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Modern Journalism exposed by Giggles and Non-answers

I have another video from Davos today that clearly displays what is wrong with modern journalism.   I have written several times about the scourge of fake experts.  Greta Thunberg is the epitome of a fake expert.  Greta is not an expert in climate change.  She is not an expert in anything.  She is a […]

I have a better use for Davos

GB News is a small news outlet in Great Britain.  It really is a shame that more Brits don’t subscribe because Neil Oliver’s regular editorials are pure gold.  Here he is discussing how careful the British government is to not notice the elephant in the room.   Seriously, how many news articles can be written […]

Bourla faces actual Journalists for 3 minutes

Just yesterday in my post I noted that security in Davos is used to keep independent journalists away from the delegates.  There is a good reason for that.  Independent Journalists are actual journalists and tend to ask very uncomfortable questions.  Yesterday Pfizer CEO Alberta Bourla spent 3 excruciating minutes not answering questions from 2 independent […]

In Davos it is not just Egos that get Stroked

Davos is full of Prostitutes; some of them are even sex workers. The annual WEF Davos meeting went unnoticed for a very long time but now since the COVID lockdowns it is receiving a lot of attention.  Critics of the organization claim that it is a group of elitists plotting the destruction of western society.  […]

The Jabs made everything worse

Incredibly the only approved treatment for COVID not only did not work it increased the number of people who got COVID.  Canadians were told everyone must take the jabs.  If we did not our hospitals would be overrun with COVID patients.  So more than 80% of Canadians ran out and took multiple shots.  Now our hospitals […]

2023 brings a drastic change to the Narrative.

I found this article a week ago.  The Author points out that while many people within the US government deny the lab leak origins theory it was actually people within the US government who first proposed it.  The author, Will Jones, proposes that people within the US government manufactured the lab leak theory as a cover […]

The WEF works because it is a Mutual Admiration Society

Politicians from all over the world are once again congregating in Davos for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF).  Canada has sent a huge delegation which includes our head woketards Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland.  I am sure that finance minister Freeland is looking forward to a week of fine dining and […]

COVID and the Courts

The longer the COVID insanity lasts the more involved courts have become in this farce.  Multiple law suits in multiple jurisdictions have been working their way through the system.  The decisions that have been handed down are inconsistent to say the least.  Some courts side with the government and some side with individual rights.  In […]

When will the Criminals be held accountable?

Damar Hamlin was released from hospital today.  He has lost his career but held on to his life.  Even after suffering a career ending, jab induced heart attack Damar must be considered lucky.  He was certainly luckier than this list of celebrities who all succumbed to “Died Suddenly” this week. Lisa Marie Presley who was […]

Chrystia Freeland Barely tries to hide her Corruption

In a recent post I noted the reason for lockdowns was to save public health care.  There is of course another alternative.  We could just spend more money on public health care.  As I pointed out though this is never the preferred option.  From a politician’s perspective spending money on health care is a waste […]