The second front is heating up

Joe Biden all but announced a new vaccine mandate and the American government has been issuing contracts for COVID supplies and test kits.  It seems that Governments are intent on going to the COVID well again this winter but there is a bit of a fly in the ointment.  The next great plandemic might be sizzling out before it even starts.  Biden is about to mandate a treatment that has already been banned in some counties and Wisconsin ran out of money to spend on PCR tests.

Currently it is difficult to say how this battle will play out.  People are saying no now but will their resolve hold when they can’t travel or enter stores?  Corrupt western governments are banking that people will buckle as they did last time but I doubt they are too concerned.  They have a backup plan if scamdemic 2 fails.  Western governments are fighting a two front war against their citizens and the second front of climate change is heating up.  The fiercest battle is in London where the latest government weapon is Ultra low emission zones (ULEZ).

This week many Londoners are waking up to the impact of living in an Ultra Low Emission Zone as the £12.50 daily charge for unfashionable cars begins in the outer poorer suburbs.

If you do not own an EV or an approved low emission vehicle you will be charged 12.5 pounds ($21.43 Can, $15.84 US) every day you dare to drive your vehicle.  Londoners are finally waking up to the cost of climate lunacy.  Up until now the costs of this nonsense have been hidden in energy bills and high food costs.  It was easy to blame energy companies and grocery stores instead of government.

Normally “climate change” costs are secretly buried in bills, hidden in rising costs and blamed on “old unreliable coal plants”, inflation or foreign wars. Your electricity bill does not have a category for “subsidies for your neighbors solar panels”. But the immense pain of NetZero can’t be disguised.

Incredibly, after COVID, governments are so comfortable with our compliance they no longer feel they must hide what they are doing.  If you get caught in your non approved car by a ULEZ camera you will be billed directly.  Sadiq Kahn has taken his assault on citizens to another level but he may have overplayed his hand.  By some reports more than 90% of his enforcement cameras have already been vandalized.

People are finally waking up.  Climate change is just as fraudulent as COVID.  Climate skeptics like Judith Curry, who was successfully marginalized for years, are finally being allowed to speak.   Dr. Curry has a new book out which is getting the attention it deserves.

You cannot control climate any more than we could control the SARS CoV-2 virus.  We ignored real scientists who warned about lockdowns and masks.  We chose instead to go with fake scientists and the results were disastrous.  No one was saved and millions were harmed unnecessarily.  For more than 3 decades we have been ignoring real scientists on climate change but cracks are forming.  Judith Curry is no longer effectively silenced and neither are the 1600 who just declared main stream climate science to be a dangerous hoax.

“The popular narrative about climate change reflects a dangerous corruption of science that threatens the world’s economy and the well-being of billions of people,” Mr. Clauser said in a May 5 statement.

Western governments have been waging a destructive war on their own citizens for years.  Until now it has been a very one sided fight because most people would not believe their government was intentionally harming them.  COVID tyranny woke some of them up.  We are seeing real push back now and we just might win this 2 front war we are fighting.  This means that governments will be forced to open a third front soon.  Odds are it will be world war three.  Hopefully we defeat these bastards before that happens.

Murder by any other name

In 2020 our governments decided that COVID deaths must be avoided at all costs.  This decision essential instituted a death Hierarchy.  COVID deaths were judged now to be somehow more tragic than any other kind of death.  I say this because only a fool could think that lockdowns and untested vaccines would not produce deaths.  Clearly a decision was made that these deaths were unimportant collateral damage.  The Canadian government even decided vaccine deaths were just a nuisance requiring special marketing.

A secret Privy Council office memo recommended that any COVID vaccine-related injuries or deaths be carefully managed with “winning communication strategies” as to not “shake public confidence.”

Isn’t that comforting?  To the Trudeau Liberals the only problem with a vaccine death is that it might persuade people the vaccines are not safe.  This would lead to fewer people taking the vaccines and fewer vaccine deaths.  Essentially the Trudeau liberals were concern that the truth might save lives.

The government’s goal was to conceal vaccine deaths until it was too late for people to refuse the Jabs.  They did a very good job of it but frankly it was not that difficult.  That is not because there were so few deaths.  It is because the jabs kill in so many ways we have still not linked all of the deaths to the jabs.

