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Time is running out for the climate grifters

When Al Gore first started the climate grift in 1988 I did not give it much thought.  Even after governments started to adopt climate policies I still wasn’t concerned because the climate policies were all window dressing.  It was typical government crap where they pretended to do something without actually doing anything.  I admit now […]

Different evil agendas, same end point

The COVID vax was not a mistake.  Everyone involved knew they were dangerous but the people in charge had an agenda that did not include public safety.   Japanese Professor Delivers Stunning Message Everyone Needs to Hear “The pandemic was used as a false pretext by the WHO to drive vaccinations of all peoples in […]

Corrupt Politicians are Cheaper than Armies

History is full of megalomaniacs would tried to conquer the world.  All of those men had one thing in common.  They all failed.  Their armies always got stopped and eventually the empire they built fell.  It is not possible to control the world militarily.  Armies are far too expensive and visual.  Every conquered person knows […]

Ivory Tower Tyranny

If you go to a climate protest and mingle with the climate alarmists you will find the crowd is not very diverse.  Everyone at the protest will fall in one of only 2 groups. Affluent, college educated people who live in large urban areas. Or The children of affluent, college educated people who live in […]

The prince of fools is a liar

Just yesterday I posted about how Trudeau’s lies about climate change are finally starting to be challenged.  In that post I stated that Trudeau lies about everything.  If you were not paying attention you might think that statement was a little hyperbolic but sadly it is not.  Justin Trudeau does lie about everything.  The man […]

Dare to dream

I came across this video claiming the Italian health minister is under investigation for murder because he knew the COVID jabs were dangerous and concealed the information from the public.  I don’t know if this is true.  The only indication that I could find that it is true is that fact checkers have already declared […]

Our governments are evil because we are stupid

People are at their breaking points.  Many are posting emotional videos on social media describing their struggle to live in a world where life is becoming more and more unaffordable.  This video struck a chord with me because my children are about the same age as this young man and face the same challenges.   […]

They won’t apologize because it wasn’t a mistake

5.7 billion People were given an unnecessary and poorly tested gene therapy.  The result was 10s of millions dying and even more being injured.  While governments continue to deny the connection every sane person on the planet knows this to be true.  The glaring truth of what happened prompted Tucker Carlson to ask why no […]

Video evidence that not every world leader is an evil moron

Western leaders are using climate change as an excuse to destroy their own countries.  At the head of the class is the Prime Moron of Canada who demonstrates daily that he does not take direction from Canadians. But Trudeau isn’t listening to them. He’s not even listening to our premiers. And he’s certainly not listening […]