Florida Acknowledging the obvious

There is a COVID inquiry going on in Florida.  They have released some preliminary findings.  So far they have not said much about the Jabs, which is surprising because the Florida surgeon general does not recommend them.  But, they did have a lot to say about lockdowns and other highly unscientific mitigation measures.  (My comments from previous posts are interspersed).

Among the body’s conclusions:

  • Jurisdictions that enforced lockdowns “tended to end up with higher overall excess mortality.”

Lockdowns and restrictions that keep people apart are a self-fulfilling prophesy.  If you keep it up for long enough people will die.  Then the government can say “I told you so” and use those deaths as an excuse to continue with the lockdowns.

  • “There have always been legitimate questions around the impracticality of individual adherence to mask recommendations, but once it became clear that the primary transmission vector of SARS-CoV-2 was via aerosol, their potential efficacy was further diminished.”

Nowhere that has mandated masks have seen any difference in the arc of their infections.  The math, science and historical data show that masks do not work against airborne viruses yet here we are wearing them to avoid being fined or imprisoned.  Does anyone still think this is about a virus?

  • Social distancing is not “nearly as important … as it is whether they are in an interior or exterior environment and whether that environment is subject to adequate airflow,” information that they said is still “missing from the CDC’s Social Distancing Guidelines.”

Had we made the logical conclusion that the virus is airborne we would have realized the only impactful measure would have been better building ventilation. 

  • Mask mandates, social distancing guidelines and shutdowns were “not administered based on the best available scientific data.”

The idea of locking down and hiding from a virus came from a high school science project.  I guess they saw the word “science” in “high school science” and automatically assumed the policy was written on the third missing tablet that God gave to Moses.

There is no science that determined what the safe distance to stand from another person is; especially a person that is not infected.

  • “In fact, many public health recommendations and their attendant mandates departed significantly from scientific research” that was available to everyone at the time.

The science said masks would not work and they did not.  Go figure.  Apparently science does not change just because people prefer stupidity.

The report said the grand jury talked with doctors, scientists, and professors “with a broad range of viewpoints.”


I don’t know why it took so long to acknowledge that every single COVID mitigation measure was not just stupid but harmful.  Governments whether through malice or abject stupidity increased rather than decreased the number of people who died.  We are governed by serial killers.  Do we want to let that continue?