Much has been made of heart issues but that is not the only way these jabs can kill.  Lipid Nano-particles can go anywhere.  That means they can damage any organ or system in the body including the brain.  Researchers are only just starting to look at possible behavioral changes post vaccination.  Recently a whistle blower has disclosed some very troubling information hinting that these behavior problems are real and potentially tragic.  The US military has seen rates of violence, accidents, suicide, and self-harm go through the roof.

With the new data he discovered, the following incidents exhibited increases in 2021 above the five-year average: exposure to forces of nature (773 percent), water transport accidents (7,400 percent), land transport vehicle (526 percent), suicide attempts (33 percent), assault (828 percent), slipping, tripping, stumble and falls (471 percent), and intentional self-harm (147 percent).

To be fair human behavior is very complex and a lot of other things have happened in the last 2 years that could explain this.  Stress from lockdown isolation and financial stress from rising inflation could be part of it.  The thing to note is that it does not matter if it was vaccination, lockdowns, or inflation.  Every single one of those things was caused by government.  All of these deaths including vaccine deaths are murders committed by government.

Do not be fooled by well-crafted communication strategies.  We are being ruled by murderers who have zero concern for you well-being.  Government is not your friend.

Masks, the IQ test we continue to fail

With each passing day it seems the government is determined to repeat all of the COVID stupidity again this winter.  Some institutions have already re-introduced mask mandates so it is a good idea to revisit mask madness again.  Of all the stupid things imposed on the public masks were probably the least scientific.  There was no reason to believe in 2020 that masks would work and they did not work.  Yet, here we are again.

It is odd that I need to say this again but masks do not work against viruses.  A virus is far too small to be stopped by the larger weave openings in a mask.  This is not rocket science.  Anyone who took the time to stop and think could have figured this out as I did in 2020.

The math says we should not have expected masks to be effective.  Laboratory tests show that masks worn for more than 2 hours are completely ineffective.  Despite having no evidence to support that masks might work politicians forced them on the public anyway.  Nowhere that has mandated masks has seen any difference in the arc of their infections.  The math, science and historical data show that masks do not work against airborne viruses yet here we are wearing them to avoid being fined or imprisoned.  Does anyone still think this is about a virus?

It is not just that masks do not and cannot work.  Masks are also potentially harmful.  Again this was apparent to anyone who did not succumb to fear in 2020.

Locking people in their homes with their Sani wipes and disinfectant sprays is very damaging to their immune systems.  The only way you can make it worse is if you force a mask on them.  Masks restrict breathing turning us all into asthmatics.  Hypoxia is a condition of chronically low oxygen levels.  One of the problems associated with hypoxia is depressed immune system response.

In 2020 it was completely predictable that masks would fail and were potentially harmful.  Forcing masks on everyone was not really an experiment to see if they would work.  We already knew that answer.  Mask mandates were really an experiment to determine how harmful prolonged mask use was.  Now we have that answer.  Masks are very harmful.

The harm being caused by masking is very serious. Even a few minutes of wearing a surgical, cloth or N95 mask and you initiate the following long term damages:

  • children – irreversible neuron damage, neuron destruction, increased anxiety, impaired learning and memory
  • adolescents – testicular toxicity
  • pregnant women – stillbirths, fetal malformations, post implantation loss, lower probability of viable fetuses


That we are still using mask mandates after 3 years of mask failures truly is a measure of how dumbed down our society has become.  The first round of COVID tyranny had nothing to do with a virus.  Everything we were forced to do serve no purposes other than making us sick and conceal the theft of what little wealth we had.  This incarnation of the plandmeic will be no different.  Don’t fall for it again.  Step one is refuse to wear a mask.

Climate of stupidity

US Climate Czar, John Kerry, went on another unhinged climate rant.  John Kerry is upset that people with facts and science make his job very difficult.


The only thing Kerry gets correct is that humanity is threatened by humanity.  The climate lunatics are undeniably a threat to humanity.  Their green energy fantasy will result in billions of deaths and they won’t be happy until that happens.

