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It always leads to the same Conclusion

Anthony Fauci has just mocked the whole world by admitting the COVID vaccines do not work and he never expected them to work.  In a sane world his recent paper would have caused every government to stop spending money on vaccines that do not work.  Of course we do not live in a sane world; […]

We are the butt of a deadly Joke

Being slapped in the face with the truth is never pleasant.  Being truth slapped by a habitual liar is even less pleasant.  It is downright humiliating when the liar taunts you by pointing out how easily he fooled you. There is a new paper out discussing the inherent difficulty of developing vaccines for airborne respiratory […]

Jaimie Sarkonak, Truth Champion

My normal routine is to surf the internet each morning for interesting stories.  There are times when I read an article that demands my attention.  When it comes to articles written by main stream Canadian media what normally strikes me is just how stupid and/or dishonest they are.  You can find many of those type […]

The Truth never helps Government advance their Agenda

A friend sent me this excellent article.  The article is a retrospect of the COVID era.  It is very detailed and therefore very long.  If you don’t have time to read it I can sum it up for you in a few sentences.  Everything about COVID was a lie.  The Threat was exaggerated and none of […]

Modern politics

It is official Canadian MPs are truly not able to do anything useful.  Last week NDP Member of Parliament Mathew Green was concerned that Canadians might not be aware that he is a fool.  Mathew quickly dispelled the rumor that he might be of average intelligence by bringing a motion forward to condemn Tucker Carlson […]

Can we finally stop believing the Government about Masks?

Another study on masks has been published, and guess what?  They don’t work.  This finding is not at all surprising.  I can guarantee that no matter how many times you study this you will get the same results.  Masks don’t work against viruses for the same reason that chain link does not work against mosquitoes.  Masks […]

Even Arson might not work this time

This morning I found an article about a recent study out in preprint.  The study found elevated kidney issues after COVID vaccination with one kidney problem for every 2,200 jabs.  The study also found the Jabs to be linked to a host of other maladies already linked to the jabs by other studies.  The scary part […]

There will be no Meat inside your 15 minute Prison

There will be no meat inside your 15 minute prison The newest craze within the climate alarmist community is 15 minute cities.  The idea is to design cities so that everything you need is within a 15 minute walk of your home.  Theoretically it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating unnecessary travel.  Like everything […]

When will we stop ignoring the obvious?

The Elephant in the room right now is all the dead bodies.  Excess deaths since the great COVID plague are higher than any time during the great COVID plague.  In any place where the politicians did not go out of their way to euthanize seniors the COVID Plague was nothing more than a heavy flu […]

Criminalizing Science

The new left wing government in Brazil has introduced a bill making it a felony to question vaccines.  The punishment is 2 to 8 years in prison.  Science is a process of discovery.  The very foundation of science is questioning assumptions and accepted knowledge.  You cannot do science without asking questions so the new Brazilian […]