Mask Mathematics, Unlike Politicians Math Does Not Lie

Mask Mandates are now almost universal.  Joe Biden has said that when/if he takes office he will make masks mandatory everywhere in the United States for 100 days.  Joe is a senile idiot but he has a few people around him that can use a calendar.  100 days from January 20th is April 30th.  By May all of the northern states will be out of cold and flu season, Covid cases will drop off naturally and Joe will break a hip celebrating how he saved the world.

I have discussed masks before, masks have not made a difference anywhere they have been mandated.  For controlling viral infections masks are just as useful as politicians; that is to say not all.  The most recent study out of Denmark showed there was no statistical difference in infection rates between people who did and did not wear masks.  I linked and discussed this study a couple of weeks ago.

Without any evidence to back their claims, morally bankrupt politicians like Joe and their dishonest media cohorts have managed to convince people that masks are the difference between life and death.  It is not a hard lie to tell.  Everyone knows that surgeons would never work without a mask so masks must work right?  Absolutely masks work very well for what they have been designed to do.  Surgical masks are designed to keep the surgeon from accidentally infecting their patient.  Unfortunately surgical masks are not designed to prevent you from catching an airborne viral infection.

This is what John Hopkin’s University says about post-operative infections.  Infections after surgery are caused by germs. The most common of these include the bacteria StaphylococcusStreptococcus, and Pseudomonas.  So the most common infections are bacterial.  I looked up the size of these 3 problem bacteria.

Size of Selected Germs (microns)
smallest largest average
Staphylococcus 0.5 1 0.75
Streptococcus 0.5 2 1.25
Pseudomonas. 1.5 3 2.25
Sars Cov-2 0.06 0.14 0.10


A micron is one millionth of a meter so you can see bacteria are very small.  Even the smallest Bacteria are still 7.5 times larger than the corona virus.  Next I looked for data on what is the largest particle that can pass through a surgical mask.  I found this paper from 2015.

This paper found that surgical masks were unable to filter out particles smaller than 0.263-0.384 microns.  On average then particles smaller than 0.32 microns will pass freely through a surgical mask.  All of the bacterial are larger than this and would be effectively blocked by a surgical mask.  The Covid virus, however, is 3 times smaller than the openings in a surgical mask.  Surgical masks do a very good job at what they are designed to do which is to prevent the most common bacterial infections.  They offer no protection against viral infections because they were never designed to do that in the first place.

Most politicians wear fancy designer cloth masks when they are on camera.  It would take someone as unintelligent as the average politician to believe that a cloth mask provides any protection.  Cloth masks have no standard.  I could not find any data on the smallest size particle that a cloth mask can be expected block.  I was able to find that the average size of a cotton thread used to weave T shirt fabric is 120 microns in diameter.  My wife, who knows a lot more about fabrics than me, told me a 350 thread count would be a good quality fabric.  Using a 120 micron thread and a 350 thread count I calculate that the openings in the weave are 25 microns.  This is 250 times larger as the Covid 19 virus.  Using a cloth mask to prevent the spread of a virus is the same as using chain link to keep out mosquitos.

The math says we should not have expected masks to be effective.  Laboratory tests show that masks worn for more than 2 hours are completely ineffective.  Despite having no evidence to support that masks might work politicians forced them on the public anyway.  Nowhere that has mandated masks has seen any difference in the arc of their infections.  The math, science and historical data show that masks do not work against airborne viruses yet here we are wearing them to avoid being fined or imprisoned.  Does anyone still think this is about a virus?