Climate Alarmists like Kerry always run in to the same stumbling block; smart people who understand science and don’t care if they get to sit with the cool kids in Davos.  Two of those smart scientists are William Happer and Richard Lindzen.  Happer and Lindzen have been consistent critics of the climate change fraud.  A year ago they collaborated on a submission to the EPA rebutting their CO2 endangerment finding.  In their submission they do not bother to mince words.

Misrepresentation, exaggeration, cherry picking, or outright lying pretty much covers all the so-called evidence” marshalled in support of the theory of imminent catastrophic global warming caused by fossil fuels and of the urgent need to achieve “net zero” fossil fuel and other human CO2 emissions by 2050.

The submission is very complete so please take the time to read it.  Much of what they say has been covered on this blog but I want to highlight two very important points again starting with the core principle of “climate science”; lying.

This summer has been a very bad one for wildfires in Canada.  Most of the fires have been arson but the alarmists are trying to spin a narrative that climate change is to blame.  To support this lie they have been making multiple claims of “hottest ever” temperatures.  But, as I have discussed before on this blog, these claims are based on fraudulent data.

Of course we did not do it before because it is incredibly stupid and our parents and grandparents were not stupid.  It took a great deal of effort to dumb our society down to the point where we would believe hottest ever declarations from fraudulent data.

The present only becomes the hottest ever when the past data is altered to look cooler.  Lindzen and Happer cover that in their submission with this graph.

The unadjusted temperature readings show that global temperatures have only recovered to what they were before the dramatic cooling from 1940 to 1970.  Alarmists adjust the historic data down to craft a false narrative that we are about 1 degree warmer now.  There is no justification for this.  It is only done to create a warming trend that does not exist.

Ignoring the adjustments takes away the alarm and it still doesn’t tell the complete story.  While there is no reason to adjust the historic readings down, there are 2 very good reasons to adjust the most recent readings down; the urban heat island effect and changes in instrumentation.

Thermometers were replaced with electrical devices that could be read remotely.  The problem is that electricity is a source of heat so the electronic devices can read higher than the mercury thermometers.  So the obvious questions are; how much higher, and are the readings adjusted down to compensate?  

The climate cult is doing the exact opposite of what they should be doing.  The old accurate data is adjusted down and the newer inaccurate data is used as is.  If the adjustments were done properly we would find that nothing this year has been the “hottest ever”.

The second point I want to cover is even more important than the fraudulent data and Lying.  Even if the present was the ‘hottest ever” it would be irrelevant.  The only thing that is relative is what caused the hot temperatures.  On that point the science is clear; it was not CO2.  To demonstrate that point Happer and Lindzen include this plot built from the IPCC’s own equations.

The blue bar represents the temperature increase that can be expected for each increase of 50 ppm.  You can see the effect gets smaller as the concentration goes up.  By the IPCC’s own admission doubling CO2 from the current 400 ppm to 800 ppm will cause only about 1 degree of warming (the sum of the blue bars from 450 to 800).  1 degree of warming is well within the 1.5 degree warming that the IPCC says is safe.

It should also be noted that there is absolutely no evidence to support the idea that warming more than 1.5 degrees would not also be safe.  1.5 degrees was an arbitrary number chosen because the IPCC knows damn well we won’t see more warming than that anyway.  They chose a target they can hit without doing anything so that no matter what they do they can claim to have saved the planet.  Like the planet needs these charlatans to come to the rescue.

Climate change is a fraud designed to make you poor and the elite even more rich.  John Kerry is not smart enough to understand this but this guy sure does.  Enjoy.



Yogi Berra understood government

It is déjà vu all over again.  The government is gearing up for mandatory COVID vaccinations, AGAIN.  That is according to Joe Biden who is at least on paper part of the American government.  Joe gave an impromptu answer, something that must be terrifying for his handlers, about government COVID plans.  A new vaccine is coming and everyone is expected to take it.

He added, “Tentatively it is recommended that it will likely be recommended everybody get it no matter whether they’ve gotten it before or not.”

To be fair Joe did not use the word mandate but that is not how it started last time either.  Last time the vaccines started as a recommendation and then when it became clear a sizable minority rejected the recommendation it mutated into a mandate.  And, just like last time, Taxpayers will be on the hook for development costs but Pfizer gets to keep all the profits.

