobs yet still struggle to survive.  The post below is a particularly good one.   Canada — Man works 50 to 60 hours a week at $30 per hour "And I'm not getting ahead…. our […]

We should be ashamed of what we allowed Government to do

Steve Kirsch has been a thorn in the side of the COVID establishment since he was injured by the vax.  While I sometimes find Kirsch’s logic a little convoluted I still must tip my hat to him.  His dogged persistence has enabled him to uncover information the government would rather have kept hidden.  Lately Kirsch […]

It started as Fraud and then became much worse

There are reports now that the NIH received $325 million in royalty payments from the COVID vaccines.  This is one of the ways that drug manufacturers get their products approved.  They put the names of prominent bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci on their patents so that they get a piece of the action.  This is an […]

Canadian media works hard to keep Canadians in the Dark

It is not unusual for Canadian media to defend hard left politicians.  Recently they have taken to defending hard left organizations.  I have noticed a number of articles like this one lately defending the World Economic Forum.  Canadian media wants to assure Canadians that the WEF does not really have an agenda to rule the world.  […]

More from the people sounding like me file

Just 3 days ago I posted about how there a growing group of prominent people are willing to say exactly what I have been saying for years now.  In some cases I suspect their attitudes have not really changed.  What changed is their sense that it is now OK to say what they were thinking […]

How much longer must we continue with this charade?

I saw an article by CTV news this morning about how doctors are struggling to help people with mysterious heart ailments.  The article highlighted the plight of a young firefighter who is now incapacitated. Somehow, a mild case of COVID-19 set off a chain reaction that eventually left Camilleri with dangerous blood pressure spikes, a […]

None of it worked

In March of 2020 we were locked down for the first time.  The lockdowns, we were told, were to protect seniors.  Everyone on earth was to sacrifice in order to protect Grandma and Grandpa.  Remarkably no one stopped to ask if grandma and grandpa wanted to be isolated from their families.  Then when the vaccines […]

I welcome the company

I have always considered myself a bit of an outlier.   I once told my daughter that I know I am not normal.  That is not to say that I have any sort of defect.  If you define normal by how the average person thinks or behaves than I am absolutely not normal.  I will not […]