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For some it may never be over

When the pandemic hype started it was obvious the government was lying.  To try and discern the truth I started to watch the numbers rather than listen to the media repeat obvious lies.  It soon became apparent that even the numbers were a lie, at least the official COVID numbers.  So unable to trust either […]

Not the Canada I grew up in

Justin Trudeau has aggressively pursued the destruction of Canada. https://twitter.com/i/status/1781720597090697697 Great video on how to destroy a country. pic.twitter.com/8pPjq3E5f7 — CrazyWoman/Sanda (@CrazyWomanFU) April 20, 2024 Canadians sat back and allowed this to happen.  For 9 years Canadians were oblivious to the decline of our once great nation while the rest of the world looked on […]

Pandemics will never be as dangerous as Government

COVID killed relatively few.  Governments killed millions.  I have stated that on this blog many times.  My conviction that the government was deadly, and the virus was not, is based on the balance of the evidence.  Wastewater samples have shown that the SARS COV-2 virus was already in North America as early as September of […]

It is only a mystery to those who want it to be a mystery

Another paper has been published showing vaccine ingredients can cause cancer.   More Bad News for the COVID Vaccinated Countless warnings about the shots have been labeled “conspiracy theories” only to be later confirmed. The latest example comes from a comprehensive review by an international consortium of scientists who raised concerns that a specific… pic.twitter.com/KKIO2c162w […]

Never believe government on matters of morality

I have written before about how the government’s obvious lies about the COVID vaccines caused me to uncover information about other vaccines.  I learned that all vaccines are not created equal and the case for vaccines has been greatly exaggerated.  Vaccines may have had little to do with eradicating diseases.  I was thinking about all […]

The only dangerous CO2 is generated by Politicians

A new paper has been published that re-affirms what scientists and historian have known for decades.  A warm earth is better for humans than a cold earth.  All of the bad stuff happens when the climate cools and it becomes difficult for humans to survive. We document phases of instability and cooling from ~100 CE […]

Criminals make poor Prime Ministers

Justin Trudeau illegally invoked the Emergency Measures Act to punish political dissidents.  He got away with this for months until a court finally stated the obvious.  The act cannot be used to quell a peaceful protest.  But it was used for that very purpose so we now have an inquiry in to how that happened. […]

Murderers belong in prison

For some strange reason many people still won’t believe that the government lied about the vax.  This jab idiot repeats all the lies about the jab saving millions of lives only to get politely schooled by Peter McCullough on vaccine safety.   🔥 Dr. Peter McCullough Gives a Masterclass in How to Debate COVID Vaccine […]

Venezuela with Snow

Every day in Justin Trudeau’s Canada there is a new stain on the legacy of what was once a promising country.  Yesterday was no exception.  The show trial of 3 of the Coutts 4 ended with mischief convictions. The three had been charged for their roles in a blockade that tied up cross-border traffic between […]

Deeply sorry for the largest crime in history

There has been a significant increase in Cancer and medical experts are desperately trying to find a reason that does not involve the COVID vax.  The latest study has found that people with early onset cancer are older biologically than they are chronologically. They estimated each person’s biological age using nine biomarkers in the blood […]