President Biden said Friday he plans to request additional funding from Congress for the development of a new COVID-19 vaccine, adding he may require everyone to take it whether they previously received a vaccine or not.

No development costs, captive market, no liability; it certainly is good to be Pfizer.  Have you ever seen this happen with any other medical treatment?  COVIDiots will point out that there are other mandatory vaccines but the COVID jab coercion is off the charts.  This is not a serious disease to over 95% of the population and there is not a shred of evidence that the first 5 jabs did anything other than make things worse.

Nothing seems to be able to derail the COVID jab train.  Even unacceptably high levels of contamination are somehow acceptable.  As long as Pfizer is not concerned neither is the government.

After two scientists independently raised red flags about an inordinate amount of plasmid DNA in the COVID-19 mRNA shots—which they say could potentially alter the human genome—Health Canada did not express concern with the findings, given the testing data provided by the manufacturers.

Why would Pfizer be concerned?  They are not liable for any damages.  Quality control costs money.  Why would Pfizer cut in to their own profits just to kill fewer people?

When I started this blog over 3 years ago I never imagined I would still be writing about COVID in 2023 but here we are.  Not only am I still writing about COVID we are right back at the beginning.  The Government is about to take a relatively harmless virus and make it deadly again by shutting down society and restricting medical treatment.


Are we really going to let them do this again?  Scratch that; I guess the question should be, are we really going to let them continue doing this?  At what point will the average person find these government sanctioned murders to be unacceptable?  When will we start putting these murderers in prison?

They know what they have done

A new study was published in May that confirmed the results of an earlier study published in December.  Bothe studies found that each COVID shot increases the prevalence of IGg4 antibodies.  The new paper went a step further and stated that high levels of IGg4 may impede your immune system from handling a future COVID infection making it potentially more deadly.

Emerging evidence suggests that the reported increase in IgG4 levels detected after repeated vaccination with the mRNA vaccines may not be a protective mechanism; rather, it constitutes an immune tolerance mechanism to the spike protein that could promote unopposed SARS-CoV2 infection and replication by suppressing natural antiviral responses. 

This is exactly what I speculated in December when I found and discussed the first paper.

This is why each booster makes it worse because your body is constantly swimming in spike proteins.  Your body just learns to live with them until it is too late to do anything about it.  These Jabs are a monumentally bad idea.  They damage the body in multiple ways while slowly eroding your ability to survive COVID.

I think it is worth noting that I was not the only person to come to that conclusion.  Two weeks after I posted my conclusion William Haseltine with Forbes suggested the same and committed the ultimate act of journalistic heresy by asking if boosters were a good idea.

For this reason, it is important to understand exactly what these vaccines may be doing

I don’t often agree with Journalists because I don’t share their predisposition for lying but in this case I completely agree.  We should have known what these shots were doing long before we tried to give them to everyone on earth.

Normally I would be very troubled about agreeing with a journalist but there is something about this development that overshadows this rare occurrence.  I am far more troubled by the thought that the people behind these shots know exactly what the shots are doing.  Why else would they be warning vaccinated people that the new variant could be worse for them than for unvaccinated people?

A highly mutated Covid variant spreading in the US is potentially more likely to infect vaccinated Americans, US health officials said today.

Of course they will blame this not on the jab but on the nature of the new variant.  It is just a cruel twist of fate that the virus has mutated to make vaccinated people more vulnerable.  No one could have seen this coming.  Don’t worry though, a new vaccine has arrived just in time and you really should take it without question.

Taking a new vaccine because you have been left vulnerable by the old vaccine is an odd sales pitch.  I doubt this will resonate with many people.  So, once more Pfizer’s profits depend on Vaccine mandates.  If you think vaccine mandates won’t be back you don’t understand how corrupt politicians are.  Stand firm; if no one complies this will be over quick.  Otherwise it will be another long winter of politicians profiting from tyranny.

The propaganda machinery is gearing up for another plandemic

The Trudeau liberals have sent their media minions out to create a new pandemic and they will not allow the truth or reality to deter them from their task.  The CTV is taking fake news to a new level with this story of surging hospitalizations.

