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Media advocates full steam ahead; Logic demands we Stop

Below is a short clip from an Australian new broadcast.  A fake expert is explaining that COVID is still a problem and people need to get either their 4th of 5th shot.  He points out the high number of Australians dying of COVID which causes the airhead media personality to quip that the numbers don’t […]

Climate of Ignorance

A paper was published in September of last year concluding a doubling of Atmospheric CO2 will result in 2.1 Degrees of warming (Celsius).  This is much lower than the estimates pushed by Government and their demonic minions in the Media.  They like to use the higher estimates from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change […]

Statistical Manipulation for Profit and Ideology

Hot on the heels of the UK decision to no longer vaccinate people under 50 we get this stunning admission form the UK statistics regulator;  nothing you have been told about vaccine effectiveness is true.  The vaccine effectiveness numbers were calculated using a corrupted data base and incorrect methodology. Every error the statistics regulator points […]

It is not just COVID lies that Kill

The Canadian government is concerned that 36% of Canadian’s do not trust official sources.  Controlling the narrative is difficult if you can’t control the people so this is a serious problem for the Trudeau liberals.  They desperately need people to believe them so their response to this troubling poll was predictable.  They have hired consultants […]

A Crime too big to Ignore, so why are we Ignoring it?

  There is a new study out that one in 757 people will have a serious event from the COVID jabs.  Over 5.5 billion people have been jabbed which means 7.3 million people were intentionally injured by government.  This is a stunning admission especially when you consider what is not in these numbers.  The researchers did […]

Clumsy attempts to re-write History

The history you learn is highly dependent on who writes it.  We learn what the author wants us to learn.  Given the chance Satan would write himself in as the hero in the bible.  I bring this up today because many prominent COVIDiots are now desperately trying to re-write COVID history. The tide is turning […]

One more important Question

With his latest article Sean Boynton of global news just nominated himself as COVIDIOT of the week.  Sean thought it would be a good idea to remind us how dangerous COVID is now that the death toll has hit 50,000 Canadians.  To be fair to Sean 50,000 is the official number of COVID deaths in Canada […]

If only the Government would stop Helping

What killed more Canadians, the SARS COV-2 virus or the government? Before you answer that question I have a few graphs for you to consider.  This morning I revisited the StatsCan website and updated my file for deaths by all causes in Canada.  The Canadian government is not good at anything and the Trudeau liberals […]

The Coercion Continues

It does not matter how many people die from the COVID jabs, governments are still conspiring to get you to take them.  The latest attempt by the US government is by financing a study “proving” yearly boosters will reduce COVID infections by 75%.  Of course the media has already picked up the ball and is […]

Magic made possible by Math.

I have shown that the COVID vaccines did not change the ratio of COVID deaths to COVID infections. This is rock solid proof that the vaccines were no more beneficial than a placebo but that is not what the government tells you.  The government wants you to believe that the jabs may not prevent infection […]