Masks, the IQ test we continue to fail

With each passing day it seems the government is determined to repeat all of the COVID stupidity again this winter.  Some institutions have already re-introduced mask mandates so it is a good idea to revisit mask madness again.  Of all the stupid things imposed on the public masks were probably the least scientific.  There was no reason to believe in 2020 that masks would work and they did not work.  Yet, here we are again.

It is odd that I need to say this again but masks do not work against viruses.  A virus is far too small to be stopped by the larger weave openings in a mask.  This is not rocket science.  Anyone who took the time to stop and think could have figured this out as I did in 2020.

The math says we should not have expected masks to be effective.  Laboratory tests show that masks worn for more than 2 hours are completely ineffective.  Despite having no evidence to support that masks might work politicians forced them on the public anyway.  Nowhere that has mandated masks has seen any difference in the arc of their infections.  The math, science and historical data show that masks do not work against airborne viruses yet here we are wearing them to avoid being fined or imprisoned.  Does anyone still think this is about a virus?

It is not just that masks do not and cannot work.  Masks are also potentially harmful.  Again this was apparent to anyone who did not succumb to fear in 2020.

Locking people in their homes with their Sani wipes and disinfectant sprays is very damaging to their immune systems.  The only way you can make it worse is if you force a mask on them.  Masks restrict breathing turning us all into asthmatics.  Hypoxia is a condition of chronically low oxygen levels.  One of the problems associated with hypoxia is depressed immune system response.

In 2020 it was completely predictable that masks would fail and were potentially harmful.  Forcing masks on everyone was not really an experiment to see if they would work.  We already knew that answer.  Mask mandates were really an experiment to determine how harmful prolonged mask use was.  Now we have that answer.  Masks are very harmful.

The harm being caused by masking is very serious. Even a few minutes of wearing a surgical, cloth or N95 mask and you initiate the following long term damages:

  • children – irreversible neuron damage, neuron destruction, increased anxiety, impaired learning and memory
  • adolescents – testicular toxicity
  • pregnant women – stillbirths, fetal malformations, post implantation loss, lower probability of viable fetuses


That we are still using mask mandates after 3 years of mask failures truly is a measure of how dumbed down our society has become.  The first round of COVID tyranny had nothing to do with a virus.  Everything we were forced to do serve no purposes other than making us sick and conceal the theft of what little wealth we had.  This incarnation of the plandmeic will be no different.  Don’t fall for it again.  Step one is refuse to wear a mask.