Lockdowns Are Evil, is That Why Politicians Love them?

Boris Johnson announced a 30-day hard lockdown in the UK.  The UK had not even finished lifting the restrictions from their 14-day lockdown instituted 8 months ago.  Boris Johnson is a Clown.  He is not as high on the Clown scale as Justin Trudeau, but then who is?  Justin can fill a clown car all on his own. Boris is just your average run of the mill clown; there is still room in the car but there is no one in the car with him that is not also a clown.

Boris is a clown for two reasons, the first being he is locking down a country when he really does not have a problem.  See the plot below.

Look at the green lines; in March when the pandemic first hit, Covid Related deaths rose 5 times faster than they are now.  Yes, Covid deaths are rising but what we are seeing now does not look like the “crisis” that the UK went through in March and April.

Lockdowns were sold as a tool to “flatten the curve”.  They were never meant to prevent deaths or even infections; they were only supposed to slow the spread of the infection so that health care systems would not be overwhelmed.  Somehow over the last 8 months Lockdowns have morphed into a tool to prevent infections.  This is just plain stupid.  Viruses do not just disappear when you hide from them.  Believing a lockdown can prevent infections is akin to believing Justin Trudeau can tie his own shoes or resist taking a selfie.

The second reason that Boris is a clown is that he caused the “crisis” in March and April himself.  Look at the plot again; notice how deaths rose far more quickly in the UK than in Sweden.  The peak of the infection was higher and sharper in the UK than it was in Sweden. The UK employed a lockdown and Sweden did not.  If lockdowns really could flatten the curve, we should have seen deaths in the UK rise and fall more slowly that in Sweden and yet the opposite happened.  Hospitals were not overrun in Sweden, but they were pushed to their limit in the UK.  The virus did not cause the hospitals to be overrun, the politicians and their lockdowns did.

It is counter-intuitive to think that a lockdown will make the outbreak worse but there are good scientific reasons why that happened.  The first is that lockdowns themselves kill.  Lockdowns are stressful and fear inducing.  It is well documented that stress can be disease inducing and making people fearful of seeking medical attention can be deadly.  In the US during the lockdown, deaths from heart attacks, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s all spiked for people who were not infected.

The second is that lockdowns weaken immune systems and make people more susceptible to disease.  You use it or you lose it.  Immune systems are like muscles if you do not exercise them, they atrophy.  Your immune system needs to be constantly challenged to stay healthy.  These 2 doctors in LA warned about that in April.


George Carlin warned about that in 1999


And my junior high school science teacher taught me that circa 1976.

Locking people in their homes with their Sani wipes and disinfectant sprays is very damaging to their immune systems.  The only way you can make it worse is if you force a mask on them.  Masks restrict breathing turning us all into asthmatics.  Hypoxia is a condition of chronically low oxygen levels.  One of the problems associated with hypoxia is depressed immune system response.

It was predictable that lockdown and masks would make people more vulnerable to infection, the Terrain really does matter.  We learned this in Junior high.  Boris is not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, so I am not shocked he does not understand this.  I am shocked that not a single medical professional working in the west’s bloated medical bureaucracy knows this.  How is it that Chris Whitty (UK chief medical officer) Theresa Tam, and Deena Hinshaw do not know this?  How the hell do you get through medical school when you failed junior high science?

In Theory prolonged lockdowns will increase morbidity.  You do not have to trust the theory; we have data from several countries that prove it.  The entire western world conducted an immoral experiment on their population and we now have definitive proof that Lockdowns kill.  It cannot even be debated any more what a colossal mistake it was to use lockdowns and here we are going back to them.  The people advocating for these policies are incredibly stupid, evil, or both.

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    Here we are in November and flu cases are on the rise. Who’d have thought that would happen? It doesn’t happen every year so if politicians and the media are surprised by an increase in numbers of flu or Covid I understand. Just like I understand when people don’t bother to save for Christmas and then they cry broke, it doesn’t happen every year on December 25th does it? The Rant Team has said numerous times, if we wouldn’t have locked down this past spring it would’ve ran its course and it would be all over with by the time our flu season hit. Just like in Sweden. But our scientists and politicians are so narrow- minded that if they fell on a pencil they’d blacken both eyes.

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