PCR Pandemic

My Brother sent me this video this morning


And my wife’s uncle pointed me towards this yesterday


Both videos are saying the same thing.  The “crisis” we are dealing with is entirely artificial.

In the first video the woman (sorry I have no idea who she is) used Ireland’s freedom of information act to force the government to admit they have no research that shows the disease associated with the covid 19 virus is caused by the Covid 19 virus.  Dr. Kohnlein, in the second video, says the same thing when he explains that the presence of a virus is not proof that it caused the disease.  Both people make the point that the PCR test has only one use; to frighten us in to allowing governments to take away our rights.

Nothing in these videos should be shocking to our group; we have already discussed most of it.  No one is certain that the strand of RNA the test finds is part of the virus because no one has ever produced a purified sample of the virus.  As Dr. Kohnlein points out if you have never isolated the virus then you have never introduced that purified sample to a lab animal to verify it causes the disease.

This is the normal standard necessary to link a virus to a disease and it has not been done.  You could issue freedom of information requests to every government in the world and their answer would be the same as the Irish government.  After 8 months and billions of dollars no government on earth has evidence to link the covid 19 virus to the disease.

So just to recap, governments all over the world are entering into lockdowns for the second time based on rising cases as identified by the PCR test.  The PCR test finds trace amounts of an RNA sequence that we are not sure is part of the covid 19 virus.  This is all to protect us from a disease that we are not sure is caused by the covid 19 virus.  Call me naïve but I always thought it would take more than that to shut the whole damn world off.

Dr. Kohnlein also discussed that the number of deaths we have seen is as easily correlated to the type of care these people received.  This is also something we have discussed.  The places with the unusual spikes in death are the places where fear (or politics) drove irrational, deadly decisions.  Places like New York where doctors could not wait to jam ventilators down the throats of patients even when they had no evidence it was helping.  New York and 4 other states forced nursing homes to take infected seniors because they were concerned about overwhelming hospitals with patients that never materialized.  We also saw this in Ontario where nursing home staff were too afraid to go to work so seniors were left to die, alone and uncared for.

Panic kills: the lockdowns and the hysteria killed more people than the virus.  Real leaders would have done what they could to keep the panic in check.  Too bad the western world is so devoid of real leaders.  Donald Trump tried, and he was pilloried for it.  The enormously dishonest media managed to turn today’s US election into a referendum about Covid 19.  The choice is optimism and life or continued panic and death.  The media is actively promoting panic and death.  I hope our American neighbors choose wisely.   Canada is already a lost cause; our leaders are aligned with the media.  Panic and death are official government policy.