The Public Health Agency of Canada reported an 11 per cent increase of COVID-related hospitalizations on Aug. 15 compared to the week before.

Wow 11% that is huge right?  Maybe, it really depends on 11% of what.  11% of SFA is still SFA.

I am just not feeling the fear that CTV wants me to feel and my fear did not ramp up when I checked ICU admissions.

COVID is at an all-time low in Canadian ICUs right now.  So it would seem that people are being admitted to the hospital with COVID rather than from COVID.

It is hard to scare people with a virus that is no longer making many people sick but CTV still thinks you should be scared because unlike influenzas COVID is a year round threat.

Infectious disease expert Dr. Isaac Bogoch told CTV’s Your Morning on Wednesday there are some seasonal components to the rise in COVID cases, however, unlike the flu, this disease is present year-round.

CTV and Dr. Bogoch somehow both overlooked that COVID was not a multi-seasonal threat before the vaccines.  Take a look at the top plot again.  COVID fell to almost zero in the summer of 2020 before the vaccines just as every other seasonal virus did.  It was only after the vaccinations started that COVID started to persist through the summer months.  Would it be impolite for me to ask if these hospitalizations might be vaccine injuries rather than COVID?

Whether off season COVID hospitalizations are COVID or COVID vaccine injuries, it seems clear to me that the best way to lower hospital admissions is to stop using COVID vaccines.  CTV does, however, fail to identify this simple solution in their article about increasing hospitalizations.

There seems to be a competition among major Canadian media companies to see which organization can be the most dishonest.  For years the undisputed Champ was the CBC but CTV is determined to take the belt.  With articles like this they just might do it.  My hat is off to them.  It can’t be easy to sink this low.

The left demands complete obedience.

“I was a real vaccine booster. I got the vaccine rate up,” he said. “I’ve never promoted fringe therapies. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m extremely skeptical of conspiracy theories

This is a recent quote from Dr. Matt Strauss.  Dr. Strauss is currently suing Queens University over his dismissal.  That seems odd doesn’t it?  Why would a woke university dismiss a vaccine booster who would not be caught dead prescribing Ivermectin?  Maybe it has something to do with the last part of his quote.

I’m also skeptical of vaccine mandates.”

So Dr. Strauss believes in the jabs he just did not believe that anyone should be forced to take them.  He also does not believe healthy people should be quarantined.  Dr. Strauss was very critical of lockdowns and he made the grave error of telling people so.

He wrote short posts on Twitter and long form essays published by a British newsmagazine and Canadian news sites. He argued against wide lockdowns and mask mandates and in support of interventions focused on people most at risk.

This is how totalitarian the left is.  You accept all of the lunacy or you get punished.  It is not enough to believe in jabs and leaving patients to die untreated.  You must toe the line on everything.  Lockdowns, masks, and mandates.

The left is very good at manufacturing consensus.  They do not use logic or reason to bring people on side.  They use fear.  Obey or have your life ruined.  This is not a new tactic; it comes right out of the climate change playbook.  Dr. Judith Curry was pushed out of her position for not toeing the global warming line.  Dr. Curry believes adding CO2 will warm the earth.  She just does not believe the arguments that it will be catastrophic.  Dr. Curry points out the most outlandish claims come from sloppy and even fraudulent research.

This is exactly why the left demands complete compliance.  If anyone is allowed to question even a single detail the house “experts” come crashing down.  Government prefers science to be sloppy and fraudulent.  Finding an “expert” to support a government policy is easy when you can pay for the answer you want and no one is allowed to criticize until it is too late.

Peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet retracted and republished a widely cited study regarding “long COVID” on Monday following an investigation prompted by a reader’s comment about “data errors.”

The Lancet published the original six-month paper on long COVID in January 2021, and has officially retracted it after being cited well over 2,000 times,

This is how you lead the public by the nose.  Pay an unethical person with a science degree to write a paper with a predetermined outcome.  Cite that paper as a reason for your new policy and persecute anyone who questions even the font used.

Science is not advanced by the gate keeping of peer review it is advanced by asking questions which are no longer allowed.  This demand of absolute conformance does not just keep us standing still.  It is moving us backward.  50 years ago we could land people on the moon and aggressively pursue massive infrastructure projects both of which we are no longer capable of.  We are conforming our way back to the dark ages and we have the left to thank for that.



