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Jessie Kline, Government Whore and 15 minute Prison Champion

Politicians are already worried their plan for 15 minute prisons might be collapsing before it even gets started.  I know this because they have turned to a familiar ally for help with the narrative.  Jesse Kline of the national post wants you to understand that when it comes to 15 minute prisons there really is […]

The slow walk back continues

Two days ago the Florida surgeon General issued new COVID vaccine guidance to Florida doctors.  The surgeon general advised doctors that there is credible scientific evidence linking the COVID vaccines to serious adverse events and reminded doctors that patients need to be informed before jabbed. To support transparency, the State of Florida reminds health care […]

Another one bites the Dust

The Scottish first minister (Prime Minister) has resigned.  She is now the second destructively woke Leader to resign this year.  This has led speculation that Justin Trudeau will be next.   Unfortunately for Canadian’s this is just wishful thinking.  Justin Trudeau will never resign, his ego won’t let him.  One year ago Justin Trudeau broke […]

A Canadian Judicial Unicorn

Canada’s judiciary is hopelessly compromised.  Judges in Canada are appointed and not for their legal competence.  The best way to become a judge in Canada is to be affiliated with the liberal party of Canada.  You must prove your ideological woke purity before receiving a judicial appointment.  The net result of our compromised judiciary is […]

Matters of the Heart

I wish this was a post about Valentine’s Day but it is not.  An Australian woman was handed a death sentence by her cardiologist.  She will not receive a heart transplant because she has not taken the COVID jab.  She has a medical exemption based on the fact that her old heart is too weak […]

When Epic Lies become the Norm

This interview with Lara Logan was from over 10 months ago but I was reminded of it again yesterday.  At one time Lara Logan was an awarded main stream journalist.  Now she gets fired routinely for refusing to stick to the narrative.  It is easy for the main stream media to marginalize and dismiss Lara […]

The face of Government

I found this video on Ivor Cummins twitter account.   All-time classic to share widely- Pandemic Theatre, a show for the sheeple: https://t.co/Ov6Ei4cNhD pic.twitter.com/ExzQdRkvvK — Ivor Cummins (@FatEmperor) February 13, 2023 COVID is a real disease caused by an artificial virus.  That much is true.  Everything else is 100% fake.  As viruses go SARS COV-2 […]

They Knew they just did not Care

Everything we have been told about the Jabs is a lie.  The biggest lie of all was calling the Jabs a vaccine.  They are not a vaccine but mislabeling them as vaccines offered 2 obvious advantages.  First it made people instantly comfortable. Most people, including me, have taken multiple vaccinations; how could one more hurt?  […]

Why are some lessons so hard to learn?

In September of last year I wrote this. Severe events in poor countries kill thousands and take decades to recover from.  These same severe events in wealthy countries kill dozens and take weeks to recover from.  Wealth is the key so we should never do anything that destroys wealth.  Climate change policies destroy wealth.  They […]

Don’t mistake Evil for Stupidity

I went for a beer with a couple friends this week.  I had not seen either in quite a while.  The conversation at one point went to all the ridiculous rules we were forced to comply with to save the world from COVID.  Neither of my friends thought any of the rules made sense but […]