Free energy is very expensive

Politicians tell us wind power will provide limitless free energy.  Why then does every place that installs windmills see their power bills go up?  Could it be that politicians are lying?  Or, are they just incredibly stupid?  With politicians it is always hard to tell the difference.

Wind power is expensive for a very simple reason.  The wind does no necessary blow when you need power and electricity is very difficult to store.  I once did the numbers.  The battery on a tesla weighs over 1200 pounds and holds about the same amount of energy as 50 pounds of gasoline.  Storing large amounts of electricity in batteries is just not feasible so if windmills are generating power when you don’t need it, your only choice is to sell it at a steep discount.

Ontario sold that power for an average of $31.47/MWh (megawatt hour) or 3.1 cents/kWh (kilowatt hour). It only generated $1.185 million.

This means we lost money on the deal. Here’s why: We pay $135/MW for wind generation due to the producers contracted “first-to-the-grid” rights and we are required to pay $120/MW for what IESO rejects. So, our costs (ratepayers and taxpayers) were in excess of $5.3 million. This means, adjusted for what IESO sold it for, we were forced to absorb a total of $4.225 million for power we didn’t need.

Tying windmills in to a grid guarantees you will routinely sell power at a loss to some other jurisdiction that was smart enough not to install windmills.  This is bad enough but it still does not capture the complete cost of what happens when the wind blows when you don’t need it.  Most places use nuclear or coal plants as base load power.  Essentially they both do the same thing they both produce heat which is used to produce steam.  The steam then flows through steam turbines that turn generators.  These plants cannot be turned up and down quickly.

This is a real problem when the wind starts to blow.  Nuclear and coal plants are now producing steam that is not needed.  They actually consume electricity to turn fans that condense the steam so that it can be fed back in to the boiler.  So the net power from the windmill is not what it produces.  You must deduct the extra electrical load at the nuclear and coal plants used to condense steam.

You could gradually produce less steam but that would be a very bad idea because no one can tell when the wind will stop blowing.  When the wind does stop blowing you will need the steam again more quickly than you can ramp up steam production.  So base load plants continue to make steam while the wind is blowing.  They do not use any less fuel and they consume more electricity.  Australia uses coal.  When they introduced wind power their coal consumption did not change.  They continued to emit the same amount of CO2.

Anyone who knows anything about electrical grids could explain this to politicians in very small words but no politicians are even remotely interested.  They are far too busy saving the planet.  People who know nothing about how the world works should never be given authority.  Stupid people who think they are smart are dangerous.  Give them any authority and they can be deadly.  So far this green lunacy is only costing us money.  Once we push it far enough to have brown outs in winter, it will cost lives.


The media is paving the way for another lockdown

There are persistent rumors out of Canada and the US that governments have already drawn up plans for lockdowns again this fall.  The first warnings came from Alex Jones who most people have been conditioned to dismiss but judging by the media behavior I think Alex could be on to something.  In the last 2 weeks I have seen multiple news stories from western media about new variants and rising cases.

Then yesterday I saw this article.  Emergency rooms in Ottawa are already full.  This is how the plandemic began in 2020.  There was a dangerous mysterious disease lurking in another country.  We must act now to protect our hospitals which apparently are not designed to protect us.  That triggered 3 years of reckless government spending and over reach.  Do you want to go back to that?

Media, in particular Canadian media, cooperate completely with the WEF clowns that infest western government.  They publish stories to advance the agenda.  What other possible agenda could they be supporting with stories of dangerous variants and full hospitals?

Normal rational people won’t fall for this but they did not fall for it last time and it made no difference.  Government will plow ahead because they know the sheep will follow.  I am already seeing signs of the sheeple’s compliance.  In the last week I have seen the return of people wearing masks in cars and while they are alone walking down the street.

We are months away from lockdowns and vaccine mandates.  Most people will comply but if enough of us stand up this can’t happen.  There are 170 thousand police and soldiers in Canada.  If even 10% of Canadians just say no there is nothing the government can do.  They cannot arrest 4 million people.  Don’t let this happen again.